Ex-Wife’s Friend


So the ex wife cheated on me. I filed for divorce because her cheating on me was the last straw in a long history of increasingly selfish and irrational behavior. It was actually funny to see how her life started to fall apart when more and more people started to uncover her lies.

One of her friends was Dakota. This short, but curvy blonde co-worker of hers that would invite us over with the kids to go swimming. She and her husband had a child together, but I got the feeling they really didn’t like each other much. Not a shotgun wedding, but close enough. Both fairly country, but she was much more educated.

After everything went down with the ex I got a phone call from Dakota. Turns out her husband was cheating on her too and she was also in the middle of a divorce. Her husband had fucked my ex and Dakota had found the Facebook messages. I started to laugh because all the times that my ex said that Dakota was her best friend and they were like sisters from different misters. The betrayal was deep since it was supposed to be her best work friend and her husband.

We ended up texting a lot in the weeks that followed. Slowly a lot was discovered about each other. She asked me why the ex and I never invited her and her husband to play. I told her that we had thought about her, but didn’t think she would play without her husband and I really didn’t like him as a person. We agreed to meet up for drinks when we both didn’t have our kids. It took a few weeks for our schedules to work out. My girls were spending the weekend with the ex and her husband had picked the little girl up for the weekend and would bring them back on Sunday.

She invited me out for drinks and offered to drive as long as I parked at her house. Rather than having to drive across town and then back to her place. So when I got off work I fought the traffic to make my way to her house. When I pulled up to her neighborhood I could see that her ex’s car was in the drive way. Well, I thought, this would be awkward.

I parked my truck in the drive way next to his. I texted her to ask if the plans had changed. And she told me to just come in. As I went up the walkway the front door opened and there he was. Struggling to handle the baby, the stroller, diaper bag and everything that comes with being a father to a small child. I could see that Dakota had been crying. I made eye contact with the dude and nodded.

No words were said. I walked in and Dakota closed and locked the door behind me. She apologized to me for him being there, but I told her there was no need to apologize. She explained that he was trying to win her back and saying he was sorry for everything. But she said she knew it was just him realizing that he had it good living with her rather than in a shitty trailer park with his cousin.

I offered to postpone our night out, but she said no we would just stay in and chill instead. We can enjoy her pool and she can make cocktails for us. This was a problem for me. I didn’t expect this. I was still in work my clothes. Your basic business casual get up that makes me look like a young republican. When I mentioned this she said I can just wear my underwear. Again, a problem I don’t wear underwear unless I plan on working out or it’s cold enough outside to be uncomfortable.

She laughs at this last ulus escort admission and says she won’t mind if I won’t. This is not exactly what I was expecting, but back then I was still in decent shape so I wasn’t shy about being naked. I told her let’s get some drinks in us first and we will see about the skinny dipping option.

She says she can make margaritas, I accept. I prefer my drinks neat, but I’m her guest. She put on some local station that was just country music. I wasn’t and will never be fond of country music so I asked her to lower the volume so I could hear her when we talked.

We chilled out in the kitchen just telling funny and fucked up stories about our exes. I think the most amusing aspect that mirrored each of our exes was the constant accusations of cheating. It seemed to be a pattern that the person doing the accusations was the one actually cheating. Dakota had suspected Tim of cheating when he was traveling for work, but stayed two days longer than the rest of his construction crew did. It was close enough to his home town that it was possible he was hooking up with an old flame.

We decided to change the subject and sit outside by the pool. It was actually getting kind of chilly that night so I saw her turn on the heat for the pool and hot the hot tub going. The privacy fence she had was higher than the one I had at the house before the divorce. I could see why she mentioned being nude as no big deal. I had only a couple drinks in me and I was feeling okay.

I sat on one of the lounge deck chairs when she said she was going to change real quick. I was sipping on my third margarita when I heard the sliding glass door open and close behind me. I didn’t think to look, but then she walked past me to dip her toe into the hot tub. Damn. Her ass was thick. This was the type of ass you know was molded by squats. She lost a lot of the the baby weight, but not all so her curves were amazing. She was wearing a navy blue two piece that was modest, but definitely didn’t hide her curves. She was shorter than my ex by about 4 inches, but had similar measurements. Only difference was her waist was smaller.

She came over and sat on the same lounger as me and offered to find a pair of shorts that her ex may have left behind so I could get into the hot tub. I declined. Wearing other people’s clothes is gross to me. I asked again if she was going to be okay with me being naked and she assured me it would be okay.

I stood up and stripped down folding my clothes neatly into the lounger. She didn’t take her eyes off me. It was like she was comparing and contrasting me with past men in her life. She grew up country so chances are she had never seen someone dark skinned fully naked in real life. She said I have a nice body. I tell her that she looks amazing. We walk over to the hot tub and get in. Me much more slowly than she does. I am a pussy when it comes to hot water. I finally am able to submerge most of my body into the hot tub.

The hot water or Dakota’s ass must have distracted me because I didn’t see she had shots lined up waiting for us by the hot tub. A bottle of Jose Cuervo that looked like it was just opened. No limes. No salt. No chaser. This was going to be interesting. Each took a shot and then just kind of sat in silence. yenimahalle escort I closed my eyes and just did my best to relax in the hot tub. This was good. Dakota asked me if I wanted another shot and I told her I was good.

I heard her pour herself a shot and then she moved towards me and I opened my eyes to see her moving to straddle me. I was instantly hard as she sat on my lap looking me in the eye with her dark blue eyes. She took the shot and put down the glass behind my head as she leaned in to kiss me. As soon as I opened my mouth I knew she hadn’t swallowed the tequila. She shared it with me in that kiss. We made out seriously in the hot tub and she removed her top revealing nicely shaped, if a little less, than a handful sized breasts.

She asked me if I liked the chaser. Of course I did. She stood up and I watched her remove the bottom half of her bikini and then straddle me again. As sexy as it sounds pool and hot tub sex are not fun. So was doing her best to grind me and tease me with her pussy. As hot, both literally and figuratively this was, it wasn’t working. I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her onto the side of the hot tub and spread her legs. Bikini waxed, which I wasn’t expecting at all, but I appreciated. Her pussy lips were swelling with anticipation and her clit was calling to me.

I ignored the slight chlorine water taste when I started to lick up and down her pussy and just barely paying attention to her clit. Purposefully just barely grazing it to make her get frustrated until she demanded I suck on her clit. And when I finally started to eat her out in earnest she showed her appreciated with very vocal encouragements. When she said it had been so long since she’s been eaten so well it made me smile inside.

It didn’t take long for me to bring her to orgasm on the concrete next to the hot tub. Both her hands grabbing my head and her pussy grinding my mouth. She was tiny in stature, but the moans that came out of her were so beautifully primal it almost look me over the edge. She started to push me away from being over sensitive. So I stood up and stepped out of the hot tub and grabbed the towels she had set on the deck chair handing her one and using the other to dry myself off.

When she finally recovered enough to talk she thanked me and wrapped a towel around herself before picking up the tequila and asking me to follow her. When we walked into the house the country music was still playing, but rather than stay in the kitchen to talk she led me to her bedroom. As soon as we got to her bedroom she dropped her towel and to her knees. She started to hammer her hands on my shaft with her mouth licking and sucking just the head of my cock. It felt nice, but what I wanted was to be inside her pussy.

I didn’t let her stay on her knees very long. I pulled her up grabbed her by her ass and lifted her up onto her bed and told her to scoot back for me. As I climbed up between her legs she told me we had to stop a second. She wanted me to grab a condom out of the nightstand drawer. I opened it and I saw there was an unopened box of Lifestyle condoms. I guess she bought these for me. I opened the box got on out and set three more on top of the nightstand just in case.

I opened the package and slid it on and making sure to squeeze out the air from reservoir tip so it wouldn’t break. The whole time I was doing this she was playing with her pussy keeping her self warm for me. When I finally turned my attention back to her she pulled me in and guided my cock to her pussy and told me to take it slow since it had been a while. Honestly, she was so wet if it weren’t for the condom I probably would have slipped right into her.

It didn’t take very long before I was deep inside her when I thrusted into her using the headboard to leverage myself since she just kept thrusting up with me and I needed to keep control of her. Her hands were going from playing with her clit to pinching her nipples. I could feel her getting close to cumming from the look of intensity on her face. She started to try and take control and I finally let her. She told me to get on my back so she could ride me. My pleasure.

I pulled out of her and lay back with my hard cock waiting for her. She grabbed my cock and pulled the condom off of me and quickly straddled me right back into her pussy. I was surprised by this. She told me she knew I had a vasectomy since her and my ex used to talk about everything including how big my cock was before their friendship fell apart.

Dakota was not playing around. She put her hands on my chest her feet planted on my sides and rode me so hard. Slammed her body down onto my cock before lifting herself up about half way and slamming down again. Every slam down a grunting moan spilled from her mouth and when she rose up she inhaled deeply. I didn’t know how long this was going to last for either of us. Either I was going to explode in her or her knees and thighs weren’t going to handle this. It was obvious she was in shape, but even this had to be tiring her out.

It was like she had read my mind she settled on her knees and started to grind herself on me with my cock deep inside her. Her hands came off my chest and moved to play with her nipples. I moved my hand to her pussy using my thumb to play with her clit. Before long her grinding got more erratic and I know what was coming. Her pussy started gripping me more intensely and I myself was getting ready to cum. When I told her I was ready she told me to just fill her up.

I started to cum and that must have put her over the top because she started to scream at the top of her lungs as she rode herself on my cock. I’m not going to to lie either. I was screaming with the intensity of the orgasm. She collapsed on top of me with my cock still throbbing and shooting my cum deep inside her. I had not planned to stay the night, but she insisted I did. We fucked twice more that night and once in the morning before I left. She took a picture of us laying in bed. I usually don’t like pictures taken, but we looked good together.

We enjoyed our fun together regularly and eventually the ex found out and was jealous that Dakota was getting my dick regularly while she couldn’t find a guy to deal with her shit for longe than a couple weeks at a time. Dakota got a great job off up in North Carolina so she had to move and eventually met a guy up there and got married. We are still friends on Facebook and occasionally she will message me to see how I’m doing.

She mentioned she was supposed to be visiting her mom this summer and would like to hook up again. I had asked about her new husband and apparently when she showed him pictures of me he got turned on by the thought of watching her get filled by me.

Let’s hope this pandemic is over by then.

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