Daughter Discovers Mom’s Secret Ch. 03


Mom looked at me with great tenderness, smoothing a strand of my hair away from my face. I could see she was considering how far she wanted this to go. I wanted to reassure her, tell her I wanted this to go forward, but not at the expense of her well being. She turned and reached out for Julia. Julia took her hand, squeezing it in encouragement. They seemed to exchange thoughts without speaking. Silent questions were asked and answered.

Turning towards me on her side, Mom put her arms around me. She whispered, “Shera, I have no idea how this happened, but if you will not be hurt, I want to open this door and walk through it with you and Julia.” She pulled back and kissed me. “I love you baby. Be sure.”

I hugged her, nuzzling her ear, “I am Mom and I won’t be afraid to go with you.” I didn’t know I felt this way about my mother, but all that I had witnessed between her and Julia had changed my perception of her. She was a desirable woman, beautiful and sensuous. I gazed into her eyes, the eyes of the woman who had guided me all my life and knew this was different, but I could still count on her love.

Mom sat up, leaned over me and took off my shirt. Julia took it from her and put it to her face, breathing in my scent. My bra clasped in the front, so Mom undid it and pulled a cup off one breast. She took in the sight and lightly brushed my nipple. She was just ever so hesitant, still, so I guided her hand, using it to cup me. Ohhhhh, the thrill it sent through me. My nipple hardened. She noticed and rolled it between her fingers. I ached, I wanted her to suck it. She massaged, then slowly brought her mouth to my tit. Her tongue flicked my nipple. She blew air across it. Goose pimples popped up all over me. Then I felt something change in her demeanor; she must have made her decision. She licked some more, around the areola, then took as much as she could into her mouth and sucked. I arched my back in sheer pleasure. My pussy gushed.

She removed the bra cup from my other breast and fondled it as she continued to suck and lick the other one. Julia didn’t waste any time asking for permission. She climbed over me and pulled off my skirt. Mom glanced down at her and nodded her head. Julia grinned and removed my panties, getting between my legs and spreading them wide. This was a place she had been before, I smiled inwardly. She massaged my upper thighs, moving her hands in circles on both legs at once. I could hardly take in all that was going on. My head was swimming.

Julia was now butterfly kissing outside of my pussy. Barely making contact with the skin, sending tremors of pleasure throughout my body. I needed her mouth on my pussy now. My body yearned for it. She must have read my thoughts since then she clamped down on my clit, vacuuming the nub into her mouth. Julia sucked and released, sucked and released over and over while using two fingers to fuck in and out of me. I moved my hips with her, matching her rhythm, tension building until I couldn’t take it. I let out a cry, “Julia, oh Jesus.” I came from the core of being. My mind ceased to think. My heart pounded then stopped. My pussy convulsed and liquefied. Julia continued but with less and less force until I was still.

My Mom had tried to keep up the sucking on my breasts, but in the end, she stopped to watch as Julia brought me to climax. When Julia sat up on her knees, Mom quickly kissed her. Carefully, fully. All parts of her mouth. It took me a second to realize what she was doing; she was tasting me from Julia’s lips and mouth. I thought I would cum again watching that. My mother eagerly consuming the product of her daughter’s lust.

I wasn’t done though. Through all this, no one had eaten Julia’s pussy, so I pointed that out. “Mom, Julia could use some oral attention. Would that interest you?”

“Mmmmmmmm, yes. I think it would. Do you mind, Shera?”

“No, I wouldn’t at all. Please,” I answered.

Julia swung her legs over the bed and sat on the edge. Mom knelt between her knees. I watched as she ministered to Julia’s needs. She used her fingers and tongue, licking and fucking in and out of her. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, God, Lily. Yes,” Julia was so into it.

I Uzun porno could only watch so long though. I moved slowly onto the floor. I had to participate. I laid on the floor…saw my target…scooted underneath…and pulled my mother’s hips down onto my face. That broke her pace. She seemed alarmed and tried to get up, but I held her hips down and buried my tongue in her. I think all of us realized at once, I was at the place of my entrance into this world. I had slid out of this opening in my mother’s body. I became impassioned at the thought. My mom was hesitating again, tense. Julia reached out and shoved Mom’s shoulders down so her pussy landed on my face. “Lily, shhhhhhhh…it’s what Shera wants. Go with it.”

A beat went by, then two….I kept it up…not willing to let go…

Mom finally gave in. She adjusted her knees so her weight was more evenly distributed, letting me have a better angle. She sighed, “yes Shera. Taste all you want.” Then she went back to work on Julia. We didn’t last very long from that point. Mom rode my face…Julia lifted her hips into Mom’s…I think we were all wrapped up in the salaciousness of the moment, how taboo and forbidden it was. The sexual tension in the room was palpable. In a few minutes…”Shera, oh my God baby…I’m going to cum, baby…yessssssss…ohhhhhhh yesssssss!” Mom came in rush of tangy sweet juice in my mouth.

That caused Julia to go over the edge. “Lily, yes, cum. I am. Yessssssssssss…ahhhhhh,” she cried out.

We all worked it until we were spent. I got up off the floor and kissed my mother. She tasted herself on her daughter’s lips. Again, she flinched, but then greedily kissed and tasted every corner of my mouth. Julia laid back to watch, smiling in contentment. Mom and I got on the bed with her, me, in the middle. We held each other, petting and kissing. Snuggling and holding…until I couldn’t remember anything.

We had fallen asleep, all of us, in an exhausted heap of naked legs and arms and breasts. The scene had been more emotional than I realized. I was energized by the sexuality, but when it stopped, I was exhausted and so were Mom and Julia.

We stirred each other awake. Each of us nuzzling and caressing the others as we lay there, gathering our thoughts. It felt normal, comfortable. I let out a low exhale. I didn’t know what to expect once the heat had dissipated a bit.

I volunteered first, “Damn, I’m hungry! How about you guys?”

“Sweetheart, I’m famished. What sounds good? Do we make something, go out or order in,” Mom asked.

Julia didn’t want to go anywhere. “Can we order in? I’m feeling lazy and don’t want you two to cook or prepare food for me. My treat, I don’t care where it comes from or how much!”

“Well,” says I, “There is a great Chinese restaurant down the street. They deliver too!”

“That gets my vote. Get a menu,” Julia ordered.

“I’ll go get it from the kitchen. Anyone thirsty? I’m parched!”

Both of them were, so I brought back the menu and three cold bottles of water. We sat there, unembarrassed by our nudity, figured out what we wanted to eat and ordered it. The food would arrive in 30 minutes or so. I was in a playful mood and they seemed to be too. We didn’t seem to want to get out bed either. So we sat there talking and joking. Hands touching bodies. Laughing and leaning into each other. I reclined on my Mom, she ran her fingers through my hair. Then Julia laid down on me, her back on my tummy. I played with her hair. We just hung out there, not wanting it to end, the magic that had brought us together, until the door bell rang.

I had to make a mad dash for a robe. Julia ran naked for her purse and threw money at me. How much? We were laughing so hard at the circumstances we could barely stay on our feet. I managed to get to the door with my robe closed. Julia and Mom stayed out of sight. I giggled at the delivery guy. He smirked like crazy. I could see him looking in the door as he handed me the packages. He even seemed to sniff the air. I blushed. Dude, you couldn’t even imagine what was going on in here. Not in your wildest fantasies. I paid him and sent him on his Öğrenci porno way. I’m sure he was going to have a lot to say when he got back to the restaurant.

They came out of the bedroom, choked with laughter, having put on those large t-shirts I have. They wished they could’ve seen his face. They thought the whole scene was hysterical.

We chowed down on the Chinese food, drank beer and talked. It was fun and felt very intimate, though I still treated my Mom, like my Mom. When we were done, we cleaned up the mess and sat down on the couch with more beer and watched a movie. We just laid all over each other. I was glad for the extra large couch, Mom had given it to me me when they bought new furniture last year.

After a while, feeling refreshed from the food, but buzzing from the beer, I looked around and noticed Julia’s shirt had crept up. She wasn’t wearing panties so I could see most of her pussy. Hmmm…I wouldn’t mind more of that. She was lying in Mom’s lap, I was along side of her. I tried to be sly. I shifted more onto my side so my head rested on her belly, my face inches from the edge of the shirt. I breathed in the scent of her pussy, so musky and sweet.

Julia starting playing with my hair, running her fingers through it. It felt good. If I could, I would have purred. I moved my head so she could reach it better and darn if I didn’t end up with my face directly on her pubis. Soon, I wasn’t going to be able to control myself. I didn’t have to try for long, she dropped a leg off the couch, spreading her legs open.

“Shera, is there something there you want?” Julia laughed. I felt a bit embarrassed, I was caught; so much for sly.

“Mmm…maybe,” I said. I lifted the shirt up and turned myself over her legs, planting my face right at her pussy. I used my thumbs to open her labia. Her clit popped right out. I tickled it with my tongue. She giggled. She was still juicy from her earlier climaxes. I dipped a fingertip into her opening, drew out the moisture and tasted it, mmmm tangy, sweet. I had to have more. I started licking her from bottom to top, my tongue flat and stiff. She adjusted her hips and tilted towards me. I looked up at her and saw Mom was groping Julia’s tits. They both were smiling, in a self satisfied way.

Needing no further encouragement, I dove into Julia’s pussy with gusto! Licking and sucking that delectable clit, burying my face in her flesh. Her moans and sighs urging me on. I knew what I was doing with her, this wasn’t our first rodeo. The experience was heightened by the presence of Mom. I could hear smacking sounds coming from them, so they must have been kissing. I got a rhythm going, alternating between her clit and her vulva and then increased my speed. Julia loved this. “Honey, use your fingers too,” she instructed.

“My pleasure,” I answered. I took two fingers and inserted them, curling up to find her G spot. I moved steadily in and out of her. Using my other hand, I pulled her clit tight and sucked. She approved. Her hips flexed up and down to meet my movements, then got more frantic. She wanted to cum. I worked her harder and faster, I wanted her to make her cum. She bucked at me, “yes baby, keep that up, yessssssss….yesssssssssss…” She came like a rocket. She wasn’t an ejaculator, but juice ran freely from her. I lapped up every drop. So delicious. When she relaxed, I stopped completely and looked up at her. Her eyes were half closed, her head on Mom’s chest. She looked very content.

We rested there for a bit, watching the movie. After a while, Mom stirred, so Julia did, so I got up. We all stretched. I wondered what was up. Mom took us both by the hands and walked us into the bedroom. She almost pranced. When we got there, she turned and wrapped us both in her arms, kissing both of us on the cheeks. “I don’t think we are done. Do either of you?”

“No, Lily. I don’t think I am. Are you Shera?” Julia looked at me.

“No, I am definitely not done.”

Mom took me to the bed and sat me down. She sat next to me. Her eyes searched mine, asking a question without speaking. I replied, “Yes Mom.” With that, she laid me down and opened my robe. She got on top of me, looked into my eyes then kissed me opened mouth and tongue. I returned the kiss, with great passion. Again my mind was racing. My mother was kissing me, grinding into my pelvis and seemed to fully want to fuck me. Goddamn I wanted that. I had always loved my mother, I thought as a daughter. Seeing her in a new light with Julia those several weeks ago had opened my mind to my mother as a sexual being. I had already tasted her, and brought her to climax. I was ready to take this last step and make love with her.

We lay together, writhing into each other, pubis to pubis. We got onto our sides so we could open our legs and rub each other, clit to clit. Ohhhh God I was so hot and excited. I sucked her breasts, breasts that nourished me long ago. Breasts my father certainly enjoyed. The naughtiness of that thought only heightened my pleasure. I tried again to get milk from them, but I didn’t know how.

Now I wanted to taste her again. To suck my mother’s pussy, the place I was birthed from, but also where my father came. If there was a hell, thoughts like that would get me to the front of the line. I continued, despite that momentary reflection. I made my move to do just that, but she out flanked me we ended up close to the 69 position before I knew what was up.

“Shera, I want to taste my little girl. Is that ok? I want your mouth on me. Is that OK?” My Mom said all those words to me. How mind blowing, but, I couldn’t imagine saying no. I spread her legs and dove into her in answer to that question. She did the same.

I can’t describe all that I was feeling as l made love to my own mother. True, I had already brought her to climax earlier, but this was different, it was just the two of us and she was making love to me. I wanted to make her happy. To that end I lost myself in the texture, taste and sensation of her. The slick wetness. The pink folds yielding to my tongue. The inner walls, enveloping and caressing my fingers. Her responsiveness to my every move. I watched as her clit became swollen from my attention. How it jumped under my tongue. No wonder men like women. No wonder my Dad liked to make love to this woman. I became more excited at that thought; sharing my mother not only with Julia, but my Dad as well.

At times it became difficult to keep my attention focused, since Mom was applying herself very diligently to making me cum. Her style was different that Julia’s. She was more vigorous, moving her mouth from side to side as well as up and down. But boy she liked to suck in my clit, hold it and run her tongue up and down it. I thought I would lose it right too quickly. I wanted to hold off. I didn’t want this to end. I thought of she who gave me life. Who had tended to my needs my whole life and was now tending to my sexual need. What was she feeling? She knew my body before I did. My pussy surged with energy at that thought.

We made love to each other until there was no choice but to allow release. I don’t know who came first. I think one of us set off the other. She had my clit in her mouth, sucking it harder and harder. “Momma, ohhhh yes…please…harder…” I managed to croak out. I came arching my back, straining at her face. My entire body pulsing.

As I felt the tension in her rising…I focused again on her and rubbed back and forth as she had, stopping only to put my whole mouth over her pussy and suck. “Shera baby, honey, ohhhhhhhh God yes, Momma’s cumming…yessssss honey…” One last draw on it and she flooded my mouth. I held her hips hard and she fucked at my face. I didn’t stop until I had every last drop of her.

We were still for several minutes. Julia had watched the whole scene from a chair in the room. She got up and came over to hug us. Mom and I separated, both of us moved up with her on the pillows and pulled up a sheet for cover. I was in the middle again. We found closeness and great comfort in each other’s arms.

I snuggled in the crux of Mom’s arm. Julia spooned me from behind. I was happy. I had shared something with my mother most other daughters could never imagine. Who better to have a sexual relationship with than one who loves you unconditionally? I looked forward to more afternoons like this; with her, with Julia and with them together. As I drifted off to sleep, feeling deeply satisfied, “Lily, see I told you it would be OK. I knew Shera could handle it.”