Daddy and His Bratty Girl


I woke up alone this morning. In an empty house. I expected to wake up being cuddled by Dylan, with his arms around me and my legs tucked in between his. A part of me wished he was in the shower so I could join him. But no. I was alone, in a cold bed with a text.

“I’ve gone to the gym with a friend. I’ll be home at 12, we need to go shopping.” He didn’t even put kisses, or sorry for leaving you.

I don’t have the motivation to get out of bed without him around the house but I need to shower. I left my warm sheets and put on one of Dylan’s shirts as I go downstairs to make a coffee. This was the worse way to wake up for me. I’ve had a busy week and I was out of bed before Dylan every morning and I had no breaks within the day. It’s been stressful and exhausting but I finally had a break. I wanted to spend it with Dylan. Well he’ll be back soon. So it’ll be okay.

* ?° ¸ –

So he wasn’t back in time. I had sent him two text messages which he didn’t even reply to. It had already been an hour since he was meant to be here, his phone kept on going to voicemail. I started to get frustrated.

It had been an hour and 30 minutes until the lock on the door opened.

“I’m home!” He shouted, expecting me to greet him at the door with a kiss. But instead I was sat on the couch with a confused face.

“What happened baby girl?” He questioned.

“Where were you, Dylan?” You weren’t picking your phone up”

“I just ran late that’s all, I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to make you wait” He told me, as he tried to give me a kiss. I pushed him off and huffed.

“Whatever, let’s just go.”

* ?-

We were shopping when he gets a phone call. Meaning he’ll be twice as slow. I didn’t want to be in this store anymore. All I wanted was cuddles as I felt myself growing more grumpy. I was silently begging him to hurry up. He pushed me in the direction of where the sweets are, whilst he takes his call.

I really didn’t want to go alone but I agreed as it would make the trip faster. I picked up some chocolate and marshmallows just because they are cute and fluffy. When I get back to Dylan, he’s off the phone.

“Baby girl, I’ve invited my mum and sister to dinner. Does that sound good?” He asked, happiness radiating from him. This was meant to be my resting day after a week of mental stress. I was already grumpy due to having no kisses or hugs, but now I can’t have him to myself? I love his family but I just want him.

“But I don’t wanna have guests.” I whined, I knew I was acting like a brat but I just wanted him.

“But why?” He questions, confusion lacing his tone and face.

“I just want cuddles.” I whined even more.

“I’ll give you your cuddles later.”

* ?-

I’ve been giving him the silent treatment, only a few hums here and there. I threw myself on the bed when I came in. I could hear Dylan moving around downstairs and I don’t care that I’ve gave him attitude. After 30 minutes I hear his footsteps come up the stairs. He came into the bedroom, so I went under the sheets.

“Baby girl, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I spoke, as my voice was muffled from the pillow.

“Excuse me?” He exclaims.

I get onto Kurtköy escort bayan my elbows. “I. Don’t. Want. To. Talk. To. You. You left me alone, then make plans when I want you to myself.”

“I said sorry for that baby, and I’ll give you kisses and cuddles later. Stop being childish.”

“If I’m childish, you’re a dick.” I mutter.

His hands cups my face and lines up my face with his so he can look into my eyes. He presses my face together so it looks like I’m pouting. His nose brushes against mine.

“This attitude of yours is pissing off, I said sorry, now I’m close to losing my patience,” His tone was harsh as he spit the words out through gritted teeth. I’m thinking of something to say as he presses harder on my face and comes closer. “Acting like a fucking brat isn’t helping you.”

He pulls away from me and looks at me. I know he’s wrapped around my finger. He released this grip on my face and his hands slides down to my throat. Applying just enough pressure to assert dominance and to make me weak in the knees.

“Now. Get dressed and act like the good girl you are. Got it baby?”

“Okay,” I mumbled. I looked back up at him when he doesn’t say anything and he’s giving me a pointed look. “Okay, daddy.”

* ?-

I was being an obedient good girl when we got to the restaurant. I acted on my best behaviour and I let Dylan cut up my food and I ate it all. Including the vegetables. But yet she still thinks Dylan will punish her for her behaviour.

When we arrive home, he orders me upstairs straight away. I run up to the bedroom and quickly take my dress of as I get on my knees, just how he likes me.

“Oh little one, look at you, you’re being such a good girl now.” He looked down at me, his height was even asserting dominating.

“I’m always a good girl for daddy!” I looked up at him as I spoke. He began to trace my jaw, then he forces me to look up at him.

“But would a good girl give daddy such an attitude like before? Hmm,” he asked me, crouching down to my level, I started to feel bad for before now “Would a good girl curse, hmm? Or would they call daddy a bad word?” I looked away, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“You look at me when I talk to you!” He demands, forcing my chin up so I look at him.

“I’m so sorry daddy, all I wanted was to cuddle.” I pouted.

“A cuddle? That’s all?,” He mocks me, “Just a little bit of attention, over my lap now.” He demands me. I laid myself across his thighs as quick as I could, not wanting a worse punishment.

“One!” I shouted as the first smack landed on my bum. I knew he was mad today by the forceful hits. “Two dadd- ow Three!”

I yelped out with the next spanks. My ass was stinging more and more with every impact his hand makes. I know his hand-print will be on my ass.

“Stop whining you were a bad girl, and if you’re a bad girl you can take your punishment as a big girl.” He tells me.

“I’m so sorry daddy! Please! I won’t do it again!” I cried out as his hand landed more spanks. His hand starts to come down even harder, then he starts to man handle my ass, gripping onto it so hard.

“If you were patient like a good girl we wouldn’t be here but no you Escort Kurtköy had to be a brat!” The tenth spank comes down even harder. Suddenly, he grips my waist and pulls me off his lap and onto the centre of the bed. I start to push myself up as Dylan starts to settle in between my thighs.

“Oh baby girl, you’re so filthy, you’re soaked, all due to a spanking?” He rubs the wet spot on my panties with his thumb. He pulls the barely material panties down my legs, throwing it to somewhere in the room as he leans down and stares at my pussy. I know my pussy is glistening. He doesn’t hesitate as he licks a stripe up mu folds, lapping up my arousal.

My hips start to buck up as his tongue gets to the centre of my pussy, I whine out in pleasure after wanted attention for so long. But to my dismay Dylan pulls away. I want nothing but his tongue devouring my pussy. I know he’ll tease me and drag it all out. This is his favourite punishment to give me.

“All you wanted was some attention, hmm little one?” He coos me as his mouth pulls off me. I frantically nodded whilst Dylan puts his arm over my hips to stop my moving. He spits onto my begging, swollen clit and watches it dribble down.

“Let me have a taste.” His free hand rubs over my clit, making me whine, wanting more. He takes his time as his fingers dips into the wetness which has pooled at my centre, which was my wetness and his spit. He drags it up to my clit. His head finally goes down and his tongue laps around my clit, aching for more. He groans out, making vibrations run through my pussy.

“Oh m- dadddy.” I moaned out as I notice him pressing his cock into the mattress. His tongue swiped over my clit and focused on my clit solely. His tongue flicking my bundle of nerves. Dylan knows my weaknesses. He knows what gets me riled up. He knows when I’m about to cum. He stops his assault on my clit as he knows I’m close.

“Daddy! But whyy” I whined, all I wanted was release. I never wanted the pleasure to stop.

“Oh baby girl, you thought I’d give it to you that easy? After the way you’ve been?” He speaks as he unbuttons his dress pants and pulls his boxers down his legs. He teases me by taking his time taking off his shirt. He makes his way over to me and hooks his finger into the strap of my bra, pulling me up so he can take it off. Leaving me bare on the bed, all for him.

He brings a hand up to my mouth and his thumb slides into my mouth, making my mouth hang open. He then spits into my mouth, claiming me as his in a fully primal way. I moaned out and complied as he clamps my mouth shut and take in the sweet taste of him. Dylan then shoves me into the centre of the bed, who’s already on top on me.

He pressed a kiss to my lips as he lines himself up with my cunt. “I’m gonna fuck you now.” I nod my head more frantically than a bitch in heat, I finally moan out as he rams himself into me.

“Oh fuc- dadddy,” I screamed out as my nails dug into his back. He’s so deep in my pussy, my pussy is clenching around his cock uncontrollably. “Daddy please move, I’m your good girl.”

“Look how desperate you are for my cock slut, begging for it aren’t you baby girl?” I couldn’t even bring myself to form words. I’m high Kurtköy Rus Escort off the pleasure that his cock was giving me. My eyes closed as my mouth opens, letting broken moans fill the room as Dylan rolls his hips, the head of his cock hitting my G-spot. His lips attach to my neck, biting, claiming me for the whole world to see. I started whimpering in pleasure as my pussy squeezed his cock even tighter.

“Fuck. You’re so tight around me baby girl. Your pussy fits my cock perfectly.” he thrusts his hips, dragging it out to tease me. His lips go to my breasts as he takes a nipple into my mouth, making me moan out in pleasure. I fucking love it when he does this, I can cum just by him sucking and biting my nipples. He rolls my nipple in between his teeth and I sigh out. He gives the same treatment to my other breast, as he starts massaging the abandoned tit in his palm.

He knows I’m close, just a couple of seconds from squirting on his big cock. My body is shaking hoping I won’t be denied, moans never stop leaving my mouth as I’m growing closer to my climax. My pussy is clamping down on his cock, milking him. But suddenly, I whine out as my pussy is empty.

“Nooo daddddy!” I cry out, whimpering and my hips thrusting into nothing. My climax slips into nothing. “Please let me cum daddy please! I need to squirt on your cock” I beg, wanting nothing more than to cum. By the smirk on his face I know he was enjoying seeing me squirm like this

“Do you deserve it little one?” Dylan teases me as he rubs his dripping cock along my folds and circles it along my clit. “You were mean today, I don’t know if I should let you cum.” I pull at his hair, whimpering out pleases. “Maybe I should finish and not take care of you. You can have my cum over your tits that’s it. Hmm?”

“No please daddy! I didn’t mean anything I said”

“Have you learnt your lesson? That good girls don’t use bad words?”

“Yes daddy, I won’t do it again! Please daddy! I’ll be the best girl!” I sobbed. He lent down and locked our lips in a deep kiss. His hand slides down to the back of my thigh and hikes my leg over his shoulder, giving him a new view, before he makes me full of his cock again.

He’s mercilessly ramming into me, slamming his hips against mine at a pace that has me crying out for more. The force of his thrusts shift me up the bed, Dylan’s hands go to grip my ribs to hold me in place as he fucks me. His eyes wandered all over my body, at my tits bouncing, at the marks on my neck claiming me as his, where my pussy is squeezing his cock.

“You’re such a good girl, taking daddy’s cock so well, you’re daddy’s, this pussy is all daddy’s.” I moaned out at his words, as I’m dragging my nails down his back. My hips try to clench shut as overwhelming waves of pleasure overtook my body.

With Dylan’s teasing and edging left me so sensitive, making me cum just by a swipe of his thumb over my clit. I’m squirting – my back arches from the bed and my walls clamp down on his cock, making him moan out. Dylan pushes one more thrust into me as he stills and spurts out cum into me, his balls clenching and releasing as his head buries itself in my throat and bites down to muffle his moans.

He goes to pull out of me before I stopped him.

“No, I don’t wanna be empty.” I whined. Dylan brings my legs down and lowers himself on top of me, his cock comfortably inside of me.

“I’m daddy’s good girl.” I mumbled.

“My good girl” Dylan murmurs as he presses a light kiss to my forehead.