An Afternoon in the Pool


My name is Amee. I am 24 years old and I am currently working as a volunteer in a remote community educational project in Southeast Asia. The conditions are very Spartan and the nights are long, my only enjoyment being my thoughts, fantasies and fingers.

Like many girls I suppose, I remember every delicious second of my first sexual encounter with a boy. I often think about it when I masturbate, (which is quite often in this place,) so, for no other reason than that I was terminally bored, horny as hell and craving for the feel of the soft, silky touch of a girl against my naked body, and/or the deep, urgent thrusting of a guy between my thighs, I decided one evening to document my first time experience for my own pleasure. When I started to write, I couldn’t seem to stop, and, when I had read what I had written, I thought that it would be interesting to share my story with others and discover whether I was just a horny slut, or, if there were others out there who might be interested.

My parents own a cattle station in a remote part of northern Australia and my early schooling years were home tuition via the School of the Air. I didn’t get to meet many people of my own age during those years until I was 16 when I attended a Catholic boarding school for girls in Adelaide. The school had very strict social rules but, for the two years I was there I made some really good friends, all girls of course as we were never allowed to be in company with boys unless we were closely chaperoned by a member of the staff.

I was a rather shy and reserved sort of a girl, due to the fact of my remote upbringing no doubt, and I found it rather difficult to make friends at first. With the exception of my two elder brothers, I had virtually no experience of interacting with boys and no sexual education whatsoever. Our homestead was about 400 km from Darwin, and my parents and brothers always made sure that I had minimal contact with the station workers, in case one of them deflowered little Amee!

I made one very special friend at boarding school, Bobbie, she was also from Darwin. Her father was married to a Singaporean lady. Bobbie was a beautiful girl, the same age as me, I was very envious of her good looks, a typically Eurasian stunner, slim, delicate and perfectly proportioned, she has a beautiful, smooth, light olive complexion with straight, jet black hair that falls to her waist and frames the doll-like features of her face and deep, black almond eyes. Her breasts, whilst small, were firm and exquisite. I, on the contrary, was ultra slim to the point of being skinny, blonde, unruly hair and virtually no breasts to speak of. Our friendship however became very close.

Both Bobbie and I decided that we wanted to attend Darwin University, and when we left boarding school at 18 we were both accepted. Both of our parents agreed that I could board at Bobbie’s house during the uni’ semesters.

Bobbie’s parents were filthy rich and they owned a huge house on about 20 acres of land with a huge swimming pool and tennis courts just outside of Darwin. It was a wonderful time of my life and our relationship developed on to a whole new and sensual level.

Bobbie’s step-father had a son from a previous marriage, his name was Brett. He was twenty one and was a typically bronze, good looking, athletic Aussie’ boy and a full time, post grad’ student at Uni’. Bobbie and I both had a mad crush on him, we thought he was an Adonis, but he was much older than us of course.

Although we were both virgins, Bobbie was a very extrovert sort of person and seemed to know how to interact and flirt with the boys at uni’, I, on the contrary was quite the opposite, shy and nervous, especially in the company of boys. Whilst neither of us had ever actually been with a guy, we would, like most girls of that age I suppose, spend hours talking about boys and sex as if we had a world of experience. We had a beautiful relationship and we grew closer every day.

I had my own room at her house and Bobbie had a huge bedroom with a TV and video player. Most nights I would sneak into her room and we would turn the air conditioner up high and curl up together in our pj’s under the sheets in Bobbie’s bed and watch TV or video’s and talk for hours until we fell asleep.

Bobbie had a habit of flirting with her step-brother Brett and would tease him at every opportunity, It was obvious that he was attracted to her, but I think he was a bit intimidated by her because he was a several years older than her, also he had a girlfriend.

Our sex education at that stage consisted of ‘Penthouse’ magazine and porn video’s, a secret store of which Bobbie had found one day when she was sneaking around in Brett’s room when he was out, so she would occasionally pinch one of each and we would read the magazine and play the movies in Bobbie’s room. So we knew all about boys, (or thought we did.) How their cock’s got hard when they were with girls and we would talk about how it might feel when they put it inside you. We would hold our breath in Eskort anticipation when the guy on the movie pulled out of the girl and she would masturbate him until he came all over her tummy, and we would wonder what it would feel like to feel a guy ejaculate inside us. We even shaved our pubes so that we would look like the girls in the movies.

When it was very late, I would go back to my room after watching those porno’s and reading the magazines with Bobbie and lie in bed with the lights out and re-run those sex scenes an magazine pic’s in my imagination, masturbating as I did so. My thoughts it seemed, were permanently obsessed with sex. Barely a night would go by that I didn’t finger myself to orgasm.

On reflection, I cannot believe how naïve I was at 18 years of age. I sort of had the idea that I was different. I mean, Bobbie and I would talk about sex when we were in her bed, we would watch porno’s and read horny magazines but I thought that it was just a fun thing as far as Bobbie was concerned, a bit of a giggle. I, on the other hand, could feel this warm, sensual glow in the pit of my tummy that seemed to make my vagina moist as I watched the movies, and I could feel a rising, urgent need to be in my own bed to attain that exquisite relief that I knew only my fingers could bring. I never really thought that Bobbie might feel the same way.

Every porno’ has, of course, the obligatory scene of two girls getting it on together with the guy watching and jerking himself until he comes. One night Bobbie and I were curled up in her bed, watching such a scene on one of Brett’s videos when Bobbie turned to me and said.

“What do you think it would feel like if we did that and let Brett watch us? Do you think he would want to stroke himself while we did it?”

I couldn’t answer for a while, because it suddenly hit me that, for her to say that, she must have thought about her and I doing something like that together.

“Do you touch yourself like that?” I said to her hesitantly as we lay close together in our pj’s.

She turned her head on the pillow so that she was facing me.

“Do you?” she asked in return.

“Sometimes.” I replied.

“Do it now. Show me what you do.” She said, propping herself up on her elbow, her eyes wide open with interest.

“Let’s do it together.” I suggested.

From that moment our friendship blossomed into the most beautiful, sexual experience possible. It had never dawned on me that Bobbie was as sexually turned on as I was with the visual stimulation of watching people make love on screen. She, like me, would have her fingers between her thighs as soon as I had left her bedroom.


Thereafter, I rarely slept in my own room. We would lie in Bobbie’s bed together, watch movies, talk about Brett and imagine what it would be like to let him fuck us. We would lay there for hours and masturbate ourselves while we talked and then we would take our pj’s off and play with each other and try to imitate the girls we saw on the movies when they fingered each other. It was just a giggly schoolgirl sort of thing at first but it wasn’t long before we discovered the wonderful sensation of shared orgasms and the different ways we could make each other come. It was at that stage that we shaved each others pubes to be like the girls on the movies.

I loved to look at Bobbie’s beautiful body and her small breasts as I knelt beside her on the bed, her long, ebony hair spread over the pillow and her olive skin contrasting against the white sheets. She would tell me how to move my fingers on her and where to kiss her. I especially loved to watch the expression on her face when I made her come, and when she did it to me, she would lay her face on my tummy and her long, black hair would cascade over my naked body. I would close my eyes and fantasize about Brett as she worked her fingers against the soft, sensitive lips of my vagina, moving them faster as my thighs opened wider and my hips arched off the bed, working to the tune of her fingers.

I would clutch her hair in my fist as I was about to cum, and she would slip her slim finger inside me as I clasped her hand, pressing it hard between my legs, slobbering incoherently in my orgasmic spasms.

When we had watched the movie we would read the stories and look at pictures in Penthouse. We would sit naked in our favorite position, me with my back against the head of her bed, with a pillow behind me with my legs open and knees drawn up, and Bobbie sitting between my legs with her back to me. Bobbie would read the graphic stories aloud and I would look over her shoulder at the pictures. In this position I could put my arms around her and finger her sweet little slit and fondle her gorgeous, small breasts. At the same time, I could press the lips of my own puss’ hard against the small of her back and work it hard against her.

We would play for hours like that, and when we were building up to an orgasm, I would use two hands on her cunt, I would use the tip of my middle finger to work firm little circles against her clit’, and slip my other middle finger inside her and work it in and out. She would put her hand around her back between my legs and put her finger in me.

As I finger-fucked Bobbie I would pull her tight against me, trapping her hand between my groin and her back and work myself off on her finger until we both came.

It wasn’t long before we also discovered the way we could use our lips and tongues on each other, using our tongues like soft, slippery little cocks in each others vaginas. We both made a promise to each other that, when we both got boyfriends, we would share them, just like they did in the movies.

One Friday afternoon after uni’, we dumped our stuff in our rooms and put on our bathers to go for a swim. My bathers were one-piece as my mum wouldn’t let me have a bikini, but Bobbie put on her brief bikini, it was small and white and contrasted wonderfully with her light, olive skin. We had the house to ourselves for three whole days as Bobbie’s parents had flown interstate for a weekend seminar, (they were both teachers) and they promoted Brett to ‘head of household’ for the time they were away.

We went down to the pool to find Brett and one of his friends, John. John was the same age as Brett, Bobbie and I both knew John as he was often at their house, he was a good looking guy with dark hair and a great body, he and Brett were both in the uni’ footy team and he was also one of the guys Bobbie and I would talk about when we played around in bed.

The boys were splashing around in the pool when we came through the gate and shouted for us to come in. We sat on the edge of the pool dangling our feet in the water and the guys came over to us. John stood in front of me and grabbed my legs, just below the knees and tried to pull me in. I struggled against him, protesting that the water was too cold, although I didn’t struggle too much because the feel of his hands on my legs felt good.

“Ok.” he said, “I’ll lift you in slowly.” He reached up, put his hands under my arms, lifted me and suspended me above the water in front of him. My legs and thighs were in the water, resting against his chest. It felt as if my tummy was melting, it was a similar sort of feeling that I got when Bobbie fingered me but it was the first time I had felt it with a boy, in fact, it was the first time that I had ever been so close to a boy.

He lowered me slowly into the water but kept me close to him so that my body sort of slid against his as he lowered me down. I could feel his shorts against my legs, and, Oh God! As the front of my leg, just above my knee brushed against the front of his hips, I could feel the unmistakable bulge of his cock pressing against my leg through his shorts, he had an erection. He didn’t lower me all the way down because the water was up to his chest and would have come over my head so he held me close against himself and started to wade slowly towards the shallow end of the pool.

I cannot possibly describe the way my body reacted; I was waking up to new and incredible sensations. As he waded towards the shallows he gradually let my body slide lower against his, the water pressure against my back was pushing me firmly against him and I could feel the whole length of his hard cock pressing against my tummy. John knew that I could feel it, it would have been impossible for him not to know.

His arms were around my waist, he lowered one of his hands, cupped my small arse and lifted me higher, and, as if of their own accord, my legs wound around his hips under the water, my arms went around his neck and I buried my face into the side of his neck.

His rigid cock was now pressing hard between my legs and, as he waded, the movement of his hips caused his erection to press and move against the lips of my vagina beneath my bathers. I tightened the grip of my legs around his waist and pulled him harder against me and he gripped my butt harder, grinding his cock against me through the fabric of my bathers. I was sobbing and gasping into his neck and wishing that the two layers of fabric between his hard shaft and the sensitive lips of my slit would disappear.

When we reached waist deep water he sank to his knees and I did the same. We were kneeling, facing each other and John just looked at me and touched the side of my face with his fingertips, his other hand was resting on my waist, holding me close to him, he was a lot taller than me and I could feel the end of his cock pressing hard against the indent of my navel.

Other than on the videos, I had never seen or felt a penis, hard or otherwise before. It is impossible to describe the sorts of emotions and thoughts that were going through my head as I felt John’s hard cock pressing against me in the pool.

According to the instruction manual, (Penthouse,) boys got erections when they were with a girl they wanted to fuck, and fuck, of course equaled love in my immature thinking. How could John, a gorgeous 20, (nearly 21 year old) love me and want to fuck me, a skinny, barely eighteen year old. As we knelt there facing each other, the end of his stiff shaft seemed to be burning a warm, fuzzy hole in my tummy and the look he was giving me was making my whole body tremble uncontrollably.

My hand was resting on his waist under the water, I desperately wanted to touch and hold his cock, but afraid in case I was doing something that I was not supposed to do. I closed my eyes, (I don’t know why.) and moved my hand under the water to the front of the waistband of his shorts, but, just as I was about to drop my hand down I heard a sudden ‘Thwak.’

I opened my eyes and saw that Brett had thrown a water polo ball from the other end of the pool and it had struck John on the back of the head. He and Bobbie had been splashing around at the other end of the pool and were shouting at us to have a game, the girls against the guys. As the ball hit John, he had quickly stood up to throw it back. I was still on my knees, and as he stood up in front of me, his hips came above the surface and I gasped as I saw the huge bulge his hard-on made as it pushed the front of his shorts out like a tent.

Whilst I had felt his cock pushing against me under the water, I didn’t have any perception of how big it actually was. I suddenly had a flashback to Penthouse, and how a girl, if she loved a guy and they were fucking each other, would actually take a guy’s cock in her mouth, suck it, and tease it with her lips and tongue, and sometimes she would let him come in her mouth. John’s voice brought me back to reality,

“Come on.” he said, “we had better go and join in or they will wonder what we are doing.”

We played ball for a while. There was lots of body contact and I made sure that a lot of that contact was between John and I. Whenever we were in contact I devised every ploy that I could to make sure my wrist, my arm or some part of me brushed against the front of his shorts where the bulge of his cock was still evident, he in turn seemed to be taking every opportunity to slide his hands against me, touching my breasts and thighs whenever we came together and trying to make out that it was accidental.

My biggest surprise though was once, when I was holding the ball in front of me, about to throw it to Bobbie, Brett came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist to stop me throwing it and I felt the length of his cock pressing against the cheeks of my butt, he held on to me for a while, even though I had let go of the ball and thrust his hips hard against me. It was definitely hard. This was all very confusing. Did they both want to fuck me?

As the game progressed though, I thought I was beginning to put two and two together, because Brett and Bobbie were spending a lot of time horsing around, even when they didn’t have the ball.

Eventually we grew tired of the game. I wanted to stay in the pool with John, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to be alone with Bobbie to tell her what had happened. But she and Brett had drifted off to the far end of the pool leaving John and I on our own.

We both seemed to feel a bit awkward for a couple of minutes; it was like he didn’t want to talk to me. I felt crestfallen and swam to the side of the pool and sat on the steps, the water up to my neck and my head resting on the step. After a few minutes John swam over to me.

“Can I join you?” he said. I moved to one side and the steps were just wide enough for him to sit at the side of me.

When we were side by side it was a tight fit and the side of his thigh was pressed close to mine. The feel of his skin against me seemed to bring on the same sort of warm, tingly feeling in my tummy that I get when Bobbie and held our bodies close and touch each other.

He didn’t say anything for a while, we watched Brett and Bobbie wrestling and horsing around at the other end of the pool, I was just enjoying the feeling of him sitting close to me. John seemed to be thinking about something, his mind seemed miles away, then, suddenly, he turned his face towards me.

“Do you like me?” he asked suddenly.

I was stunned, like him! He was the first boy who had ever paid any attention to me, of course I liked him, I was in love with him for chrissake! “Yes.” I replied quietly, “Of course I like you.” and waited with baited breath for several minutes, praying that he would say more, but he fell silent again for some time.

Bobbie and Brett had suddenly gone silent at the other end of the pool. They were on the same side of the pool as we were. Brett had backed Bobbie against the side of the pool, they were standing with the water up to their chests and Brett’s body was pinning her against the wall. Bobbie had both her arms around his neck, Brett’s hands were under the water and their faces were close together, whispering and smiling. Oh God! He had his hand on her breast and they were kissing. Both John and I saw it. Brett seemed to push his lower body against her and it lifted Bobbie higher in the water, exposing her chest for a moment. Brett had pushed her bikini top up, uncovering her small breast and his left hand was caressing it,