The Cruise Singer Pt. 02


I walked out of the hotel heading towards the Eiffel tower which I could see off in the distance. I managed to avoid the various gypsy beggars and their children who tried to con me into giving away my euros. My thoughts weren’t really on sightseeing at the moment, Amanda and I had planned on walking around together and now that was a bust. Well, you know where my mind was; with Amanda and Monique.

I grabbed a bite to eat at one of the many sidewalk cafes on my little tour. I sat, eating and contemplating what my wife and her soon to be lover were doing. Actually I had a good idea what they would be doing. It not only frustrated me it delighted. Luckily, it was a beautiful day out, the weather had been wonderful since we’d arrived, the rest of the week looked great too. Perfect for touring if we ever got back to that.

As I pondered my situation I enjoyed gazing at all the lovely ladies passing by. I’m not a big fan of large cities but they do have a tendency to have quite a lot of pretty women to make one smile. I finished my lunch and took off again to get some pictures. I’m not a street photographer I prefer taking pictures of wildlife far away from people. However, I found myself shooting pictures of people, buildings, and various signs and shops I found interesting. I was enjoying being out on my own the thoughts of Monique and Amanda vanished from my mind as I took pictures wandering about Paris.

I had been out about five hours when I arrived back at our hotel room. On the nightstand was a note from Amanda telling me she’d call after dinner, that she loved me and she hoped I had a good stroll. I ate dinner at the hotel restaurant then headed back to the room to look over the pictures on my laptop and maybe post a few on Facebook.

Around eight the room phone rang, it was Amanda. She and Monique were at Monique’s apartment they had walked around a bit then took the metro back to Monique’s. She apologized again for not being there and said she’d be back in the morning but didn’t know exactly what time. I asked if everything was okay, she said yes, things were going well with Monique, she felt safe being alone with her. We said our good byes and hung up.

I still felt like this was some sort of movie or something because it didn’t feel real to me. I tried watching TV but it didn’t interest me. I edited a few pictures and posted them online, replied to my emails and then called it a night. It was weird sleeping alone in a hotel room without the woman I brought but I resigned myself to accepting it eventually falling asleep.

Saturday morning came too early, I didn’t sleep well wondering about my wife. I had breakfast in the hotel dining room which was nice. When the Maitre ‘D asked if I was alone I sighed yes. I was seated by a window overlooking the boulevard. I ordered a croissant and coffee, not my usual fair but I didn’t feel like eating. After breakfast I decided to walk around again and take pictures. It was much the same as the day before different faces in the same basic area. I missed Amanda more than I realized. I hoped she was enjoying her time away because I wasn’t. The day ended as it began, alone. She didn’t come back to the room until Sunday mid-day. That’s when I learned about her weekend.

Monique arrived just after you left. I was still fidgeting around unsure of what to wear. I opened the door and all my worries seemed to evaporate. She stood there gazing at me with a smile on her face. I felt embarrassed as she walked in kissing me on both cheeks then my lips.

Monique then looked into her eyes, “Bonjour, Chéri. You look lovely Amanda. I saw Monsieur Jay in the lobby, he told me your room number. He is quite a nice man, you are a very lucky woman.”

She closed the door, “Thank you Monique. He is one of a kind that’s for sure.”

Looking round the room she replied, “What a lovely room. It’s larger than my apartment.”

“Oh my, your apartment must be tiny.”

“It’s cozy, but then it’s only me and I’m gone quite a bit during the cruise season. Shall we get something to eat then do some shopping? You packed a bag to stay with me, no?”

Amanda hesitated, “I didn’t but I can put some things together real quick.”

“It’s just in case you decide to stay, Chéri. I hope you will and it’s easier if you are prepared.”

“Okay, just a sec,” she found a small bag, hurrying about the room she loaded some essentials.

Monique observed as Amanda scurried about the room, “If you forget something we can buy it. You look so very nervous.”

Amanda stopped, looked at Monique, “I am nervous. I’ve never done or even thought about doing something like this.”

“Aw Chéri, please sit.”

Amanda did as requested. Monique walked over to her, placing her hands lightly on Amanda’s cheeks she tilted the woman’s face to look at her own.

“Please, don’t be nervous. We talked about this on the ship. I want you to enjoy this more than you know. If you have any misgivings about this we can call it ısparta escort off. At any point we can call it off. I’m attracted to you like ze moth to ze flame. Relax, please Chéri.”

Amanda sighed relieved by Monique’s plea, “I’m sorry, I’m calming down a bit. Let me leave a note for Jay and I’ll be ready to go.”

“As you wish.”

When Amanda stood Monique she slipped her arms around her intended loves waist. She pulled her in, whispering, she looked into Amanda’s eyes, “You won’t regret this, I assure you.”

She kissed the nervous woman which calmed and reassured her. Amanda was a bit surprised with the kiss. It actually did relax her and excite her. She found the hotel note paper then scribbled a quick note to Jay. Monique held the small bag with the essentials in it patiently waiting. Amanda looked around the room making sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. She grabbed her keycard, her purse then headed towards the door hoping she was doing the right thing.

Exiting the hotel they walked a few blocks to a small cafe. They sat at one end of the building apart from everyone else. When the waitress appeared Monique ordered in French for the two of them.

“I hope you don’t mind, Chéri but, I ordered for the two of us. Something light and a little wine. You still seem nervous and unsure.”

Amanda sighed, “Still that obvious, huh?

“Oui, it is. I completely understand. You know you can leave anytime you like, no? I won’t just abandon you.”

“I didn’t think you would. I’m just thinking about Jay and so many other things. I wish I could just clear my mind and relax.”

“I ordered some wine which may help,” Monique grinned.

“It certainly couldn’t hurt,” Amanda smiled.

Their order consisted of a nice Bordeaux, cheese, bread and some fruit. They sat eating and sipping for almost an hour. Amanda’s thoughts slowly turned from guilt and anxiety to ones of anticipation and delightfulness.

When they finished Amanda’s mood had certainly improved. They walked a few blocks holding hands to the Metro station where Monique purchased their fares. While they waited for the train to appear Amanda was lost in thought once more as Monique slipped her arm around her. Whispering a little reassurance in Amanda’s ear seemed to help but, Monique wondered if Amanda would ever relax. When the train did arrive they boarded it in silence taking seats next to each other just inside the door.

Amanda watched as the city of Paris flashed before her on their way to Monique’s apartment.

“Do you like Paris, Chéri?”

“From what little I’ve seen, yes. It has so much history I’d love to spend more time here and explore it.”

“You have a week, no? Maybe I can be a tour guide for you and monsieur Jay.”

Amanda laughed, “Hopefully, he’ll still be speaking with me when I get back. I think that might be nice.”

Monique grinned, “Oh, he wanted you to do this, no? Maybe we can talk him into it. I know a few nice places that the tourists don’t get to see. You two will like it.”

The train slowly came to a stop in Melun the two women disembarked then turned to watch the train continue on it’s journey. To Amanda it seemed like it symbolized a point of no return. She’d slowly come to terms with what she was about to do not that it was evil or anything like that but it was different and out of character for her. They walked a little ways from the station to Monique’s car; a Peugeot 108.

“Oh, what a cute car!” Amanda exclaimed.

“It is cute, you like?”

“Yes, they don’t have any like this in the US.”

“No, small cars?”

Amanda laughed, “No, I mean no cars from Peugeot. We have small cars like this just not from them.”

“Oh, I see, most cars in France are small to get around on the tiny streets.” Monique answered as she opened the doors.

“Makes sense to me.” Amanda smiled as she set her bag in the backseat then sat next to Monique.

They sat in silence as Monique drove the relatively short distance to her apartment. She parked on the sidewalk much to the amazement of Amanda. There were other cars parked similarly so Amanda just shrugged it off.

Monique’s apartment was on the second floor of a recently constructed building. It was small compared to most America one bedroom units but it was cozy and easily maintained since Monique was gone when working on the various cruise lines.

The apartment was tastefully decorated, everything had it’s place with very little clutter. Monique showed Amanda where to place her bag in the bedroom. Amanda unpacked, placing her things where Monique instructed her. Then she got a quick tour of the apartment.

“Would you like something to drink? We drink a lot of wine here but I do have water, tea, and coffee if you like.”

“Oh, water is fine, thank you.”

Monique retrieved a small bottled water from the refrigerator and handed it to Amanda, who opened it and took a long drink.

“Would you kars escort like to stay here for a little bit and relax? We French don’t have big refrigerators like you do in America so we’ll go out later to get the ingredients for our dinner. I was thinking fish or chicken unless you don’t care for them, Chéri.”

“Either is fine, I’d like to help cook if I may.”

“I would like that, oui. We can figure out which when we are at the market. Would you like to sit and talk for a bit?”

“Are we going out tonight? I really didn’t bring much if anything to change into if we are.”

“Oh, We can walk around if you like. There isn’t a lot to see here in Melun that’s why I live here. Not so many tourists.”

Monique sat at one end of the sofa with Amanda on the other. As they talked Monique inched her way closer until Amanda was sitting next to her. Amanda finished explaining an American phrase to her then turned placing her water on the end table. As Amanda turned back to finish her explanation Monique leaned in kissing her on the lips. At first Amanda was surprised, her eyes widened then slowly closed as she delighted in the feel of the younger woman’s lips against hers. A soft sigh emitted from both ladies as they relaxed into each other.

Monique could feel Amanda lose her hesitations as their kissing became more passionate. She’d break their embrace to use her tongue to trace the older woman’s lips, then return to kissing. Their passion building with each moment.

They squirmed on the sofa trying to find the perfect position while they kissed. Eventually Monique stopped to look Amanda in the eyes. She cupped her soon to be lover’s face in the palms of her hands and whispered, “You’re ready Chéri, no?”

Amanda blushed nodding her head. Then Monique rose, taking Amanda’s hands in hers and lead her to the bedroom. Amanda was still a bit reluctant but Monique quietly dismissed any apprehensions Amanda had by complimenting her and gently helping her get undressed.

Amanda started to undress herself but Monique quickly put a stop to that. With a whispered, “Let me, Cherie,” she began the undressing of her lover.

It was a slow sensual process, Monique would loosen a button, then kiss or caress Amanda. She’d repeat each delicate step until Amanda’s blouse was loose then she helped her slip it down her arms. She then carefully placed it on the back of the dressing table chair.

The bra was next, standing behind Amanda she softly kissed the older woman’s shoulders as she unhooked the plain white bra. Slipping her fingers under the shoulder straps on both sides she lovingly lifted them then guided them forward. Amanda shivered as the garment slipped down her arms and off her. Monique hooked one strap in her fingers as the bra left Amanda’s body, she pulled it around stopping it from hitting the floor. Again she delicately placed it on the dressing table chair on top of the blouse.

The skirt was next, Monique could see goose bumps rise on Amanda’s arms as she passed in front of her to unbutton one of the last remaining obstacles. She inserted her fingers between the woman’s skin and skirt fumbling for a moment before finding the hook. Uncoupling the two ends she drew the zipper down holding the waistband of the skirt.

Amanda was shaking with anticipation. It seemed like Monique was torturing her by taking her time. It was a delightful torture, Amanda’s excitement grew with each delicate touch from her lover.

Monique then kneeled so Amanda could step out of the skirt. She massaged each calf as Amanda complied stepping away from the skirt which was laid on the edge of the bed. While on her knees, Monique removed each of Amanda’s shoes, placing them just under the bed. Finally, she reached up, her fingers grazing Amanda’s tummy she slid her fingers in and around the waist band of the panties…ever so slowly she inched then down Amanda’s hips, thighs and calves until they rested on the woman’s feet. She looked up at Amanda with a huge smile.

“Oh, Cherie, you are gorgeous.”

Amanda blushed as she stepped out of her panties. Monique gathered the last two items to place over the chair. She walked over to the naked Amanda taking her in her arms and kissing her deeply.

After their kiss Monique asked Amanda to get in the bed while she removed her clothes. Amanda then slipped onto and under the covers to watch Monique strip for her.

Again Monique took her time, talking to Amanda while getting ready to join her.

“I assume you have never had a woman undress you before, no? I like undressing my lovers. Their anticipation and excitement excites me, Chéri.”

As she talked she unbuttoned her own blouse, pausing to show a bit of cleavage, teasing Amanda. Eventually the blouse was loosened and removed, ending up in a wicker hamper by the bathroom door. Monique’s bra was much prettier than Amanda’s, pink, lacy, and a bit smaller than she should have worn but it did emphasis her beautiful breasts. kastamonu escort She slipped the straps from her shoulders, rotated it around then removed the clasp. She held her breasts in her crossed arms bending forward teasing Amanda by jiggling them at her. Her crimson fingernails contrasting sharply with her porcelain skin and red hair added to her lusty demeanor.

Letting the bra fall down her arms she then twirled it over her head, laughing and swishing back to the hamper to drop it in. She slipped off her flats as she stood next to the bed leaving them next to her lover’s.

Her skirt came off with a little hip swaying and dance as if she were a stripper in some men’s club. Amanda was both tickled and aroused as she watched the redhead perform for her. At last Monique removed her panties, she turned so all Amanda could see was her back side. When they were gone and in the hamper she turned to watch her lovers expression when she revealed her cleanly shaven vagina.

Amanda’s expression turned from amusement to astonishment when expecting a bush of red discovered the bare white area. Monique made a mental note to talk about that with her as she made her way back to the bed. Before entering it she massaged her breasts playing with each nipple as Amanda lay watching her.

Amanda’s anticipation grew, licking her lips as she watched Monique tease her she patted the bed wanting her lover to hurry and join her.

Monique smiled as she peeled back the bed sheets. She then slid in next to her leaving the sheets at the foot of the bed so they wouldn’t interfere with their love making.

Amanda lay back as Monique half covered her with her upper body to kiss her. Monique’s warm bare skin felt good to Amanda. Soft and silky unlike Jay’s whose chest hair would tickle causing her to lose her concentration at times. Their mouths met as Monique’s hand slipped on the other side of her body, her thigh between Amanda’s legs. Monique then slid her own body up and down Amanda’s, their nipples grazing, and Monique’s leg massaging her vagina with each up and down movement.

Amanda couldn’t help but compare her husband’s foreplay to Monique’s. Each felt good to her but in different ways. Jay was strong and masculine making Amanda feel protected while he focused on her breasts, mouth and eventually her vagina. Monique was softer, patient, and paid more attention to her entire body rather than her breasts.

They lay kissing and massaging until Monique could feel Amanda’s warm dampness against her thigh. She then removed her leg, replacing it with her hand, focused her massage with two fingers. Gently moving them up and down Amanda’s vulva pressing intermittently harder with each pass. She was arousing Amanda much differently than Jay did.

Jay had learned over time to slow down and in the past few years the times they had ‘made love’ he’d achieved an erection during their foreplay but let it go since Amanda couldn’t tolerate him being inside her due to the pain. He tried going down on her but that stopped being something she enjoyed. He had brought her to orgasms in the past but the thought of her juices on his lips kissing her afterwards seemed unsanitary so she stopped letting him do that. So, his only method became his fingers, massaging and eventually slipping inside her until he hit a spot causing pain. Than they would stop, he’d sigh and she’d console him because it wasn’t entirely his fault.

Monique was much different, her fingers played outside until she was flowing then inside without causing any pain. Her lips explored every inch of Amanda’s upper body and face. Instead of feeling ticklish Amanda felt aroused, like she did when she and Jay had been newlyweds. This was new, exciting as well as arousing. Her body delighted in everything Monique did to it. Monique’s tongue in her mouth was like a serpent exploring a tunnel looking for a mouse. It swirled, darted in and out, grazed her teeth and toyed with her own tongue. Her saliva fell from the corners of her mouth dripping down to the pillows beneath her head.

With her fingers delicately playing within Amanda, Monique began whispering, something Jay never did.

“Do you like this so far, Chéri?”

All Amanda could do was nod, managing a muffled yes. Monique grinned as she continued whispering encouragement to her new lover. Kissing her way down Amanda’s neck her fingers delving deeper inside with a bit more gusto. Amanda couldn’t contain herself, her body spasmed with each twitch of Monique’s digits.

Her French lover moved further down placing her lips over the first available nipple. Enclosing it she gently suckled looking for a reaction. Amanda arched her back moaning deeply. Monique continued engulfing that nipple, her fingers discovering the prize within Amanda. Amanda’s clit was firm, Monique touched it gently then played with it while gorging herself on Amanda’s breasts.

Amanda hadn’t realized how amazing this was going to be. Her body lost control, Monique knew exactly how to work her into a frenzy unlike Jay who seemed to fumble around when making love to her. Amanda pressed herself into the bed as her body reacted to Monique’s stimulations. Muscles twitched while her heart raced, enjoying the new sensations within her.