Fleur Ch. 01


by BrettJ (c) 2013

Fleur DeLisle was the most popular dancer at the Club Paradisio. There was no disputing that. She was such a draw that the Club paid her extra not to dance at any other clubs in the area.

Some of the other dancers were jealous of the 5’9″ blonde that had moves that none of them could match. The cattier of the women tried to start all sorts of rumors about her.

They said that Fleur’s tits were fake, the results of a very expensive boob job. No one had tits that perfect.

No one but Fleur. Her breasts were a round and natural 36C and no surgeon had ever laid a hand on them – not that Fleur would have objected to dating a doctor. In fact, Fleur’s breasts looked even larger at times, because she adored wearing corsets that pushed them up. She often wore some of the most imaginative clothes on stage. Fleur loved attention and had since she was a young child. She did whatever she could to get people to notice her – and it usually worked.

They claimed that Fleur was her stage name and her real name was probably something plain like “Jane” or “Mary”.

Fleur was Fleur DeLisle and had been born to a Parisian mother and a father who should have kept it in his pants. He had another family and Jeanette DeLisle had to raise her two daughters as best she could on little or no money from Fleur’s absentee father. When she entered her teens, Fleur was a bit angry that her mother had been stupid enough to give it away to such a man. How could she have been so stupid as to allow herself to get pregnant not once, but twice? Fleur adored her mother, but thought her weak. Had it not been for the fact that Fleur adored her sister Coquette, she likely would have left home far earlier than she did.

Other rumors said that Fleur worked so hard to earn money for a drug habit, not true. Fleur rarely even drank alcohol and she didn’t smoke, a cigarette had never even passed her lips. Because she lived in a fancy apartment, the rumors persisted that Fleur was a rich man’s mistress. THAT one got to Fleur. After the hell her mother had gone through, Fleur would be beholden to no man – or woman. Fleur did girl-girl shows that were volcanic and some of the dancers claimed she was “gay for pay”. That had been true in the beginning, but as Fleur continued to work and meet beautiful women, she began to look forward to working on stage with them. On a rare night with one too many glasses of wine in her, she was seduced by her mentor and discovered that women were where it was at. Today, more than half of the people who shared Fleur’s bed were women. A man had to have something intriguing about him to catch Fleur’s interest, but she was around desirable women all of the time and had her pick of them.

There were only two things that were phony about the 25-year old stripper and Burlesque dancer. The first was her hair. Fleur loved to experiment and aside from her original blonde, she had been a beautiful auburn haired vixen, a fiery redhead and for a few weeks, a raven-haired Lilith. Currently, her hair was a funky shade of violet and the girls who were her friends had loved it.

Fleur moved around the stage as if she owned it. It felt as if a thousand eyes were on her, although the club’s maximum seating was only 250. There were a lot of sexy women in the audience as there always were when Fleur was performing in town. It was nice for her to have a regular place to live and work after a lot of lousy years.

Fleur still had bitter and resentful feelings towards her mother. Jeanette had tried her best in the early years, but two children and no husband took its toll on her. Unlike Fleur, Jeanette did like alcohol – a bit too much. By the time that Fleur was 14 and her sister was 9, their mother was drinking a bottle of wine a day. Her once-stunning looks were fading fast. A mind that could have accomplished so much was dulled by the spirits. It was left up to Fleur to do a lot of the parenting of Coquette. With the help of a few friends and some counselors at school, Fleur managed as best she could. By the time she was 16, Fleur realized that she was fighting an uphill battle. She reached out to her father and hoped she could guilt him into helping. It didn’t work and finally, Fleur knew what she had to do. With the assistance of some Legal Aid workers, Fleur had herself legally emancipated. She then called Child Services and had them take care of Coquette. One night, a few weeks later, Fleur left town.

Fleur worked hard to support herself and pay her own way, taking as little charity as she could manage. She got a job cleaning up in a beauty salon and did as many extra things as she could to earn tips, banking most of it and only allowing herself a treat, like a movie, only every so often. She didn’t date much because boys her own age were Cebeci Escort boring. They still lived at home and she ran her own life.

One of her customers turned out to be a former stripper. “Come and talk to me when you turn 18, honey,” Qiana told her. “I think you have the potential to be a real earner. The clubs I worked in weren’t at all sleazy. Each one was top-notch and it isn’t a sin to show your body when God gave you one like that.”

At first, Fleur resisted, but when she saw the apartment Qiana lived in, she rethought her position. Qiana proved to be a true and loyal friend. “Move in with me, sugar,” she offered the girl. “I’m only home a couple of weeks a month and you can look after my cats and water the plants and I’ll only charge you half the rent you pay for that cracker box you live in now.” Fleur hugged the attractive black woman so hard she almost knocked the wind out of her. Qiana worked as a buyer for a lingerie chain and it had been she who had taught Fleur her sassy and sexy sense of style. When Qiana moved to LA a few years back, she sublet her apartment to Fleur. That’s when she met her second great friend, her landlady and mentor, Shelby. Like Qiana, Shelby had been a dancer, only she had been a showgirl. Now that Fleur was about to turn 18, she had decided to try and earn a living as a dancer. Like anything Fleur set her mind to, if she was going to strip, she wanted to be a GREAT stripper. Shelby was only too happy to teach the younger girl how to move and use what she was given.

Fleur reached out to Qiana in LA. “I’ve decided to take your advice and work as a dancer,” she said to her friend. “I’m going to set myself up with some costumes and Shelby’s been training me with some killer moves,” Fleur told her. “Is there a club you can recommend to me? I want to audition at a club where I can knock them dead.”

“Good for you, sweetie,” Qiana said, her cheerful voice making Fleur feel a little less lonely. “Get in touch with Julie at my old store; she’ll give you a good deal on wardrobe you can use for your act. As for a club, I know just the one. Go see Anton at Club Paradisio, he’s a class act and he’s happily married, so you won’t have to worry about a casting couch.”

In truth, Fleur wouldn’t have minded a bit of “casting couch action”. She was still a virgin and realized that she was a highly sexualized young woman. Learning how to dance with Shelby had made her realize that. She loved watching Shelby move and she also liked to show off her own moves. Fleur worked hard to look after her body and she wanted someone to notice.

Her audition led to the second phony thing about the young dancer. Club Paradisio was everything Qiana had said it would be. The minute Fleur walked through the door, she felt at home. It was immaculate, bright and shiny with a huge stage and lots of space. The lighting was top-notch and it appeared that the sound system was as well. Fleur really wanted to work there. There was a problem with that.

The club served alcohol and the drinking age was 19. Fleur wouldn’t be allowed to work there. She decided to risk fibbing about her age. She asked for Anton and when he came out to meet her, she almost fainted. He was stunning, as handsome as Cary Grant and tall and elegant. He was married and off limits, too bad! “What may I do for you, Miss …?”

“My name is Fleur DeLisle and my dear friend Qiana told me that I should come and see you,” Fleur said, trying to hide both her excitement and her arousal. “I’m interested in becoming one of your dancers.”

“Ah yes, she called and told me you’d be coming to see me,” the handsome drop-dead hunky boss said. Fleur could barely think, his voice was as sexy as the rest of him. “Is Fleur really your name?”

“Yes, my mother was French,” Fleur told him. “Everything about me is all real,” she giggled. “Although my natural hair color isn’t blonde with orange streaks.”

Anton laughed and invited her to sit down. “You’re certainly lovely enough to work here, but why become a stripper? Why not model for a lingerie catalog or something?”

“Qiana did it a few times, she says it’s boring. Too much standing around. I love to dance and I work hard on my moves and on my body. I want to show them both off and Qiana says you’re a class act all the way. Please, may I audition for you?” Fleur asked.

“I’d be a fool to say no,” Anton smiled, making Fleur feel like a puddle. He motioned to a very handsome man who looked to be close in age to Fleur. “Steve, this young lady wants to audition. Can you set her up with some music?”

Fleur barely remembered her audition. She went through it on auto-pilot, wanting to impress Anton and feeling him and Steve watch her. She knew she had done Çıtır Escort well because they were both on their feet and cheering loudly. “Wow,” Steve said as he helped her off the stage. “You moved like you owned the stage.”

Anton nodded and took Fleur’s hand. “I think she will, given time. You’re hired. As I said, I’d be a fool if I didn’t hire you. Come back Monday and I’ll introduce you to the girls. Please tell Qiana I said thanks.”

When she called Qiana back to thank her and relay Anton’s message, Fleur asked “Why didn’t you tell me that Anton was the most handsome man in the world?”

Qiana laughed and said “Because then you would have been even more nervous. Did you want me to tell you how good he is in bed, too?”

“You bitch, you’ve slept with him?!”

“We were an item before he hooked up with Dyan,” Qiana sighed wistfully. “He’s the one that got away. Didn’t I ever tell you why I left dancing?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“You just met him. Not all strippers are cold, calculating, hard bitches, Fleur baby. Some of us have hearts and he broke mine,” Qiana said. Fleur could hear the pain. “Work hard for him baby, but don’t fall for him. He’s a one-woman man and I just wish I could have been that woman,” Qiana said with regret before hanging up.

Fleur took her friend’s advice and decided to keep things all business. She went to work Monday and introduced herself. She met some of the girls, some she liked right away, some she wasn’t sure about and some she knew immediately would be bitchy. She also befriended Steve, sensing a good relationship with the DJ would serve her well. It did. He became her biggest booster and made sure she got good sound and good lighting. By the end of her first week, word had gotten around that Club Paradisio had a new dancer who was “smoking hot”. The Saturday of her first week, Fleur made over $200 extra.

“Nice pay day,” Steve chuckled when they ended the day. “Any plans for the money?”

“Make sure my bills are paid, but I’ve got some left over,” Fleur said, almost giddy in her happiness. “Hey, is there an all-night place around here? I’m starved!”

Steve took her to an Italian place that stayed open until four. He laughed as he saw Fleur devour her pasta. “I may be French, but my foodie passion is for pasta,” she laughed as she ordered a second helping. She patted his hand and said “Don’t worry handsome, I’ll be working it off.”

“If the coming weeks are anything like this one, I don’t doubt it,” Steve laughed. “You’re the first dancer I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.” Over the meal, Fleur started to warm up to the sandy-haired DJ. She was surprised to learn he was Anton’s stepson. Dyan, his mother, was the one that watched the dollars and cents of the club. One of the girls Fleur had already made friends with warned her to watch out for Dyan. She told Fleur that Dyan could be nice, but was also paranoid about anyone who she thought might be after her man. Fleur took that advice to heart. As gorgeous as Anton was, she didn’t doubt that would have been every woman in the club at one time or another.

Steve had his own charms and after they finished, Fleur made his decision. “I’d love for you to take me home,” she said, squeezing his knee. “By that, I mean your home – unless you live with your parents or have a roommate?”

Steve was floored. He worked with dancers all day and rarely got the chance to date any. Some had husbands, some very large boyfriends, a few had girlfriends. Those that didn’t fall into those categories were a bit afraid of pissing off Anton or his mom. Fleur didn’t seem to care and she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He didn’t know what he had done in a past life to earn karma this good, but he wasn’t going to question it! He nodded, paid the bill and likely over tipped and took Fleur back to his place. At a time like this, he also thanked God his mom was a neat freak and had taught him to be as well. Nothing in his apartment or his bedroom was untidy and he was thrilled as Fleur headed straight to his bedroom. It was really happening, he was going to make love to the sexy dancer!

Despite the fact he had seen Fleur naked several times over the past week, Steve still found himself in awe of her. She had an incredible body and was so feminine and sexy that Steve felt a bit intimidated. He wasn’t a virgin, although his experience was limited to a few of the dancers he had been lucky enough to date. Fleur stood head and shoulders above the pack. She slid into bed and propped herself up on one elbow. “It isn’t nice to keep a woman waiting, Stevie,” she cooed.

Normally, he hated being called “Stevie” – his mom used to call him that when he was a kid and now, when she was angry. Demetevler Escort Fleur could have called him “fuckface” and he wouldn’t have cared. Undressing, he was glad that he walked to work most days and worked out regularly. He was a schlub compared to Fleur, but everyone was.

Fleur was impressed by Steve’s body. She hoped that her first time would be nice, she had chosen Steve because she knew he’d be kind and gentle. She wondered if she should tell him or not and decided it would only be fair to let him know. He got into bed beside her and they kissed. Kissing was one thing Fleur had learned to do to put off boys who were more hands than brains.

“Wow,” Steve breathed. “You’re a good kisser Fleur, that felt amazing.”

“I love to kiss, but Steve, I have something to tell you and please, don’t be mad,” Fleur said, looking at him with her cornflower-blue eyes. “I’ve never had sex before, I’m a virgin.”

Steve looked at Fleur in brief amazement. If any of the other dancers had told him that, he might have laughed. With Fleur, it was entirely believable. Even with her erotic heat onstage, there was something about her that was pure and sweet. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked her with concern.

“Uh-huh, really sure,” Fleur said, sounding her age. Steve smiled and started to kiss her. She sucked in a lungful of air and began to breathe heavily. This all felt so nice and when his lips touched her pussy, Fleur saw the gates of heaven. She had never been happier in her entire life. Steve was such a nice guy and he was taking his time. She felt this weird feeling, not weird bad, weird good – very good! It took the pretty teen a few minutes to realize that she had just experienced her very first orgasm.

Steve didn’t stop either, not like so greedy men would have. He took his time to make her cum again and only when she didn’t think she could stand any more did Fleur push him away. “I want to learn it all,” she insisted. “I’ve never sucked a … a cock before,” she giggled nervously. “But I want to, I’m going to.”

“I’m not going to stop you,” Steve laughed, trying to lighten the mood. It seemed to work. Fleur touched him all over and when she reached for his cock, he thought of other things for a minute or two. With Fleur, it was important that he not cum too soon. She stroked his cock for a bit before taking it in her mouth. Fleur began to lick it gently, but with mounting enthusiasm. Over the next several minutes, it became a bit more difficult to believe that Fleur was a virgin. She was getting better with every stroke and every lick.

Fleur kept thinking to herself how much she liked sex so far! Had she known it was this much fun, she might not have waited or lied about her age. She rationalized that not all guys were as nice as Steve. When he pulled away from her, she had a disappointed look on her face. “Sorry Fleur,” Steve explained. “I would have let you keep going but I was about to cum and you don’t want that this stage in the game.”

“Soon,” Fleur said with a smile, although she understood. They kissed for a few minutes more and then Steve showed her what to do next.

“This will hurt and I’m sorry, I can’t say how much,” Steve told her tenderly. “The only thing I can say is I’m told it doesn’t last long. You ready?”

Fleur nodded although she couldn’t honestly say if that was true. She grinned nervously and slid down Steve’s cock. It went in with a bit of effort in the first instance and then the pain hit. At first it hurt like hell and then, as Steve had said, it went away. She began to enjoy and soon after that, she was experiencing her first fuck.

Once Fleur had a taste of sex, all bets were off. Fleur was an incredible dancer because she had been involved with acrobatics in her youth and kept herself limber and flexible. Like her dancing, she poured all of herself into fucking. She focused on her own pleasure, but took care not to neglect Steve. The pain had been washed away in a frenzy of desire. Fleur’s incredible body rocked back and forth on top of Steve’s. Her beautiful eyes locked on to his dark eyes and she seemed to mesmerize him. They worked as a team to achieve the hottest sex either one of them could have conceived. Steve didn’t know what he had done in his previous life to earn such great karma, but he wasn’t going to question it.

Steve was a kind-hearted guy and he didn’t want to hurt his new girlfriend, but the more tender he acted, the more Fleur seemed to demand a wild fucking. She was still a sweet young lady and it was a bit unusual to see this wild, untamed side of her, despite the persona she could affect on stage. Fleur let herself surrender to the lusts within her and she pulled Steve along with her. Looking at the happy expression on his handsome face, she knew that she hadn’t had to do much arm-twisting.

Steve was thrilled with the time he spent with the sexy young dancer. Fleur proved to be a partner of incredible passion. “Do you want to stay for breakfast?” Steve offered after their third time.

“I think we’d better make it brunch,” Fleur smiled wickedly and pushed him back on to the bed.

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