First Catsuit Encounter

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A couple years ago I decided that I wanted to finally buy a catsuit. I had been interested in latex for… a long time. I felt like I had spent an eternity silently gazing at rubber-clad bodies and finally wanted to experience it for myself.

Originally I wanted to order one online, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t get a good fit, so early on I decided that I’d be going to a shop to try one on first.

My first stop in this search for a catsuit was DeMask. Much like my previous visit, I was nervous before going in. As the storefront came into view I decided that I’d have a cigarette before this momentous occasion. As I smoked my nerves calmed and excitement grew. I was interested in seeing how it’d feel to be covered in latex from ankle to neck. I convinced myself that it couldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as it looked, but I was in for a surprise.

When the last group of people passed the store-front I made a dash for the door. The next thing I knew I was inside. I looked around, nothing had changed since my most recent visit except for the sales person.

The girl behind the desk was the one I saw earlier, but the person walking around the store was not a female this time, it was a young guy. For some reason, whenever I’m in a sex shop I feel most at ease with women or older men. So my discovery of this young man working the place made me feel a little uneasy, but not extremely so.

I started looking through catsuits, but was only able to find female cuts. I made sure to check the prices each time to see if I had enough. I had brought a little over 400 in cash and I realized that most of them were about 450, but I would have been able supplement the rest with my debit card.

After checking the prices of a few suits I turned back to the desk to ask where the male catsuits were when I noticed that the person originally sitting at the desk had made her way over to me. She asked if I was interested in something particular, but it was clear that she was just coming over to make sure I wasn’t stealing anything.

I told her that I was interested in buying a male-cut catsuit. She immediately asked me if I had any money, which I thought was quite şahinbey escort rude. I replied, “yes, I have money,” then displayed the hundred dollar bills in my wallet.

Her demeanor immediately changed, her questioning scowl became a smile. She turned to the male attendant who was about ten feet away and asked him if he could show me some catsuits.

He agreed then guided me to the back of the store near the changing rooms. Between the rooms was a large red vinyl couch, sitting on it was an older man in a grey pearl-sheen catsuit with a red arm-binder over it. His elbows were fastened behind his back with a ball-gag hanging around his neck and was being tended to by another woman of whom I hadn’t seen before.

My attendant told me to wait there and he’d look to see if they had anything in stock that would fit.

Moments later the bound man excitedly asked the attendant to put the ball-gag in his mouth. He looked at her wantingly while she was trying to cover her disgust. She kind of popped it in his mouth making sure not to touch him at all, she then left him for a little while.

After a couple minutes awkwardly sitting next to this balding rubberized man my attendant thankfully returned. He told me that they didn’t have any plain male catsuits in stock, but they did have a fighter pilot model or something. I told him that I wasn’t interested, but he insisted.

He showed me what he was talking about and it really wasn’t what I was looking for. We went back to the couch and I noticed that the rubber-guy was getting back into street-clothes. He was talking through the curtain to the attendant, “I like it, I’ll come back to buy it later.”

The female attendant looked pissed off, but didn’t say anything.

While the male attendant and I stood in the back discussing what we should do, the woman from the front desk came over and asked if we had found anything. When we said we hadn’t she suggested that I could try on some women’s catsuits. I was secretly delighted to hear it, but the male attendant looked skeptical.

I immediately responded, “yeah, I’ll try one of those on.”

The woman from the front desk then told the male attendant to go and get some specific size of a woman’s catsuit. He walked off into the store while the woman went to check in with the female attendant.

Seconds later my attendant came back with a girl’s black back-zip catsuit. He handed it over to me and I stepped into the curtained off area. While talc-ing up the suit he started talking to me about how he was watching old James Bond movies the other night. He then discussed how it was interesting to see them walking around in the old wet-suits which were made of rubber.

I wasn’t paying too close attention since I was focused on the oncoming sensation that was finally going to happen. After I got the suit ready, I started taking my clothes off. When I got to my underwear I figured that I’d keep them on, which I assumed was also store policy.

I sat on the bench and eased my right leg into the suit, as I did I was taken aback at how pleasurable the sensation was. I pulled my other leg in, stood up, and slid both my arms into the holes and extended them outwards. The rubber pulled closely to my chest and it felt like the material was pulling and sliding all over my body. The sensation of having the suit on far exceeded all my expectations. As I stood there reveling in the feeling the attendant broke me from my trance and asked, “do you need any help in there?”

“No, no it’s alright,” although, it wasn’t alright because I couldn’t get the back-zip up. I silently swung around behind the curtain trying to get my hand on the back-zip, but just couldn’t reach it. After struggling for a minute or so I heard a female voice, “why don’t you come out and see how it looks?”

“Yeah, just a second,” I replied. I didn’t think that I’d be paraded around the shop, so I felt a little nervous at this point. I was also afraid that I’d accidentally achieve an erection, because just from wearing it I was already partially excited. I spent a few seconds trying to lose the erection I had, but wasn’t entirely successful.

I walked out from behind the curtain backwards and asked someone to zip me up. The male attendant did and I turned around.

I noticed that along with the male attendant, the woman from the desk and female attendant were standing in a line looking at me. I immediately felt self-conscious; it was like I was naked, but even worse because while dressed in rubber it wasn’t only showing my physical form, but also my hidden fetish.

I momentarily struck a Shinji pose (when he was dressed in Asuka’s plug-suit), partially covering my chest and crotch, then shrunk back into a normal standing position. The female attendant said, “It fits pretty well.. a little loose around the thighs though.”

The male attendant then chimed in with, “Now you’re a lady.”

I looked down at my body and noticed that the area around my thighs was a little loose. I then looked at my stomach, of where it was very tight. It had shaped my mid-section into a nice hour-glass figure and then the looseness near my chest had molded my bosom into a small pair of breasts. I secretly liked the way it looked, but tried to mask my emotions. I directed my gaze back up and saw that the woman from the desk was just smiling and looking pleased at what she saw.

We all carried on some small talk when I noticed that the collar was extremely tight. I think my face started turning red when one of them asked me if I wanted to try anything else on. I declined out of courtesy, because I knew that the attendants would have to clean them off after I did. Also, even though I really liked the female suits, I wasn’t buying one that day, mainly because I hadn’t yet told my gf about my x-dressing interests.

I turned around and asked the desk-woman to unzip me, she did and I made my way back behind the curtain. I slid the catsuit off and put my street-clothes back on. I gave the vacant rubber-body back to the male attendant and walked over to the front-desk. I asked the woman there what I should do about getting a catsuit. She told me that she could put me on a waiting list and they’d have more in stock in about a month. I gave her my e-mail and left.

I figured I didn’t want to wait a month, so I looked up another shop. That shop being Purple Passion which I visited the next day… but that’s a different story in itself. =P

And to this day I haven’t gotten an e-mail back from them about the catsuit.

Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the DeMask in NYC.

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