She saunters in wearing a slinky black leather body glove, which plunges daringly low to reveal her voluptuous breasts. The gentlemen who have gathered to witness her exhibition are instantly aroused by this sultry vixen. As the others watch, one man stands and approaches the woman, and asks her if she’s ready. Of course she is…she is there! He leads her towards a table where all sorts of toys are spread before them and he turns her around with her ass facing the others. He runs his hands over her body and soft moans escape from her. Unexpectedly, he smacks her ass, causing her to jump and tighten her muscles. He rubs his hand over the same spot to soothe the sting. Within moments he smacks the other side and she clenches her butt together again. He knows this is making her hot, so he continues alternately rubbing and striking her for a short while. To give the guys a better view of the effect of this, he leans her over further and unzips a short hidden zipper that reveals just her ass bud to them. He pulls the fabric apart and the guys huddle closer for a better look as he smacks her once more. They see her sphincter ripple with the convulsion and are eager for more. He reaches down between her legs and opens yet another zipper so he can get to her hot pussy. She gasps as he slips a couple of fingers in to coat them with her cum, then quickly removes them and closes the opening. He’s more interested in her ass at the moment and glides his moistened fingers over her puckered opening, spreads her cheeks as far apart as he can, then rudely stuffs them up her ass. She lets out a muffled groan and pushes back on his fingers. He can feel the convulsions of her inner muscles clasping around his fingers and he smacks her ass again with his free hand. The rippling gorukle escort is so intense inside her, he knows that her pussy must be dripping by now. He doesn’t want her to get off this early, so he pulls his fingers out, leaving her breathless and wanting more. Just to keep her ass on her mind, while they move onto other areas, he takes a small vibrating dildo, turns it on low and touches it to her skin. When she pushes back against it…he pulls it away and asks her how bad she wants it. “I want that in my ass, please,” she replies. He takes his time taunting her with it, sliding it in a little then removing it…then pushing it in a little more until it is totally encased in her rectum, then he closes the zipper. The slow vibration isn’t enough to satisfy her – actually, it teases her more than anything, increasing her frustration. He can see the effect it is having on her and is pleased. He turns her around so she is sitting on the table, the vibrator still buried in her ass, and opens the zipper at her pussy. They all can see that her pussy is painfully swollen and her clit is engorged and protruding. This causes their cocks to throb with anticipation of sinking them into one of her hot caverns. He glides his fingers lightly down her slit causing her to shudder with anticipation. He kneels down in front of her and places his hands on her knees and spreads them wider then runs his hands along her thighs until they converge at her dripping lips. With his fingertips, he presses in firmly on each side and opens her up. He can smell her scent and leans in to lick the sweetness from her. She swivels her hips at his touch and hunches closer trying to get more. He pulls his face away and reaches around her for a large dildo. He holds eskort bursa it to her mouth and she submissively opens her lips and rolls her tongue over the tip. They grin at one another with the memory of his cock being bathed in her mouth. He takes the fake cock from her greedy tongue and presses it against her clit. She rocks as he rolls it over her swollen nub. With his free hand, he parts her lips again and runs it along the length of her. She can feel it gliding past her wanting opening and she tries to capture it. He knows her tricks and purposely denies her the satisfaction. She squirms around, still feeling the low pressure of the vibrator in her ass, and is almost in a frenzy when he unexpectedly penetrates her with the dildo. Her loud cry is one of pleasure at finally having her pussy filled. He turns on the vibration mechanism on that toy as well, this one at a high speed, and plunges it with such intensity it causes her to spew her cream within moments. Her body thrashes and shudders until the floor is saturated with her juice.

The other men are engrossed in the scene and when they see her cum flood the floor, their cocks swell and throb against their pants. They can’t take any more of this…they have to get in on the action. As they move in closer, she sees that they all have released their cocks and are stroking them. Her primal desire to have all her orifices stuffed with cock at the same time overwhelms her. She moves to the floor and positions herself on her hands and knees and begs them to fuck her. They don’t hesitate to please her and soon she feels the zipper at the back of her suit being tugged open and the vibrator that’s been invigorating her ass slowly withdrawn, replaced by the tip of an karacabey escort enormous cock. While his buddy is getting into position to bang her butt, he lays down on the floor beneath her and once again rims her pussy with his tongue. He knows she loves a good tongue-fuck and he’s just the man to give it to her. His mouth finds the silken inner walls slick and tasty as he probes and sucks the remaining cum out of her. He hears her moan and feels her push backwards against the cock that’s drilling her asshole and bites on her clit at the same time causing another flood of cum to run from her pussy. Her ass is stretched so wide she can’t decide if what she’s feeling is pleasure or pain, but she is soon oblivious to everything but the intense delight. He moves out from under her to kneel in front of her face and exposing his drooling cock to her hungry mouth. The other guy takes up his vacated position and quickly plunges his cock into her pussy. He knows she is full when her loud groans radiate around the room. With a deep, lunging gulp, she devours his oozing cock with her mouth. He makes her look into his eyes while she takes his thrusts deep down her throat. She feels his cock jump with pleasure as the heat and wetness of the insides of her cheeks surround it. Her ass and pussy are being pounded and her body is filling with tension and soon she looses control and explodes. Cum gushes from both her pussy and her ass as the two cocks imbedded there drench her with their hot lather. She draws even harder with her muscles, and rims her tongue feverishly over the hot spots of his sensitive cock. She feels his ass tighten up and he thrusts steadily, pulling against the vacuum inside her mouth. She clenches her jaw down onto his cock and quivers as he shoots his delicious cum down her throat, garbling her screams of ecstasy as every part of her body spasms. She collapses into a heap, her body twitching uncontrollably as the guys look from one to the other, stunned from the intensity of the experience.

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