First Time Fuck – With the Family Dog


The opportunity was perfect. Our parents were out for one of their weekly movie and dinner dates, so they wouldn’t be home for a few hours, leaving me and my older brother Cody to our own devices. My plan was to fulfill my long time fantasy of fucking the family dog! Our black pit-bull terrier, Bones, had been eating me out for a few months now, and I was ready to take things to the next level. Cody had walked in on Bones licking out my cunt a few weeks ago, and told me that he wouldn’t tell our parents on the condition that I’d let him watch me and the dog fuck one day. I’d planned to fuck the dog one day anyway, and could use some help the first time around, so that was no problem. The time had come! Cody was eager to help me make my fantasies become reality.

Cody, being of legal drinking age, offered me one of his beers to ease my nerves in preparation of finally losing my virginity — to the family pet! He turned on the big-screen living room TV and soon a porno was playing, porn actresses’ moans echoing through the house. My brother cheered as a huge-titted porn star’s face was nutted on by one of the male porn stars.

I watched from the kitchen, sipping my beer and petting Bones on the head. He sniffed under my short flowered dress, inhaling the scent of my bald, bare pussy, making my nipples harden and goosebumps break out all over my arms. I spread my legs for him to get a better whiff of my scent, feeling my pussy tingling with the coolness of his breath. He reached his tongue out and licked at my slit like I’d trained him so well to do. I threw my head back for a moment, nipples rock hard, knowing the time to fuck was near.

In the living room, Cody had prepared a blanket and there was a pair of socks next to it for the dog, so he wouldn’t scratch me while we fucked. Cody changed the porno to a different one, and my eyes were glued to it as the scene focused on a schoolgirl with a huge Rottweiler eating her pussy out while she was sprawled out on the floor, screaming and moaning. After licking her cunt to orgasm, the beast was soon mounting her from behind, thrusting its prick around her ass and cunt. I shivered, knowing I too would soon feel dog cock against my warm sex.

Bones looked calm, panting cheerfully while Cody and I watched the movie. My pussy got even wetter as I watched the dog prick penetrate the girl’s cuntlips on our high definition TV, the beast eagerly starting to pound into her, then dragging her all around the room while she squealed and whimpered. It had a firm grasp around her slender hips as it slammed into her, its balls slapping against her ass with each powerful thrust. Her pussy looked swollen with dog cock.

I sat down on the couch and called Bones over to me, spreading my legs for him. He was very well trained, and began licking my clit immediately. There was a huge bulge in Cody’s pants as he switched between watching the dog eat me out and the girl in the video getting dog-fucked. Bones licked from my clit down to my asshole. I held my legs as wide open as I could, which was pretty wide, since I’d been doing all kinds of gymnastics since I was a little kid. His tongue pried deep into my hole, slurping up my cunt juices, and I felt an orgasm building up inside me. I pulled off my little sundress so that I was nude on the couch, and began playing with my hard nipples, gasping with pleasure while the dog ate me out.

The movie was hot; my brother was always getting all kinds of hot sex videos for us to watch — that’s how I got turned on to the idea of dog fucking. He pulled his cock out and stroked it as the porno played on, the girl now getting knotted by the huge dog. She was moaning loudly as the beast’s thrusts slowed. In between my own legs, Bones was eagerly tonguing my clit, and I was shaking as my escort bursa orgasm began. I held my cuntlips open for the dog and his tongue parted my cuntlips and slurped back over my clit. My brother was rapidly stroking his prick to the scene on TV and in the living room. As Bones continued thoroughly soaking my cunt, I screamed as my orgasm surged through my body. Bones didn’t stop, I had to push him away as I struggled to catch my breath.

In the movie, the dog became still over the girl, who sounded like she was crying while being knotted to the large beast. Cum was dripping out of her knotted cunthole and down her legs. The animal’s huge balls swung at her ass with every movement. Cody’s prick was raging by now, so I got down on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I’d sucked him off a few times recently, he had trained me to suck cock well. He would return the favor to me, eating my pussy to sleep some nights.

I took his purple cockhead in my mouth slowly, making him moan. After gently sucking the tip, I began swallowing more of his prick in my mouth, running my small hands over his steel hard shaft and cupping his balls. He watched the movie while I sucked him. In the porno, the dog was struggling to break free from his human bitch, making her scream. The animal tried a few more times and finally managed to pull his raging cock and knot from her gushing hole. Cum flooded out of her cunt; her thighs became covered with the sticky white fluid. The prick that was inside the girl looked an angry red color, with a big, swollen, veiny purple knot that was at least the size of an orange.

As the cum oozed from her cunt, Cody unloaded his own seed deep inside my throat. I choked it down, every drop. Bones had begun licking my pussy from behind while I was kneeling on the floor, and I got down on all fours to give him better access to my holes. He licked into my asshole, and I played with my clit while he did so. Cody was playing with my nipples.

Another dog sex scene was beginning; apparently the movie was a compilation of hot dog scenes. Now there was a room filled with a several petite Asian women, each one with a leash around her neck, each on a mat on the hard floor, each one with a dog eating her cunt. It looked like they were in a gymnasium. The cameraman walked from one mat to another, filming the raunchy couplings. There were lots of moaning and squeals of pleasure throughout the large room. Dog cum flowed freely from the women’s cunts.

I was nearly delirious with lust. Cody was watching the dog movie while he fingered my twat, his cock refusing to subside. I felt I was ready for a pounding. For a few years I’d been penetrating myself with various phallic objects, like cucumbers. And while vegetables were moderately pleasurable, I longed to be dominated. Behind me Bones was still licking my hot sex; I was soaked from thighs to ass. His pink prickhead had emerged a few inches from his sheath.

Moving my cunt away from the dog for a moment, I positioned myself on the blanket on my hands and knees, facing the TV so I could get a good view of the dog fucking Asians. Bones came up near my face and I reached out and started rubbing his sheath, feeling his prick stirring. He was panting happily. The prick emerged again, pink and shiny, with red veins throughout. It was tapered, coming to almost a point at the end, looking very hard, definitely harder than my brother’s cock (which was the only cock I’d seen to date in real life). I’d seen Bones humping things randomly, but I’d never seen his entire prick.

The dog started humping my hand excitedly the more I rubbed him. When a few inches of the prick had come out, Cody suggested I taste it. Tentatively I licked out at the pink prickhead and stroked it gorukle escort with my hand, encouraging another inch of emergence and more humping. After a few moments, Bones walked away from my face and began pacing around me. Cody led him behind me, and the dog again sniffed at my juicy cunt. My cunt that had yet to be penetrated by a living creature. I shuddered as the cold nose investigated my sex.

Bones was ready to seek out a hole for his prick. He suddenly jumped up on my back, causing me to collapse under his muscular body. I felt his bone-hard cock stabbing at my asscrack, and I worried for a moment he might fuck my asshole. He couldn’t find a hole, and jumped off, which allowed Cody to put some socks on his front paws. After doing so, Cody guided the animal back on top of me, the dog again crushing me under his weight. His front legs instinctively wrapped around my lower belly, holding me tight against him. I could feel him put his head against my shoulder, and felt him thrusting his prick fruitlessly. I gasped as I felt the prick rub against my slit. Then against my ass crack again.

On screen, the Asians were all being fucked, almost a dozen of them on the gym mats, dogs thrusting or knotted inside them. Dog cum leaking all over. It was hot. My brother stepped up to help Bones get his cock inside me, positioning the tapered prickhead against my warm cuntlips. Cody, holding the cock firmly, teased my cunt with it, rubbing the prick all along my slit but not letting the dog penetrate me. Bones began whining though, eager to fuck, and Cody suddenly let go of his prick.

Instantly Bones slammed himself inside me, his cock ripping through my cunt walls, making me cry out. His cock sought out my womb; I felt it growing with each rapid thrust. The pace was that of a jackhammer. My C-cup breasts slammed against my chest with his thrusts. I could feel the prick reaching for my cervix, growing longer, with his knot swelling up at the base of his prick. In minutes I was out of breath, being pushed forward with Bones’ powerful pounding. On the TV, the cameraman was zooming in on one of the stuffed Asian pussies. A large dog was knotted securely to the moaning, writhing bitch, its cum seeping out of her well-fucked twat. Her pussy was literally bulging, she was so full of cock and knot. I was looking forward to being knotted myself.

My moans filled the house along with the sounds of the porno and the squelching sounds of the expanding prick inside my wet walls. Bones was so powerful, his huge body draped over me, pushing me down to the carpet. With each thrust, I was pushed further along the living room floor. Cody’s dick was hard as a rock, and he was stroking it while watching me and the porno. In the porno, the cameraman was going from pussy to pussy, showing each cunt knotted to a dog with dog sperm gushing out of their stuffed hole.

I felt my orgasm building up, feeling helpless under the powerful pounding and weight of our family dog, my pussy being completely dominated. The knot was pressing against my pussy opening and against my clit, making me howl with pleasure. Bones was panting hard against my back with his intense efforts. It was incredible. His prick had extended and reached deep inside me, deeper than any cucumber I’d stuck inside me. My orgasm started at the tips of my toes and surged throughout my body, my cunt pulsating around the hard member, making me scream all kinds of obscenities. The orgasm felt like it went on for a full minute. With my cunt so lubricated from my arousal by this point, I felt his knot begin to slip inside my pussy walls.

My already stuffed cunt began to feel even fuller as it was invaded by the large knot. The prick was searing my insides, hot and hard, seeking to spawn life. Further bursa sınırsız escort bayan inside the knot went; I cried out in pleasure and mild pain. Cody jacked his dick furiously. We were paying no more attention to the movie. The pounding of my cunt went on, making me so breathless I thought I might pass out. The knot was inside me a few inches by now, the prick fully grown and pulsing within my hot cunt walls.

I moaned while my pussy was smashed again and again by the large beast. Its balls slapped against my ass now that his sex was completely inside me. Delirious, I fucked back against the animal, moaning as his large balls slapped my stuffed, hyper-aroused pussy. The knot had swollen even more, and I swear when I pressed my hand against my lower abdomen while rubbing my clit I could feel the dog meat inside me. With the knot now a few inches inside me, the prickhead stuck securely up in my womb, the balls slapping against my engorged cuntlips and me simultaneously stroking my hard clit, and my brother jerking his cock at the sight of me and the pit-bull fucking like animals, I exploded again in an intense orgasm, my face flat against the carpet.

I didn’t think I could take much more, the sex was so intense. My insides felt entirely stuffed. Suddenly, while firmly stuck to me, Bones became still, his balls swinging to a stop against my ass. I felt his prick jerk inside me a few times, and then it erupted. I moaned loudly as my insides were entirely flooded with the dog’s hot seed. It washed all up inside me, its knot plugging it all in. The hot sperm in addition to the hard prick and giant knot made me cum again. The balls swung at my ass again as I convulsed from my orgasm, feeling the explosion of cum continuing inside of me. Cody got up close, examining my filled cunt.

“Oh my God, Cody, ohhh my God,” I said weakly. “Oh, fuck, he’s cumming in me now, oh man… shit it feels so fucking good,” I said as I gasped. “He is literally flooding my womb with his cum, it’s so hot…” Cody was so turned on that he too exploded, his cum shooting out all over himself and the floor and me and the dog. He had to sit down after cumming so hard.

Meanwhile, Bones was knotted to my cunt, his cock pulsating with its last spurts of cum in my womb. It was amazing, the hot cum bathing my womb. I felt it gushing around in me, plugged up by the dog knot. Bones was panting hard, still holding me tight. My ass was up in the air, knotted firmly to the family dog. The cum was beginning to seep out of my over-filled pussy, dripping onto my clit. My cunt was completely inundated with cum. I rubbed the dog sperm against my hard clit, and soon climaxed again.

I was so exhausted that after the orgasm subsided, I passed out. When I came to, the dog was trying to free himself from my cunthole, making me cry out. Cody was trying to give me some water. Sperm dripped out of me as Bones tried desperately to remove his huge sex organ from my womb. He turned ass to ass with me, my cunt bulging with his cock and dog prick. I shrieked as I felt the cock tear out of my womb and out my pussyhole, the copious amounts of sperm that had been injected into me oozing out all over the carpet. It was all over my legs, my feet, the blanket, not to mention my brother’s cum all over the place, too. Bones’ prick was long, like 8″, and the knot looked like the size of an orange or small grapefruit! It was completely coated with sperm and my cunt juice.

My entire lower body was totally cum-covered. I reached down and felt my gushing pussy, my cuntlips engorged from all the stimulation. Globs of cum filled my hands. Bones was panting in the corner, his prick retreating back into the sheath. Cody and I smiled widely at each other — we had some serious cleaning up to do before our parents came home! My pussy was a little sore, but it was definitely ready for more dog fucking action. I could tell I was already becoming addicted to dog sex, already looking forward to my next fix!

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