Housebound Ch. 05


At some point, after her twenty-one forced electrical orgasms had ended and the machine had begun (slowly but firmly) fucking her again, Katie had simply passed out. Overwhelmed by the powerful stimulation of the machine as it held and toyed with her body, she fell into strange and cruel dreams of enormous steel hands, shuddering pleasure and dozens of girls moaning in unison with her, all kneeling submissively at the base of a throne.

When she woke, stiff and aching, she found herself free of the machine. She was lying tangled in a white blanket atop a loose pile of pillows, with sunlight streaming in the windows of a small, plain room.

She sat up quickly, only to discover that she wasn’t quite as free as she’d thought. She was wearing some kind of heavy collar, padded but snug enough that she couldn’t twist it. Her hands were still bound with leather-lined cuffs behind her. Her legs were unbound, but the thought of running was quickly pushed out of her head when she realized what the thing between her legs was.

It was a very strange sort of chastity belt–but Katie had no doubt it was one. A sort of flat, glossy black cup covered most of her pussy, held in place by a pair of black leather straps that rose up above her hipbones and seemed to connect at the small of her back, just over a cold metal disc. As she squirmed around, trying to get a better look at it, she could feel that it was holding itself in place inside her cunt as well–not painfully, though she had no doubt it would become painful if she tried to remove it.

Completing the setup was a little X of black electrical tape directly over her clit, holding a hard little bead of some kind in place against it. A slim wire ran from the bead down under the cup: Katie had figured out enough by now to guess that it was a vibrator, and that she was sick of these toys. She reached down, arching her back to get her hands between her legs and pull the whole apparatus out.

“I wouldn’t,” said a girl’s voice from the doorway.

Katie looked up to see one of the other girls from the back of the van: the pretty blonde one, who seemed to have been grabbed in the middle of a nighttime jog. She was out of her workout clothes now, though, wearing a metal collar of her own–and one of the most humiliating outfits Katie had ever seen.

It was something like a slutty maid costume that a sorority girl might wear for Halloween, but even those weren’t as outrageous as this one. The underlying little black dress barely even reached her hips, exposing so much leg that Katie could clearly see the girl wore a chastity belt too. Predictably, she was wearing a pair of black stilettos that must have been like walking en pointe. Her white stockings rose to her thighs, and the matching white pinafore over the dress wasn’t just low-cut–it was actually scooped to frame and push up her completely bared breasts, which were small and perky enough not to need much support. As she turned to close the door and walk in, Katie could see that it was completely backless, tied together behind her only by a little black-ribbon bow.

And she was holding another costume just like it.

“I’m not putting that on,” Katie said immediately.

“I didn’t want to either,” said the blonde girl, sounding a little desperate. “But believe me, it’ll get so much worse. He can do things to your body that–you just can’t understand–“

“Oh, I can understand,” said Katie, shuddering. “He had me down in this little room all night, strapped into a machine.”

The girl turned bright pink. “Oh,” she mumbled, “that was you?”

“But if he’s stupid enough to think he can turn me into some brainless bimbo just by torturing me,” snapped Katie, “then he can just take all his little toys and shove them up his ass. I’d rather go naked than wear his little fetish outfit.”

The girl winced. “I was afraid you’d say that.”

The shock that snapped through Katie’s body from her collar left her unable to think, move or even scream; her muscles locked up, arching her back and making her writhe on the pillows, and even when it finally ended and left her gasping, they were still trembling too hard for her to do more than writhe.

“My name’s Emma,” muttered the blonde girl, bending down to gently roll Katie onto her back. “You’re Katie, right? I know this is going to seem like I’m being his, y’know, his Judas goat or something, but I’m just trying to play it smart.” She began to dress Katie in the humiliating maid’s uniform, tugging it tight and tying another bow behind her before pulling out another pair of thigh-highs. “There’s no way we’re getting out of here if we don’t let him think we’re playing along… trust me, I already tried.”

“Ffffuck that,” managed Katie, gasping for breath as her body slowly began to recover. Somehow the slutty uniform really was more humiliating than being naked. Noticing that it seemed to have been tailored to her proportions brought back his mocking words the night before, about getting her “fitted.”

Emma sighed as she finished pulling Katie’s cihangir escort stockings on and began putting her feet in the stripper-shoes. “Look, just try it my way for a little while, okay? The other two girls fought back together when he went to get them this morning, and they got absolutely nowhere. He told me a little about what he’s going to do to them, to–to punish them, and I don’t…” She shuddered. “No offense, but I don’t want to wind up in one of those basement rooms with you.”

That brought Katie up short. She wanted to fight, but she couldn’t take another round on the machine; even thinking about it made her whole body tremble in fear, anger and–she had to admit–arousal. The thing had practically turned her mind into jelly, and she needed all her wits about her if she was going to get out of here intact.

“Fine,” she muttered. “Whatever you say.”

The relief on Emma’s face was so clear that Katie almost felt guilty, knowing deep down that if she had to leave this girl behind to get free of their abductor, she’d do it in a heartbeat.

With Emma’s help, she climbed to her feet, legs and arms still shaking from the shock. She quickly discovered that even walking (or tiptoeing) with the chastity device on was a maddening tease: there was something like a short, bulbous dildo inside her, cunningly shaped and flexible enough that any shift caused it to thrust and withdraw just a tiny bit. Katie flushed as the sensation of slipperiness made her realize the thing had already made her wet. It seemed to have been molded perfectly to her inner walls; she could just guess where those measurements had come from. She didn’t even want to think about what it would do to her if the bead vibrator or the strange metal disc at the small of her back were activated to do… whatever they did.

Walking precariously, tarted up and fucking themselves with every step, the two girls stepped out into a short corridor. Emma, leading the way, had to steady herself on the wall at one point to stay in her heels; Katie resented the fact that her own hands were still behind her. But maybe that meant she was the one he still considered a threat…

Actually, she thought as they left the hallway and entered a very tall, circular, mirrored room, things could have been worse.

Emerging from another hallway was their kidnapper, pushing a steel thing like a bellhop’s luggage cart. Instead of coat hangers, the rail at the top of it had two steel hooks attached to it, each with a long, rigid haft. Bound back-to-back and hogtied, vaginally impaled on the hooks, were their fellow victims–the redhead and the Asian girl.

Both were gagged and nude, except for their own collars and a pair of white thigh-high stockings on the redhead. They looked like they’d been struggling hard; he, meanwhile, didn’t seem to even have broken a sweat. The girls would occasionally let out a muffled cry and jerk wildly, as the wheels on the cart rolled over some sort of contact and triggered a jolt of electricity from the battery wired to its base.

Even the sight of them being tormented like that brought a rush of memory from the basement room back to Katie’s mind; her legs trembled. She would have liked to think it was nausea making her knees weak.

But that would have been a lie.

“Good morning, Katie, Emma,” he said, stopping the cart with his foot as if this situation were the most normal thing in the world.

“Good morning, Sir,” Emma chirped. Katie, sullenly, said nothing. She was trying to figure out if the two of them together could take this guy by surprise–but her hands were still cuffed, and if he’d really overpowered the other two that easily…

“You should teach Katie the proper greetings when you have a moment, Emma,” he said, giving her a slightly harder look. “I need to take Jen and Amber here downstairs to instill a little discipline. You two can each take a kneeling pad and wait for me. I wouldn’t attempt to leave; your collars have just been locked to the borders of this room. And we know what happens when we defy our collars, don’t we?”

He winked. Katie gritted her teeth, but remembered the overpowering shock of just a few minutes before, and said nothing.

“Very well. I’ll return in a moment.” The girls on the cart whimpered again as he resumed rolling it out of the room.

“What was that about ‘proper greetings?'” scowled Katie when she thought he was out of earshot.

“What do you think?” Emma shrugged. “He wants us to call him Sir, Master, or James.”

That made Katie blink. “James?”

“Yeah.” Emma turned slightly pink. “He said that, um, after last night we might as well be on a first-name basis.”

Katie had no idea what to say to that.

Emma was walking over to a set of four blue velvet pads, about two feet by six inches, arranged in a semicircle on one side of the room. “I think we’re supposed to settle down on these… and don’t think he hasn’t got cameras to make sure we’re doing what he says.”

Katie didn’t mecidiyeköy escort like the idea of kneeling, but anything had to be better than standing around in these heels. She settled down onto the pad next to Emma, unconsciously settling onto her ankles and spreading her knees to keep the chastity device from digging into her thighs. Combined with the pull of her bound arms behind her back, she found herself in a naturally arched posture that was somehow the least uncomfortable position–and almost obscenely submissive.

“You picked up on that fast,” said Emma, one eyebrow raised.

Katie glanced at the mirrored wall opposite them to see them both in almost exactly the same position: kneeling, spread, breasts pushed out and backs arched in their ridiculous little maid costumes. The sight made her turn several shades of red with embarrassment, among other emotions she didn’t want to think about.

“It’s the least awkward way to sit, I just–” With a start, Katie felt a gentle humming begin between her legs. “–what the fuck!” she finished. It wasn’t just the vibrator or the dildo; the whole device was pulsing with some kind of charge that felt both physical and vaguely electric. It throbbed through not only her cunt, but her whole pussy, pelvis and even her lower back where the disc attached. It carried a certain tickling pleasure, but it was indirect and more than a little frustrating.

“He said something about… induction charging?” said Emma, shivering a little. “Like, we have to kneel on these things for a while every day to keep the batteries on the collars and… things… topped up.”

“I don’t think I like it,” Katie said, swallowing and trying to steady her legs.

But that was a lie too.


Down in the basement, Jen almost sobbed with relief when her kidnapper finally stopped the cart and lifted her easily off the hook. Enduring hours of having her clit shocked the night before had been awful, but having that thing shoved so deep inside her AND still getting shocked… it was a brilliant sort of cruelty.

They’d had it all planned out that morning–Jen would be lying there on the pile of pillows when he returned, pretending to be asleep; Amber would hide behind the door as he entered. Then Amber would knock him down from behind while Jen kicked him in the balls, and the two of them would make a break for it through the door. Even with their hands bound, they’d thought that two-on-one and being prepared would be enough to get the drop on him.

It hadn’t quite worked out that way.

He’d simply walked in and slammed the door wide open, trapping Amber behind it; when Jen rushed him anyway, he’d handled her like a clumsy child, flipping her upside-down with ease and locking her ankles to her wrists before she could think. Then he reached behind the door and hauled out a struggling Amber, forcing her down on her belly and shoving a knee between her legs, controlling her squirming, desperate body as if he’d been doing it his whole life.

Then he’d started spanking her pussy.

“I know this was your idea, Amber,” he said firmly, even as Jen tried not to watch or listen to the wet smacking sounds of his hand or Amber’s stifled gasps. “I should have known better than to put a good girl like Jen in with a bad apple like yourself.” Smack; gasp. “But now you’re both going to have to learn proper behavior the same way…” Smack. “Slowly.” Smack. “Painfully.” Smack!

Amber had finally let out a desperate, wordless squeal then. He’d grinned and held his hand out to Jen–his palm was visibly wet from spanking her.

“Or maybe she’s taught you a few things already?” he mused.

“Why are you doing this?” said Jen furiously. “Leave her alone!”

He’d ignored her, locking Amber’s ankles to her wrist cuffs in the same way he had her bound, then removing a sharp pair of scissors from his back pocket. Jen was humiliated to know that he had had a weapon on him the whole time and hadn’t even bothered to use it to threaten them.

She was even more humiliated when he cut away her dress and left her bound, collared and totally exposed. How many guys fantasize about having an little Asian girl conveniently packaged up like this? she’d wondered bitterly. It’s like he ordered us online and we just showed up at his door.

Jen tried not to think about the way that idea, along with watching his treatment of Amber, had started making her lower belly and pussy throb with warmth.

Then he’d stripped Amber down to her stockings, forced gags into both their mouths and brought in the goddamn cart. Getting picked up helplessly and dropped down onto that hook had been more than just painful; it made her feel like nothing more than a fuckdoll to be wheeled around and used when he saw fit.

When he’d started rolling them out, giving them a shock deep inside every few feet, she’d thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Then he’d wheeled them into the basement room.

Jen wanted very much to ignore the fact that she was both sore and absolutely kurtuluş escort dripping with wetness from that hook. He wasn’t about to let her, of course. After removing Amber from her hook and dumping her on the floor, he lifted Jen off and laid her on her back (very uncomfortably, as her bound limbs were still behind her) on a high table with a hard, cold surface. Then he pulled out a speculum.

Jen’s eyes went wide as he spread her lips with his fingers; she tried to wriggle away, but there was nowhere to go.

“Forgive me if I don’t warm these up,” he smirked, “but I don’t really care if you’re comfortable.”

She gasped as he pushed the cold metal lips inside her and spread them wide, clicking them open with some kind of ratchet mechanism. Going to the gynecologist had never been like this. Especially when, leaning down to look into her cunt, he brought a small tool of some kind out of his pocket and started applying vibration to her clit.

Jen wriggled even harder; the gag muffled a stream of blistering curses, but he held her down and continued to examine her as if she were some kind of animal. “You’re only making this last longer, you know,” he said calmly, pinching her clit harder against the vibration, then removing it, then pushing the vibe up between her cheeks to buzz against her anus. Jen nearly arched off the table when he did that.

“Sensitive, hmm?” He grinned. “Thought you might be. The machines will be gathering plenty of data on you in a moment, of course, but I like to do an exam myself too… I feel it brings a certain intimacy to the proceedings.”

Jen glared at him, cheeks flushed and hair clinging to her face, her whole body covered in a thin gloss of sweat and with her own wetness visibly dripping from her swollen cunt. She hated him more than she’d ever hated anyone at that moment.

He stroked the vibe lightly over her clit, and she realized that her body didn’t seem to care about that.

He began to toy with her body in a series of escalating cycles. He would work her clit slowly but surely between one finger and the vibrator-tool, up and down, hands steady no matter how much she writhed. After a couple minutes of that, he’d suddenly pinch her clit and hold it between his thumb and forefinger, even as he flicked on a tiny flashlight at the end of the tool and used it to peer deep inside her. When she tried to squirm free of his grip, he simply took two fingers and pushed them up between her cheeks; they were already wet and slippery from her own juices, so she was forced to jerk up again to keep him from penetrating her ass.

Then he’d mutter a couple of notes to himself, release her clit, and ratchet the speculum open a notch wider, stretching her painfully. He’d start working her clit with the vibe again–this time maybe in circles, or side to side, or sliding it easily inside her open cunt to probe at her g-spot.

Jen hadn’t even been sure her g-spot existed, but she was sure as hell certain now.

By the time he finally closed and withdrew the speculum, she had to admit, she was trembling at the edge of orgasm–nearly as worked up as she had been after spending hours in the van with that vibrating egg inside her. The way he could seemingly control her arousal with barely an effort infuriated her. It was as if he knew her body better than she did.

He lifted her up off the table and replaced her with Amber, who had been watching with mounting fear the whole time. She hadn’t even tried to make for the door–not that there was much point, Jen realized, in a hogtie with the heavy door securely shut. Jen lay panting, the heat of arousal still pulsing through her belly, and watched him work on the red-haired girl.

Jen actually thought she’d handled it a little better herself. Amber absolutely couldn’t control her body when he pushed the tool deep inside her; she would thrash and scream into the gag, and he’d have to grab both her nipples and hold to keep her from squirming right off the table. His ability to control a girl’s body was more than just a talent, Jen found herself thinking: it was almost supernatural. He read girls like some people read stock tickers.

Watching Amber’s torment was somehow making her even more aroused. Trying to distract herself, Jen glanced around the room: concrete walls with racks of cuffs and rings bolted into them, a few inset bulbs casting a harsh light straight down, the table, the cart… and something else, in the unlit area behind her. Jen peered at it. Was it something else to transport them with? There were definitely restraints on it…

The shape of it suddenly resolved in her vision, and a chill went through her. It was a machine, some kind of torture device like she’d never seen before, obviously designed to hold two girls in place. Dozens of clamps, pads and electrodes dangled from a central trunk, which was crossed a few feet off the ground by a rounded beam on a fulcrum–something like a miniature seesaw with a couple of bumps near the center.

What worried her most, though, were the two rods on pneumatic pistons that jutted up from the floor, each of which just barely poked through a hole drilled in the crossbeam. They were rubber, but with a visible steel core, and even the sheath was covered in protruding studs. She didn’t want them anywhere near her, let alone inside her.