Ex-Wife’s Lingerie Shop


My wife, or should I say ex-wife, and I probably have one of the most unique postdivorce relationships around. Or at least that’s my conclusion based on how most divorces seem to go. For the first ten years of our marriage things were great. Then I made what turned out to be a fatal mistake. Being a firefighter, I thought it would be cool to get my wife a scanner for Christmas to listen to our raid traffic. At first it seemed like a good thing. She could hear when my station house was toned out, and listen to the calls. She seemed to enjoy being able to share in a portion of what I was experiencing. Then IT happened. The IT being a building collapse on a fire I was out on. Three fellow firefighters were killed, and I was missing for nearly thirty minutes before I was pulled from a partially shielded pocket, my sixty minute air pack down to mere minutes. To say it was a close one is a serious understatement, but where I consider it just part of the job it turned the corner into a dark alley for my wife.

She became almost obsessive about listening to the scanner. She became more and more nervous and jumpy. Over the next year she became almost a nervous wreck, losing twenty pounds she didn’t really have to lose. I helped set her up with a business to run, a little intimates boutique, something to take up her time so she didn’t obsess over my times at work. It didn’t really work. She set up a scanner at work and remained consumed with listening for any clue of my activities. Eventually it became too much and I convinced her to get rid of the scanner. But the problems didn’t end with the scanner. She became overly possessive and at times almost frantic if I was even slightly late coming home from the station.

In the end we both decided that there were only two solutions. One was for me to find a different vocation, but quite frankly, this is what I’m good at. The other was to no longer live together. After six months of separation we made it permanent. Not that we don’t love each other, because we do, though we’ve both had to deal with the fact that sometimes love isn’t enough. I personally, have had a bit of trouble moving on. Getting back in the game, as she puts it. It’s been over three years and I have yet to start dating seriously. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone out on dates, but my heart hasn’t really been in looking for a replacement. Maybe someday it will, but not yet, which is something she chides me on almost every time we see each other, which is fairly frequently. We still did favors for each other and even occasionally had lunch together. We were trying hard to make the “friends” thing work without being “lovers”. It was harder than one might think, especially after having slipped into “friends with benefits” a time or two.

“Edward! Thank goodness. I so need a favor!” Sylvia said over the phone. “I’m so hoping this is a day off!”

“Yeah it is,” I answered my ex over the cell phone. Firefighters work strange shifts, twenty-four hours on and forty-eight off. If it’s an easy twenty-four it’s great. If it’s a busy twenty-four it might take you most of the forty-eight to recover. Fortunately the day before had been an easy one.

“Can you come to the store? Pretty please!” she implored me over the phone.

“Yeah, sure. I suppose I can. What’s up?”

“I have an appointment and Janise was supposed to come in and cover for me, but she hasn’t shown up and Mindy isn’t available. I just need you to cover the store for a little while for me or I’ll have to close up,” she said, in and almost panicked tone.

“Yeah. I can do that I suppose,” I said with a sigh, not really fond of being in the store alone, but willing to do it because she asked. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Oh you’re a life saver, literally! Thanks so much Eddie!” she gushed over the cell phone.

“Alright. Be there soon,” I said clicking it off. I sighed again and put down the bait I had out of the box and closed the box again. I was planning on fishing tomorrow and was getting my gear ready, but I supposed it could wait until after dinner. I climbed out of my boat sitting under the carport, dug out my car keys and climbed into my car. I didn’t even bother to change from my workout gear, something I seemed to wear an awful lot anymore. Firefighting is a young man’s game, and at forty-five I’m no spring chicken. I have to work a lot harder than the young guys to stay in shape. I might be a station chief, but I still have to be able to do everything the younger guys do. Or at least that’s how I figure it.

I walked into the store at a quarter to four, my ex-wife giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before practically running out the front door, shouting that she’ll be back “in a couple hours” over her shoulder. I walked to the checkout counter after taking a quick look around the store over the tops of the racks. Fortunately, the store was empty except for the wide assortment of ladies underwear, bras, swimsuits and lingerie. lockwood co izle

I’d worked hard to get her set up with this store, though the choice of product was strictly hers. I would have been fine with a knick-knack store or bookstore or anything, but I had to admit that ladies lingerie wasn’t my strong suit, though she had made a good go of it. She had what she called a regular clientele as well as a pretty brisk drop-in business around certain holidays. Adding swimwear had significantly increased her revenues during the summer when lingerie seemed to slow down. Being spring, not quite swimsuit weather and past Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t expecting much traffic in the shop. I found a stool and settled behind the counter to play on my phone while keeping any of the racks of sexy lace from up and starting anything.

The little brass bell over the top of the door jingled as the door opened, a quaint little touch that fell in line with the rest of her “oldies” motif. I could see two women, breasts and up mostly, step into the store, one slightly taller than the other. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to decide it was a mother and daughter pair as they approached the counter, the mother a bit fuller figured than her otherwise photo copy daughter. She reached up and pushed a few stray blonde hairs out of her face as she stepped up, the multi-diamond ring on her finger probably costing more than my car.

“Hi. Um. You’re certainly not Sylvia,” she said, looking me up and down almost like a lion sizing up the meal in front of it.

“No ma’am. I’m just covering for my ex-wife,” I answered her. “Can I help you with something?” I asked, hoping that she wasn’t expecting me to help her find anything in particular.

“Well, as the old line goes, I’m almost immediately tempted to say yes, but maybe I should look around first,” she said as she leaned against the counter, bending over it slightly to get a look at me down below my waist.

“Well, if I can be of any help at all, let me know,” I said, making no move to come from behind the counter as she turned and started walking down the aisle directly across from the sales counter. She had on a tight fitting blue dress that hugged her body, including her hips and firm looking ass. She stepped one foot across the other in her high heels, the motion making her butt wiggle dramatically as she wandered slowly down the aisle of lingerie. I saw her daughter roll her eyes and shake her head.

“My mother also has an order that’s supposed to be in,” the daughter said quietly. “Mrs. Daniels?”

“Well, if you’ll wait a second, I’ll check,” I said, as I left the counter and made my to the back of the store and disappeared behind the curtain separating off the small stockroom. I knew where my wife kept the incoming special orders and looked to see what was there. I walked back through the curtain and to the sales counter with the box with her name on it.

“Oh young man,” the woman called from down the aisle as I set the box on the counter.

“Yes ma’am?” I asked politely as I walked down the aisle to where she was examining two VERY skimpy pairs of underwear on tiny little hangers.

“Oh goodness. Ma’am sounds so formal. Call me Tina,” she said with a large smile. “I’m looking at these but I just can’t remember what size I wear. Which of these do you think would fit better?”

I doubted that she couldn’t remember what size underwear she wore, I mean even I knew what size my wife wore when we were together. “I think the five looks about right,” I answered after several seconds.

“You think? You don’t think they’ll be too big, do you?”

“No. I think those look about right. But if you’re concerned, you can try them on.”

“Oh that is a good idea. Maybe I should.”

“Changing rooms are on the back wall,” I suggested.

“You know. On second thought, maybe we can just check and see what size I’m wearing. I’m quite sure they have a tag in them. I don’t think I could see it though. I’m pretty sure it’s in the back.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, more than a little startled.

“Oh. I’m sure such a handsome man as you is familiar with women’s clothing. If you’d be a sweet man and just look at what size I have on.”

“Uh. Um. Your suggesting that I what? Pull your dress up and look at your underwear?”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” she said with a crooked little grin, turning her body so her butt faced me before bending slightly at the waist to push her butt out at me.

“I’m really not sure how appropriate this is,” I answered her.

“Oh now, we don’t want to be a spoil sport. I mean you’d hate to have me complain to Sylvia that you weren’t helpful now, would you?”

“Just between you and me, I don’t think it much matters what you tell her.”

“Ohhhhh. Now is that any way to be?” she asked as she straightened and turned to face me, still holding one of the little hangers in each loki izle hand. “But if you insist, here hold these,” she said, holding the hangers out to me. I took one in each hand and then stood there and stared as she reached for the hem of the dress and slowly pulled it up over her hips until her powder blue panties were completely visible, as well as a significant amount of skin above the low cut elastic band. She turned away again, bending slightly so that the tiny triangle of the bikini panty and the significant amount of her bare ass pushed out at me. She looked back at me over her shoulder as she reached with both hands and pushed the sexy little silk looking panty half way down over her butt, almost to her thighs, pulling the elastic to stretch the material so that almost her entire ass was showing, and part of her clearly shaved pussy lips as well. “You know. I really can’t see the tag. Would you see what it says for me? Pretty please?”

It was hard not to feel more than a little turned on at the sight in front of me, my cock hardening quickly in my slightly baggy workout pants. “Looks like a five,” I answered after several seconds.

“Are you sure? You can look closer if you need to,” she coaxed, bending even further, pushing more of her pussy out at me.

“Yeah. Definitely a five,” I answered, wondering how I was going to hide the bulge in my pants with my hands occupied with underwear.

“Perfect,” she said, standing up and turning to face me, giving me an opportunity to see her completely shaved mound and sexy looking pussy before she pulled her panties slowly back up again, hiding what she had just flashed me. She pulled the dress down slowly, smirking slightly at the bulge in my pants as she reached for the two pairs of panties. “I guess I need the five then,” she said, hanging the hanger with the size 3 panties back on the rack and keeping the extremely tiny see-through size fives in her hand. She stepped past me, letting her hand drag across the front of my pant, her palm pressing against my uncomfortably bent hardon.

“I got the order here,” her daughter said as her mom laid the pair of panties on the counter.

“Oh good! I think we should probably try em on and be sure they all fit. It’d be horrible to get to the cruise and find out then they didn’t fit right. Can you show us to the changing rooms?” she asked me sweetly as she turned to face me as I walked up the aisle from behind her.

“Certainly. This way ma’am,” I said, motioning to my right and moving off toward the three curtained changing rooms along the back wall.

“Tina!” she said sternly as I headed towards the dressing rooms with the two of them following. I stopped at the first changing room, pushed the curtain back for her and then stepped to the second and pushed the curtain open on that one as well. Inside each room was a full-length mirror nearly as wide as the three foot square cubicle and a simple padded bench on one wall. The only other item in the room was a small footstool.

“Here you go!” I said as cheerfully as I could, considering how uncomfortable I felt standing next to a rack of practically see-through negligees.

“Would you be a sweetheart and hold this for me?” she asked, handing me the box. I held the box while she opened the top and looked down inside. “Oh yes!” she said as she pulled out a little yellow bikini top, holding it up to admire it before turning and handing it to her daughter. “Perfect, don’t you think?” she asked her before turning back to me. She dug into the box again and pulled out the very skimpy yellow string bikini bottom, the triangle of cloth looking like it wasn’t anywhere near large enough to cover everything. She smiled and turned again, handing the bottom to her daughter. “Why don’t you try this one on while I get one of mine?”

She turned back to me as her daughter walked into the first cubicle, looking almost like she was blushing as she closed the curtain. “Now this one is mine,” she said, pulling out a white bikini top with tiny triangles covered with little blue specks that almost glinted in the shop lights. “Perfect don’t you think?”

“Um. Sure,” I agreed, thinking that there was absolutely no way that the tiny top could possibly cover much of, let alone hold what had to be her at least C cup breasts.

“You don’t seem convinced,” she said as she looked into the box again and pulled out a little bottom of the same color, but looking more like a pair of really sexy underwear rather than a swimsuit bottom meant to be worn in public.

“I suppose that if you think it is, then it is,” I answered her, trying not to jinx the sale considering the number of items I could still see in the box.

“Well, that certainly doesn’t sound resounding. Maybe if I try it on it’ll convince you. Besides. I’m going on a cruise and if this doesn’t look good on me I might need to look at something different.”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered as she moved lol chi ride e fuori izle to the changing room and stepped inside.

“Tina! Please!” she said sternly as she closed the curtain. I stood there holding the box, looking at the floor, seeing clothing slowly hitting the floor under the curtain of the daughter’s changing room before seeing the snug fitting blue dress the mother was wearing fall to the floor. I quickly dug into the front of my pants to move my cock to a more comfortable position as a pair of powder blue lace panties fell to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of the tiny bikini panties, kicking them aside and accidently, completely outside the little curtained changing room. “How clumsy of me. Can you hand those back in please?” she asked sweetly.


“My panties. Would you be a dear and hand them back in for me?”

“Um. Yeah sure,” I answered, bending down to pick them up. I stood up, my already hard dick suddenly feeling like an iron rod in my workout pants as I held them, the crotch of the tiny panties clearly a darker color. My body was suddenly reminding me that I hadn’t had sex in almost two months as I held the panties in my hand. Her arm reached out of the curtained booth, causing a gap where the curtain met the wall, allowing me to see in. I did my best NOT to look but couldn’t quite help but see a brief glimpse of her standing completely naked inside the booth as I placed the panties in her hand.

“Oh. Thank you. That was sweet of you,” she said, pulling the hand back in, but not fixing the curtain. From where I stood I could see not only her back side, but also a clear view up and down her whole front in the mirror. Her breasts were easily C cup, maybe even a D, each one firm and rounded like a small melon half attached to her chest. Her areola were oblong, almost twice as high as they were wide, with a rock hard equally pink nipple protruding from the center of each areola. I reached down and readjusted myself in my pants as I looked down her body, seeing her completely shaved pussy mound in the mirror. As I watched she bent at the waist, pushing her ass out toward me, her pussy pushing from between her legs as she lifted first one leg and then the other to step into the tiny swimsuit bottom. She pulled the small strings up her legs and settled them on her body, leaving her ass completely naked except for the three tiny strings holding the triangle of material over her pussy lips. The swimsuit bottom sat so low on her that almost her entire pubic mound was exposed, the top of the small white triangle barely higher than the top of her pussy.

She stroked herself between her legs a few times before bending to pick up the top, her pussy pushing out at me again, this time covered in the tiny white material. Well mostly covered anyway. She tied the tiny top on around her and then twisted it around her body before pulling the triangles up to cover her nipples.

“So what do you think?” the daughter asked as she pushed the curtain apart and stepped out of the little booth, catching me staring into her mother’s dressing room with my rock hard cock bulging out the front of my pants.

“Wow. I’d say that you look, well, spectacular!” I answered after several uncomfortable seconds.

“What do you think of your suit honey?” Tina asked her daughter as she pushed the curtain apart before stepping out to see her daughter, her hands going back to finish tying the string around her neck.

“I like it. It’s a little skimpy, but not nearly as small as yours mom,” she said.

“You like?” Tina asked, spinning slowly for her daughter, giving me a superb view as well, her body almost as naked as you could legally be.

“Let’s just say that you’re going to make an impression with that one,” her daughter said softly. “I mean, our sales guy here was certainly checking you out while you were putting it on.”

“He was, was he?” Tina answered, her eyes glued to the bulge in my workout pants before asking me, “Am I to assume that you find this particular outfit alluring?”

“That would be one way to put it,” I agreed, trying not to think about how hard my cock was at that moment.

She stepped closer to me and in a rather husky whisper asked, “Is that big bulge for me? Does it make you want to fuck me? Or is it my daughter’s sexy little body that has yours so excited?”

While her daughter clearly is a good looking young woman, she was most probably how her mother looked when she was about twenty years younger. But let’s face it, the pussy flash she gave me in the underwear aisle is what got things started, only to be reinforced by the view of her completely naked body in the changing room. I doubted it was safe to admit that I’d seen anything through the gap in the curtain for fear of being labeled a sexual predator. A peeping tom. A disgusting pervert. While I was trying to decide what to say, if anything, she looked down into the box I was still holding and smiled. She reached into the box and pulled out a tiny pink wad of cloth and held it out for her daughter. “Why don’t you try this one on? I think I might try the red one next.”

“Um. You sure mom?” the daughter questioned, clearly blushing now as she moved to the entrance to the cubicle and paused there.

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