For Fallynryn


Taking my first sip of beer I survey the room. The bar is bustling and full of life, the music is pumping and people are starting to get into the swing of things. A cool breeze signals the entrance of another patron and I lazily glance at the door.

Suddenly I can’t hear any music or the chatter of the people around me. Watching you enter I can only stare like a spellbound groupie. You catch my eye and wink and then meet up with a group of guys hanging by the window. I stand by the bar, drinking my beer, thinking of ways to get your attention. I’m not dressed like the other girls, my travelling backpack didn’t really afford the niceties but I am in my cutest pair of jeans so I turn back to the bar, sticking my ass out just a little so you can see the full effect of my selected denim. I don’t have to wait long as I feel your hands slide along my hips as you whisper in my ear how sexy I am. I turn around and am lost in your eyes, seeing the darkness of your lust I blush and break eye contact. You place your hand on my chin and guide me back into your stare. Anadolu Yakası Escort In it I can see such debauchery that I gasp. You chuckle and I’m hooked.

We leave the bar and get into a cab. A short distance away we stop and you pay the driver. We are in front of a darkened house which you lead me into, all the while murmuring pleasant words. The door is barely shut behind us when you grab me in your arms for a deep, probing kiss. I return the kiss passionately, hungry for more. Your hands reach down to my ass and, cupping both cheeks, you lift me up and carry me through a hallway into a bedroom. You throw me onto the unmade bed and the scent of you surrounds me. You stand at the foot of the bed and slowly remove your t-shirt, exposing a taut stomach and a chest that was created from the physicality of a hardworking job.

You have kicked off your shoes at some point and now you unzip your pants and drop them, revealing that you do not feel the need for underwear. You stand fully erect already and gesture for me to Avrupa Yakası Escort come to you at the end of the bed. I crawl down the mattress and kneel, eyes looking up at you. You grab my hair, just hard enough to excite me and guide me towards your cock. I lick up and down the shaft before rolling my tongue around the tip. It is so smooth and hard that I am overwhelmed by the urge to take it in as far as it will go. I suck your cock up and down, alternating with licking your shaft and rolling my tongue around the tip over and over and over until I feel your whole body tense and a thick wad of cum shoots down my throat. Feeling outside of my usual self I swallow.

You stroke my hair and then reach your hands down my sides to strip me of my top. I shiver with excitement as you unclasp my bra, letting my breasts free. You fondle my breasts and suck them, bringing my nipples erect with a gentle teasing from your teeth. I moan with sensual delight and you take this as your cue to guide me backwards so I am lying on the bed. You İstanbul Escort unzip my jeans and take them off, my panties follow suit and I am completely naked before you. Your hands trace every inch of my body before a finger enters my pussy. I arch my back with delight as you begin to pump your finger in and out of me.

Smiling at me you bring your face down to my pussy and start to lick my clit in time with the movement of your finger. I feel like I am close to cumming when you stop. I look up in dismay in time to see you adjust before slamming your cock deep in my pussy. That first thrust brings me right back to where I was. You grab my breasts as you pump me hard. One hand edges up my chest and you question with your eyes. I answer with mine and your hand wraps around my throat, firmly. Just as my orgasm reaches it’s pinnacle you take your hand off my throat and slap me across my face. That sharp pain is all I need to tip me over the edge and I cum hard and violently, back arching off the bed and my hands gripping the sheets. You wait a few more thrusts then pull out, stroking yourself until you spurt hot cum all over my stomach.

We both lie back on the bed and snooze, I usually would use this time to sneak out, leaving nothing but a lipstick kiss on the mirror but I settle myself in, knowing that round two is just a few hours away.

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