Fat Woman Gets Done Anally


My name is Blake Derrick. Who am I? Just a tall, good-looking Black man living in Detroit. My main occupation these days is having some fun. I was in my third year of college when I won a major settlement due to a lawsuit. Let’s just say that some racist white woman treated me and my buddies quite badly on our college campus. Why did she act that way? Well, simply because she’s a racist witch who hates black people, especially black men. I took her to court. It took some time but I eventually won a major settlement. Ten million dollars, a third of which went to my attorney. Now, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with.

What do I do when I’ve got money and time on my hands? I indulge every vice known to man, and a few that aren’t. Presently speaking, I was hanging out with my best friend Jack Shane. We went to this brothel to have some fun. Jack is a tall, good-looking black man just like me. He is currently in law school. This dude is my best friend, has been since forever. These days, when I’m not running my own business, a fast-growing chain of black-themed bookstores, I’m chilling with him. We have similar views. Both of us were black men who worked hard to get where we were. Also, we didn’t much of the wicked women and dumb men of this world. Bitches and bastards fill the earth these days. They’re like an epidemic. Each generation growing stupider and more wicked than the one before it. What do we do? We enjoy ourselves at the expense of those we despise. Which brings us back to the brothel.

This brothel was a high-class place which usually catered to wealthy white men. Well, today, the brothers were invading so the white chicks had better watch out. Jack and I had our pick of them. I picked for myself this fine-looking plumper named Nancy. She was tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. That’s how I like my chicks. A little bit on the plump side. Nancy was well-dressed. I took one look into her eyes and I knew exactly what she was. She hadn’t been in the trade for long. Also, she seemed to be like a pretentious person who likes to pretend that she’s better than she actually Eryaman Escort is. From the way she talked, I guessed that she was probably a college student trying to make a few bucks in the world’s oldest profession. I didn’t care. I was going to make her work for her money, count on it. As for Jack, he had chosen for himself a tall, blonde-haired, green-eyed Irishwoman named Moira. Unlike me, Jack favored the skinny chicks. Hey, to each his own, know what I mean?

We got started right away with the evening’s activities. Nancy acted all seductive and told me that she had never been with a black man before. I smiled wickedly and told her that this was going to be an experience she would never forget. She had no idea how right I was. Time for her to find out exactly what she was doing. She started kissing me but I stopped her. I didn’t kiss anyone on the mouth. I’m not a romantic. I’m just a sexual being. That’s why I didn’t date, but instead paid for sex. The thing about sex workers is that you don’t have to consider their feelings. You just fuck them and then you’re done. Free to go about your business.

The goal of dating is sex. Always has been and always will be. I just cut through the complete falsehood of dating, dinners, awkward moments, movie dates and sped right to the sex part. Most men spend far less on a prostitute than they do on a relationship. You spend a couple hundred bucks on a sex worker. You can lose thousands of dollars in a divorce case. Do the math. It’s better to do it with a sex worker. They talk less and they cost less. They take up far less of your time. It’s simpler, really. There is none of the emotional crap that comes with dating. No jealousy. None of that dreaded silent treatment. No awkward conversations or phone calls. In the long run, it’s much better for you. If prostitution ever became fully legal, we’d all be happier.

I told Nancy what I had in mind. I didn’t want to kiss her. I didn’t want to stick my cock in her mouth or in her pussy. I didn’t want her to hold me or touch me. I only wanted her ass. I wanted to stick Sincan Escort my cock in her asshole while she got on all fours, facing away from me. That’s all I wanted from her and I was willing to pay her four hundred dollars for it. She was a bit surprised. From the expression on her face, I could tell that she had never done this before. I smiled. This was going to be sweet. I looked at her plump butt. Yeah, I was going to have lots of fun with that. By the time I was done with her, she wouldn’t be able to walk straight.

Nancy did as she was told, like a good prostitute. I came up behind her, and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Gleefully, I put on a condom and sprayed it with lubricant. I looked at her pink little asshole. I swear I saw it quivering. I took a long look at this plump and chubby white woman who was on all fours with her huge butt sticking in the air. I wanted to remember this sight for my lonely nights. Grinning, I placed my ten-inch black cock against her tight little asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. The first thing I noticed upon penetrating her tight little asshole is that her anus was very tight. I read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. I’ve tested that theory quite a few times. I’ve stuck my cock up the assholes of many large women over the years. Warm and tight, that’s how a large woman’s asshole feels. It’s tighter than anything you’ve ever felt. You should definitely try it.

Oh, I almost forget about Jack and his chick of the night, Moira. They were doing their thing. Moira was currently on all fours and Jack had positioned himself behind her. He was yanking her long blonde hair back as he thrust his long and thick black cock into her tight asshole. Like me, Jack is an anal addict. If he doesn’t fuck a woman in the ass, he doesn’t consider it to be really sex. Fucking a woman’s pussy is so boring and mundane. It’s so commonplace. If you’re fucking a woman in the ass, now you’re talking! Anal sex is considered to be dirty, immoral and forbidden. Maybe that’s why so many of us love it so much.

I Etlik Escort held Nancy by those wide hips of hers and thrust my cock deep into her asshole. Her ass was wonderfully tight. I began to pound it hard and fast. It stretched to accommodate my long and thick member as I thrust deeply into her. Nancy screamed as my thick member slammed deep into her anal cavity. The more she screamed, the harder I thrust my cock into her asshole. I began to fuck her in a frenzy, like anal sex was going out of style or something. I thrust into her, hard and deep. The chick screamed loud enough to wake the dead. It was music to my ears. There’s nothing I love more than fucking a large woman in the ass. There’s something so dirty and wicked about it. Maybe what’s why I like it so much.

Meanwhile, Moira and Jack were doing their thing. My buddy had Moira lying on her back. He came up between her spread legs and began poking her asshole with his huge cock in this position. Jack is very different from me in some aspects. He likes to look into a woman’s eyes as he fucks her. I don’t. I can’t stand to have a chick look at me while I’m thrusting into her. I also can’t stand to stick my cock into a woman’s pussy. It’s too boring, mundane and commonplace for me. I need something tighter. Oh, and I always like angry anal sex. I don’t much care for the gentler approach. I need them to feel like they’re being split in half as I slam my cock into their assholes. I need to hear them scream. I need to tame them and make them bow down to me. That’s just the way I am. I thrust my cock as deep as it would go. Until it was buried balls deep. Nancy screamed louder than ever before. That’s when I knew I hit the jackpot. I finally came, feeling proud and victorious.

A short while later, Jack and I left the brothel. We paid Moira and Nancy handsomely for their services. Neither of them would look us in the eye as we exited. Hey, is it too much to ask that these prostitutes work hard for their money? I mean, what good is a prostitute if she can’t take a large cock up her ass like a champ? Not very good if you ask me. The way I see it, my best buddy and I taught these chicks a lesson. They should toughen up and get with the program or find themselves another line of work. So what if their butt holes are hurting like hell and they will feel sore in the morning? It made us feel good, and since we’re the loyal customers, that’s all that matters! See you around, folks. Peace. We’re out.

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