Lady of the Manor – Swimming Pool


This story was reviewed and edited with the kind assistance of WhiteWave48. My continual thanks to her for her time, advice, suggestions (and her own stories!).

The object of this story has inherited a large Manor house. In this story she has hosted a party for the locals in an attempt to get to know them.


The party’s over. There are a few guests left but you decide it’s time to go for a swim.

You go down to the pool, turning the lights on low.

Taking off your dress, you leave it on the side as you step naked from it, your body glowing in the half light, your breasts pert and your ass firm. You sit on the edge of the pool and ease yourself in.

You begin to swim lengths; long slow strokes, confident in your own place.

I watch you from the shadows, not wanting you to know I’m there yet.

As you reach the side, you pull yourself out and sit on the edge of the pool. Your body is wet, and I can see the water glistening on your skin.

You’re sitting on a towel.

As I watch, I can see you reach for your breasts and take them in your hands. You take a nipple in each hand and roll it between your fingers, your eyes closed.

Your hand moves down, over your stomach, towards your pussy. You raise your leg to allow better access as your fingers graze against your skin.

You Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort reach beside you and I see you pull something from a bag. It’s a small vibrator. You take it and place it towards your pussy.

I see you ease it in. You’re still rubbing your nipple with your other hand.

You ease the vibrator into you and I hear you give a little gasp as it enters you and you lie back on the towel, raising both of your legs.

You move the hand from your nipples and bring it down between your legs, massaging your clit as you thrust the vibrator inside you. The air is silent except for the constant buzz of your toy.

The silence is broken by the sound of a door being opened. The silhouette of a woman is shown against the light. You don’t seem to have noticed.

She approaches you, and as she does, unties the sarong from her waist and it falls to the ground. She kneels silently beside you and leans across and kisses you.

You awake from your passion with a start.

She kisses you again and I see you kiss her back.

She pushes you to lie down on the towel, and begins to kiss at your breasts as she takes the vibrator from you and begins to work it into you.

She kisses down your body until she is level with your pussy, pushes your legs flat and begins to kiss you there, Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort at your centre.

I can see your hands running over her body, first her back then her ass. Your hand goes between her legs, trying to make her feel as good as you do right now.

You pull her body on top of yours; her legs spread either side of your head and I can see that she has buried her head in you. I see you raise your head to her as you begin to reciprocate.

Your bodies are a fantastic sight – tanned and wet, soft and female.

I take a deep breath and decide to join you.

Taking my clothes off, I slide into the pool and swim underwater to the side where you’re loving each other. I can see clearly now, the two of you moaning softly against each other.

I pull myself clear of the water.

You turn, see me and smile. Acceptance and permission.

My cock is hard and leads me forward. I kneel at your feet, but I can’t see you clearly as her hair is in the way.

I touch her head; she looks up.

I place my hands under your buttocks and raise them, giving myself better access to you.

I lick you, where she has been. You taste sweet, your juices flowing.

She takes my cock in her hand and wanks it slowly as she sits back on you, your hands pulling her thighs apart, allowing Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort you access.

Your tongue, extended now, is flicking between her pussy and her ass.

I move away and come round to your head.

She resumes licking you, making your pussy tight, contracting against the fingers she places inside you. She is lying on top of you and her pussy is wide and stretched.

You take my cock with your hand and guide it towards her, placing it at the entrance to her body. You run your finger under my balls and scrape it against my ass hole. The feeling makes me push forward and into her.

I push all the way in so I’m sandwiched against her.

You extend your tongue and lick the underside of my balls.

I begin to fuck her as she tongues you faster.

You pull my cock from her pussy and lick the tip, tasting her juices.

You push me back into her and I begin to fuck her in earnest.

Slapping my balls against her, you’re catching them in your mouth.

You start to moan loudly now as she fucks you with her hands and mouth, and I moan loudly as I fuck her.

She starts to buck against us both as her own orgasm comes over her.

I can hear your moans become louder as you begin to buck, and I know that you’re coming as your legs tense as the climax rends through you.

Knowing you’ve achieved this spurs me on, and I empty myself inside her, my body hard against hers.

You pull my cock from her pussy and greedily lick our combined juices, licking me clean, sucking me deep.


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