White TV + Black Gangsta – Love


If you recall from “White TV + Black Gangsta – 1st Date”, I am submissive white TV Jill, and my black gangsta boyfriend is Jesse.

After our first date, Jesse visited me regularly. Whenever he could get away from his longtime black girlfriend, he would sometimes call me, and sometimes just show up at my apartment door! That surprised me at first. The first time he did that I wasn’t dressed up. How embarassing. He took one look at me, slapped my face, and told me to always be ready for him. He stalked away.

I learned to stay shaven smooth, full makeup on, sheer nylons encasing my long sexy legs, and long blonde wig on whenever I was home. I was becoming completely feminized and I loved it. He was training me in what pleased him.

Then one night…

There was a loud, demanding knock at my door. It was late. I was a little scared. I only felt safe now when Jesse’s strong black arms were holding me tightly. I checked the peephole, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was Jesse. I opened the door. He walked in, wearing a tight black t-shirt and baggy shorts. His goatee was nicely trimmed. His head was freshly shaved. He was black as night. He slammed the door shut.

“Jesse! I missed you!” I ran into his waiting arms and felt the thrill of being held by a black man who knew what he wanted from a gurl like me. Without a word, he took my chin, tipped my head back, and leaned down for a kiss.

My thin white lips were lost as his soft, sexy, demanding African lips covered them. Even a black man’s lips are bigger and sexier. His tongue pushed into my moist mouth and our tongues did a loving battle that made my small clit hard, and his BBC even harder than I had remembered it. As we kissed, his hands roamed down my back and lifted my short dress so my long white legs were revealed to him. Jesse was a leg man for sure. He had told me that his girlfriend had gotten fat and her legs were ugly. She had never worn nylons for him during sex either.

He broke our kiss, but still held me so tightly that my love, and lust, for him was undiminished.

“Jill. I need you right now. You my top bitch, you know that, right?”

“Yes, Big Daddy.” He loves it when I call him that.

“I kicked out my ole fat black bitch Shawna tonight. She fucked with me once too many times. She gone.”

I was ecstatic. But I had to show my man respect. “Big Daddy, I’m so sorry. I know you and her had a history. Let’s sit down. I’ll get you a drink. We can talk.”

He stopped holding me (oh no!) and flopped onto my sofa. As I walked past him, I swiveled my hips and shook out my long blonde hair. My high heels shaped my legs beautifully. My clit was rock hard now.

I always keep spare powder and lipstick in the kitchen for just such an occasion. I quickly reapplied a thick coat of red to my lips, and touched up my face before getting him his Colt 45 (his favorite – I’m not kidding).

As I approached him from the kitchen, I saw his deep brown eyes looking me over. A slight grin appeared. I handed him his drink and sat down next to him. I crossed my legs and gave him an excellent view of my stocking tops and how nicely they contrast with my creamy white soft skin. His hand moved to my knee. I smelled his mixture of sweat and aftershave. My senses were invaded by my man’s odor. I knew that odor so well. Even days after he leaves me, my nostrils are filled by him. I am his property. I am proud of that. How many white TVs would give anything to be in my position? Come on, all you gurls reading this, fess up!

He took several deep swigs and put the can down.

“Jill, you mine, you know? My house back in da hills is empty now. You comin’ back there with me tonight. Understand?”

I had no idea he had a house there! It is an exclusive area, with numerous wealthy black athletes and black businessmen living there. Can I believe what I am hearing? This sexy black man with money wants lil ole me to come to his very own house in the hills? Even tho it was for just a few hours… I was stunned. A tear fell from my eye. I wiped it away before he noticed.

“Yes, sir! Big daddy, I’ve been dreaming of you taking me to your place ever since we met. But I knew that for appearances sake, you couldn’t. Now that you want me there, you’ve made me the happiest gurl in the world.”

I wrapped my arms aroud his neck and pulled his dark, sexy face to my pale, lustful one. Kisses of love. Kisses of passion. I sucked on his big tongue and stroked his black cock that had already made a tent in his shorts. I was tender with the head, and felt his cock reach its full 10″ length. I started to pull down his shorts when he pushed me back.

“Not here, bitch! Get yo’ shit together and meet me at my car.” He left my apartment in a huff.

Now I cried bigger tears. istanbul travesti Had I offended him? What did I do wrong? Yes, I lusted after him like a Nordic princess/wife with her African king/husband. I never wanted Jesse to be angry with me. Never. I promised myself to make sure I was always submissive to his needs – all his needs all the time. I meekly obeyed and gathered my things. He was in his long black Mercedes (even his car was long and black). I knew he was in control so I was not surprised that he didn’t open the car door for me.

I slid onto the black leather bench seat, and without the need for instruction, moved to his side. I had changed into my 5″ heels, which I knew he adored, but another tight black dress, knee length. I suspected he would find it more of a turn on for him to be seen in public with a ‘proper’ white woman at his side, dressed in a conservative manner, rather than a slut. I was right.

“Jill, you are fuckin’ hot. I feel like I’m gonna get a blowjob from an old asshole boss’s wife who I picked up comin’ home from church on a Sunday! “

I glowed! He liked me again. I snaked my small pale hands with their red painted nails onto his lap, but didn’t move them. I felt his cock begin to harden. Could I wait until we were in his house before I unzipped his pants and did whatever he wanted?

“I’m here for you, Big Daddy.” I demurely moved my hands back to my lap, like any good self-respecting white gurl would do.

His arm was around my shoulders. We looked like a happy, healthy, sexy, interracial couple going home after a movie or a dinner. Other drivers stared at us. I leaned my head on Jesse’s shoulder and let my long blonde hair cascade down. White men on the street glared as we waited at a stoplight. Jesse smirked at them.

Finally, one white man looked at me and shouted “Slut whore!”

How did Jesse react? Did he jump out and kick the guy’s ass? Jesse would have been arrested. Instead, he honked his horn to get the white guy’s attention, and turned my face to him and kissed me with the sexiest open-mouth soul kiss I’d ever had. That’s my man! I could see the white guy turn five shades of red, and just as he was about to scream more obscenities, the light turned green and Jesse sped off. If I wasn’t sitting down, cuddling against a strong black man, I would have swooned.

As we pulled into his driveway, I was modestly surprised. It wasn’t a mansion, but, as I would learn later, it had six bedrooms, four baths, a home theater, and a pool. The landscaping appeared beautiful, lit as it was by soft glowing exterior lights.

Jesse got out, and I started to slide over to the passenger side to let myself out. As I reached for the handle, the door suddenly opened. What happened? I felt frightened. I was in a strange place. Then I saw a large, strong black hand offer its assistance to me. It was Jesse! His gentlemanly act threw my off, but delightfully so.

“Allow me, my lady.” I was stunned. He was keeping me off balance, and I loved it. You see, I love surprises. As I got out, I gave him a really nice view of my legs. An ‘appeteaser’, you could call it.

We walked arm in arm to his front door. There was a man standing there! He too was tall, black, and muscular.

“Good evening, sir, and ma’am” he said to Jesse and me.

“Evening, Killer. Everything ok?”

“Yes sir. Peaceful. All security cameras and alarms operational.”

“Good. Keep it that way.”

“Yes sir, I will.”

During the entire conversation, Killer’s eyes had remained forward, scanning the surroundings. A naughty thrill went up my spine. I knew Jesse was involved in something illegal, like gang activity. But I didn’t know that he needed all this security. God, I was even more turned on now. I was with a real live dangerous criminal black gangsta! And he had chosen me. He would never regret that decision.

We entered his home. The foyer was magnificent. The home’s exterior did not do this justice. A three story high entryway. A curving staircase to the bedrooms. A living room with big soft couches. An antique loveseat!

“Ya noticed that loveseat I see.”

“Oh Jesse, it’s gorgeous!”

“Bet ya didn’t think I was cultured. Did ya?”

“I didn’t know. I ah….”

“An old girlfriend had me buy it. She said it was some French king’s in the 1700s.”

My heels clicked on the bamboo flooring as I walked over next to him. Even in my heels I still had to look up to see his handsome face and bedroom eyes.

“Well, Jesse, I’ll bet that old king never thought that an African would someday own it and seduce, kiss, and make love to a leggy blonde on it.”

Jesse laughed like I had never heard him before! It was a rich, wonderfull, joyous laugh. One that a man would şişli travesti have when his woman made him happy. It made my clit twitch in reaction.

I hadn’t noticed, but Jesse had circled in back of me. I suddenly felt his arms encircle my waist, and felt him press against my ass. His erection made me feel that special tingly feeling that a white gurl can feel only when anticipating that a BBC would soon be entering her. I sagged against him and let out a moan.

“Oh, Big Daddy…I need you so bad…”

His strong forceful black hands moved upwards from my waist to my chest. He cupped my black bra through my dress and began rubbing small circles. His face buried itself in my soft hair. I heard him take a deep breath.

“I love blondes. They’re so fuckin’ feminine. The most feminine of all. Like always needing a black cock to fill ’em. Y’all are like that, right?”

“Ye…ye…yes. We blonde gurls know that black men represent the most potent masculinity of all. We…oh god that feels good… know that we were meant to lay with strong black men. We are meant to give you…oh god, yes…anything that pleases you…”

He turned me around. I had licked my lips slightly in anticipation.

“Blonde white gurls in red lipstick and nails…sheeeeeit…”

He picked me up and carried me to the loveseat. Thank god my heels stayed on (He hates it when they come off. Except those times that he likes to appreciate my reinforced toe silk stockings by kissing and licking my toes)

As he slowly lowered me on my back, I noticed that this was a very large loveseat. My conservative dress was now at mid thigh. I teased him by pulling it back to my knees. He growled in anger.

“Don’t move, now…” He stripped off his t-shirt and shorts. He had on a jock strap (will this man ever cease to amaze me?). “I been playin’ some hoops. Not that I EVER need to explain nothin’ to you.”

He sat on the edge of the loveseat, and with one hand pinned both my arms over my head, and with the other forced my dress up to my waist, revealing my stockings and panties. He grinned evilly. I returned the grin. I was at his mercy. All thoughts of caring about myself vanished. I cared only about pleasing him. Him and him alone. Doing for him things that old girlfriends had denied him.

Slowly he got on top of me. My legs parted for him. As a white gurl should for her black man. He pulled my panties off. I pulled his jock strap off and his hard cock popped free. I couldn’t take my eyes from it. The head was magnificent. He was 10″ long and 6″ around. One of the many reasons I loved…yes, loved, this man.

As he gently laid on top of me, my tiny clit seemed to disappear as his sweaty black manhood and huge balls took me over. He was the superior black male, I would be his pleasure giving white gurl.

He rained kisses upon me. Our lips were joined for what seemed an eternity, but unfortunately was not. His tongue fucked my mouth just as surely as his cock shortly would. As we kissed, I created a slight vacuum by sucking in and his delicious saliva flowed into my mouth. This surprised him, and his groan told me he liked it. I swallowed his saliva just as I swallow his cum when he fucks my mouth.

Finally our kiss ended. We both gasped for air. His cock was so hard now that I begged him for it.

“Please, Big Daddy, may I suck?”

He didn’t waste one word on me. He sat up and showed it to me. It approached my face and my slutty mouth opened to receive it. But now he teased me. He wiped the precum from its tip across my lips and around my nostrils. The scent drove me mad. He dangled his black cock into my blonde bangs, which gave me the change to smell, lick, and clean his huge black balls.

I feel most strongly that it is the proper show of respect for a white gurl to lick clean her black man’s genitelia before, and after, he fucks her. My tongue gently covered his balls and tasted the salty tang of his sweat. His manly black scent made my clit harder and harder. I knew that I would be soon rewarded with his essence.

After cleaning his scrotum, my tongue slithered to his anus. It was just as manly. Just as salty. Just as wonderfully tasty. I kept circling his anus with my tongue.

“Jesus, Jill…don’t stop…”

For just a moment I did stop so I could say, “Yes, sir, Big Daddy…”

Then my tongue, without warning, invaded his asshole. He yelped. He reached backwards and I felt his black hand in my blonde hair, pushing my face closer, and my tongue drove in deeper. His asshole was my kingdom of the moment. I explored my kingdom, licking it cleaner than it had ever been. After all, I was his loving, perverted, white gurl. This was expected. And I more than obliged. My tongue bakırköy travesti went in as deep as it could and began swirling around, tasting every square inch of the walls as I slowly withdrew.

I though Jesse was in pain he was groaning and moaning so much. But I knew he was enjoying it. So I began ever-so-slowly tongue-fucking him. Slowly in. Swirls. Slowly out. Swirls.

“Sheeeeit bitch I love it!”

“Hmmmmmmmm” was all I could manage at the moment.

After a long long while, I realized that I had cleaned and thrilled him thoroughly without allowing him to cum. I wanted our first cum on this French king’s loveseat to be special.

“Yummmm Big Daddy…please fuck me…I am nothing but a horny submissive white gurl who needs her black man’s seed planted oh so deep inside of her. I know that I’m lucky that you chose me. I promise to always please you in any way you want. Would it please you now to know that some dead French king is looking down at a big-dicked black man fucking the hell out of a frustrated, nylon wearing white gurl – all on his loveseat? And oh yes, King – he’s not wearing ANY protection!”

“Fuck yeah!”

He again resumed the missionary position. But no white missionary was ever hung like this black man! I lifted my long nyloned legs and wrapped them around my strong black lover. He needed no help in positioning his cock at my special pussy. Then he surprised me again. He gently kissed my lips as he pushed the first inch inside me. I gasped. Another kiss. Another inch. I was in heaven. He knew it. I knew it. Kiss after kiss, inch after inch penetrated me. His black cock stretched me and I was totally fulfilled. He stroked my soft blonde hair as I rubbed my legs against his naked black skin.

“I love how you smell, Jill.”

My god – my nylons were making him even harder. I stared into his eyes and he was grimacing in pleasure. I felt his cock slowly swell evern more, but he still would not grant me his cum.

Finally, my tiny white clit exploded and I pulled his large lips to mine. I cried tears of joy as I came and I tasted his mouth again.

“Oh god, Jesse. I love you! Please cum inside me. You’re deeper inside me than any man has ever been. Oh… you’re getting even bigger, my darling, my Big Daddy….ohhhhhh..”

I came again. Then I heard him bellow out, louder than ever before…

“Jill – I’m cumming…take it…oh god….you’re the best gurl ever…..shitttt…”

His first shot of cum filled my depths, the second coated my asshole walls, the rest…I lost count…spilled out…or at least a few drops. I clamped down as he came. I felt the very essence of this sext black man flowing from his strong body into my soft, yielding white body. He gave me everything I could ever have wanted.

He collapsed in my arms. His full weight was now upon me. I held him tightly with my legs and my arms. I licked his neck and tasted the streams of sweat that were now pouring off of his body.

I felt my ass absorbing his cum. I wanted it to stay inside me. We merged. Black into white. It felt so right.

We fell asleep for a while. Jesse woke first and kissed me awake.

“Did I tell ya that blondes turn me on?” He grinned.

I kissed him in reply.

“Did I tell you I had a thing for black men?” I grinned back.

He soul kissed me in reply.

“Well, Jesse, I guess it’s time for me to get ready for you to take me back to my apartment.” I sat up and began straightening out my nylons. His eyes never left my legs.

“What ya talkin’ ’bout?”

“I don’t want to go, but I thought…”

“You staying.”

I felt a warm flush throughout my entire body. I’d never stayed with a black man for an entire night and gone home the next day. I’d dreamed about it, imagining me being held in a black man’s arms all night, being awoken by demands for blowjobs, and loving every moment. Now Jesse is making another dream come true.

“Oh darling Jesse. I love you. Thank you. A whole night together!”

“What ya talkin’ ’bout?”

“Ummm our spending all night together.”

“You staying…for good! You my woman. One of my boys is getting your stuff from your apartment now.”

“What, darling…do you mean…”

He stood up and motioned for me to do the same. I melted into his arms, so powerful and black and loving. Then he picked me up and carried me upstairs – to the master bedroom. Or should I say to my master’s bedroom.

He laid me on the four poster bed – oversized and yet another antique. I was in a daze…trying to imagine living with this wonderful, powerful, sexy black man forever…as his white wife…keeping his home clean, neat, and having meals ready for him. Like a sexually uninhibited Mrs. Cleaver married to a huge black man, giving him head and rim jobs every night.

“Glad ya straightened out your nylons. I a leg man ya know.”

As he crawled on top of me, entering me once more, I too entered something. I entered a world of interracial sexual loving giving bliss.

“Yes, my sweetheart Jesse, black and white do go better together.”