Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 19


Paula awoke, it was early, she took a moment or two to get her bearings and then smiled happily as she realized that it was Gavin’s arms that were wrapped around her. Her head ached a little, “Too much to drink” her brain told her. Gavin shifted a little and Paula felt his morning erection prod her buttocks. “FUCK!” Her brain winced, as the previous night’s events kicked in with vivid clarity. “Oh Jesus!” she said aloud.

“Mmmm.” Gavin muttered and squeezed her more tightly.

Paula pried her eyes fully open and peeked out from under the duvet, they confirmed her worse fears, she was indeed in a hotel room, and she had no doubt that Irene was in the next room. Irene, the one woman on the planet that she would never have believed it possible of, the woman that had always made her feelings of dislike towards Paula perfectly clear. Irene the woman who’s dried pussy juice Paula could smell on her face.

“Fucking hell!” she murmured. “That’s so weird.”

“What is?” Gavin breathed, only half awake.

Paula struggled to turn around and face her lover. It was the first time they had actually ‘slept’ together, in the true sense of the word. She gently kissed his lips. The last thing they had done before falling asleep was to declare their love for each other. “Everything will be different now.” her mind told her. She pulled his face to her breast and he nuzzled her.

“Mmmm. Gorgeous.” He muttered, still not properly awake. Paula gently kissed the top of his head. She looked at the clock, it was only five thirty in the morning, but she was fully awake now, her mind racing as to how things had changed, her main worry was facing Irene. How the hell could that have happened? She cringed at the memory of rubbing her cunt violently back and forth against her bosses face.

“Oh God!” she thought. Her brain decided that the best thing would be for Irene to have been so drunk that she would not remember. “Fat chance.”

Paula was actually feeling quite shocked at herself, “I don’t do girls.” she had said on more than one occasion, but here she was, reminiscing about her second bi-sexual experience, and frankly she had enjoyed both times, indeed she was once more becoming aroused just thinking about it.

Gavin shifted a little and his erection poked her belly. Her mind focused on the hot cock head pressing against her soft abdomen. “I need a wee!” Her abdomen told her. She slipped out from Gavin’s grasp and headed to the bathroom. She sat and relieved herself, she had drunk a lot, they all had. Standing naked in front of the basin she examined her face and hair. “Bed hair.” her brain suggested. She washed her face, momentarily rehydrating Irene’s dried on cunt cream. The memory of Irene’s strong aroma flashed vividly through her head, she washed it thoroughly away. She wiped her vagina clean and combed her hair, brushed her teeth and sprayed some complimentary hotel perfume liberally on her body, as an after thought she gave her genitals a generous squirt.

Paula climbed back into bed, Gavin was snoring lightly, she thought it was quite cute. She laid back and soaked in the peace and quiet, enjoying having her lover all to herself. She had expected that the two nights with him would have involved a lot of new sexual experiences. She had promised he could watch her masturbate, something she had never done in front of someone else. She had promised he could take dirty pictures of her. A long time ago she had promised he could take her bottom’s virginity, they had never got around to that. He of course had promised to let her play out her fantasy, she was not sure how to introduce that particular idea. She had expected all of these things to happen, never in her wildest dreams or should that be nightmares? had she envisioned what had happened last night.

She turned on her side, her breasts flopping heavily towards the mattress. Her fingers gently grasped Gavin’s erection, it had wilted somewhat in the last quarter of an hour. “Ahhhh. how sweet.” She thought. She shuffled under the duvet, the morning light easily penetrated the cloth allowing a good view under the bed clothes. Shifting gently down the bed her face arrived inches away from his pride and joy. She slowly shook it by the base smiling at the semi stiff shaft flopping from side to side. She edged closer to it’s tip and inhaled, she liked the musky scent, she knew it was a mixture of the three of them. Tentatively she put her tongue out and tasted the expanding cock head, half enclosed in it’s soft protective foreskin. Her tongue wiped under the foreskin and circled the blue vein enclosed within. Her fingers settled on Gavin’s testicles gently pressing them and feeling them shift under her touch. She smiled as the wrinkled bag began to tighten. The impulse to suck on them came on her suddenly so she did. Softly sucking a ball into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue.

Gavin shifted his hips, his penis was growing hard once more. He awoke in the most glorious way a man can wake, his penis in the soft loving mouth of a naked woman. Paula had moved her lips to his cock head once more and was now quite rapidly bobbing her head under the duvet. She was wondering if she could make istanbul escort him come in his sleep. When she felt his hands on either side of her head, urging her on, she knew she had failed. Gavin moaned, feeling her tongue trying to invade the tiny slit at the end of his manhood.

Paula slid her legs over him and crouched astride him under the cover. Slowly she eased her way up his body, grazing her hardened nipples against his torso. Finally her smiling face emerged from under the duvet. “Good morning.” she said softly.

“It certainly is.”

She looked down into his eyes and then moved in to kiss him. Tongues passed lips, hands caressed faces and bodies, Paula finally reached between them and grasped his shaft, aiming it at her wet opening. She paused when it was in the perfect position, she pulled her lips from his, “I love you.” she said seriously and a moment later impaled herself onto his full length. Slowly she eased herself almost off of him then pushed heavily back down. Her ribbed vagina walls rippled as his cock head travelled deep into her belly. With him rigidly inside, she began to rock her mound back and forth, rubbing her excited clitoris against his pubic bone. Her breathing became shallow and concentrated. All the while supported on her outstretched arms she looked down at Gavin fixing his eyes with hers, She watched his face contort with the feelings that her grinding cunt was instilling in him, she thrust harder and sat back on her haunches, arching her back and began to ride on his engorged cock, heavily impaling herself. Gavin watched in wonderment as Paula grasped her own breasts and squeezed, capturing her extended pink nipples between her fingers. They both grunted with animal lust with each plunge of her wet cunt. Paula could feel his cock head pushing hard against her cervix deep within her belly. She dropped a hand from her breast and rubbed fervently at her clit.

A sheen of sweat covered both of their bodies. Gavin inhaled her aroma a mixture of perfume and arousal, she was so feminine he could have cried, promised her anything, wanting her forever. Her other hand released her breast and dropped to his chest steadying herself, her pear shaped tits swung heavily and hypnotically together.

“Come in me Gav!, come in me.” She hissed. She wanted his seed, she wanted him to give her babies, she wanted him to fill her with his fuck juice, to feel the warm ooze jetting into her core. Gavin came. Lifting his hips, raising her with him, thrusting hard into her and filled her wet gripping cunt with his sticky white jizz. She felt his cock spasm and the hot liquid squirting deep inside her, it was a moment of perfect satisfaction and she came with him, hard. She collapsed onto his chest as they humped rapidly, quivering as they milked their orgasms for every drop of lust.

They lay clinging to each other, their bodies sticky with effort, panting from exertion. Gavin’s erection rapidly evaporated. His soft cock slipping from her spunk filled hole. Neither of them moved, they could feel the damp results of their love, trickling between their legs.

“That looked like fun.”

The breathless couple grasped each other. How long had Irene been there?

“It was.” said Gavin, staring into Paula’s eyes and smiling.

Paula rolled her own eyes. “Good morning Irene.” She forced herself to say, and rolled off of her lover.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt, I haven’t been watching… ” she explained, “I wish.” she added hoping to lighten the moment.

“It’s OK. really it is.” said Paula, sitting up and covering her breasts with her arm. Despite last night, she felt embarrassed, displaying her rude bits to Irene.

Irene stood in the doorway, fully dressed in her white blouse and black skirt. “What time shall we head back to the exhibition?” she asked.

Neither Paula or Gavin were desperate to go. They wanted to spend the day doing what they had just done.

“Oh there’s no rush is there? After the deals Paula made yesterday we’re going to be busy for the foreseeable future.” Gavin hugged Paula around her shoulder.

“So what are we going to do?” asked Irene, deliberately including herself in any plans.

Paula took the hint, Irene was not going to be left out. Paula was a very practical girl, she faced problems head on, it was one of the things that Gavin admired about her. “Well I think we need to talk about last night.” Gavin slumped deeper into the bed, he hated ‘talking things over’.

“Yes, I think maybe we do.” agreed Irene, she moved nearer the bed. Paula pulled the duvet up over her breasts.

“What’s to talk about?” asked Gavin stupidly.

“Well I’m worried about my job for a start, I need my job.” Paula said.

“Why are you worried about your job?” Gavin asked surprised that she was thinking about such a thing.

“I just had a threesome with both of my bosses. I’ve been sleeping with you for months, you have a wife, I’m hardly secure.”

“You’re job is safe.” Irene insisted. “Whatever happens, you proved to me yesterday you are far too valuable to lose no matter what. In fact I was going to discuss it with Gavin, but Escort Anadolu Yakası I’d like you to become a full time sales woman for us.”

“I don’t have any problem with that.” confirmed Gavin, seeing the good sense of it.

“What would I have to do?” asked Paula.

“Well we’ll figure out the details, but you just have to get out and do what you do best, talk to people. There’d be a pay rise, and you’d need a car. It might involve staying away from home a few nights a week.”

Paula liked the sound of that. “I would like that.”

“That’s settled then.” said Irene, she managed a real smile, seeing how excited Paula looked. “Do you have any other concerns?”

Paula looked doubtful, wondering how to broach the subject. “Last night…” she started, “I don’t…”, she was struggling.

“You don’t know what I expect to happen after last night?” suggested Irene.

Paula looked relieved, Irene was bang on the money. “Yes.” She was happy to put the ball firmly in Irene’s court.

Irene had laid in bed for an hour thinking this through. She wanted what they had, ideally she wanted to be part of what they had. More specifically she wanted Gavin, but if that meant having Paula too, then so be it. Last night had been strange for her, not that having sex with her married partner and his lover was normal, but she had been the target of their lust, she had been passive throughout, she had been fucked, she wanted to be the fucker or at least on equal terms.

“I enjoyed last night.” she admitted. “I’d like to think you two did too.” It was a loaded question, they could hardly say otherwise.

Gavin and Paula remained silent.

“So I’d like to think we might carry on. Maybe without the alcohol.” Irene was beginning to feel like she was being interviewed, she sat on the corner of the bed closest to Paula’s feet. She felt for Paula’s toes through the duvet, finding them she gave them a squeeze. “I’m guessing that neither of us make a habit of having sex with women?” Paula shook her head in confirmation. “But …” This was getting difficult, just how do you say to someone of the same sex that you would like to get jiggy with them?

Paula knew what she was trying to say, she felt the same way, not totally convinced but willing to try.

“Would you like to kiss me Irene?” Paula asked point blank.

“I think maybe I would.” Irene responded.

Gavin could feel his heart beating faster, this was becoming a regular thing with the women in his life. His brain had given up arguing with his cock, it knew it wanted to simplify his life, but no way would his cock walk away from this.

Paula leaned forward towards Irene, who met her half way. Suddenly Paula became very self conscious and pulled back. “Gav?… Why don’t you give us a few minutes, you could get a shower or something, better still have a shave, those bristles are scratchy.”

Paula and Irene both looked at him. Gavin looked crestfallen, “But… but…I…”

“It’s OK, you can join us shortly.” Paula said. Irene nodded eagerly. Paula wished he would go quickly before she chickened out of what was to come next.

Gavin swung his legs out of the bed, his cock waved at half mast, he made no effort to hide it. He sloped off to the bathroom with his razor.

The women watched him close the door. Irene turned back to Paula.

“You know he and I have a sort of arrangement?” Paula asked.

“You’re having an affair.”

“We’re fuck buddies. We’re there for each other to satisfy each other’s ‘urges’.”

“That’s what I want.”

“Well as far as I’m concerned, this… you and I, I mean, is as much for Gavin as for myself. Do you understand that?”

“Totally.” Irene regarded Paula as a way to get to Gavin, but an exciting one.

“So shall we try again?”

“I want to.” Irene admitted and shuffled to sit on the edge of the bed next to Paula, she twisted sideways to face her. Both women were nervous, it seemed such a false situation, but both were keen to try.

Up close and without the previous nights makeup and without the alcohol enhanced eyesight Paula was surprised how old Irene appeared. It did not put her off, indeed she felt a pang of sympathy for her. Not that Paula had not seen her boss a thousand times before, it was just that she had never remotely considered kissing her. They took each others hands and leaned towards each other, Paula closed her eyes, Irene did not. Their lips met gently, then pressed briefly harder. They parted.

“Not so bad.” they both thought. Paula opened her eyes, they smiled at one another, and moved in for a second kiss. Once more they pressed closed lips against each other, they inhaled one another’s perfume and parted.

“I like your perfume.” Paula said.

“Thank you, it’s Prada, my son gave it to me for my birthday.”

“It’s lovely.” Paula leaned in for another kiss, this time her lips parted a little, Irene reciprocated. The kiss went on, they squeezed each others hands and acclimatised themselves to their unfamiliar closeness to a member of the same sex.

Paula remembered how much Irene’s tits had turned her on the previous Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort night. Without thinking she pulled a hand free and lifted it gently to Irene’s breast. Irene’s lips opened a little more and she traced her tongue across Paula’s lip. Paula tentatively touched Irene’s tongue with her own. Irene whimpered as Paula’s fingers rubbed against her hardened nipple. The kiss intensified and tongues delved deeper and faster. Both women moaned approval. Irene’s hand fumbled back the duvet to squeeze Paula’s naked breast, she explored it’s shape and texture, it’s weight, her finger tips gently rubbed the stiff pink nipple rubbing circles around the areola that was so much larger than her own.

Gavin climbed out of the shower and quickly dried himself, his penis was erect, marvelling at what it imagined was going on next door. He checked his watch, seven minutes, he figured he would wait three more.

Paula managed to pull Irene fully onto the bed without releasing their lips from one another. Then with Irene laid beside her, Paula’s hand stroked her clothed body, exploring her torso with delicate hands, feeling it’s slim frame, her ribs, her breasts, her soft abdomen, finally sliding across her skirt covered mound, causing a muffled moan from Irene who thrust her groin forward to increase the contact with the gentle caressing fingers.

Still they kissed, not daring to break the spell. Paula’s hand rubbed the older woman’s mound pushing between her legs but restricted by the skirt, Irene opened her legs further giving her the permission she needed. Paula slipped her hand further down Irene’s thigh gathering as much material as possible to allow her access to what lay beneath. When she reached the hem her fingers quickly wormed under it feeling Irene’s soft white thigh, first the top, then slipping slowly around and up kneading the warm flesh of Irene’s inner thigh.

Irene pulled Paula closer, running her fingers through Paula’s short blonde hair and pressing the back of her head, urging her on, wanting the fingers tentatively creeping towards her panties to end the fluttering anticipation of reaching their destination. Paula’s hand grasped and massaged Irene’s thigh the side of her fingers pressing against Irene’s warm outer lips. Irene moaned. Paula took the leap of faith and cupped her bosses genitals, Irene humped her cunt against the firm grip. Paula’s heart raced as she felt the heat, and moisture between Irene’s legs, so familiar yet so different to her own, narrower, frailer somehow, Irene’s pubic bone was more delicate than her own, the flesh beneath the material plumper, Paula increased the pressure of her palm against Irene’s clitoris and pressed her fingers against the material at the indent of her opening. Irene grabbed a fist full of Paula’s hair tugging at it, the mild pain urged Paula on. She released her hand and lay it on Irene’s flat groin only to immediately slide it back down and into her knickers. The thick coarse mat of pubic hair was rough against her fingers, her slender middle finger pressed against the length of Irene’s clitoris causing Irene to finally release their lips and gasp for breath, her eyes tight shut, bathing in the anticipation. Paula’s fingers continued their decent between the shaking thighs. Her fingers expertly parting the warm sticky lips and sliding across the slick entrance to Irene’s inner most secret place. Irene clung to Paula’s shoulders digging her nails painfully into her. Paula slipped a finger inside another woman for the first time.

Irene’s breathing became short and rapid, panting, “Finger me, fuck me with your fingers.” she demanded.

Paula obliged, pushing a second finger into Irene. Then began to slip them in and almost out again, slowly at first, then speeding up, pressing hard against the upper wall of Irene’s love tunnel, rubbing her g-spot, her thumb resting on her bosses clitoris only served to make Irene squeal. Irene’s cunt slick with her sex juice squelched as Paula rapidly frigged her.

Gavin stood in the doorway open mouthed. Naked and erect he just watched in awe. He could not believe that Paula was doing this, for some reason he felt proud. He had figured that Irene had the makings of a grade one pervert but Paula? He did not want to disturb the show with anything so crass as a penis, he quietly moved to the chair in the corner of the room and sat.

Paula was aware of the movement behind her, but did not want to acknowledge him, somehow it would inhibit her, she was enjoying this too much.

Irene’s hand began squeezing and kneading, tugging at Paula’s tits, “Yes… yes… ohhh…fuck yes.” she was close.

Paula other hand was trying to undo the buttons of Irene’s tight white cotton blouse but she was half laying on her arm and it was difficult. Irene grasped the material and tore it open popping buttons and tearing it. She wanted to bare her tits to the world. With the blouse a tattered rag, Irene lifted her bra up off her trembling breasts revealing her dark brown nipples, hard and swollen with lust and anticipation. Paula bobbed her head and sucked one into her mouth, all the while pushing her fingers in and out of Irene’s soaking gyrating cunt. Irene humped her groin, as Paula bit on Irene’s extended brown gem. Irene was so close, she was on the edge, she writhed and panted, but for what ever reason she just could not make it over the cliff edge, the need to come was driving her wild. “Lick me… please lick me…” she begged, “eat my cunt.”

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