First meet


First meetO.K been on here awhile now and a few guys are asking me about my first ever online meet so I will try and write it down .When I was younger I gad a great time going to parties and having a good time had my fair share of guys and got a bit of a reputation that I was easy a few stories about me got out and the things I had got up to .I knew my husband from when we were in school he was a couple of years younger than me and one night I bumped into him in a local pub and got chatting to him and ended up going home to his place with him had a great night together and as far as we were both concerned that was it but the following week we bumped into each other again and the same thing happened but the following morning we agreed to meet up in the week and eventually got together and ended up getting married my husband had mentioned to me a few times he had heard about me growing up from other guys and that the things that he had heard had turned him on Demetevler Rus Escort and how he wished he had been there on some of the occasions to see me in action with a few guys together over time we chatted more and more about it and eventually signed up to an adult contact site and got chatting to a few people on there we eventually agreed to meet up with another couple who had arranged to meet another couple also and that we could go along and see how things went with no pressure on us to do anything .The night finally came and my husband and I drove to the hotel and me them in the bar had a few drinks together and agreed we all got on and liked each other we made our way up to their room I was now shaking with nerves and excitement in the room the two couples who had met before told us we could sit back and watch and join in when we felt comfortable they were soon on the bed kissing Otele Gelen Rus Escort and groping each other removing their clothes which I must admit was a huge turn on after about 10 minutes we were asked how we felt and both my husband and I said we felt good with that the two women walked over to my husband and I was beckoned over to the bed i got up feeling very nervous walked over slowly and sat on the bed between the two guys one of them put his arm around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me I responded by kissing him back I then felt a hand on my breast from the other guy and he began to unbutton my blouse which was then taken off and my bra unhooked and soon my boobs were on show both began to play with my nipples and began to kiss and suck on them a hand wandered down to my jeans and my belt and jeans were slowly undone I opened my thighs slightly and a hand slipped Balgat Rus Escort in over my knicker elastic and soon found its way to my pussy I bit my lip and let out a groan as his fingers slipped inside of me I was pushed back onto the bed and the other guy knelt by the side of my head and offered me his cock to suck which I greedily excepted I felt the other guy tugging on my boots and then pulling my jeans and underwear off till I was completely naked he then pushed my legs apart and buried his head between my thighs and started lap away at my clit while I worked on the cock in my mouth It wasn’t long before I felt my self getting past the point of no return and before long I could feel an orgasm building up and soon began moaning and bucking uncontrollably on the bed this proved to much for the one guy and soon I felt him tense up and then my mouth flooded with his cum the other guy now knelt between my legs and started to feed his cock into my pussy and was soon thrusting between my legs before he to eventually filled me with his hot cum I lay there gasping getting my breath back when I turned and saw my husband staring at me with a huge grin on his face .The rest of the night was spent with the six of us playing around together on the bed and that was the beginning of many years of the two of us and other people meeting up for good times .

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