Marta looked down she caught a glimpse of her cleavage and tugged at the neckline of her new sweater again. As a consequence the neckline had begun to droop and expose a little of the flawless skin above perfectly shaped breast. By late afternoon she had pulled so much, the top of her bra, an inch of cleavage and a hint of the twin mounds were visible. Marta could hardly wait to get home. She vowed to be back in her long denim skirt, baggy sweater, and flat shoes the next day.

Marta Vega walked up the subway steps careful to hold her skirt tight around her knees. He wild sister Priscilla had finally gotten her to wear one of the outfits they’d bought on their weekend shopping trip. She hated shopping with Priscilla. It seemed she always wound up wasting money on dumb stuff she would never really wear or use. Shopping was a sport for Priscilla it was something done out of necessity for Marta. The skirt she’d bought was not a “city” skirt as far as Marta was concerned. It was too short for walking up stairs or sitting down in public.

Marta hated the feel of the subway seats against her skin. Even in panty hose. Lord knows what lice infested homeless person had been sitting there before her. But Priscilla insisted she show off her assets for a change. Marta had great legs and a great figure all around that she usually had shrouded in the baggiest possible clothes. Priscilla on the other hand let it all hang out and lived by the motto “if you’ve got it flaunt it” So the things they chose were somewhere in the middle.

Marta had to admit that she felt pretty. The new skirt was slightly flared and jet black. She wore the also new V- necked magenta sweater that was perfect for early autumn in New York and raven colored hair. Marta waited on the D train platform. As usual it was crowded and when the train did arrive she was almost tempted to wait for the next, but she like everyone else in New York she just wanted to get home. She was fortunate enough to find her usual spot near a pole. She got a grip and was lost in thought as the train plowed through the tunnel.

As Marta held the pole she felt warm moist air on the back of her neck. She realized there was a man standing exactly behind her as if he could trace her footsteps. Marta drew closer to the pole. The stranger took a step closer to Marta. There was no where for her to go. She looked around briefly and was practically eye to eye with a fairly handsome man who reminded her of her cousin Ruben, but with a mustache. He winked. Marta looked away in embarrassment. The train moved into the next station. Twice as many people got on the already crowded train as before. Marta now regretted having stepped closer to the pole it was practically splitting her in half.

She felt the stranger’s breath on her neck still. She froze as his hand slid down on the pole just touching hers. He moved in closer and pushed himself against her fleshy hips. The train did a sudden lurch and he took the opportunity to gently press what she realized was becoming his very hard dick against her. Normally Marta would have furiously elbowed him but for some reason his warm breath and hard body was strangely comforting. As if she could imagine falling asleep in his arms. True Marta was love starved but she had never been desperate. She was still frozen on the pole as the stranger continued to take liberties with her ass. She knew she should say something but what?

As luck would have it the train came to a stop in the dark tunnel the stranger moved his hand below hers and let his fingers only rest on the pole as he began to slowly turn his wrist up and down so that it rubbed her right nipple with each turn as he continued his subtle humping motion on her ass. Marta felt electricity and a sudden tightness in her panties. Her hardening nipple gave away that she enjoyed of the feel of his manhood on her hips. She was 24. But practically a virgin. The stranger now reminded her of what she’d been missing.

The train started moving again, the light came on and he eased his humping movement just a little only to speed up slightly in a side to side motion. And then he relaxed. Marta guessed that he had come. It made her feel dirty and used but at the same time powerful. Then the brazen stranger bent to her ear and in an accent as thick as government cheese he whispered:

“I see jew tommorrow mami”

Then he got off the train. When it was all over, Marta was suddenly in a rage. It just figured it would be some wetback jibaro macho son a of a bitch. Latin men could be so obnoxiously chauvinistic. How dare he treat her like he had a right to her body?

She fumed and cursed him in her head the rest of her long ride home and then as she walked home from the subway. She stopped at her sister Priscilla’s apartment before she went to her own. Priscilla and her new husband lived on 3 she her mother, father and younger brother lived on the 6th floor.

“You’ll never guess what happened to me today on the train. Some horny jibaro humped my ass until he came.”

“Oh konuşanlar izle my God! Was the train crowded?” Priscilla asked in disbelief.

“Yes thank God, but I was still embarrassed.”

“What did you do?”

“Um nothing.” Marta shrugged.

“You didn’t poke him with your elbow or step on his feet or nothing?”

“I moved away but he just got closer.”

“You sure you didn’t like it Mija? You know your chocha is gonna dry up if you don’t use it soon.” Priscilla said teasingly.

Marta couldn’t believe Priscilla was so crude, but then again yes she could. She wasn’t surprised at all. Men and shopping were all Priscilla cared about.

“Forget it Priscilla” Marta said in irritation

“I’m sorry but notice you got the attention because you finally look like a woman today Marta instead of some old dried up bruja”

“So I should dress up everyday to get fucked by strangers?” Marta said

“No Marta you know that’s not what I mean. I just meant that you just looked feminine and sexy today. The poor guy couldn’t help himself that’s all.”

“Shut up Priscilla”

“What you wearing tomorrow chica?” Wear the reddish sweater, that’s my favorite.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be in my jean skirt and flats tomorrow” Marta said determinedly

“Ok if you wanna look like a bruja go ahead, I tried.”

Little did Marta know while she was at work her big sister had taken it upon herself to clean out the closet they had shared only months before? She and her mother were in cahoots. They had decided that they were just sick of seeing her in the frumpy duds and wanted her to start sprucing up. She was getting older and somewhat of an embarrassment to her mother who desperately wanted two married daughters and grandchildren ASAP. But they weren’t crazy they knew the anal Marta would have a hissy fit if she knew what they had done so their plan was to make things disappear a little at a time.

The first thing Priscilla went for was the sacky jean skirt which she usually wore to work at least three out of the five days. Her mother planned to say that she must have left it across the street in the laundry mat. The skirt was close to five years old and she wouldn’t be likely to find a replacement. Plan B was the tacky gray sweater that completed her frumpy ensemble. They decided that it would mysteriously get a hole in it. They knew it had better be a fairly large and irreparable hole because the frugal Marta would do her best to fix it. So they staged the death of her sweater look like an accident. Somehow a hanger got wound up and twisted in the yarns so that there was an ugly gash in it. They put it at the bottom of her closet they knew she would soon look for it.

That night Marta lay in bed and thought about the events of her day. She knew there would be work piled high again on her desk in the morning. Marta also thought about the brazen hick who had humped her ass on the train. She went to sleep with him on her mind. She had a dream about a man that ravished her in the cafeteria at work. She was being taken on a table. He kissed the length of her body until he got to her pussy then he grew a long tongue like a hungry dog and began to lick her. Marta woke up in a sweat her pussy was throbbing and her panties were wet she had never been so horny.

Marta folded her pillow, put it between her thighs and turned over on her stomach to rubbed her pussy up and down the bulky pillow; she squeezed it tighter between her thighs to make it firmer and thought about he hick with the hot breath and the way his hard dick felt on her hips. She wondered how big his dick was and if it would feel good inside her. She stopped to remove her panties and then separated her pussy lips just a little. She imagined him making her fuck him, not the way he took advantage of her this morning but really fucking her, and hopefully with a large hard dick. Marta’s thoughts embarrassed her but made her also ride the pillow faster. Soon she felt her pussy contract and the wave of warmth and satisfaction fill her crotch.

As soon as she came she was overcome by a catholic girl’s guilt. But then she reminded herself of the article she had read on masturbation and how it was better at least than fornication and unprotected sex. Marta decided that what the Pope didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She was tired of being horny and feeling guilty. She realized this was the first time she had masturbated in a long time, and the first time she was able to enjoy her bedroom in total privacy. She and Priscilla had shared a bedroom all their lives until she married 6 months ago this was the 1st time she could masturbate without fear of embarrassment.

She would often over hear the ever horny Priscilla self pleasuring when she thought Marta was asleep. The dummy had even bought a vibrator that was so loud her father got up to investigate the noise. Marta guessed she took advantage of any opportunity to be in the house alone and merrily pleased her pussy then. But knowing kulüp izle Priscilla the vibrator was only for dire emergencies. Priscilla was not so easily confined or defined by her catholic school upbringing; and as soon as she had the chance she was enjoying the real thing. Their mother was more than glad when she finally got married.

Marta suddenly became aware of the fact that she was horny allot and deservedly so. She’d had sex only twice in her life. The first time had been with her cousin Ruben four years before. They were so embarrassed afterward they hardly spoken since then. She’d had a crush on Ruben for years he was five years older than her and would hardly give her the time of day when they were growing up. He had stopped by the house to visit her family while on leave from the air force. Marta thought he looked unbelievably handsome in his uniform. She saw him again a few days later at their younger cousins Quinceanera.

He sat and they talked for a while Marta didn’t know why, but she confessed to having a crush on him when they were younger. He said he was flattered and teased her saying that she was no longer the ugly buck toothed duckling but had grown into a beautiful swan. Marta blushed. They continued to talk and decided to leave the noisy crowd in the community room and go for a walk to reminisce about old times. He said his mother had an old group photo of all the cousins he wanted her too see. So they headed to his mothers house nearby.

The photo was in an album in the front of the house they had a good time laughing at everyone, and each other but especially themselves. Afterward they went into his old room. They talked, had a beer and one thing led to another. Somehow they got on the subject of sex. Marta confessed to being a virgin and he said he didn’t believe her. She insisted and he asked for proof. She blushed and resisted at first, but bashfully surrendered to his coaxing. He sat on the twin bed and pulled her into his lap as he kissed and nuzzled her neck he reached under her dress, then into her panties and began a slow but firm massage of her dewy untouched pussy. She had masturbated herself many times but having Ruben do it t was the most wonderful sensation Marta had ever experienced. She had come at least 2 times when he asked her for further proof. Marta opened her legs wide for him and reached for his hand. But he surprised her when he began to probe her vagina then carefully he finger fucked her while continuing to massage her clit. It was uncomfortable at first but soon she started to respond.

He then asked in a whisper if she wanted him. Marta nodded yes. The next thing she remembered was being on her back on the narrow bed, with her knees bent and her thighs apart, the sound of his belt buckle and zipper then the feel of his large round dickhead pressing itself inside her. It hurt for an instant but when he was finally in and she was comfortable, he took Marta for a marvelous ride. It excited her to see his hips sway and his large dick moving in and out of her. She loved watching the man she idolized as he sighed and moaned and spoke in low whispers about the softness, wetness and tightness of her undefiled pussy. He told her again she was beautiful and that it was the best pussy he’d ever had. Ruben made her feel precious. She remembered he took one last deep stoke inside of her then pulled himself out and sprayed heavily on her mound. Luckily Priscilla had told her all about cum.

The actual fucking didn’t last very long, but long enough for Marta to remember how good it felt. They cleaned up in silence in the still house and went back to the party self conscious about what they had done. But Marta had no regrets about giving herself to Ruben he really was the man of her dreams and he treated her well at least

Marta’s only other experience had been with a pesky Dominican guy who worked in the shipping department at her job. He begged and practically stalked her until she agreed to go out with him. At first Marta was enjoying the attention but once she gave in he seem to disappear into thin air. Se had learned from that experience that the more bragging and begging a man did the more disappointment. Not only was his cock puny but he didn’t use it half as well as Ruben had used his. Nor did he treat her with the same kindness and respect. So she had been both disappointed and humiliated. She could have at least got a good fuck for her trouble she thought it was soon after that experience that Marta began to hide in her shroud-like wardrobe.

Marta awoke the next morning showered, and began to look for her jean skirt and sweater. She searched and searched to no avail for the skirt then remembered that her mother had done laundry the day before. She had left for work already so she couldn’t ask about where it might be. So she looked for the sweater instead.

When she found her sweater in the bottom of the closet brutalized Marta almost cried real tears. But then she remembered the stranger.

She reached lady voyeur izle for the black skirt again and looked behind the door for the bag with the new sweaters. She chose the beautiful turquoise one with the graceful ballerina neckline this time. Again the jewel tone made her hair and skin glow, and the curves of the neckline accentuated the natural curves of her breast and hips. She looked gorgeous even if she said so herself. Marta realized that her flat shoes looked rather odd so she opted for her church shoes. They weren’t ridiculously high just high enough to make the skirt look right. She looked in the mirror to admire her image and vowed to get her bushy eyebrows tweezed on the weekend.

Marta walked fast to the subway she was running late. Running in heels was a hard she thought. She checked her watch and trotted a few steps at a time.

“Oye mami be careful you don’t break nothing you too fine baby.” Said a cute young guy known as Boriqueno he was waiting for the bus. As she passed.

Marta smiled to herself she had never had that kind of attention ever. Marta got her train on time. At work she was actually annoyed by the way her coworkers carried on about her new look. As expected she worked like a dog all day long. By the time 5 o’clock came she really regretted wearing her Sunday shoes. She wanted to be home badly. She waited on the platform for her train. She got on and had really forgotten about her molester because her feet hurt so badly. Then she got her spot on the pole. At the next stop there he was out of the clear blue breathing down her neck again. Marta’s sore feet made her cranky and she remembered how pissed she had been yesterday at the way he’d acted so familiar. She rolled her eyes at him and positioned her body so that he was not right behind her. When the next wave of people got on the train he brazenly maneuvered his body so that it was again in back of hers. He bent down to whisper.

“No esté enojado en mí mami”

( don’t be mad at me mami )

She felt his breath again which made her angry but also horny she felt her pussy contract. The train stopped again and another crowd came onto until people literally were so packed together the door would barely close. He took the opportunity to assume his position on her ass again. It was so crowded no one would notice if he had taken his dick out and fucked her on the spot. but he didn’t he just did a really hard grind this time between her ass while he reached way down on the pole this time in front of her pussy and moved his thumb up and down between what he guessed was her slit . He guessed right. Marta thought she should elbow him at least but she really didn’t want too and it was too damn crowded. So with her presumed consent he stared doing some serious work on her ass.

Typical of rush hour the train momentarily screeched to a halt and the lights went out. As usual everyone moaned and grumbled in impatience. Juan let go of the pole and squeezed Marta’s pussy tight. Marta was angry but mainly because it felt fantastic. She still said nothing just halfheartedly shifted her body in pretend protest but he knew the scent and of a horny woman. He proceeded to grab another handful of her pussy and matched his rhythmic humping to his squeeze. He was good. Damn good. Marta came. He felt her mini spasms

“Jew like this don’t Jew mami I know you like it tee gusto mami he whispered Jew married?

Marta was admiring his handy work but she still backed off she didn’t want to appear to encourage him. When she backed off he just pressed harder into her ass which just made her move into his hand again. He defiantly grabbed her pussy again and again and began to alternately squeeze and massage it with the palm of his hand. Marta was responding and her panties were growing wetter. Then he boldly put both hands on the pole around her and started to grind harder and faster. “

“I see jew tomorrow nena”

And he gave her a stealthy peck on the ear.

The light came on the train roared into the station and he got off at 59th street. Marta was so embarrassed she felt everyone on the train knew she’d cooperated with the molester. She felt shame and disgust for being so needy. But also wonderfully relaxed from the good mini orgasms he had just given her. Marta went home closed her room door and masturbated on her pillow until she fell asleep.

She woke up later and wondered what on earth was wrong with her. Then she realized that she was just horny. She needed a man. Damn Priscilla and her shopping. She couldn’t stop thinking about him who ever he was. She had to admit she liked the feel of his hard on between her ass. and the fact that he reminded her so much of her cousin Ruben. Although she felt used by him, oddly, she also felt safe. After he’d had all he needed of her ass he pulled her skirt from between her cheeks and carefully smoothed it down around her hips. Then he lightly kissed her ear and whispered again that he’d see her tomorrow. Marta felt ridiculous she had been violated so she didn’t understand why the little nothing protective gesture made her feel connected to him somehow. He was a pervert plain and simple, and it was her guess he was probably married with at least five kids somewhere. But there was something about him she liked and it was more than just his firm hands and dick.

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