Sheri and Carmen Meet Accidentally


I was on a business trip to Pittsburgh. Grad school was in the rear view mirror. With it came another promotion, more money, and more travel. I particularly didn’t care for the travel part. It meant time away from Julia, who, God knows, is busy enough with her own work. C.F.O. It still brought a smile to my face when I thought of my wife and her job. Three glorious years — that’s how long we’ve been married.

The early morning flight had been uneventful, the hotel first rate: The Omni William Penn. I was traveling enough now that I had a car take me to the hotel and wait while I checked in very early. The bags would be taken upstairs … no problem Ms. Williams. Oopsie! My gaydar went off. She, Carmen, the tag said, is very young and very lovely. Hmm … the bangs tried, in vain, to cover her gorgeous blue eyes. A very pale, perfect complexion with well applied makeup that complemented her features wonderfully. The hotel uniform did as well and that was amazing, as were her features. I wondered if she’d had it tailored. Her eyes never left mine as she spoke. Full lips, painted a coral red, seemed to smile even when the words spoken didn’t necessarily warrant it. Pity I had to leave but I’d be back. I’d find a way to make an excuse to miss lunch. The ride to my meeting should have been filled with thoughts of what lay ahead. She is lovely.

The reason for the meeting was that one of the new programs we’d put together set off, as it was designed to do, early warning notices that metrics were skewed. I was tasked to find out why. There were certain things that I knew to look for. I’d spoken to and emailed the team leader to be sure everyone would be available for the meeting. It’s kind of funny. Julia says I have a ‘tone.’ The reason it’s funny is she has one as well. It’s interesting to watch people react when someone as young as I am uses it in meetings.

It’s really quite wonderful. I can dazzle with my smile while I command with my eyes and tone. The meeting went very well — for me. When we went through the numbers, it was rather easy to identify the cause. A supplier wasn’t meeting deadlines promised and that, in the “just in time” business world, was enough of a monkey wrench to cause problems. Yes, they knew about it. Yes, they had already begun to search for a replacement. Emails promised fixes; not good enough. Visits had been made. Face to face is often more effective; not good enough. I won’t bore you with the rest. It would be fixed. I begged out of lunch under the guise of giving them time to put together a more substantive report for me to take back to corporate. Yes, 1:30 sounds fine. See you all then.

In the cab, I plotted. Ah ha! I dashed off a note that would act as my request while I used it as ‘cover’ for a question I had. This might work if my gaydar was right. Good … she was there.

I smiled brightly and said, “Hi Carmen; I have a question for you.” I slid the page so she could read it. “Can you tell me where this store is?”

She looked at the paper; her eyes got wide. It looked like she was reading it a second time. The smile started as she read, grew as she started writing, and was brilliant as she turned the page around for me to read. “Yes Ms. Williams, it’s just four blocks down the street. 947 Penn.” I looked at what she’d written. It was what the name of a restaurant and a couple of other little details.

I jotted the address, nodded, wrote something else, and turned the paper around so she could read it. She glanced at the paper. Her dark black hair was cut so that when she leaned her head forward to write it fell easily over her face. Breathtaking! She smiled up at me.

I gazed into her gorgeous ice blue eyes and said, “That’s so convenient. I’ll be sure to stop after my meeting but before I go out to dinner tonight. Thanks for your help. I’m going to my room to freshen up and grab something for lunch.”

I winked; she smiled and said, “Have a great afternoon Ms. Williams.” She had lunch break in five minutes. She’d meet me in my room. She’d also written her cell number. She’s what I hoped to grab for lunch. I did need to freshen up.

I hurried to the washroom, slipped my panties off and cleaned up quickly. That alone nearly sent me over the edge. I debated about giving myself a quick spend. Yes, I knew she’d know if I did — umm, yeah, that tipped it in. I sat on the toilet, thought about those eyes, and, good lord, three fingers thrust deep into the heated moisture and a thumb on the pulsing pearl sent me over the edge, complete with glorious heat and pulsing, shivering, pounding pleasure. Oh lord it was wonderful! I would make sure to leave the bathroom door open. I washed my hands and splashed cold water on my face. As I patted my face dry I looked in the mirror. I was fabulously flushed and my eyes had that soft, sultry look! I smiled.

Before I had a chance to get a fresh pair of panties, the knock came. Why not? I dried my hands, fluffed my blonde hair, smoothed the dress, kırşehir escort and kicked off my shoes just before I opened the door. I smiled brightly; Carmen came in.

“I only have a few min …,” she stopped as she took in my face and eyes. She gave me a quick once over. She broke into a huge grin; I returned it.

“Did you really?” So cute; she blushed as she said it. I nodded, took a step forward and, just like that, kissed her. She melted in my arms.

She was flushed when I broke the kiss and said, “Oh my!!”

Trying to control my nerves, I said, “I’m only here for a day, Carmen. Well, I have a meeting in the morning and a late afternoon flight. I’ll be checking out in the morning. Is dinner tonight, and maybe more, okay with you?”

The smile got brighter. “I’m off tomorrow. Who knows; maybe you might have a bit of time after your meeting.” The scamp continued, “I could be persuaded.” I took her in my arms and kissed her. My tongue worked feverishly, driving into her mouth, as my fingers slipped into the uniform slacks, inside her panties, and into her wetness. She shivered deliciously. I gave a few quick thrusts; she groaned into the kiss. I pulled away, took my fingers from her and brought them to my lips. Her eyes got wide as I sniffed, smiled, and sucked them into my mouth.

My sultry self said, “Does that count as persuasion, Carmen?”

She giggled, “Call me persuaded, Ms. Williams.”

I couldn’t help myself, “Persuaded, I’m Sheri and I’ll see you for dinner at 7 pm. Dessert will be afterward.” She nodded, blushed, and giggled. “I’ll call the restaurant and request a table for us. The reservation will be in my name. Are you sure you don’t have any? Reservations, that is?”

She smiled slyly, stepped in, took my face in her hands, and kissed me softly. “None,” she breathed into the kiss. She winked as she opened the door, peeked each way down the hall, and waved goodbye. I washed my face, re-applied what little makeup I wore, put on a fresh pair of panties, and floated through the rest of my day.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Steel City so I had the cab drop me at the restaurant. Sonoma Grill. I wandered in, made the reservation and the request, and walked the four blocks back to the hotel. As I walked I smiled. I pulled out my cell and called my honey. She was busy; you’d have to know her to tell. It was in the thin, if soft, tone of her voice. I gave my boss a quick update on my meetings and I gave my wife a quick briefing on my plans. There was a long pause. Yes, I had debated about it all. That’s why I was telling Julia now. If there was any kind of push back? Well, I did have Carmen’s cell number.

“This is a first for us isn’t it Ma’am?” The tone was even. Hmm.

“Yes babe and that’s why I’m calling. I need you to be completely honest with me. I won’t if you don’t want me to. I hope to god you know that.” I already did and I knew she needed to hear it. I, intentionally, did not use her submissive nickname. I could see her running it through her head.

“You owe me one helluva night lady. I want chapter and verse; every last little detail. I love you wifey! Have a fab night.” She blew me a kiss. My eyes watered.

My voice was thick as I choked out, “I love you too Julia.” We hung up. I sighed. I walked into the hotel and glanced behind the desk. Nope. In the elevator, I had a wild hair — might she be waiting in my room? I walked down the hall, opened the door. Nope.

I kicked off my shoes, poured myself a wine from the fridge, and sat. This was completely crazy. While in college I had “ruled” my sorority. Hmm, now that I think of it, Carmen reminds me of a girl a few years older than me from the sorority. What was her name? My fingers drummed the table. Ahh! Simone! Yup, that was her. The resemblance was remarkable. I was her freshman. That didn’t last long. She was very submissive. Yum. I could only hope! That part of my life was over since our marriage. I had been seduced and introduced to lesbian loving in high school by a friend of my mother’s just after I’d turned 18. It was during that time that my dominant tendencies first came to the fore. But this? A one night stand? And me, blissfully married? A distant galaxy not yet found by the Hubble telescope.

I saw Julia in my mind, shaking her head, making a squishy ‘mad’ face. “If you’re gonna do it, enjoy it honey.” Hmm, Carmen is a real beauty!! No doubt about that … and hot!! I remembered those blue eyes, the little dimple when she smiled, those full, soft, red lips, and the cute way those bangs hung over her forehead … Woo hoo! I had, umm, a wonderful shower, dressed as seductively as my wardrobe allowed, took one last look in the mirror and headed out.

The hostess seated me. I let her know there was a guest coming. I giggled a little as she walked away. Blonde, young, and very cute. I ordered a Stoli straight up from the server. I used the ice from the water to chill it. I was in the middle of my second sip when I saw Carmen wander in. She was stunning in black silk slacks and a white long sleeve blouse. Both left little doubt about the wonders that lay beneath. My heart was a trip hammer and every nerve was on high alert as I stood and kissed her. We were in a corner booth. The bold little thing sat very close to me. I was glad. She ordered a chardonnay, a good one.

I made a snap decision and said, “Carmen, I let my wife know of my plans tonight. I just thought you should know.”

She stiffened, sat very still for maybe a minute, and said, softly, “You’re married?”

“Yup; we have been for three glorious years.”

“You do this often?” Her lower lip trembled. Uh oh.

“No!” I said in a firm voice. “No, she is the love of my life, Carmen. That’s why I called and told her.”

“I don’t understand Sheri. Maybe I should go.” She moved away. I took her hand. This was it: red light, green light.

“If you are able, I would ask that you consider this: Me asking you out to dinner is because you are so damned gorgeous and I was smitten. That may sound like a line, or lame, but it’s the truth. If you choose to get up and leave I will understand. You are certainly welcome to stay for dinner even if you don’t wish to do anything more.” Lay it on the line; the chips will fall where they will. I added a squeeze of her hand when I finished. She knocked back half the glass of wine as she thought.

I saw the resolution in her eyes before she spoke. “Okay.” She nodded and continued, “I guess I’m okay with it. You were honest, Sheri, with your wife and with me. Gotta give you props for that. What’s her name?”

“Julia.” She nodded. I smiled and continued, “So Carmen, tell me about you, beyond the fact that you’re young, gorgeous, and very, very sexy.” That with my best 100 watt smile (Julia’s words)

“I was born and raised in this area. I went to college in Chicago and stayed. I found a job. It was okay; not great money, but it was a job. I dated. Boys, men, whatever, but nothing stuck, ya know. It was okay. Then one day, my boss, Michelle, invited me out to dinner. It was after she’d given me another, extra task. I was close to completing it by the deadline but I had to work late. She stopped at my desk and chatted. She invited me to dinner.” She looked at me. “I had done some writing; my minor, in college, was English. She made some chatter about a friend who had written something and she was editing it. She asked if I could help. At dinner she showed it to me. I … um …” She blushed. “I had a few girls come on to me in college but I never did anything.”

I smiled. You know the saying: “If I had a dollar for every …”

She continued, “She showed me a single page of dialogue. It was so graphic, so obviously two women. I … I didn’t know what to do or say. She kissed me … out of the blue.” Her eyes darted to mine. “I was so surprised and I kind of liked it. It was as if all of those things I’d every dreamed of, on and off since college, came flooding back with that one kiss. I think I surprised Michelle. I kissed her back. I mean, I kissed her!!” She giggled. I was nodding and smiling. The server came and took our order, staring at Carmen as he did. In your DREAMS!! These are your two chances: Slim and his idjit brother none!!

I took a sip of wine, smiled and said, “Please Carmen, go ahead.”

“She … I asked if she would teach me. Her eyes showed her surprise. We walked to her place; she did.” Her eyes looked straight into mine. Warm, vivid, very blue. Gawd! I was so wet! “She was so gentle, Sheri. She made me feel like a queen. I’d never felt so alive … so wonderful. She wouldn’t stop either! She kept after me … pleasuring me. I finally begged her to stop. I was embarrassed the next morning. She had given so much and I had fallen asleep. I was so happy she was there and so embarrassed. We … umm, I stayed the whole night and next day.” Oh my, how sweet!! What a wonderful first time for such a sweet, lovely young woman.


A deep sigh, a sip of wine, and she continued, “Well, we saw each other for several months. I was with her at her place and my cell rang. It was my Mom. Daddy had had a heart attack.” Her eyes filled. The poor thing. “He’s okay now. But I had to go home. Michelle never once complained. We drifted apart. My family needed me, I moved home, we talked on the phone, but …” she shrugged. Her eyes had drifted down as she talked. It was obvious that the memory of her time with Michelle was still very special.

The food came. I found the restaurant online earlier and looked at the menu. It was every bit as fabulous as the reviews promised. Carmen had the grilled scampi — white wine, lemon and garlic over pappardelle pasta. I had pan seared salmon with lentilles du Puy — I had to look it up too! A wonderful Kendall Jackson Chardonnay was a perfect complement.

The chat, as we ate, was delightful. So was my companion. “Carmen, you are so lucky. You had your first experience with someone who was so gentle and giving. How delightful. If it’s not prying – are you with someone now, honey?”

She shook her head and frowned. “There was someone; it ended several months ago.” She stared at her plate. I made up my mind right then. I would do my meeting in the morning and spent whatever time was left with Carmen. If she wanted to spend the night in my room I was okay with that. Julia’s eyes smiled as she nodded. Yes, dear; you will have your night as well!!

Carmen looked me shyly and murmured, “So, umm, Sheri, would you mind sharing some of your story?” So cute!

“Of course, darling, afterwards.” She stared, blushed, and grinned. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I’m ready for my dessert … if my dessert is ready!” She nodded. Yum! Dimples dimpled, blue eyes glittered, and cheeks blushed deliciously. “Check please!”

We walked the few blocks, hand in hand, back to the hotel. As we entered the lobby, she was on my left side. My body was turned slightly so her face was hidden, as well as possible, from curious eyes at the front desk. Thankfully, the elevator and corridor were empty. I slid in the key, opened the door, and locked it behind us. I looked in her soft eyes. Yes, she would let me lead. I did. I unbuttoned her blouse as we kissed. After it was gone, I slid the zipper of her skirt down and nudged it over her hips. I shrugged out of my dress. Each of us had kicked off our shoes. As we kissed I led her to the turned down bed. I opened the little chocolate and let it dangle in my teeth. I offered her half in the kiss as I turned back to her. She giggled as she took it; she’d removed her bra. I smiled inside.

She slithered on her back to the middle of the king size bed. How precious. I drank her in with my eyes. My lord she’s just gorgeous! I saw the flush spread past her neck!! Her blue eyes were bright, hot, and dusky. Her full lips were parted as she breathed her need in, out, in. I swear she did this: under the intensity of my gaze, she actually arched her back off the bed. Wow!! I set to the slim, lovely task that waited for my taking.

Neither of us had been gifted with the bountiful beauties that my Julia has but she was glorious!! I loved the taut peaks … teasing, taking, bathing, nipping. As I did, my nails tortured her sex through the silk. I swished my blonde hair over her trembling flesh … breasts, tummy, hips. I fluttered my eyelashes. I nipped, licked, and teased each and every thing covered and uncovered. I pinched a nipple; I nipped at an earlobe. I let my fingers slip, lightly, in the sodden wetness of her panties. Her hips begged — no honey, not yet. Her hands tried to … nope.

I kissed her nose and whispered, “Be still wench!” I drove my tongue where my hot breath had been — she cried out. Those full red lips were dry now … her eyes clenched tight. The black hair flew back and forth side to side. Uh huh, it’s time. I whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for your taking pet?” She stiffened for a second. Good. She nodded. “I can’t hear your nod Carmen! Speak your acceptance to me!”

Her voice trembled with need, “Please fuck me, please! Whatever, however, as often as you please … please!!”

Tower has given clearance for takeoff!! Countdown had begun. I tore the silk from her hips. She cried out. Passion? Confusion? Whatever.

My prize was bare, beautiful and moist. I took it completely. Oh my yes. My hot breath unlocked her safe. Carmen spread her legs wide for me, knees high. I smiled. Greedy bitch that I am I took as much as I could, as quickly as possible. Fingers found their target; my lips took their pulsing prisoner hostage. Carmen’s screams of delight were my reward. The first explosion lifted her from the mattress. Thank goodness for the strength training I had. I needed every bit of it. Her tummy was taut, her fingers pulled at her peaks, my tongue and fingers wreaked glorious havoc.

I let the first of her cums destroy her and drove her relentlessly through the rest, one, another, and yet another. Carmen’s pale skin, at first, blended with the soft, white cotton sheets. My mouth and fingers changed partners allowing me to drink from her sweet, scented fountain. As her pleasure increased, the crimson flush of her trembling flesh contrasted splendidly with the soaked sheets. My beauty cried, begged — I gave her another. She screamed for me to stop … and cried in glorious pleasure as it ripped through her again. My hair was laced in her fingers, demanding that I not stop even as she screamed for me to. That last was when I just sensed she’d had her fill.

I was several inches taller. I covered her frame rather completely. What little energy she had was spent with her arms and legs holding me close. I kissed my beauty. Her lips were so dry. My poor, gorgeous darling. I smiled and lay my face in her dew covered neck. Her black hair lay in a tangled mess on the pillow. What had been pale was flushed. I watched her in repose and felt her slip into soft, warm sleep. I smiled, pulled the covers over us, said goodnight to my Julia, kissed Carmen’s shoulder, and joined her.