Fire and Ice


“I’m on my way home, Babe.” his sexy masculine voice even after two years together can make me quiver in anticipation. “Anything you want me to pick up on the way?”

“Just you.” It’s been two days since I’d seen him. I hadn’t been able to drop by the fire station to visit.

His laughter over the phone deepens the sensations that make me tremble. I can’t wait to kiss his lips and run my fingers through that spiky blonde hair.

“In that case I’ll be home soon.” He knows what’s in store. His voice betrays his own excitement.

I hate being alone when he does his stint at the station, but I always make sure his homecoming is sweet.

I’d already showered, shaved, and was lounging about in my robe. I went into the bedroom and let my robe slip in front of the full length mirror. It was important to me that I always looked appealing to him.

As I studied my reflection, I took stock of my attributes.

I stand about 6’2. I have one of those lanky slender frames, but with a well defined shaped due to a rigorous exercise and diet routine. My hair is dark brown and neatly cut, suitable for a junior executive with ambitions. My eyes are a light grey blue. I’m told that my features are sharp and that I can give killer looks at underlings making them stammer and shake as they try to explain why a deadline hasn’t been met.

I reach down and stroke my impatient nine inches of manhood reassuringly.

Scott would be home soon and he’ll be pleased to see me freshly shaved and ready for him. I dig through my underwear drawer and find the silk briefs he bought for me. One of my man’s turn ons is to have something to remove before we make love. He likes my tight little ass and buys me all sorts of intimate apparel to showcase it for him.

I made the bed earlier using the black satin sheets. My boyishly handsome lover with his dimpled grin, tousled hair, wrestling with me in between those cool slippery sheets was my turn on. I opened the drawer of the bed stand and noted with a frown we were really low on our favorite massage oil. We’d have to improvise. (Perhaps some shortening from the kitchen.)

While I was in the kitchen, I made sure I had some steaks thawed, just in case he’d be hungry first.

I dimmed the lights in the living room and turned on the television. I wondered what was keeping him as I flipped channels mindlessly. It’s only a ten minute drive from the station to our house, but thirty minutes had ticked by before I heard the sound of his car pull into the drive.

I didn’t get up from the couch. I’d put the robe back on and tried to appear nonchalant as his keys twisted in the lock. I held the remote in one hand and continued to channel surf.


“Honey, I’m home.” Scott grinned when he saw me sprawled out on the couch. He often called out that greeting thinking it hilarious. I had to admit it was cute. I was feeling contrary by having to wait and felt like playing hard to get. Inwardly my heart was doing flip flops seeing my man in his rumpled uniform. He was carrying a couple small paper sacks.

“Sorry it took me awhile.” He knew my moods and was undaunted by my ice queen attitude. He tossed one of the bags at me. I caught it easily and pulled from it a small bottle of our favorite lube. “I happened Escort bayan to remember we were getting low and figured I’d better get some more.”

He was forgiven in an instant. I sat up and expressed an interest in the other sack.

“Just some beer and this….” Scott pulled a single red rose from the second bag and held it out to me. “A small token of how much I’ve missed you.”

Scott constantly surprised me by the sweet spontaneous gestures he would make to show me he cared. It touched me to the core.

Two days of need and my love for him propelled me forward. In seconds I was in his strong arms. With savage passion I claimed his lips.

Eagerly, Scott returned my kisses with equal fervor.

I reached up to stroke his cheek, it was rough with stubble, I wanted him now.

“Ron wait.” he tired to struggle out of the embrace. “I need to shower first.”

He could have showered at the station, but normally he wasted no time when his shift ended to come home to me. His buddies at the station teased him about my having him whipped.

Nobody at the station had a problem with Scott being gay. We were lucky enough to live in a diverse upper class suburb in a big city. Most of the men were neighbors. I was always treated with kindness and respect when I popped in for a visit.

To know Scott is to love him.

I pulled Scott back into a demanding kiss. I enjoyed his scent freshly washed or not.

Scott looked up at me, amusement in his warm brown eyes. He had a quick easy going smile that was infectious. My lover was a few inches shorter than me and huskier in build. He had the physic that turned the heads of both men and women every where we went.

Neither of us were the stereotypical gay male, but for some reason most people had me pegged after a few minutes conversation with me. (I’m told I have some subtle nuances that give me away and that I’m a bit of a diva.) Scott on the other hand was the all American ideal of manliness. Fortunately, there are quite a few gay friendly areas in our city. As our world slowly becomes more enlightened, I can take his hand in public and let everyone know that he belongs to me. I’ve heard several women mutter ‘What a waste’. I admit I enjoy the envious stares we get.

Scott wants to slow things down a notch. He cups my face in his hands and backs away.

“It will just take me a sec to wash up and get ready for you.” his own desire for me thick in his voice. “Put your flower in some water and chill the beer, when your done meet me in the bedroom.”

He kissed me quickly intending to dismiss me, but I wasn’t going to be put off.

I began unbuttoning the front of his shirt instead and peeled it back from his shoulders.

Scott shook his head and sighed as he helped me rid him of his shirt. He knew when in this sort of mood there was no stopping me. He sighed again as I stroked his chest, I bent down and zeroed in on one of his nipples. First I kissed it, then flicked at it a couple of times with my tongue before nibbling ever so lightly. With the other hand, I used my thumb to stimulate the other.

“Mmmm…” Scott moaned his appreciation.

His skin tasted slightly salty and I enjoyed his smell. He really didn’t need to shower. I was so Escort horny I wanted to do him right in the living room. I continued to kiss my way down his chest. I reached down to unbuckle his belt.

Scott’s hands locked around mine.

“Let’s at least take it to the bedroom.” he pleaded. “I don’t want any more rug burn.”

When we first moved in together we had the brilliant idea to do it in every room and on every surface. Never again!

Reluctantly, I allowed him to pull me back up.

Scott took me back into his arms, his hands snaking under my robe. In an easy motion it floated to the floor. He was stroking my hard on through the silk underwear. Precum leaked from my cock at his touch.

“I guess you really have missed me.” he quipped. His strokes teasing me.

We tongue wrestled a bit more before he lifted me easily off my feet, hefting me up over his shoulder in the fireman’s carry.

Once in the bedroom he flung me down on our bed and jumped in on top me.

My lips felt as if they were bruising under the assault of his harsh kisses. He was now as turned on as I was. Our hands every where searching out the places that would give the other pleasure.

Scott halted the action momentarily by stepping out of his pants and tossing them across the room and on to the floor to join the shoes he’d kicked off on the way in. He was now in his tightie whities and socks.

I crawled across the bed and tugged off his underwear. His seven inches of cut perfection sprang up for attention.

We ended up in a side ways 69, warming up for the main event.

He expertly jacked me while sucking me off, making sure to bump the sensitive place just under the head of my cock. I slithered my tongue along his piss hole teasing it. I enjoyed feeling him squirm and moan. We couldn’t keep this up for long.

Scott broke contact first and gasped out.

“Fuck me, Ron.”

I had every intention of doing just that. I wanted to bury my throbbing cock up his hot horny ass, but I had to tease him first. We could both give or take if you know what I mean, but my baby preferred me to top him. My favorite position was driving it into him with his legs over my shoulders. It got me off to look into his eyes and watch him cum underneath me.

“I think we did it your way the last time.” I told him picking up the lube I had the foresight to latch on to when he picked me up and carried me in here. “It’s high time you fucked me.”

Scott knew when I was just goading him and cried out in exasperation.

“Please,” he begged. “I really need you to fuck me. It was all I could think about on the drive home from the station. Do me first.”

Slowly I rubbed the lube into my hands and blew into it to warm it up.

“How bad to you want it?”

“I need it bad.” he panted playing along. “I want to feel you in me.”

Lazily, I lubed my pole, never breaking eye contact.

“I don’t know….” I tried not to smile. “I haven’t had a decent ass pounding in quite awhile.”

“Please…” I loved to hear him beg for it. “I really need it. I promise I’ll do you next…in the shower…up against the wall…just the way you like it…”

My ass clenched involuntarily at the thought. When I got it, I liked it from behind. Bayan escort I would hold him to it.

“Assume the position.” I leered at him.

Obediently, Scott laid down on his back and lifted his legs for me to crawl in and lube up his tight little hole. No matter how much abuse it’s had since we met, it still gripped my fingers.

He moaned as I worked two fingers in and out of him. I bent down to lick more of the tangy precum that was oozing from his dick. His taste and scent driving me wild with lust.

Finally, I eased my cock in between his cheeks and with one long slow thrust slid my entire length into him.

“Yesssssss.” a tortured groan issued from my lover’s lips ending in a hiss.

At first I kept my jabs slow and steady, but when he wantonly pushed back against me, I knew I could prod a little harder.

“Is this what you wanted?” I nipped his ear. “Is this what you need?”

“Oh yeah,” he panted knowing I needed to hear it. “Fuck me, Baby”

“Fuck you how?”

“Hard. Give it to me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I knew just where to probe to get him howling like a madman. I poked at his sweet spot unrelentingly, his back arched up against me trying to take me deeper inside.

His growls and curses music to my ears.

I could feel my balls tensing up and a delicious heat begin to course through my groin. I slowed down just a bit to make it last.

Scott was frantically trying to reach down to jack himself off. I’d kept hold of his wrist until I felt the moment was right. I released it and allowed him to do what he needed to bring on his release. I was so close myself.

“I’m gonna cum, Baby” I cried out. “I’m going to cum up your hot sexy ass.”

Another whimper from my lover, his hand furiously working his meat in perfect time to my lunges.

“Oh, fucking yes!” he was almost sobbing now. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

His head tossed from side to side as he shot his hot sticky load. Swearing with every shot.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

His orgasm triggered my own. I closed my eyes grunting my release. All the intense feelings for my lover driving me on. With every spasm I rammed my dick hard up in him splashing two days worth of my seed deep inside him.

I kissed his shoulder and worked my way up his neck after we took a moment to recover.

My more animalistic urges dissipating a bit and all the tender feelings coming through in a rush. We kissed.

“We both really needed that.” he was rubbing my back. His beautiful eyes so full of his love for me. My throat tightened. Sometimes after such an orgasmic rush my emotions tended to come flooding close to the surface. I buried my face down into his throat and let him just hold me. I hated when he had to be away, but at the same time the sex when we reunited was always good.

“Come on.” Scott sat up pulling me along with him. I loved it when he took charge.

“I can still use that shower and I think I made a promise to you. You up for it?”

Damn right I was.

I kissed him quickly and gave him a little nudge towards the bath.

“You get the water started, Love. I’ll join you in just a minute.”

I happened to remember that we had beer warming on the coffee table, not to mention my poor rose needed some water. We were definitely going to need a couple cold ones when we were through.

“O.K.” he grinned impishly at me. “Don’t be long.”

Trust me I wasn’t. However; what happened next is another story. ;D