Fated Ch. 03


Since we had not known exactly when the Allied driver would arrive that morning, Eric had planned that we would only drive about four hours the first day. Since the driver had arrived quite early, we checked into the hotel and still had a fair amount of daylight remaining. We both knew that the next few days would not be quite so fortunate in terms of the driving schedule.

The company was being quite generous. Eric was able to use the company credit card to pay for gas (which was very much a welcome relief given the gas prices) and food, and he was able to arrange suites for us each night along the way at the company-approved hotels. Virtually the entire trip was being paid with the company credit card – the two things the company definitely would not pay for were anything with alcohol and anything related to sex. “As my new boss told me, somewhat jokingly, I think,” my big brother commented at one point, “‘The company won’t pay to keep you occupied when you get to your hotel each night.'”

That would be my job.

The four hours of driving passed rather quickly for me: I slept most of the way. After about three hours of nonstop driving, I awoke and found myself looking directly at a gas pump. We took the opportunity to stretch our legs and buy a quick snack inside the gas station before continuing onward, and I again slept for most of the final hour, awakening as the car slowed to exit the highway.

The hotel was on the outer edge of the city, with a large business park across the street and several other hotels in the immediate area. Check-in was fast and easy, and soon we lay together on the single massive bed, holding hands as we looked up at the off-white ceiling.

“Sorry I was such a terrible traveling companion today,” I apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” my big brother replied, giving my hand a squeeze. “Just having you in the car with me was nice.”

We soon went out for dinner, finding a nice local steakhouse which was quite popular. The Old West theme was very prominent, almost gaudy, but the food was absolutely sensational. It was clear that most of the customers were from the area, and that the waitresses seemed to know many of them personally. It reminded me of where Eric and I had grown up, in a small town where everyone literally knew everyone by first name, and it was surprising to see such a memory come to life again in a strange city.

After dinner, we drove around the area, simply exploring, and found a nice park. We strolled together, chatting quietly, planning how the details of the move-in would be handled, specifically in terms of buying things ilginç porno for me since I really only had what was previously in my dorm room. At the small pond at the center of the park, we stopped and leaned against the fence, watching the ducks swimming merrily as the daylight began to fade.

As we stood there, I realized that my big brother and I were engaged in everyday activities – driving, going out to eat, watching ducks – yet as mundane as they were, these activities were all the more meaningful to me. In a way, it was as if Eric and I were young again, spending almost all our time together; only now, we were far closer than we had been so many years earlier.

We were much too close, according to my logical mind. Yet my heart beat a little faster just because my big brother stood beside me, just because he would hold me in his arms, just because he would kiss my cheek, just because he would give me a soft appreciative smile. While my mind tried to impose the dictates of society upon me, upon us, my heart sang of love and my gut affirmed the fate which had brought me so much closer to the one person who had already meant the world to me.

As we watched the ducks, we became even closer still, and in a rather public way, in this semi-secluded public place, when my big brother placed his hand upon mine upon the fence. I looked at him with a loving smile, and saw the same being returned in triplicate, and we stood together watching the swimming ducks.


The return to the hotel was both bittersweet and wonderful. I had enjoyed watching the ducks, but I had also wanted to spend some time alone with the person I loved.

My big brother suggested that I shower while he checked his work e-mail and took care of any critical issues, so I did, emerging afterward wearing only a large hotel towel. He happened to be walking past the bathroom toward the bedroom when I opened the door, appearing within a large cloud of steam. With an appreciative smile, Eric ogled me openly, causing my heart to beat a little harder and making me feel the initial hints of wetness even though I had just dried myself.

While he was showering, I decided that I should massage him, especially his lower back. After all, he would be doing most if not all of the driving for this trip, so it made sense to do what I could to alleviate any discomfort he may develop, and although he had not indicated any distress in his lower spine from the four-hour drive that day, I figured that he would appreciate some “preventative medicine.”

Eric followed my lead, stepping out of the bathroom japon porno wearing only a large hotel towel. I was still wearing a towel as well, and we giggled about that fact.

Soon, Eric was on his stomach upon the bed, the towel removed. He was fully naked, his head buried in his folded arms. Certainly, he would have heard me removing my towel, and I wondered if just that sound was enough to cause him to grow and harden.

I have never considered myself to be particularly good at giving a massage, but I tried to mimic the tactics he had used on me several weeks earlier in another hotel. I know that I was not doing as good a job as him, but Eric did not make any indication that he was dissatisfied with my effort.

For a long time, I kept the massage quite chaste, focusing solely upon his back and his shoulders. since he was fully naked, however, the temptation was definitely there for me to begin touching him elsewhere, to spread his legs and gently knead his testicles, to squirm a hand underneath him to brush my fingers along his manhood…

“Reach under me,” Eric whispered as he spread his thighs, his words surprising me after such a long period of silence. Tentatively, I complied, my fingertips first finding his testicles and fondling them gently. As he lifted up a little, I slipped my hand further underneath him to find that he was already quite aroused from the massage.

“I know you’ve doubted yourself before,” he said softly, “but this should prove that you’re good at massages.”

He rolled onto his back, his thick erection instantly attracting my eyes.

No longer was this about a relaxing massage. I touched my big brother’s prominent manhood. I licked his dripping tip, savoring the flavor of his desire. I sucked gently, my head bobbing slowly, eventually taking more and more of him into my small mouth. My fingernails gently scratched his testicles, causing him to shudder visibly and groan softly.

I was wet. Pleasuring this man, who had earned my love and my respect, was a pleasure for me. It was an incredible learning opportunity, for I had virtually no sexual experience in comparison to him. While I knew what to do from having read plenty of stories and seen more than a few porn clips online, this was my time to touch, lick, suck, scratch, fondle, and learn how each caused my big brother to react. Whenever I looked up his body, his eyes were closed, his lips parted slightly, his facial expression one of rapture.

When my jaw became too fatigued, I would stoke him with my hand. My hand was so small that his shaft seemed to rise latin porno up like a skyscraper. My saliva provided the lubrication for me to stroke him, my hand closed firmly around his thickness. “Just like that…” he whispered, his breathing changing.

The company won’t pay to keep you occupied when you get to your hotel each night.

Remembering the words of his new boss made me smile, made me proud. The implication in the statement had been that the company would not pay for anything sex-related. Yet I was upon the bed with him, his own sister, keeping him “occupied” quite nicely despite my sexual inexperience, and from the sounds he was making, I was clearly doing a good job.

I took my big brother into my mouth again, sucking and tonguing his bulbous tip as my hand stroked the rest of his thick shaft. “Oh God…” he said not quite so softly. “You’re gonna make me cum… Don’t stop…”

I felt the surge rush along his length, but before it had truly registered with my conscious mind, the initial spray of warmth hit the roof of my mouth. It surprised me greatly, and instinctively, I lifted my head away just in time for a second spray of his love to splatter upon my chin and neck. Several more volleys of white marked my face, each one accompanied by a barely-restrained grunt of release.

As I felt the physical manifestation of my big brother’s love cooling and slowly sliding down my face, I beamed, proud that I could have produced this result despite my inexperience.

“Thank you, sis,” he whispered. “I needed that, and I’ve wanted that for a while.”

“You’ve wanted to be sucked?”

“Not necessarily,” he confessed, “but I have wanted to give you a facial.”

I beamed again, elated that he had wanted to go something so naughty with me.

I soon stood, located my towel and wrapped it around me again. We shared a long fond gaze before I returned to the bathroom where, standing outside the spray from the showerhead, I quickly but quietly brought myself to a good climax while still wearing my big brother’s climax upon my face and neck. Only then did I finally step forward into the hot water to clean the naughtiness from my skin.

When I returned to the bedroom, Eric was asleep on top of the covers. He looked so sweet and angelic, yet in a way he looked incredibly vulnerable. It was also a little difficult to envision that his penis had previously been so long and thick, the conduit for the illicit love with had erupted in my mouth and bathed my face. In a way, I was saddened, but I also knew that he definitely needed his rest in order to properly concentrate on driving.

Since I was not particularly tired yet, I shed the towel and sat in the chair by the window with one of the books I had bought for the trip, and that was where Eric found me in the morning, the book having fallen from my sleepy hands to the soft carpet.