Behind the Iron Curtain Ch. 02


Continuing my story of what happened after the Berlin Wall fell and I was sent to Eastern Europe… Please vote (especially if you want to give me 5 stars!)


Damn, Danica was just as hot as her sister, Natalya, AND she spoke perfect English. The Berlin Wall had fallen a few months ago and I had been sent from our head office in London to this grim, post-communist country to head up our East-European operation after losing an office-politics battle. I had just fucked Natalya but I still looked frankly at Danica. So, shoot me, I am a red-blooded male. Like her sister, Danica had light brown hair, a round face with clear blue eyes, a cute nose, full rosy red lips. Travelling down, Danica too had a big chest and a slim waist. Both sisters stood at about 5’6″. ‘How old are you?’ I asked.

‘Twenty,’ she replied. I nodded. She was the younger sister. Natalya looked to be a few years older than her.

‘Please sit down,’ I said, gesturing to the chair and sitting down myself. When we had both sat down, I continued the conversation. ‘How come you speak perfect English?’

Danica looked at her sister and smiled fondly. ‘Natalya helped,’ she said.

I was puzzled because I knew that Natalya didn’t speak English. ‘How?’

‘Our mother died when we were young and my father was a soldier and away for much of the time. Natalya raised me. She worked wherever she could and spent all the money she earned for my education. I wanted to be a UN translator.’ Her eyes filled with tears. ‘I learnt English and German, but I am still stuck.’

‘Oh, why are you stuck?’

‘My father died and we were sent to live with our uncle. He is an alcoholic and steals whatever money we earn so he can stay drunk. It was lucky that Natalya found this place because she can live here away from him. You must understand sir about our country. After the fall of communism, the whole structure of society has disintegrated. Most older men lost their jobs and took to drink. Oligarchs have looted the country. There are no jobs for anyone. Life is hard.’

I nodded. I had gathered as much, just by looking at the city. ‘You have good qualifications though. What do you do?’

She gave a short laugh. ‘There are many girls like me. I work in a pork pie factory, stuffing sausage meat into pastry. I hate the job.’ She shuddered. Natalya put a hand on her shoulder, looking concerned. Danica spoke to her rapidly in their mother tongue and Natalya nodded and pressed her shoulder. Their love for each other was clear to see. Natalya moved behind my chair and started pressing my shoulders. I was embarrassed.

Danica smiled. ‘I know that you are having sex with Natalya. My sister and I don’t have any secrets and you don’t have to feel awkward about it. You forced yourself on Natalya a little bit but that’s okay. She likes you.’

I twisted back to look at Natalya and reached up to touch her cheek. She smiled and I turned back to face her sister. ‘Why don’t you leave your uncle?’

Danica shook her head. ‘The money I earn from the pork pie factory is a pittance. Natalya sends me money but our uncle takes it all. He says it is to pay for my rent and food. I would love to leave but I cannot afford it.’

I looked at her for a second and made a decision. ‘What if I said that you could live here?’

Her eyes widened. ‘Really?’ she asked hopefully.

‘I will want to sleep with you. As well as with Natalya. Are you both okay with that?’

Danica turned to her sister and spoke to her urgently. Soon they were laughing and squealing and both of them jumped into my arms, kissing me on one cheek each. I laughed and stood up, feeling one firm ass in each hand. My cock was a steel rod and I had to adjust myself to avoid being crippled. ‘Come with me,’ I said, walking to the living room. I sat on the sofa and pointed to a spot a couple of feet in front of me. ‘Stand there… and strip.’

Danica spoke to Natalya and they both started unbuttoning their shirts. They kept an eye on each other and synchronised their movements. First the top button of their shirts came off, then the next and then the one after that. I sat back and watched as their busts were exposed to my lecherous eyes. Natalya was wearing a plain white bra while Danica had a more adventurous lacy-frilled yellow bra with red polka dots on it. Then they pulled their shirts wide, exposing their flat, toned midriffs. Then the shirts came off and they stood in front of me, in their skirts and bras. Danica said something and Natalya looked at me and blushed. Then they turned towards each other and stepped forwards until their boobs squashed against each other. Danica put her arms round Natalya’s neck and kissed her. Natalya looked startled, then leant into her sister and they kissed as their bodies writhed against each other. Fuck, I thought. This bursa otele gelen escort was sexy beyond belief.

I quickly stood up and shucked my trousers and underwear, almost groaning in relief as my hard cock freed itself and sprang into the air. I then removed my shirt, so I was completely naked. I sat down again, with my legs spread wide and stroked my cock softly as I watched the two girls kiss. After a couple of minutes, they separated and again stood facing me, then unbuttoned their skirts and wiggled their hips until their skirts fell to the ground, revealing their knickers. The panties matched their respective bras – Natalya’s was white and Danica’s was a sexy yellow with red polka dots. I subconsciously stroked my cock harder, then slowed down. I didn’t want to come by wanking. I had two girls available and I intended to use them properly.

They reached behind them and unsnapped their bras, then worked them off their shoulders, before leaning forward and catching their cups for a moment before dropping the bras to the floor. My breath caught as I stared at the two pairs of boobs. The girls were young and it showed. The breasts, despite being large, were firm and high. Their aureoles were brown and they both had pink nipples that I wanted to pinch and bite.

They turned round and now I had a view of their butts – and what beautiful butts they had! Natalya’s white panties covered most of her ass cheeks while Danica’s polk-dotted knickers were almost thong-like and revealed most of her ass. I squeezed my cock in anticipation. They slowly slid their last piece of clothing down their legs, bending forward and thrusting their asses towards me. They stepped out of their knickers and turned round, both covering their pussies with their hands. Natalya was looking at the ground submissively and even Danica was blushing pink. ‘Come here,’ I said, my voice hoarse with lust.

They took small, mincing steps until they were standing just in front of me. I could reach out and touch them both if I wanted but I restrained myself. ‘Hands behind your backs,’ I said firmly.

Danica complied and whispered to her sister. Natalya obeyed my instructions too. I watched the two sisters standing in full frontal nudity. ‘Spread your legs,’ I said.

Danica moved her legs so that her feet were just a bit wider apart than her shoulders. Natalya copied her. They looked so fucking sexy. Two very similar-looking young women with light brown hair, pretty faces, big, firm boobs, narrow waists, firm washboard tummies, toned, shapely legs… the one difference was in their pussies. Natalya was fully shaven while Danica had a brown thatch covering her labia. My hand left my cock and reached out to stroke the younger woman’s pussy. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair. ‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘I don’t have a boyfriend so I didn’t shave.’

‘It needs a bit of trimming, but I like hairy pussies.’ I switched pussies and stroked Natalya. ‘There’s nothing wrong with fully shaved pussies. I like those too! And the contrast between your pussies is good.’ I spent a couple of minutes fondling both pussies with my two hands. Then a thought struck me. ‘Hang on, does Natalya’s bare pussy mean that she has a boyfriend?’

Danica shook her head. ‘No. My sister doesn’t have a boyfriend. But she had decided that if necessary she will have sex with whoever took over the house to keep her job.’ She saw the expression on my face change as I considered that. ‘Please don’t misunderstand,’ she cried. ‘Natalya really likes you. She isn’t just doing this for the job any more. She finds your firm manner very arousing.’

I already knew that I was taking advantage of the sisters’ desperation. I thought about it for all of one microsecond, then shrugged mentally. ‘On your knees, both of you,’ I said.

Danica got down on her knees and Natalya followed. I grabbed Natalya by her hair and pulled her to my cock which she immediately started sucking. ‘Is your sister a submissive?’ I asked Danica.

Danica frowned. ‘What does that mean? I don’t understand. Sorry.’

‘A submissive is someone who does what her partner tells them, especially in sexual matters. They enjoy that and get aroused by following orders.’

Danica said, ‘All women have to follow what their man tells them to, don’t they? That’s how we’ve been brought up. It’s common for a man to beat his girlfriend or wife if she doesn’t please him.’

‘Wow,’ I said, realising that I wasn’t in Kansas, or in London, for that matter. This was a culture shock to me. ‘Won’t the police lock up the man if she complains?’

Danica looked puzzled and shook her head. ‘Of course not. Why would the police interfere in a private matter? If a woman doesn’t like it, she can leave the man. But while they are together, then the bursa eve gelen eskort man rules the house. Otherwise it will just be chaos.’

It makes sense in a bizarre way, I thought. God knows that my ex-girlfriend could have used a few spankings. ‘So I can spank you, slap you, force you to do things for my pleasure and you’ll both do them.’

Danica spoke to Natalya and they spoke together for a few minutes. Eventually I got tired of my cock being neglected and jerked Natalya back to sucking me. Danica turned to me and said, ‘I’ve explained to Natalya what we were talking about and she fully agrees with what I said. You are the master of the house and you can do whatever you want with us. She says she trusts you and will be absolutely submissive to anything you want.’

My cock twitched and actually got harder when I heard those words. It seemed as if I had stumbled into paradise. I remembered something I had read about in a porn story but had never experienced. Let’s see how submissive these girls are, I thought. I pulled Natalya off my cock using her hair and told Danica, ‘You suck my cock.’

Danica’s eyes sparkled and her hands went to the base of my cock and her lips encircled the head. She had a different action to her sister – a harder, almost a vacuum pump style. I closed my eyes for a moment in pleasure, then raised my legs. I pushed Natalya lower, on to my balls. She got my meaning and start licking my balls, fitting in beside Danica. Once she had made my balls wet, I pushed her further down. There was resistance and a momentary hesitation and Natalya raised her eyes and looked at me through my legs. I nodded and pushed her by her hair towards my ass. Her reluctance vanished and her tongue reached out to lick me right on my hole. ‘Oh fuck,’ I cried, moaning with ecstasy. Natalya gave me a big smile, relishing the pleasure she was giving me, and dived back towards my ass. She explored my ass with her tongue, round the hole, up to perineum and the underside of my balls, then back down until she reached my hole again. Her tongue formed a firm tip and she prodded into my anus. I fell back in the sofa, keeping my legs up as one sister sucked my cock and the other rimmed me.

It wasn’t long before I felt my balls churning and I knew I was close. As tempting as it was to just lie there and climax in Danica’s mouth, I pulled her off and sat up, breaking Natalya’s contact with my ass. I was close and I stroked my cock, wet from Danica’s mouth, three or four times before I started ejaculating. I shot ropes of cum and sprayed it all on the two girls faces. I covered them fully and some even went on to their tits and their hair.

I fell back in the sofa, closing my eyes and soon felt my cock being cleaned with a wet flannel. When I opened my eyes, both girls were sitting in front of me with their knees folded under them. Their faces were still covered with my cum. ‘Did you like that sir?’ asked Danica.

I nodded. ‘I have a job for you if want it. Will you become my assistant in my office? The salary is four thousand Koruna.’

She looked stunned. ‘Four thousand? Per month?’

‘No, per year,’ I said, wanting to see her reaction.

Her face fell, and she thought for a moment. ‘Can I stay here?’

‘Yes of course, as long as I can have sex with you whenever I want.’

‘All right,’ she said slowly.

Holy fuck! This girl was willing to be my sexual slave for accommodation and a job paying fifty quid a month. It also showed just how much Georgi was overcharging for the woman he had put forward as assistant. ‘I am kidding,’ I said. ‘It’s four thousand Koruna per month. But be warned. I will fuck you a lot but you still have to do a good job at work.’

‘Yes, yes, yes!’ she cried. She turned to Natalya and explained to her. Both girls got up screaming in delight and jumped on me, kissing me, and in the process, covering me with my own cum.

‘Yuk,’ I cried. ‘Off with you girls. Go clean yourself, then clean me.’

Danica translated and they both laughed and got off me. Natalya sank back to her knees and started suck my now-soft cock. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked.

Danica pushed her sister’s head harder against my groin. ‘She’s cleaning you,’ she said, with a laugh, leaving the room. Well, there was nothing wrong this type of cleaning, so I lay back. Danica came back a few minutes later, just as my cock was reviving, her face scrubbed and carrying a damp flannel. Her tits bounced delightfully as she walked towards me. She sat next to me on the sofa and again pressed her sister’s head harder against me. I was harder now and Natalya made choking noises. I would have probably backed off but Danica kept Natalya firmly in place. Danica was definitely showing signs of being a dominatrix. I liked that – as long bayan escort bursa as she stayed submissive with me. Danica then wiped my face with the flannel and cleaned me, then kissed me on the cheek. I turned my face towards her and we exchanged an open-mouthed kiss. I reached up and held one of her boobs, squeezing. I then let go of her tit and took her nipple between my forefinger and thumb and pinched. She gasped as I tightened my grip. I twisted and pulled at her nipple while plundering her mouth with my tongue.

I was fully hard again. I stopped torturing Danica’s nipples and patted Natalya on the back of her head. She looked up at me and I made a circular sign round her face and pointed to the washroom. She nodded and jumped up. I turned my attentions back to the younger sister. ‘Let’s go to the bedroom,’ I told her.

I hadn’t entered Danica’s cunt yet and that was my next target. As we walked towards the bedroom, I swatted her bottom. She gave a mock protest and protected her cheeks with her hands. This left her front exposed and I slapped her boobs. Her breasts jiggled and my eyes sparkled at the sight. We reached the bed, but I had gone slightly soft by that time. I took her in my arms and started kissing her. She reached between us and started stroking my cock and soon I was hard again. I pushed her on to the bed and she fell on to the mattress, opening her legs wide. Her pussy was covered with a thick, brown thatch, making her look more mature than her twenty years. I could still see her pink cunt glistening through the hair. I reached between her legs and stroked her pussy, along the lips and over her clit. Her legs fell apart further and I moved over her, covering her body.

I felt her pubic hair against my cock as I sought the entrance to her womb. Danica reached out and took my cock in her hand and guided me. My head entered easily and then felt resistance. She wasn’t a virgin but her cunt was tight. I withdrew slightly and then thrust again, entering her a bit more than before. I repeated it a couple of times before I was fully embedded in her cunt. Then I started fucking her with long, slow strokes. The pleasure was indescribable. Her cunt was wet and hot. She gripped my hard cock like a velvet glove.

I raised Danica’s arms over her head and held them with one of my hands. With my other hand, I squeezed her boobs. She moaned encouragement and raised her legs and wrapped them round my waist. I kissed Danica. I was fucking her long and slow, enjoying myself. Danica’s moans rose in pitch and I quickened my strokes and she orgasmed explosively with a long, continuous moan. Eventually her orgasm subsided, but I kept fucking her. I was sure I could keep this for a long time, but I had reckoned without Natalya.

I had totally forgotten about the older sister as I fucked Danica. But suddenly I felt my ass cheeks being separated. Surprised, I looked back and saw Natalya kneeling behind me, using her two hands on my ass. I went back to kissing Danica and fucking her when I felt Natalya’s warm, wet tongue licking my hole. That sent me over the edge and I started thrusting into Danica more energetically. Natalya must have had a hard time keeping up with my movements, but to her credit, her tongue never left my ass as she licked and probed all over. Within seconds it was all over. I raised my head from Danica’s and gave a long wolf-like howl as I came and poured jets of cum into Danica’s cunt.

Later that evening, I sat down for dinner with the two girls. I had fucked Natalya once more that afternoon and I was exhausted and famished. Natalya’s cooking was excellent and her soup, Mediterranean salad, and pierogi did much to revive me. I retired to the living room, sipping a post-prandial brandy, as the two girls cleared the table and sorted out the kitchen. They finally finished and came and sat on either side of me. I actually wished I was a smoker because this scene felt like it called for a cigar. I ran my hands on the girls’ thighs with a proprietorial sense of ownership. It was difficult to believe that I had been in the country for less than twelve hours. I knew that given the state of the economy and the general laws and customs here, these girls had no real alternative to staying with me and letting me fuck them and use them however I wanted. I wasn’t a total bastard. I would be honourable with them. I would keep them in their jobs, I would pay them the salaries I had agreed, which seemed to be generous by local standards and I would look after them. But these were nubile, sexy girls in my power and I had no intention of denying myself. I would fuck them as often as I felt like and I would use them to fulfil my every fantasy.

‘Danica, tomorrow you will come with me to the office so you can start off there. And tell Natalya that she should start English lessons for a couple of hours a day when I am in the office. I want her here well before I get back so she can look after me.’

‘Yes sir,’ said Danica and translated for her sister. Natalya nodded and said ‘Thank you, thank you. I learn good English.’ And they both kissed me on either cheek.

‘Spread your legs girls,’ I said. ‘Give me full access to your pussies.’