First Foot Fetish Exploration


She walks into the bar and looking around nervously smoothing down her dress and fluffing her windswept hair. He watches her from a stool at the bar looking around nervously, she takes a few tentative steps and stumbles slightly in her black open backed heels. She stops leans down and gently slides her foot back into the shoe sliding her finger behind strap to adjust it back in place on the heel she stands up straight smoothing down her dress. once again and looks around catching she catches his gaze and flushes slightly with embarrassment knowing that he has seen her stumble. She sees a dark look in his eyes that she mistakes as annoyance at her clumsiness in the heels.

She greets him with a smile and puts her arms around him in a somewhat awkward cuddle, amused her snakes his arms around her and pulls her into him pulling her breasts flush against his chest. The close proximity and the feel of her against him makes her nipples harden, she hopes it won’t show through the lacy black bra she wore silently cursing herself for not wearing something a little more conservative under the dress. But it wasn’t for him she reminds herself, only I know what I’m wearing.

She sits on the stool next to him and gives him her drink order as she hooks her heels around the top bar located on the stool. She follows his gaze down to her shoes and mutters about regretting wearing them after stumbling that she knew that they often slipped off but hadn’t thought about that when getting ready. She nervously chews her gum and drums her fingers on the bar looking to see if the bar tender is almost finished making her drink.

She looks around and sees him staring at her intently smiles nervously and asks if he is ok. He clears his throat and adjusts the way he is sitting nodding his head. She thanks the bartender as he hands her her drink and takes a sip crossing one leg over the other. She sees his eyes run down her legs and to her shoes, she fidgets and leans down to again secure the troublesome strap and clears her throat before taking another sip of her drink to calm her nerves.

While he is momentarily distracted she discreetly rids herself of the Kartal Escort chewing gum which had lost its flavour on a nearby napkin. He looks up at her and again she notices that dark look in his eyes. She starts to talk to him about everyday mundane things unconsciously nervously bobbing her foot up and down as she talked. He seemed distracted from the conversation and so she excuses herself to use the restroom. As she attempts to uncross her legs gracefully that damn strap slips again this causing her shoe to clatter to the floor. Flushed and embarrassed she starts to move to get the shoe. He tells her to stay put that he will retrieve the shoe and fix it back in place for her.

She watches him intently as he crouches down retrieving the shoe he runs his hand over it. He concentrates and very slowly slides the shoe onto her foot, she wiggles her toes to help the process. The front of the heel secure he runs a finger between the sole of her foot and the shoe causing an involuntary shiver to run down her spine. He pulls the heel at the back up onto her foot running a finger between the heel of her foot and the strap before giving it a final tug to ensure that it is in place. He looks up and sees her watching him intently he looks away quickly clearing his throat and holds his hand out to help her down off the stool. She smiles and takes his hand and walks away carefully in the heels to the restroom, she makes sure she puts a bit of sway in her hips as she walks away. Just before entering the restroom she glances back to see if he had watched her walk away and sees him still looking at her shoes. She smiles to herself as she sees him adjust his trouser line before sitting back on his barstool.

Having finished in the rest room she carefully makes her way back to the bar ensuring the walk slowly and carefully so as not to cause the strap to slip off whilst walking. As she approaches she sees him staring into his drink,deep in thought. She clears her throat gently as she slides back onto the barstool indicating to the barman that she would like another round. She again asks if he is ok, he nods and makes small talk. She Tuzla Escort thanks the bartender and pay as the drinks arrive when she turns to hand him his drink he is once again looking at her shoes. She takes a sip of her drink and intentionally bobs her foot up. He looks up and meets her gaze looking slightly embarrassed. She raises her eyebrow and he shakes his head returning to making small talk and polite conversation. Over the next half an hour she occasionally bobs her foot or re adjusts the strap on her shoe and watches his reactions carefully.

Once their drinks are finished they agree to call it a night. He once again holds out his hand to help her down from the barstool, she accepts and collects her handbag from the bar. As they leave the bar she suggests a nightcap at hers as it is nearby, he mulls it over for a few moments and agrees he offers her his arm which she accepts and they make their way to her small house.

Once inside she gets them both a drink and sits opposite him, she reaches to remove the shoes to get comfy he stops her and asks her to let him do it. She flushes slightly embarrassed but nods her head in agreement. He takes hold of her shoe clad feet and gently pulls her forward putting her feet in his lap. He runs a finger between the strap and the heel of right foot taking his time in pulling the strap down off her heel. He runs a finger from her heel down to the arch if her foot, keeping her shoe in he places his fingers under the arch of her foot and squeezes it gently his breath hitching slightly as he does so. He gently kneeds the skin there feeling both the softness in her arch and the hardness of her shoe, this makes wriggle her feet a little as it tickles, unbeknown to her causing her left heel to scrape lightly over his sizeable erection.

She watches him lost in the sensation of what he was doing, feeling slightly turned in herself she lightly clears her throat and boldly asks how long he has had a foot fetish for. His face flushes as he looks at her with dark eyes but doesn’t answer her. She purposefully pushes the ball of her left foot against his erection watching his reaction. Anadolu Yakası Escort She sees his breath hitch and knows that she is right. She asks him what he would like to do with her feet. He describes trying to fit his cock between the arch of her foot and her shoe. Looking at him she takes a large sip of her drink before giving a demure nod of her head to indicate her consent.

He grasps her foot and runs his finger between her arch and the shoe again testing how much space there is and decides to try despite the tight fit, the anxiousness that his cock wouldn’t fit still present. He sees her watch him pull his trousers and boxers down springing his engorged cock from its prison, she looks and is not disappointed with the size but dubious as to whether it will fit. He asks if he can cum on her foot and heels she nods but tells him to try not to make a mess on the sofa.

Taking a breath to steady himself he positions her heel clad foot and his cock into a workable position and looks at her once more. She nods her consent again and watches him closely. He concentrates and puts the head of his cock so it’s just touching the edge of her shoe and the arch of the foot. He slowly pushes his cock forward feeling the contrast between her soft foot and the hardness of the shoe, his head so sensitive he could feel the tiny bumps if stitching that held the shoe together. He got to midpoint before the tightness was too much, he pulled back breathing heavily at the friction he could feel. He repeated, the precum from his cock making the second pass slightly easier. After repeating this a few more times he thrusted harder the slick surface of the shoe now became a pleasurable texture rather than one to be wary of, the ridges of the arch of her foot a soft and stimulating texture in the other side. He felt that all familiar tingle in his balls and quickened his thrusts keeping her foot steady with his hands as the sensation built until his cock exploded coating her foot and shoe in cum. He sat back spent, her foot resting in his lap as he caught his breath.

Watching him get his pleasure had made her pussy flood, her hard nipples pushed against the material of her lacy bra, she watches him catch his breath, unconsciously pressing her thighs together to abate the desire now present.

The End

This is my first foot fetish story, please leave feedback for me. If it’s liked I may do another.


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