On the Governor’s Staff


I hadn’t seen him in person for nearly three years, since shortly after he became Governor and I moved away to college. Mitch, to those close to him, had moved his family next door when I was sixteen.

They were really nice people, and neighbors. He had one son, Robert, which was in my class in High School, though I didn’t know him well because he had transferred from another school. He was the spitting image of his father, tall, dark hair, with brilliant pale blue eyes, and a winning smile. I’ve always found people with dark hair and bright blue eyes, striking. Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t even begin to describe this father/son pair. Needless to say he and his father were popular people.

Mitch’s wife Linda was the “trophy” wife. Beautiful, cultured, and surprisingly enough, a genuine and caring person, her family gave her more opportunities than most, yet she remained grounded.

You might wonder why I’ve spent so much time telling you about the neighbors. Truth is, after they moved in, they became my second family. Not that there was anything wrong with mine, but theirs was the ideal family; devoted parents, loving son, prominence in the community. But the thing that made it work was that both Mitch and Linda had had their son when they were in their twenties. My parents, my father, waited until their late thirties and were fifteen years older. So it really created a gap between me and my father.

But of course, life doesn’t always make things easy or fair, for anyone.

So it was a surprise when I saw him with several other people walk into the restaurant where I was working. I had moved out of state to go to college and just started my MBA with focusing in Hospitality Industry and was working a the local four star hotel as a waiter/host in their award winning restaurant, as well as at the Front Desk. The restaurant was fairly slow that night so there were only a few of us working. As luck would happen, I was next up for a table.

I could tell that the people were just mesmerized by him. I went round the table setting waters and then returned to my place behind the Governor to wait.

“I suppose we should look at the menu,” Mitch said to table.

I stepped closer and said, “Governor, may I get you and your party something to drink.”

I think it was the fact that someone addressed him as Governor that caused him to pause and look up.

When he saw my face, I could tell he was stunned, but excited.

“Well, my God.” he said standing up spreading his arms wide. “Steven, I can’t believe it’s you.”

He pulled me into a strong hug. He and his family were always very affectionate. Hugs were not uncommon, even between father and son, and I had been hugged by him many times in the past.

But this time it was different. It was longer than any in the past. And when he pulled back, I could see his eyes were a little shinier. He turned to the table.

“This here is Steve Walker; the son of a friend of mine, and my neighbor back home.” He went around the table introducing me to the people there.

“Steve,” he said, turning back to me. “What are you doing here?”

I looked at him and then around the table and briefly explained my schooling and career path.

Later, as I was walking out of the kitchen to go home, one of the night chef’s came around and said there was a room service that needed to be delivered, and asked if I could deliver it as a special request. I looked at him funny as the bellhops were notorious for their territory and this was definitely out of the ordinary.

“Special request, by whom?” I asked, although I had a good idea of who it was.

“The guest in the Presidential Suite specifically requested that you deliver this.”

I looked down and saw a tray of fresh fruit and bottled water. And while it was a special request, I also knew that if I went upstairs, Mitch would want to talk, and I knew that I could get in serious trouble for being in a guest room, with a guest. So I went to the MOD and explained the situation, I clocked out and headed to the service elevator used by staff. Even though I wasn’t working, I was still staff delivering room service and couldn’t use the guest elevators.

I was still in my uniform but grabbed my gym bag of street clothes and workout gear, and put it on the bottom shelf of the service cart. Covered by a draped table cloth, it was hidden.

I rang the bell to the suite and waited. I could hear voices inside the room talking, but nearing the door. I pulled the cart back as the door opened and several of the Mitch’s dinner companions stepped into the hall. Saying good night they left. Mitch held the door open as I pushed the cart in unloaded the items onto the top of the bar. I then grabbed my gym bag and set it out of the way.

“God, Steve,” he said in his deep voice, his eyes showing that twinkle again. “It really is great to see you again.” and he again came around to hug me.

We hugged for several seconds and then he broke away and walked to the bar taking off his tie and undoing the adana escort top few buttons of his dress shirt.

“Can I fix you a drink?” He asked as he set a glass on the top and filled it with ice.

“Brandy-Water,” I said as I walked across the floor toward him.

“Too bad you’re still in uniform. You look uncomfortable.”

I grabbed the bag from under the cart and told him I had a change of clothes. I headed for one of the suite’s bathrooms and changed.

There were four suites on the Presidential Floor. The Presidential suite was the largest and occupied nearly one third of the floor and had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and surrounding area. From 15 floors up, it wasn’t the tallest in the city, but it still had a commanding view.

The suite had a large living area, a smaller dining area off to the side with a table for twelve, and two bedrooms. The largest with a grand king canopy bed, the smaller with two queen beds. Each bedroom had a bath, as well as a bath for the living area.

I walked out in a pair of shorts and t-shirt.He held out my drink and we walked toward the sofas. He sat and then patted the seat next to him.

I walked quickly over and sat down and took a sip of the drink. I had to stifle a slight cough as I took the sip as the drink was quite strong.

“Sorry, if it’s a little strong.” he said apologetically.

“It’s fine.” I looked down into the drink, not wanting to say the next, but knew I had too. “I’m sorry to hear about Linda and Robert.” I said softly.

He lowered his head and nodded. I could tell the accident that killed his wife and son were still fresh wounds. Though it had been over a year before, I knew that it still hurt.

He looked up at me and had small tears in the corner of his eyes.

“It’s been a tough year.” He said bravely, and then took a drink. Rising, he went toward the windows and looked out into the night.

Looking toward him, I saw that he had aged somewhat during the past three years since I’d last seen him. His hair was a little longer and curlier than he had normally kept it, with just a hint of grey at each side of the temples.

He sighed heavily.

“There are days when I reach for the phone to call Robert, only to realize after I pick it up, that he’s not there.” He turned to face me. “No one’s there.”

He walked to the large chair next to the sofa and sat, placing his drink on the marble table top of the coffee table.

“There are some days when all I can think about is that it’s my fault. If it wasn’t for me, they would still be alive, and safe.” He leaned forward; one elbow on each knew he covered his face with both hands.

I knew what he was talking about. His wife and son were on their way to join him at a campaign rally for his re-election. They had made it to within two blocks of the convention center when they were killed by a man driving a stolen vehicle trying to elude the police. The man had survived, Mitch’s family had not. The race for the governorship was a battle that had been heating up. But with the accident only two months before the election, everything changed. Though it had been thought Mitch would have won, it would have been a good fight. When the votes came in, it was a landslide in his favor. There were many political pundits that felt the accident created an overwhelming sympathy vote, but most were quiet. Knowing that the real tragedy had occurred two months before, and nothing that could be said or done, would change that.

Of course, the political ramifications of the accident were not without notice as the state legislature strengthened or changed laws concerning public safety and police pursuit.

“Steve,” he said softly, “You’re the only son I have left.”

Those eight words pulled the tears to my eyes. He leaned into me, arms encircling my waist, and just sobbed. I had never seen a grown man cry as hard and deep as he did then. I pulled him in close and just held him as his grief flowed. For maybe ten minutes we held each other tight as his tears finally slowed and his breathing became more normal. My arms were tired from holding him in an awkward position so I dropped the arm holding him in front and rested it on his upper thigh. I heard him take a sudden breath and at that time and to my surprise I realized I had encountered something long, hard and hot just under his slacks.

“No, keep it there.” he said softly as he lowered his hand to my thigh. The warmth of his hand pressed against my leg started the blood flowing to my dick. Even with my underwear on, it started to push out from under the leg band. Given the fact that the fabric was pulled a little tight because of the way we were sitting, there wasn’t any hiding it.

His hand moved slightly and I could feel him squeeze my growing member. His breathing came a little faster. My heart started racing.

He released his grip but didn’t move his hand. Instead he slowly traced his fingers along its length. My dick pulsed and I could feel a wetness on my skin afyon escort from were I knew my pre-cum just fell.

Looking down, I could see his fingers move, up and down my covered shaft, pulling the fabric of my shorts tighter. A dark, round spot appeared at the tip of my covered cock.

Mitch ran his hand down my leg to the end of my shorts and ran his hand up my bare flesh, this time under my shorts left toward my cock. His finger tips grazed the oozing head of my dick and gently rubbed around the opening. I tensed my dick, forcing the head to grow larger and more pre-cum to appear.

He pulled away slightly and looked at me.

“I haven’t done anything like this before.” he said softly. “But you feel so good, and I just want to feel close to somebody again, but I’m so afraid of what may happen.

I could smell the drink on his breath, but his breathing told me he was intoxicated in a different manner. I rubbed my fingers against the hardness of his cock. I gently cupped his member. He took a sudden breath and I could feel his dick grow longer and rounder than it had before.

I stood, holding his hand. My dick tented the front of my shorts obscenely as I pulled him up and led him across the room into the bedroom. As we reached to door I flipped the switch to extinguish most of the lights in the living room. The bed had been turned down by housekeeping and beckoned us toward it.

I turned to face him, his breath rapid in anticipation of what lay ahead. I let go his hand and reached for his chest, unbuttoning his shirt. Upon reaching the bottom I undid his belt and then his pants. Loose at the waist, I pulled his shirt free wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing our groins together.

He rubbed his hands up and down my spine then slowly grabbed the roundness of my ass and squeezing, pulled me close. He pulled back his head, our eyes met for a moment and then he kissed me, tentatively at first, then more forcefully. His tongue making its way to mine as the stubble from his face rubbed against mine.

I stepped back, slid his shirt down his arms and finally off his body. His t-shirt was next, over his head. Naked to the waist I admired his still lean body and the dark dense hair that covered his chest and trailed to the treasure waiting below.

He kicked off his shoes and put his hands on his waist, sending his slacks to the floor. Stepping out of them, he took off his socks, leaving his tight briefs on with the tip of his cock extending over the waist line. In the semi darkness I could see the glistening tip as he pumped pre-cum.

I pulled off my shirt, dropped my shorts and kicked off my shoes and socks. My briefs were barely containing my hard-on as he stepped close to me. Drawing me close, I could feel the hair on his chest and abs as it rubbed against mine. Our hands now free to touch our bare flesh, our lips met and our kisses became more passionate.

He boldly moved lower and reached the waist of my shorts and pushed them down, freeing my engorged cock as it dripped pre-cum from its head. His hand grasped the shaft of my full seven inches and gently stroked up and down, my pre-cum coating his hand, adding that delicious lubed feeling I love when I jack off.

I snaked my hands into the back of his briefs and grabbed his ass cheeks and then circled his hips and grabbed his throbbing dick and stroked its hot, hard length.

Mitch pushed me back until I was at the end of the bed and gently forced me to lie back with my legs hanging over the edge. His right hand found my boxers and finished pulling them off, once free he spread my legs apart and knelt on the floor. His hands traced their way up my abs sending butterfly tickles through me. Through half closed eyes I could see him looking up my body; at my pulsing cock, the hanging balls below, and I’m sure the look of pleasure on my face.

Reaching my nipples he ran his thumbs around the points, bringing them to hardness. I could feel his breath on my balls and cock as he played with my chest. I suddenly felt his mouth open and take first one, then the other of my balls into his mouth, its moist warmth sending them from tight to hanging loose. At a loss to offer I just moaned.

The attention Mitch was playing on my nipples ended, and his hands trailed lower and grabbed my hard dick pointing at a 45 degree angle, ready to shoot its load over my head. With my balls still in his mouth, his strong, masculine hands alternately stroked and caressed my rod sending waves of pleasure through me. Looking down my body I saw utter lust in his eyes. With a twinkle in his eyes his mouth opened and my balls fell out. A smile crossed his lips as he leaned forward and took the tip of my swollen glands into his mouth. I moaned and threw my head back, my body twitching from the sensation of his warm mouth and tongue on my cock. One hand returned to my nipples as the other reached my balls. Both caressing and pinching the objects in their reach.

I felt the pressure building within and without warning; I sent a volley of alanya escort hot spunk down the Governors throat. As the first volley passed his lips, he pulled back taking just the tip as he stroked my rod sending more of my man juice into his mouth and down his throat. My body spasmed as the cum left and the afterglow of sensations flowed throw my body. Cool air reached my cock as Mitch stood up and looked down my body. I raised my head and saw a contented smile on his face, along with a mixture of spit and cum on his lips with just a short line of cum trailing down to his chin.

He brought his fingers up to his face and wiped the errant strand away and brought it too his mouth and sucked deep.

I looked down at his briefs, a large wet stain showed were the head of his still covered and hard cock was and had soaked the fabric. He must have seen my glance as he looked down and smiled.

“I guess I have a little problem,” he said as he rubbed the outside of his covered dick.

“I guess so,” I responded, my breath still labored from the heights he had taken me. “Why don’t you come up here and well see if we can’t take care of that problem.” I threw the rest of the bed covers back and exposed the bottom sheet.

He got on the bed and crawled across and lay beside me. I turned and reached for his chest rubbing my fingers through the deep, dark hair. As I pushed him onto his back I leaned in had kissed his lips, tasting residue of my explosion and just a faint flavor of the brandy he had served earlier. I leaned back and straddled his waist, bringing our two groins together, his covered. I could feel the head emanating from his cock. I ran my hands up and down his chest, the hair parted as my fingers crossed and quickly closed. I reached his nipples and took one in each hand and lightly rubbed them between my thumbs and forefingers. They were large, hard, had just barely visible through his dense covering and responded even more as I lightly pinched them. I leaned down and brought my lips to one, just a hint of teeth on the nipple, and sucked in.

Mitch shuddered. I switched to the other side and did the same, then slowly kissed my way down his chest and abs. Rubbing and kissing. As I reached his waist, I could smell his musky sent. I lowered my mouth to the tip of his covered dick and closed my lips around it. Turning to the side I could see him looking at me, the look of total want and need written across his face.

I brought my hands to his briefs and reached for the waistband. He shifted his hips slightly and I pulled the fabric, a long clear string of pre-cum went from his shorts to the head of his cock, growing longer with each pull away until it finally broke. I pulled the briefs clear of his legs and brought the soaked front to my face, breathing in his sent.

I brought them to my lips and stuck the soaked fabric in my waiting mouth. I could taste him. And the taste sent a wave of desire through me that I had rarely experienced before. I totally wanted his complete pleasure.

I threw the shorts at his face and he reached for them, bringing them in for long inhale. He looked down at me expectantly, his dick sending a pool of pre-cum to rest on his abs. I crawled over him until my crotch was just above his face; I leaned down and licked the tip of his pulsing cock, tasting the clear nectar being pumped. I could feel his breath on my dick and felt his hands pull my hips down toward his face.

Opening my mouth, I took him into my mouth. His body jerked from the sensations and sent the thick head of his dick down my throat. His hands spread my ass cheeks wide and I felt a moist finger prying its way into my man hole, past the tight sphincter into my depths. I closed my eyes feeling the slight fullness of his probing digit as it began its trek far deep in me. A warm moistness circled my hole as I felt his tongue circle the rim, his finger pressing deep, hitting my prostate and sending pulses of pre-cum to land on his chin and neck.

I took him all the way down my throat and sucked hard. He moaned and sent his tongue deeper in my dark nether hole. We sucked and licked for quite a while.

“I want to be in you.” he said hoarsely as he pushed my hips away.

I rose and turned around, my ass dripping from his attention. Squatting over his dick he grabbed his turgid member as I lowered my hole and felt the tip of his dick press for entrance.

Slowly, I sank lower as he raised his hip up pushing the swollen head against my tight rosebud. A sudden pain and fullness gripped me as the head passed and his length filled me to capacity. I sat for a moment, gathering my breath until the pain passed.

His large hand grabbed my throbbing member as the other found a nipple and squeezed slightly. His hips started a slight pumping motion and I began to ride his cock. Gradually, our tempo increased and the length of his rod pulled farther out and then pushed in deep.

He released my dick and pulled me close until I was almost lying on him. He sought out my mouth and I could taste the nutty sauce of his tongues probing mixed with the after taste of his drink. Our tongues met and his pounding increased. I could feel the thickness of his dick increase and suddenly he threw his head back and let out a guttural moan as his seed went shooting into my colon.