Father’s Wisdom Ch. 02


Thanks for the comments on Part 1. I’ve been busy but working toward further entries, which I hope to publish soon. Happy reading!

As with Ch. 1, this contains: consenting gay sex between an eighteen year-old son and his father.


After Calvin shot his load, he and his dad bobbed in the pool for what felt like hours. Calvin had never felt so close to someone, or so good, and he kept close to his father, trying to maintain some postcoital contact even if he was the only one who had cum. It was relaxing and a respite from the muggy southern summer. But in these conditions that normally produced lethargy, a vibration triumphed across the humidity. Calvin had never felt like this before, energized, ready for more. As an eighteen year old who regularly masturbated five times per day, he felt like today, after getting his cock sucked by his dad, he could stay in fuck mode nonstop.

Calvin splashed at his father, prompting the older man to dive underwater and pummel toward his lithe son, his hairy arms wrapping around the younger boy’s still growing body. As he slid up behind Calvin, Mr. Hobbes’ athletic body brushed against Calvin, their naked flesh touching all over. Calvin loved it, feeling his dad’s hairy legs, the smattering of chest hair, wet, against his own body. His favourite part, though, was his father pulling him tight, pulling his veiny, erect man cock against Calvin’s tight and smooth bottom.

“If you thought that was good, just wait until I get into you later,” his dad whispered into his ear, taking a gentle nip at it.

Calvin had long thought about getting fucked in the ass, jerked off to the fantasy, but had no idea what it would actually be like, let alone with his dad’s thick meat. Having just experienced his first blow job and being overcome with a kind of pleasure he never thought possible, he couldn’t imagine anything more intense than that or more sensual.

Calvin wrestled out of his dad’s tight hold and spun around, facing him. As they tread the water, he pushed close to him, separated by only a few inches, enough so that his dad’s long thick cock, still erect, pushed into his own. Calvin’s cock grew hard at this sensation, despite having erupted only moments ago.

“How have you not cum yet dad? If I had a cock in my mouth, I would have shot immediately.”

“My boy, you have a lot to learn. You have a lot to learn about giving, and a lot to learn about taking. I’ll teach you everything, but patience is a sexual virtue.”

This baffled Calvin’s young brain. At eighteen, he took virtually every moment he could to jerk himself off. Three, five, sometimes six times a day. He felt like his dad had just sucked every drop of cum out of him, but he also felt like he had so much sexual energy in him he needed to go again, and immediately.

“Why don’t you let me suck you off right now, dad? It only seems fair after what you did to me. I want you to teach me.” Calvin grabbed his dad’s cock underwater and squeezed it tight, starting to massage the erection.

“Like I said, son, patience,” Mr. Hobbes replied calmly, unfazed by his son’s advance on his cock.

The grip of Calvin’s hand on his father’s thick penis intensified. “I don’t get how you can hold it in! I want your jizz all over me, dad!”

Mr. Hobbes pushed his son’s hand off of his cock and grabbed the boy, pulling him in close, so they were face to face, cock to cock, chest to chest. “Just give it time boy.” He pulled Calvin even closer, kissing him on the lips.

Mr. Hobbes’s lips were soft, which was a shock given the bristling hairs that sprouted around his unshaven face. It was a complex sensation for Calvin to feel, but he liked, liked how his soft skin felt again this. And he liked it even more when his father slipped his tongue in his mouth, penetrating it with the taste of the cum he had just deposited in there. Calvin knew he liked it but didn’t know how to respond, his body overcome with sensation. But his cock knew, growing harder at this pleasant sensation.

Mr. Hobbes pulled away, just an inch. “Kiss me back son, feed me your tongue and push against mine. Try again.”

“Yes dad,” Calvin replied meekly.

Mr. Hobbes pulled his son in closer again, first their lips touched and then he slipped his tongue into Calvin’s mouth. Calvin acted as he was told, pushing his tongue against his father’s. The gentle rubbing of their tongues warm, wet tongues was a new sensation for Calvin, who had fantasized about this kind of contact but never experience, especially so lovingly. The gingerly touch of a strong, manly man like his father filled him with new kinds of feelings and drew he closer to his father. Calvin wrapped his arms and legs around his father and pulled him tighter, pressing his face harder into his father’s than he had before. The soft touch of their tongue became a forceful batting, their mouths opening wider than before, as if they were ready to consume each other’s faces.

Calvin pulled back for air and his Başakşehir Escort father pushed away, heading for the edge of the pool, catching a full glance of his son’s naked body, his erection looking harder than ever and glistening beneath the gentle waves of the pool.

“Why don’t we get some lunch, son?” Mr. Hobbes said.

Calvin was overcome by his libido and couldn’t revisit longing after his father’s body. He gazed on lovingly as the older gentleman pulled his body out of the water, flexing every muscle in his late middle aged body as he hoisted his body out of the water into the hot sun. Somehow, Calvin grew even harder at this site and swam after him, wanting to be as close as he could to this man who he had lusted after for so many years and who now was finally getting what he wanted.

Calvin pulled himself out of the pool and his father watched, staring at his young and lithe son from above, peering down his long cock, as the water rushed off his son’s body. He took note of the way his son gazed up and him, lustful and cock hungry and felt proud that he raised a virile young boy but knew there was a lot to teach him.

As Calvin stood up, Mr. Hobbes said, “now come on, let’s go inside before we burn our cocks or the neighbors see us.” He slapped his son on his bare ass and headed for the house. Calvin followed, his boner on full display.


Back inside, the blasting air conditioner forced the men to cover their nudity. Sweaty t-shirts and underwear were, however, hardly the norm for family lunchtime at the Hobbes residence, and Calvin was pleased that his father was allowing the erotic energy to stay between them. He had fantasized about this kind of sex before, but it was only through porn. And the scenario was always a repressive one: you let dad fuck you, but it has to be kept a secret. And as soon as you cum, the secret is back on.

What Calvin and Mr. Hobbes had going on that Saturday was something much more intense. There was fucking but there was play and flirting. This incredible energy pulsed between them; it was like they had created a private bathhouse in their suburban house.

Calvin watched as his dad stood at the refrigerator, pulling out deli meats and produce onto the counter. But it was another kind of meat that kept him focused on his dad: it was his lean and muscular legs, hairy in all the right places, that led to his father’s fully formed buttocks, perfectly framed by his rather thin white Calvin Klein briefs. Calvin licked his lips at the sight.

“Two sandwiches, coming up,” Mr. Hobbes said. “Oh son, why don’t you cut that watermelon up for us too. That would be great on a hot day like today.”

Calvin obeyed, grabbing the massive melon with both hands.

“We should get you to the gym, huh son,” Mr. Hobbes said.

“Yeah, probably,” Calvin replied, feeling now more than ever ashamed of his slim and boyish frame. “I should try to get your figure.”

“Well, there’s plenty of time for that, son. And plenty of people like a nice lean and tender body on their ephebe.”

“Dad, this isn’t Greece. I’m not going to get handed around at the forum like some communal fleshlight!”

“You’re sexual desires are only just awakening son. I don’t know what you’re going to do once you go to college. It could be orgies every night. I certainly had a healthy libido,” Mr. Hobbes said, as he smeared a thick white coating of mayonnaise on each piece of bread.

“Have you ever had sex with a man, dad?”

“I just sucked your cock off didn’t?”

Calvin cast his dad a look. “I’m serious dad.”

“And I am too. Do you think someone inexperienced could do that? You got a grade A, experienced blow job. That doesn’t come from someone who has never sucked a cock before.”

“So are you bi?”

“Look son, I don’t put a label on what I do sexually. Your mother and I made you and we have made some great times together. But there is a certain pleasure to being with someone who knows exactly how to handle the parts down there.”

“So, do you and mom even…”

“Look, we let you think something about marriage, but the secret is that there are all kinds of ways to have a relationship, and no one is really doing it the way that you think they are. Do you really think that I love soccer that much that I play it multiple times a week? It’s the camaraderie that I enjoy. The time spent around other men. And some of that time isn’t always on the field.”

“Wait a minute, so you’re having sex with guys like every week?”

Calvin wasn’t sure what to do with the information and he stood there, mostly frozen, staring into a container of lettuce. Sensing his son’s confusion, Mr. Hobbes stopped his sandwich assembly and placed his arm around his son.

“Look, most people wouldn’t think it’s that acceptable for a dad to suck his son off, but that felt pretty good didn’t it?”

Calvin shrugged.

“People have a lot of hang ups about sex. That doesn’t mean Başakşehir Escort what we did is wrong if we both agreed to do it.”

Calvin picked his head up, understanding the simple but glaring logic of his father’s comment. Why would consenting sex ever be wrong? “I guess you’re right, dad. But why are people like that? Why don’t you talk about it?”

“Because people do not understand and pass judgements. But I’m not going to restrict my pleasure because of other people’s problems. But I’m not going to broadcast it either. And I need you to understand, son, this is just to stay between us. This is something only a father can teach a son. So don’t tell anyone about this.”

Calvin nodded. “But dad, you haven’t really taught me anything. A little about kissing and you gave me a great blow job, but that’s not really teaching anything.”

“Son, how did that blow job make you feel? Was it like any orgasm you’ve ever had before?”

“No, it was amazing. Probably the best one I’ve ever had.”

“And how did that kiss make you feel?”

“It was so intense. I haven’t kissed very much, but it made me so hard. I still have blue balls from it.”

“Son, that’s exactly what I’m teaching you. I want you to know that when you have sex or treat someone with your tongue, whether it’s a kiss a pussy or a butt hole, that’s how you need to make them feel. And that’s how you need to feel when you are with a sexual partner.”

“I don’t understand, dad.”

“Trust me, you will. That’s the next lesson. It’s time for you to take care of my cock. And I’m going to coach you every step of the way. But I’m going to warn you son, I’m not as easy to please as you are.”

“Dad, I want to give you the best orgasm of your life.”

“You’ll get there, son. But you need some energy first. We both do.”


After lunch, Mr. Hobbes and Calvin stayed in the air conditioning to enjoy some more time together. Mr. Hobbes claimed he needed to do some work, and was engulfed in his phone and laptop screens. He sat on the sofa and worked on the coffee table, leaning into his glowing surfaces. Calvin began reading an old and tattered John Rechy novel his father had produced for him from a hidden place and he was enraptured by the frank and thorough depictions of man-on-man sex. It was truly an education and he could not wait to try these things out, especially with his dad.

Mr. Hobbes caught a glance of Calvin reaching his hands down his pants while holding the book open. Leaning away from his screen and placing his reading glasses on his head, he took notice of the boy. “Enjoying that book, son?”

Calvin, who had been lying on his stomach on the floor, rolled over. He nodded with a big grin.

“I think it might be time for your next lesson then.”

Calvin shot up off the ground and, though only a few feet from his father, leapt toward him.

“That’s the energy I like to see!”

“Tell me what you want dad! Are you going to fuck me!”

“Not yet son. I gave you that book because I wanted you to really think about cocksucking. Think about how you wrap your mouth around a dick and apply suction. Think about what you do with your mouth. And think about how it’s about more than what you do to the cock too.”

Calvin stared at his father’s mouth, hanging out to every word. But his attention shifted down to his father’s crotch when Mr. Hobbes began to spread his legs open.

“Now son, take off all your shorts and shirt and get between my legs.”

Calvin nodded eagerly, shooting up off the couch and ripping his t-shirt over his head in one swift gesture, then throwing the shirt across the room. He unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to his feet and his lithe teenage body was, in just a flash, back on the floor, ready to submit to his full clothed father.

“I want you to do exactly as I tell you, son. Everyone is different, but I want you to start with my chest.” Mr. Hobbes pulled his shirt off to reveal his fit dad body. His full middle aged pectoral sported full nipples, hair running around the outside. “Gently lick them and play with them with your fingers.”

Calvin nodded and went in full force. His pert and full lips dove toward his father’s left nipple, he pursed them and stuck his tongue out slightly, wetting his father’s pink nipple and treating it as if he was making out with his father, like he had earlier in the pool. With his right hand, he began to squeeze his father’s left nipple, between his thumb and forefinger, making the nipple erect.

“Mmmm, just a little bit more gentle son..”

Calvin made a noise into his father’s chest, relaxing his grip slightly and then switching sides. He began to run his tongue around his father’s right nipple, painting the areola with his saliva and moistening the hair around the nipple down to the skin. He had quickly figure out how to work out his father’s nipples and noticed they were both protruding and hard.

Mr. Hobbes purred Escort Başakşehir with satisfaction. He threw his head back on the couch and ran his fingers through his son’s soft head of clean-cut hair. Calvin could sense he was doing a good job, not only by reading his dad’s relaxed pose but by feeling the poke that was coming toward his chest from his father’s shorts. Calvin took his free hand and began to massage. Leaving one hand on a nipple, he ran his tongue away from his father’s nipples down the stomach, feeling the strong muscles hiding behind his father’s lightly hairy flesh. He rubbed his smooth face against his dad’s belly and felt his own hard-on grow throw the layer of fabric.

“That’s right son, now take my cock and start working on it. But be gentle. There’s no rush right now.”

Calvin pulled back and unbuttoned his father’s shorts and pulled down the zipper. His dad wasn’t wearing any underwear so his thick cock shot out right toward Calvin’s face, poking him in the mouth with some force.

Calvin slid his father’s shorts down to his ankles, rubbing the older man’s things and calves along the way and taking time to appreciate what was before him. He was up close with a cock he had lusted after for years. It was gorgeous. There was a dense mess of black pubic hair that spread down to his taint and onto his balls and the base of his shaft. Despite the air conditioned chill of the house, his balls hung low and heavy, seemingly filled with semen waiting for Calvin’s mouth. But it was his cock that capture Calvin most: it was long, probably seven inches, and thick with a full and sensitive mushroom head blooming at the end. Calvin could see veins on it but he could feel them too: they were bulging and thick and blood was pumping through it. It was the kind of cock you wanted up your ass—or in any hole of your body. Phallic perfection.

“Start with the balls, and keep your hands busy.”

Calvin dove in, running his tongue around his dad’s pliant scrotum and tasting the sweat and man stench that was down there. He flicked his tongue at the heavy orbs in his dad’s sack and massaged his father’s inner thigh with his hands, feeling the gentle and almost invisible hairs on the older man’s thighs. Mr. Hobbes ran his hands through his sons hair, gently giving signs of encouragement. When Calvin’s tongue started fixated on one ball in particular, Mr. Hobbes pulled him in tighter, and Calvin took it as a cue to put the whole thing in his mouth. He opened his warm mouth wide and began to swallow the testcles, dangling pushing them around in his wet mouth. His hands began to stroke his dad’s hardening cock.

Calvin had never taken so much in his mouth before. He was having a hard time dealing with the volume of his dad, but knew he couldn’t cough or gag. He had to make sure he did this perfect, gave his dad the best orgasm he could and suppressed his gag reflex. Besides, he loved the feeling of his dad’s hairy balls on his tongue.

“Alright son, move on to the cock. But take it slow. And don’t forget my balls.”

Calvin slid his mouth off of Mr. Hobbes large nutsack and looked up at his dad. This was the moment he was waiting for. “I’m going to make you proud dad. Wet and proud!”

“That’s my boy!”

Calvin wet his lips and headed for his dad’s bulbous penis head. He gently kissed it and then began to work around the head with his tongue, lubricating it up with his heavy flow of saliva. He really did want this. His tongue was slow at first but moved with increased speed and interest, loving the taste of his dad. It was salty and musky and sweaty, and there was a bit of a chlorine taste from their earlier swim. He took his dad’s wet nut sack in his hands and began playing with the balls, passing them through his hand like marbles.

“That’s it, son. Multitask. Use those hands. Don’t forget the rest of my body.”

Calvin reached up for his dad’s nipple and began tweaking it. His mouth started working its way down his shift, first just on the outside and then he took it head-on, smoothing his moist lips past the head down the thick, veiny shaft. He could feel all of the blood pumping through his dad’s cock.

About halfway down the shaft, Calvin began to pull back. He began bobbing his head back and forth with increased speed, unsure if he could go much deeper.

Mr. Hobbes laid back and moaned in pleasure. He could sense his son was going to struggle with the amount of wood he was carrying. “Just relax your jaw son and think about how good I’m going to feel. Think about how good this makes you feel. How much you’ve wanted this. How hard your cock is.”

He was right. Calvin had been so focused on his throat, he had ignored the raging boner in his briefs.

He slid his mouth off of his dad’s cock, took a deep breath in, relaxed his jaw, and started that mean piece of meat down. “I’m going to suck you so good,” he said to the tip of his dad’s cock, which was now dripping with heavy precum. Calvin slurped those droplets up and slid his whole mouth down the cock, gagging as he got back there.

Mr. Hobbes was impressed. He could feel his cock stabbing the back of his son’s throat, could sense his throat closing on in his cock.

“Fuck yeah, boy, you’re a natural. Now get that cum flowing out of me.”

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