Meeting Hilary Ch. 02


I received a phone call from Hilary asking if I knew of any good accommodation near Aldeburgh. Apparently a friend of hers was going to the Snape Maltings, to see some of her ex students perform during the Aldeburgh Festival. Snape Maltings is a world renowned concert hall on the banks of the river Alde, famous for its Aldeburgh Festival of music and arts.

Later on that day I returned the call from her. I explained that all available hotels and Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the area were booked up. However, I found that Roger’s yacht “Cats” was berthed at Woodbridge Marina and she could use that if she wanted to.

Discussing it further with Hilary, I asked what her friend Emma’s travel arrangements were. I explained that there is no Public transport in the area. I then suggested that if Hilary would like to travel with her, I would pick them up from Harwich. We could all sleep on board Roger’s yacht and take Emma to Snape the next morning. While Emma went to Snape Maltings, we could go for a day sail down the river Deben. We could all stay at my house for the night before catching the Harwich to Hook ferry back the following morning.

It was a nice sunny afternoon when I drove to Harwich to meet the ladies. I immediately spotted Hilary when she walked down the gangway. As she walked towards me it looked as though she was accompanied by a young girl with a pony tail. When they got closer I could see that her companion was in fact a very petite and attractive young lady. She was absolutely gorgeous, her beauty took my breath away, so this was Emma. After the introductions we drove to Woodbridge marina and proceeded to board Roger’s yacht.

During the drive Emma explained she had a dance and music school in Holland. She informed us that a couple of her ex students were performing at the Snape Maltings. She spoke with a very posh English accent. This was due to her spending her final education at an expensive English Finishing School. In her youth she had toured the world and performed as a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet Company, but her main love was music.

On boarding Roger’s yacht “Cats” Emma said.

“I say, oh how absolutely fabulous , much better than some dingy dive I stayed in last time I was in the UK.”

Emma continually talked all evening describing her students achievements. She had brought two bottles of Champagne with her which were soon disposed of. Eventually retiring to bed, Hilary and I shared one of the cabins and Emma had her own cabin.

When Hilary and I cuddled up to each other, I whispered to Hilary not to make a noise because the cabins were next to each other. Our lips met and our tongues exploredg each other’s mouth as our hands roamed over each other’s body. My mouth moved on to her beautiful soft, warm left breast. My lips soon found her erect nipple to lick and suck. I used my left hand to stroke her inner thighs until I found her wet pussy. Hilary opened her legs to enable me to insert a finger into her honeypot. Grabbing hold of my prick she guided it into her wet pussy and moved her hips forward. I placed my hand on the cheeks of her arse to pull her close so I could push deep inside her. We moved in unison backwards and forwards and had a good rhythm going. I could feel her strong pussy muscles gripping my prick. Hilary buried her head into the pillow to muffle her screams as she quickly reached a climax. When her body eventually stopped shuddering, i was so aroused that with a few slow deep thrusts I shot my load into her cunt. We stayed in that position until my prick started to soften before I withdrew it. Feeling nicely relaxed Hilary whispered that she had enjoyed it and looked forward to a longer session the next night.

In the morning during breakfast, Emma said in her posh voice.

“The way the yacht was vibrating last night, you two must have been fucking like a couple of rattlesnakes.”

I looked at Hilary, who froze with a fork full of food near her mouth. This language was most unexpected from this very posh lady who then proceeded to say.

“I could do with a good shag I haven’t had one for ages.”

Driving on the way to Snape, Emma chattered about her ex students that were performing on stage at Snape. She was so proud of them, and regretted that she had not arranged tickets for the show for us. When she got out of the car I was able to get a good look at her. She was stunning, dressed in expensive clothes, the clothes enhanced her lithe body. The white pants she wore looked as though they had been painted on her. Her long hair was tied up in a bun accentuating her youthful appearance. As she walked away in a very sexy walk I got a whiff of expensive perfume, I imagined kissing that pert bottom . Hilary broke my trance by reminding me that we ought to buy some sandwiches for lunch.

As soon we returned to “Cats” we set sail in a gentle breeze, this allowed us to relax with a cup of coffee as we slowly sailed down the river. We sailed down as far as Felixstowe Ferry, before turning round with the incoming tide, picking up a mooring at gümüşhane escort Ramsholt.

It was great sitting out in the cockpit having a cup of coffee with an arm round Hilary, reminiscing of times gone by . It wasn’t long before we started kissing and caressing each other, as we lay there Hilary opened my shorts to expose my rising erection. Inserting my growing cock in her mouth and sucked it until it was like a rod of iron. I suggested that we went down into the cabin and lay on one of the bunks.

We stood up beside the bunk and I slowly removed Hilary’s bikini as I kissed her on the lips. I sucked on her tongue as it probed my mouth. My lips and tongue travelled from her neck down to her gorgeous breasts until I found one of her erect nipples. She held my head onto her breast, her breast rising and falling as she inhaled deep breaths. I caressed her body clasping her bum before stroking the top of her thighs. Moving my hand between our bodies I found the entrance of her wet vagina. As I inserted two fingers inside her juicy honeypot, I recommenced kissing her body. My tongue licked her belly button on the way down to her pussy. I then ran my tongue all around the outside of her pussy lips. I spread her pussy lips wide with my fingers, as I teased her clit with my tongue. I could taste her delicious pussy juices as they started to flow. We lay down on the bunk and I continued to lick her labia lips, lapping up her juices. Hilary reached down and pulled me up to kiss me, putting her tongue in my mouth to taste her own juices. She then grabbed hold of my erect member and placed it inside her juicy pussy. Complying with her wishes, I thrust my prick deep into her pussy. I could feel the juice from her wet pussy running down my thigh, making it so easy to slide in and out of her cunt. We started slowly at first but soon got into a good rhythm. Our speed increasing all the time, going at it as though our lives depended on it. We were both so rampant, our hearts were beating rapidly. We cried out in ecstasy in unison as we both orgasmed. I explained that I had been dreaming in screwing her again ever since she had returned to Holland.

“Ahoy there, Cats,” someone shouted.

Quickly getting up off the bunk, I poked my head out of the companionway hatch to see another yacht alongside us.

“I say old chap you are on my mooring” he shouted.

“Okay, sorry about that, I will move” I replied.

We quickly threw on some clothes and left the mooring offering our apologies to the grinning couple on the other yacht. They obviously guessed what we had been doing by our unruly appearance and ruffled hair. We motored back to the Marina and spent a long time cleaning “Cats” prior to leaving to pick up Emma from the Snape Maltings.

Emma was talking to a small group of young people when we arrived. I assumed they were her ex students, they all looked very happy so presumably the show went well. Seeing us Emma gave them all a parting kiss and waved them goodbye. Walking towards us she could easily be mistaken for a young teenager. She was showing a lot of cleavage, no bra, and her high skin tight pants was showing a bit of camel toe. As she got closer, I admired her lithe, fit perfectly formed petite body, her hips moved in a very sexy walk.

On the way home, I picked up a Takeaway for all of us. I could not help but notice the ladies stopped speaking when I returned to the car. On the way home they were both grinning, so I asked them what was going on. Hilary said that Emma was describing how superb her students had performed in the show, which was fabulous. As I was driving home I noticed that the ladies kept looking out of the window, and had a little giggle whenever their eyes met. Once we got home we soon polished off a couple of bottles of wine with the Takeaway, which was excellent. I then went and had a shower while Hilary got the beds ready, cleared away the table and washed up. Hilary returned from the bedroom in a very sexy see through robe. She was waiting for me to get out of the shower before taking a shower herself.

Going down into the lounge, Emma was sitting on the settee and beckoned me over to her. When I approached, she grabbed hold of my dressing gown and pulled me towards her. Opening up my dressing gown she reached inside and placed her hands round my prick. Talking as though it was the most natural thing to say, she leant forward and said.

“Hilary agreed you could shag me.”

She then proceeded to put my prick in her mouth and gave it a good suck. I was taken by surprise by what she was doing and what was said by this demure young lady. It then dawned on me what the ladies were giggling about in the car on the way home. Deep throating my prick, Emma soon made me fully erect.

She dropped her skin tight pants and thong as she stood up, and clasped her hands together around the back of my neck. Pulling me closer, she kissed me passionately on the lips, our tongues entwined. Lifting herself up she wrapped her legs around my body to support herself. Lowering herself down, she impaled herself on my rock hard prick. She commenced gyrating her hips moving up and down on my prick. Placing my hands on that lovely arse I was able to support her and assist with her actions. It was fortunate that Emma’s elfin like body was so well toned and athletic that we could have a good shag while standing up. Emma leaned away from my body so that I could kiss her breasts and suck a hard nipple. She gave a little moan as I licked her nipple, this encouraged me to continue to suckle on that hard sensitive teat.

Emma panted every time I thrust up into her, panting more and more as her orgasm built up. I could feel her juices running down my leg.

“Yes, yes.” She cried out.

Her whole body became paralysed as her orgasm took over her body.

After several seconds she recovered and started to slowly gyrate her hips again.

“Keep like this and I will be able to cum again.” She said increasing the speed of her gyrations. Unknown to us, Hilary was standing in the doorway in her robe, watching us with a smile on her face caressing her pussy. The second time Emma came, I struggled to hold her as her body convulsed on my prick.

Finally relaxing, we became aware of Hilary watching us, she said.

“you two look as though you are enjoying yourselves.”

With that, Emma raised her body up and extracted my prick from her cunt. Hugging and kissing me she thanked us both for allowing her such pleasure.

We laughed as she said in her very posh voice.

“Just what I wanted, it was fucking fantastic.”

Hilary came over and grabbed hold of my still erect cock, and led me to the bedroom while Emma went for a shower. I pushed Hilary on to the bed, held her hands above her head and thrust my tongue in her mouth, our lips were joined as one. I inhaled Hilary’s perfume which emitted a wonderful fragrance, and produced a feeling of erotica.

As she lay there in a submissive pose I looked at her beautiful body, admiring her gorgeous figure. She did not move as I released her hands and I moved my lips to her neck. I went down to suckle on her silky smooth right breast. My right hand stroked her body to find and knead her soft left breast. Hilary gave soft moans of pleasure as I tweaked her hard nipple, her breasts rising and falling as she inhaled deep breaths. My hand glided down her body on to the outer labia lips of her pussy. I teased her moist inner lips prior to nipping her clitoral bud with my fingers, I moved my tongue slowly down her body, licking all around the entrance of her love canal to sample her pussy cream.

To assist me to feast on her pussy, Hilary allowed me full access to every intimate part of her genitals by splaying her legs wide apart. I licked and sucked her flowing pussy cream, it was so divine I lapped it up, licking my lips with pleasure. Hilary slowly rotated her hips on my mouth, she gasped when I sucked on her love bud. I inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, curled the tips of my fingers so I was able to reach her G spot. My other hand reached up her body to nip a hard sensitive nipple while I sucked her clitoris. Screaming my name, her breathing increased faster and deeper, I sensed that she was approaching an orgasm. Her hands screwed up the bedclothes, her toes curled as her muscles tensed up. My tongue flicked and licked her clit causing her to squeal and arch her back as the orgasm took over her body. When she finished cumming, Hilary collapsed on to the bed, her pussy muscles pulsing on my fingers, her cum flowing into my mouth.

Climbing up her body, we hugged and kissed each other, the taste of her love juice was still on my lips. My hard prick seemed to find its own way into this very wet pussy, so I slowly pushed it all the way in. Knowing that Hilary would want to have several orgasms I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of that delicious cunt. Fearing that I would cum too soon, I rolled her over so that she was on top of me and could ride me to gain maximum pleasure for herself. In this position I was able to caress and play with those magnificent tits, making her gasp as I squeezed the hard nipples. It was not very long before she told me she was going to cum again. Her tits bouncing up and down when I released them , I clasped her arse with both hands to get more control.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She shouted.

The climax flowed through her trembling body as she collapsed on top of me. When her breathing recovered, she looked at me, smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. We lay there enjoying the comfort of each other’s body.

Emma came into the room, her perfectly formed elfin like body in a very sexy baby doll nightdress. It left nothing to the imagination. I could see her small firm breasts, pert nipples and smooth pussy clearly through the delicate material. Moving closer, the scent of her slim body exuded an erotic aroma.

“You look as though you two are having fun, may I join you?” She asked.

Without waiting for a reply she joined us on the bed and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Hilary tells me that you are very good at making a girl cum with your tongue, I would like you to prove it to me.” She exclaimed.

Having recovered from her exertions, Hilary sat up and started rotating her hips on my prick again.

“Come on I want you fuck me and shoot your load inside me.” She said.

Emma knelt down beside us and started French kissing me, our tongues fighting each other. Using my left hand, I stroked Emma’s gorgeous body, caressing her pert little right breast. I pressed my right hand on her head kissing her passionately. At the same time my hips were thrusting up inside Hilary. Sitting up, Emma removed her nightdress and lowered her breasts near my mouth. I caressed one breast and suckled the nipple on the other, her pink areolas were large for such small breasts. Hilary slid her hips backwards and forwards over my cock as though she was riding a horse in the Grand National. I knew that the way Hilary was riding me with her wet pussy muscles milking my cock I would not last very long.

Emma stood up and faced towards Hilary, and gradually lowered her well toned body down on to my face. As she spread her legs wide apart, I could see her smooth pretty pussy opening up wide before me. Positioning that gorgeous vagina on to my mouth, I could see right inside her soft delicate pink flesh. I kissed and licked all around her puffy labia lips, feasting on her freshly washed pussy. Sucking her sensitive bud in my mouth, I buried two fingers deep inside her, this lady just oozed sex.

A fire was building up inside me, the feeling being concentrated on my prick. It did not take very long before I got the sensation of my spunk travelling up my prick ready to shoot up into Hilary’s cunt.

With the final rapid thrusts of my prick, I reached the point of no return and shot my load into Hilary’s pussy. In turn, Hilary shouted out that she was cumming again, giving several large tremors as she orgasmed. Wow, it was fantastic, I could feel her pussy pulsing, clenching tightly on my cock, the muscles milking every last bit of my seed from my prick. Both of us were exhausted, but I still had another pussy to satisfy.

Emma rotated her hips on my face, spreading her honey on to my lips which I eagerly lapped up. I plunged my fingers into her soaking wet cave while my other hand pinched her left nipple. I used my tongue to caress her luscious inner lips, flicking her clit with my tongue caused her breath to quicken. Her hands locked my head in position, she gave a sigh of ecstasy as she achieved an intense orgasm. Wanting more, she did not stop but continued to hold my head on her pussy. She demanded that I continued to lick and suck her pussy and clitoris for another intense orgasm . This time she screamed out loud and raised her body so I could breathe. Keeping still I felt my tongue being sucked into her pussy, she panted from her exertions. Her tasty cream flowing freely into my mouth as she relaxed, yummy.

The three of us lay there for quite a while to recover from our exertions.

Emma remarked that there was plenty of room in the King Sized bed for all of us to sleep in. I was the lucky one in the middle and I soon fell asleep snuggled up between two pair of soft breasts.

When I woke up I had a raging erection which was between Emma’s delectable bum cheeks. Not wishing to wake Hilary, Emma suggested we both went and had a shower.

Emma joined me in the shower and commenced to soap me down all over. She Pressed her body on to my hard prick. She thanked me for giving her such lovely oral orgasms and wanted to return the favour. She was such a good cock sucker, and sucked it as if her life depended on it. I was so aroused I knew it would not take me long to cum. Knowing that she wanted me to cum inside her pussy, I removed my cock from her mouth. I lifted her up and rammed my cock inside her soaking wet pussy. I could feel the tips of her firm breasts pressing on my chest. Energetically rotating her hips she danced on my prick as I suckled on her left breast. I shouted out that I was cumming but she did not slow down or stop until she reached a climax. I felt her whole muscular body tighten as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. I felt her pussy muscles milk the spunk from my softening prick.

Standing in the doorway, Hilary brought us down to earth by reminding us that they have a Ferry to catch and she wanted to have a shower . Reluctantly I withdrew my penis from Emma and got out of the shower to allow Emma to finish her shower.

When the ladies were ready I drove them to the Ferry, as we drove we made plans to meet again in a month’s time. Arriving in good time to catch the Ferry, I was able to give them both a good hug and an emotional kiss. I Watched them walk towards the ship, they looked like mother and daughter. I concentrated my gaze on to those delightful derrieres, revelling in my memories. I stood there thinking of the wonderful time and fantastic sex I had experienced with both beautiful ladies. From the first nights sex on board with Hilary, to the morning sex in the shower with Emma. I can’t wait to travel to Holland and spend some time with them, or maybe I will suggest we go on a cruise.