Her Horny Little Brother


“We’ll be back tomorrow night Max,” said Max’s father as he left; he and his wife were going to spend the night on the town.

Max’s parents had left and the eighteen-year-old was now alone in the house. He quickly ran upstairs and changed. He grabbed a box from underneath his bed and headed back downstairs.

He sat in front of the television and opened the box. It contained several porn videos, all featuring women with usually big breasts. Max was obsessed with women that had big tits. He had never dated a girl with really big tits before. All the girls who were interested in him only had C cups. The ones with the D and double D’s were too high class for him or fat.

Max popped in one of his videos, it was called “Julie’s Juicy Jugs,” into the VCR and sat back with some lotion and a towel.

As the video got more intense, Max pulled out his hard seven-inch cock and stroked it. A huge black cock was fucking Julie Jugs hard. Her huge fake breasts bounced and flopped unnaturally on her chest like huge silicon boobs do. The cameras zoomed in on her big tits; Max increased the speed of his stroking. He laid his head back and moaned as he reached his climax.

Suddenly, as Max’s cock began unloading a river of hot cum, his older sister Brenda entered the house, dropping her suitcases as she saw him. Her eyes bugged out as she realised what she was seeing.

“MAX!!! Where are mom and dad?” Brenda blared.

“OH SHIT! BRENDA!” exclaimed a surprised Max, as he tried to hide his cum-spewing cock from his sister’s sight with a pillow of the couch.

“That’s disgusting Max,” Brenda commented.

Max’s face turned red as Julie Jugs reached her climax and came all over the huge black cock which was still pounding her pussy raw like a piece of meat. Her huge fake tits continued to bounce and wobble on her chest.

“What the hell are you watching?” Brenda asked.

Brenda saw Max’s box full of big tit porn.

“I knew you were sick Max, but I didn’t know you were this sick,” Brenda said, as she picked up one of his busty pornos and read the box.

“Catch big-titied Shelly fuck like no tomorrow and watch her enormous plastic tits bounce like someone playing the bongos,” Brenda read. ‘Big fake tits Max? Haven’t you ever seen real breasts before?”

Max straightened up and put his cock back into his PJ bottoms, still covered in his sticky ejaculate.

“Yes, but all my girlfriends have only had C cups, Brenda. A lot better then your chest,” Max argued.

“Oh really?” Brenda said astonished by Max’s statement. “Then I guess you have never seen F cup tits before?”

“F? You have got to be kidding me? There is no such thing as F’s, unless you got implants. Don’t tell me you came all the way from college just to show mom and dad your implants?” Max challenged.

“No, stupid brother, I don’t have implants; mine are actually the real thing. Seems to me you haven’t been paying attention much, I had a growth spurt a few years back,” Brenda explained.

“Why would I want to look at my sister’s chest?” Max asked curiously.

“Because your sister has, real, huge tits, the likes of which you’ve never seen before,” Brenda responded.

Max focused his attention on Brenda’s chest and saw large lumps underneath her heavy jacket.

“Take off the jacket and let’s see?” Max suggested.

Max felt a tingle in his cock, as it struggled to come back to life.

“Ha ha ha, Silly brother. Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it,” Brenda uttered as she winked at Max.

Brenda started to unbutton her jacket. She tossed the heavy jacket to the floor. She urfa escort had on thick sweater, full of different dark blues. Brenda’s chest got Max’s eyes, as her breasts looked larger without the jacket.

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll take off my sweater too,” Brenda quipped.

Max started to sweat and moved around in his seat, as Brenda grabbed the bottom of her sweater and started toying with Max. She lifted her sweater up barring her shirt-clad stomach, then brought it back down. Brenda slowly started moving erotically like a stripper. The smell of Max’s ejaculate covered cock arousing her. She teased Max a little bit more and finally lifted the sweater completely off her top-heavy torso.

Max’s dick quickly hardened as he laid eyes on his sister’s enormous rack. Brenda still had on a gray tee shirt, which was stretched outwards due to her massive tits. Her enlarged nipples poked through the thin gray shirt and bra.

“Now do you believe me?” Brenda asked teasingly as she giggled.

“How do I know your bra isn’t stuffed?” Max suggested, as he rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.

“I’m not finished young brother,” Brenda said, as she reached under her shirt and unfastened her mammoth bra. She pulled the huge bra from underneath her shirt and allowed her gigantic F’s to sway and wobble freely underneath her shirt.

The swaying giants underneath his sister’s thin gray shirt hypnotized Max’s eyes. Her nipples massively poked through her shirt.

“God sis! You have such…” and before Max could finish, Brenda leaned over to him and slipped her juicy tongue into his mouth.

Max returned the favor and French kissed his sister. Her enormous udders hung down in front of Max’s chest and lightly brushed up against him.

Brenda stopped kissing Max and pushed him back against the couch. She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her tight fitting blue jeans. Max got his first view of Brenda’s “Hello Kitty” thong, with the kitty’s head on the front of her thong and the words “Hello Kitty” stretched across her large jiggling ass cheeks.

“Like it?” Brenda teased Max, with a little spin.

“Oh yes. I like it a lot,” Max enthused as his cock throbbed in its torturous restrains.

Brenda leaned forward, and buried his head between her shirt-clad breasts. She grabbed the sides of her fluffy mountains and squeezed them around Max’s head. Max thought he had died and gone to heaven.

The fabric of his sister’s shirt rubbed up and down his face, with her voluptuous breasts hidden inside. Brenda jiggled and wobbled her monstrous tits around Max’s head, literally beating his head with her soft balloons. Max felt his cock was about to explore from the tit beating.

Brenda pulled back before Max could but his nut inside his PJ bottoms. She grabbed the top of his bottoms and pulled them down to his ankles. His hard cock visibly tented the front of his boxers. Brenda reached inside his boxers and pulled his throbbing dick out.

“Not bad Max. I had hoped it would be bigger but this will do,” Brenda teased, as her tongue licked and swirled around his cockhead.

Max lay back and closed his eyes as his busty sister engulfed his cockhead between her full juicy lips. While his cockhead was in her mouth, Brenda probed Max’s pee hole with her nibble tongue and darted its tip in and out of his pee hole. Her actions sent chills up and down Max’s body. He curled his toes from wondrous sensations he was feeling.

Her enormous breasts were squished against his thighs as she moved her mouth down his throbbing shaft. Brenda managed to suck her brother’s balıkesir escort entire cock past her luscious lips smashing her chin against his hairy sweaty balls in the process. Brenda could taste Max’s previously ejaculate. Brenda slowly moved her mouth up and down his shaft, without releasing his cock from her mouth.

Max reached down and swirled his fingers through Brenda’s gorgeous curly brown hair. Brenda increased the speed of her bobbing on Max’s cock as she cupped his balls in one hand, her other hand squeezed at her own massive tits, still clothed inside her gray shirt bobbing and jiggling from her sucking movements.

After five minutes tasting his cock, Brenda lifted her head from his crotch and removed his PJ bottoms. She separated Max’s legs to the ends of the couch and resumed her devouring of his hard cock. She sucked his cock between her lips like a vacuum cleaner. The house was filled with Brenda’s sucking and slurping noises. Max moaned louder and louder drowning out his sister’s sucking.

Brenda let Max’s slobbery cock fell out from between her lips, so started suckling one of his hairy balls into her mouth. Brenda moved back and forth between Max’s balls. She released one testicle to a huge popping sound and then sucked on the other one. Brenda’s tongue maneuvered over every inch of Max’s sagging balls and returned to swirling around Max’s shaft afterwards.

“I think its time for you younger brother to return the favor,” Brenda suggested, as she beat Max’s cockhead against her fat tongue and tasted his oozing pre-cum.

Max stood up and switched positions with Brenda. She pulled her “Hello Kitty” thong down, then off her sock-covered feet, spreading her legs to the ends of the couch after. Her hairy pussy glistened with her sweet juices. Max immediately buried his head between his sister’s slippery thighs and probed her pussy with his tongue as his mouth covered it.

Max sucked and nibbled at Brenda’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. He wasn’t a big fan of eating pussy, but he had to taste his sister’s juicy snatch. He used the tip of his tongue and flicked at Brenda’s clitoris.

“Ooooh Max! That’s it brother. Mmmm! Eat my pussy. Ohhhhh yeeeeah!” Brenda moaned, as she used her hands to open her pussy lips up for Max’s tongue.

Max licked all around her pink walls, he was up to his nose in her wet pubic hairs. Brenda’s body began to tremble from Max’s tongue’s actions. He sucked on Brenda’s pussy lips and pulled on them. Brenda lifted her legs high into the air as she moaned louder and louder. Max’s tongue continued its non-stop assault and penetrated into the very middle of Brenda’s hairy cunt.

“OOH! OOH! Ahhhhhh MAX! I’m cumming! OOHHHH!” Brenda exclaimed, as her sweet cum gushed down Max’s throat like a hot geyser.

Max lapped up most of Brenda’s warm cum but let the rest of it leak down her pussy and thighs. Brenda sat up as Max stood up. Brenda took Max’s pulsing cock between her lips and sucked on it for a few seconds.

“Mmmm! Stick this hard cock right here in my pussy,” Brenda begged.

Brenda lay back against the couch as Max took hold of both her ankles. Brenda used one of her hands to guide Max’s meaty shaft between her moist cunt lips. Her other hand was squeezing Max’s shoulder as she felt his cock invading her snatch. Once his cock was completely engulfed in her folds, Max pushed his cock up and started banging the shit out of his large-breasted sister.

Her mammoth melons bounced and wobbled underneath her gray shirt. Max couldn’t keep his eyes off them, which caused him increased trabzon escort the speed he was pounding with. Brenda locked her hands around Max’s neck as she took his vicious pussy pounding.

“Ahhhhh Max! Ooh, Ooh, ahhhhh fuck! Ohhhh yesss! Ohhh fuck!” Brenda chanted with pleasure.

She rolled her large brown eyes back into her head and arched her body upward towards Max as he pounded her hairy pussy harder and faster. Sweat poured off Max’s body as the warm wet cunt of his sister’s surrounded his hard thrusting cock.

Brenda released one of her arms from around Max’s neck and used her free hand to lift up one side of her shirt, freeing one of her monstrous bouncing breasts for her brother Max’s pleasure.

Max’s eyes bulged out as he saw the huge bare breast flopping up at him. Her areola was the size of a CD and her nipples was pink and thick like a gumdrop. Max grabbed the huge tit with both hands and squeezed it. He loved the feel of Brenda’s fleshy pillow in his hands, he revelled in way his finger sank into her soft flesh. He bent his head down and captured her hard pink nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard as he rammed his cock in and out of her cunt.

Brenda removed her other arm and released her other massive tit for her brother Max. Both of her enormous breasts bounced and wobbled for Max’s attention. He squeezed both of her flesh pillows together and used his tongue to lick every inch of them. Max traced around her massive areolas with his tongue and flicked at her nipples. Max popped one large breast between his lips and tried to suck the entire front part of her breast between his lips. He repeated the same process to her other breast. His lower body continued to push up and down between Brenda’s legs. Her thighs shivered like a powerful earthquake was overtaking them.

“Oh sist! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” moaned Max, between sucks of his sister’s giant breasts.

“You deserve it bro. You deserve it,” Brenda moaned back, as she wrapped her legs around her brother and let the heels of her feet bounce off his jiggling butt cheeks.

Max pulled out of his sister and positioned her in doggy-style position on the couch. Her colossal jugs became couch cushions as Max rubbed his cock up and down between her dripping-wet pussy lips. With one big push, Max rammed his cock back up her cunt and started bucking into his sister hard and fast. His crotch banged off her jiggling ass cheeks as he grabbed a handful of them. His balls pounded against her pussy as his cock ploughed through.

“OOOOH GOD! MAX! FUCK ME! AHHHH GOD! OHHHH FUCK!” Brenda screamed, as she flushed face was covered in sweat.

Max grabbed his sister’s shoulders and fucked her pussy harder and faster. A powerful orgasm overtook Brenda’s body and she felt her pussy trembling at Max’s might. Her cum poured down Max’s thrusting cock and bouncing balls. Max grabbed his sister’s sweaty breasts and squeezed them hard as he gave her cum-oozing pussy a few hard and slow thrust, before pulling out.

He turned his sister around and slapped his pussy juice glistened cock between her enormous breasts and squeezed them around his prick and started fucking them.

Max’s cock completely disappeared between his sister’s giant F cups. Max found himself lost in her giant knockers as he pinched and pulled on her big nipples. Her big tits around his cock were too much for him to bear as his cock exploded with cum. He creamed Brenda’s wet shirt, it was still bunched up around her neck, and her huge breasts with his white spunk, and even hit her neck and chin. Max took his cum-covered cock and rubbed it all over his sister’s juicy melons. He coated both her nipples with cum and smeared some on her massive areolas.

Brenda took her brother’s cock between her lips and cleaned all his hot cum off it as the both of them cleaned themselves off and was ready for another round of fucking until their parents returned home.