Experimenting II

Big Tits

Continuation of my story “Experimenting”… note: this is also a true storyI had just tried anal masturbation and on my way out of my sisters room (from returning her vibrator =D) I grabbed a couple pairs of her panties. I grabbed two cotton pairs, one was pink and the other was yellow. I figured I may as well also grab a G-String, so I did! It was black, and I pictured my sister in it and immediately got a raging hard on, harder than when I was thinking of my hot brother while masturbating. These incestuous thoughts were starting to istanbul travesti bother me. But my sister was so hot, and so was my brother. My sister was only a year and a half older than me. She always wore low cut shirts. I usually was able to see down them and she had nice 36 A cup breasts. I imagined perfect tiny, but perky nipples. Nice and pink, just as I knew her was vagina. I had never seen her tits completely naked. But I have seen her vagina, ironically enough.It was a hot summer day. She wore really short istanbul travestileri shorts. But they weren’t tight like most girls liked their shorts. No, my sister liked hers loose. And one day she had her legs spread open, and man was that a nice vagina. I didn’t ‘accidentally’ stumble across it though, oh no, I knew that if I pay enough attention to her crotch then I would eventually see her nice pussy. Her pussy was so wet and hairy, her pubic hair was like a sponge, soaking up her natural juice, all I travesti istanbul wanted to do was get on my knees and eat. But alas I digress…I go back to my room with a raging hard on, even though I had already jacked it twice that night. But it was getting late and I really didn’t want to jack off again, I was getting tired. I had to go to church in the morning, so I stuffed my new panties in my drawer, when I went to bed I thought of the great day I had, and of course when I was going to get to wear my new panties. The next morning I was awoken by my sister telling me that we have to go to church in about an hour, she was already ready to go. And my god did she look fucking hot. She made my morning wood even harder, but that was good because this gave me more incentive to go take a shower and jack off.

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