All a Sister Needs is her Brother Ch. 02


Rachel opened her eyes and for a second she didn’t know where she was. But then the discomfort in her right eye coupled with the relaxedness in her body brought back all the memories of the last few hours. From the abuse suffered at the hand of her husband to the pleasure delivered by her brother, her mind’s gate flooded with pain and ecstasy and blocked rational thinking.

She closed her eyes again and focused on her breathing. She had never had the strongest of nerves and had always teetered on being labelled shy – and in this moment, she believed of herself what she felt others thought of her.

She opened her eyes again and looked towards her left. The moment she saw the calmness in Adam’s face as he slept peacefully with each soft breath measured to the one before and the one after, her own breathing slowed to normalcy. Just seeing Adam and being with him was enough to lift her confidence.

Was it wrong what they had done? she asked herself.

Didn’t they have a word for this?

Didn’t they call this incest?

A part of her felt heavy with guilty. It wasn’t the part that felt she was to blame for the siblings having had sex as she was the one who dragged him here.

Rather her guilt stemmed from the fact that she had enjoyed it so much and wanted it to happen again and again. Just thinking about it, having sex with brother, was enough to send a bolt of desire through her body. She yanked her legs together to prevent it from escaping.

Very gently and carefully to avoid him waking up, she brushed the blanket off Adam. He had always been such a heavy sleeper that had she not been as careful he still wouldn’t have known.

With Adam’s naked body on full show, Rachel sat up in bed.

He had changed since she had last seen him at her wedding a few years ago. His face didn’t have that boy-ish touch that all his rugby friends had always teased him about. With his new shorter haircut, he looked manlier and more commanding. She was glad he was still keeping himself in shape despite his long hours at the bank.

A memory that she didn’t know existed in her mind came back to her that instant. She remembered a time when she had seen him changing his t-shirt after rugby practice. How the tiny little beads of sweat had glistened off his chest when he had taken off his shirt. She tried desperately to recount what they had been talking about but hard as she tried her mind’s eye could not see past the muscular chest and ripped stomach.

The very same muscular chest and perfectly chiseled abs that lay before her at that moment. The desire rose within her even further. All she wanted to do was to lean across and rub her hands across his chest, feel his muscles and kiss him all the way up from his stomach to his neck.

As if Adam’s body could sense the heat of passion that surrounded it, his semi-erect penis twitched. Rachel froze but realized Adam was still fast asleep. Her eyes darted to the penis for causing the panic. The thick penis that that lay across her brother’s thigh.

In her entire life, she had had sex with only 4 other men – a list that included her husband Nate. Granted then she was no expert on male penises nor did she know much about all the different shapes and sizes. But to her, Adam’s penis seemed the most beautiful one that had ever been created.

It wasn’t just the fact that it looked huge even when it was still flaccid. Rather it was more because the penis felt right. Like a beautiful painting in a gallery or a sculpture in a museum, Rachel didn’t really need to define a reason why it was perfect. It just was.

Just looking at it was enough to harden her nipples.

She didn’t care about how she looked, where she was, or what the weather was like outside. All she wanted with her every little molecule in her body was to have Adam’s cock in her mouth and to taste him.

Softly she moved between his legs, brushed her hair back and stuck out her tongue. In one single motion she licked all the way from the base of Adam’s cock to the top. With her saliva on one side of Adam’s penis, she moved to give the same treatment to the other side. In a matter of seconds, all of Adam’s penis was glistening wet.

Checking to see her brother will still asleep, Rachel tenderly grabbed his cock with one hand and brought it to face her and in the next instant enveloped it in her mouth. Adam’s cock stirred and she could sense him getting harder. That was more than enough encouragement for her to start rhythmically sucking his cock.

Her mouth had never been stretched like this before and she struggled to fit all of him inside her as he grew, but just the fact that she had taken so much of him already was a sense of pride for her. She wanted to please him. More than that, she knew her own pleasure lay in being here in this very position waiting for Adam’s cum.

She heard Adam grunt and his hands grab her head.

‘Oh fuck Rachel! That feels so good!’

Hearing him say that thrilled her even more. escort bayan bursa She began to lick the top of his cock whilst stroking the base. Both her tongue and her hand moving in unison. His cock, properly lubricated by her spit, was fully hard by now.

Her soft hands on his thick cock moved up and down as she sensed his balls becoming heavy.

‘Fuck Rachel, you’re going to make me cum.’

His breathing intensified and the muscles on his legs tightened and then in one spasm after another his cock spurted cum inside Rachel’s mouth. Like a thirsty animal, she wanted each and every drop so she tightened her mouth on his shaft and sucked even harder to milk his cock completely.

The taste of his cum inside her mouth felt like honey as she swallowed but only so subtly that she could savor the feeling of having his cum go down her throat.

‘Ahhhhhh. Good morning to you too,’ said Adam.

‘I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I saw you lying there naked and before I knew it, I was somebody else.’

‘You don’t ever need to apologize to me Rachel. I am yours always,’ he said with an air of both love and confidence as he sat up and guided her to sit next to him.

She was about to say something more, but he put a finger to her mouth.

‘Just relax. Do you trust me Rachel?’


‘Then lie back and close your eyes.’

Although he had not even touched her yet, Rachel could feel her nipples harden with his command. She sensed him moving next to her and then felt him kiss her neck. First the right side and then the left. Then there was nothing.

She was about to open her eyes when she felt another kiss, this time on the nape of the neck. Then another on the top of her right breast. Meanwhile a hand moved slowly up her left leg as her nipple was pinched by another.

Adam for his part couldn’t believe how sexy his sister had become.

She had always been a sweet girl albeit a tad shy. But behind her meekness she had hidden the body of a goddess. Although he had slept with more girls than he could remember, he had never felt this excited to have a naked body next to him.

Each kiss planted he planted was sending shivers down Rachel’s spine.

Rachel felt him moving lower and lower with his kisses.

She could feel her wetness escaping her vagina in perfect harmony to Adam’s hand moving closer and closer up her thigh. She couldn’t tell which came first, the finger on clit or the tongue on her pussy lips but within a second she was in ecstasy as Adam’s fingers rubbed her clit and his tongue darted in and out of her pussy.

With her eyes still closed, her back arched with pleasure. Nobody had tongue fucked her this way. It was a new sensation and one she never knew could be this satisfying.

As she was relaxing her body further to fully enjoy the rhythm, Adam stopped. Again she was about to open her eyes but before she could Adam had changed his technique so that now his tongue was on her clit and his fingers on her pussy lips.

With his tongue furiously licking her clit and two of his fingers sliding in and out of her vagina, Rachel could hold on no more. She screamed with pleasure as the strongest orgasm she had ever had tore through her.

Once the last of the currents stopped within her, she opened her eyes to see Adam’s handsome face coming up towards her. With a smile and her juices still wet on his mouth, he kissed her. Tasting herself on her brother’s mouth felt so naughty yet so good.

They sat in each other’s arms for a while, not saying anything. Their smell of their sex hanging in the room standing witness to their orgasms.

Finally, Adam broke the silence.

‘I can’t let you go back to him. He must pay for what he’s done to my baby sis.’

‘No Adam, please. You can’t hit him. I don’t want you to get in trouble.’

‘I could kill him. Literally pick that weasel up and choke him till his eyes pop out of their sockets. How dare that asshole lay a finger on my sister.’

‘Adam please. Just let it go. Promise me, you’ll not do anything stupid. I can’t have you in trouble. I need you.’

‘But Rachel, how can we let him get away. I can’t let that happen. I will humiliate him. He needs to learn that he can’t get away with this.’

‘What do you plan on doing? Promise me you won’t hit him or beat him. He’s a lawyer and he’ll put you away forever’

‘I promise…but do you trust me Rachel?’

‘Completely. Always completely.’

Hearing that, Adam was silent again. Rachel looked at him trying to see what was going on in his head but try as she might, his thoughts escaped her. What he asked of her next left her scared.

‘I need some time. Meet me at your house at 7pm.’

‘I can’t Adam. I can’t go back there. Nor can you. What good will that serve.’

‘You have to Rachel. You can’t keep running away from trouble. Some time you have to stand up and fight back. And whenever you do, bursa sinirsiz eskort I’ll be there with you.’

Hearing the compassion in his voice and the love that only a brother can provide calmed her down. She took a deep breath and agreed.

‘Okay I’ll come. But you’ll remember your promise? You won’t hit him.’

He didn’t say anything for a second and just looked at her.

‘If you trust me, you’ll know I’ll never ever break my promise to you.’

With that he was up off the bed. Within seconds he had picked up his clothes and was half way to dressing when he turned around again and looked at her.

‘You’re not feeling guilty about what we did, are you Rachel?’

‘No. I loved every second of it. I didn’t know how badly I wanted…’ her voice trailed off. She wasn’t confident enough to admit that she had always without knowing it herself completely, wanted her brother.

He reached back towards her and kissed her, his tongue meeting hers.

‘I loved every second too. But right now I have to run. 7pm at your house.’

With that he was out but just before he closed the door he turned around and said something that flushed Rachel’s cheeks a bright red.

‘I loved every second too and I will love each and every second more in the future.’

In the future. The words echoed in the room for Rachel long after Adam was gone. Questions she couldn’t answer flooded her mind again.

Were they going to do more of this?

What would they tell their friends?

What would they tell mom and dad?

Fuck! Mom and dad. What would they think of all of this? Not that they’ve ever cared what we’ve done.

What did he mean he’s going to humiliate Nate?

Her mind was a jumble but yet she found herself feeling cam. Something quite unlike herself. Normally so many questions on her mind would have had her in fits of nervousness. But this time, although she was confused, she felt calm. She felt calm because she knew Adam was there for her. To protect her.


The rain had only just stopped when she made the walk that she was so used to from Kensington High Street station towards Gloucester Road where her house was. Her heart beat seemed to increase with every step she took closer towards what she had called home.

The not knowing what Adam had in mind was driving her crazy whilst the dread of seeing Nate had her feeling both scared and disturbed.

She had made this walk very every day for the last 4 years since she moved in with Nate yet she struggled to remember when this walk had been pleasurable. When was the last time she had looked forward to making this walk back to her house? No answer came to her.

All she could remember were the feelings of dread whilst walking this route. Dread at the thought of returning to an empty life, an empty marriage and an obnoxious husband.

She came to the door and instinctively rang the doorbell. In the same instant she thought of the stupidity of her action. It was still her house after all even though she didn’t feel any attachment to it.

Before she could decide whether she should just use her key to enter, the door opened and there stood Nate.

Rachel froze. Just the sight of him terrified her. It filled her with both fear and disgust. Here was the man she had shared a bed with for the last 4 years and yet she could not even conjure up a single positive emotion.

In fact, the emotion that came to her in between the fear and the disgust was surprise.

Surprise that Nate looked meek, like a mouse that had been cornered by a cat. He avoided eye contact and was looking at everything other than Rachel.

For the first time in their marriage Rachel found herself being the more confident of the two and a ray of happiness that had never existed in this house for her, slowly seeped through.

Without saying a word Nate receded into the living room and as Rachel followed, her heart skipped a beat. Her brother sat on the couch with a massive smile on his face.

‘Hey Rachel. Come in my darling. Come sit with me.’

Adam seemed at ease. Owning the room completely as if this house was in his name rather than Nate’s.

‘Nate and I have been talking, Rachel. We’ve had a nice little chat and yes, yes, I’ve kept my promise to you. We’ve had a nice long chat, haven’t we Nate.’

Both brother and sister looked across at Nate who was still standing, his eyes cast to the floor and a look of resignation branded across his face.

‘Sit down Nate,’ Adam ordered in a tone Rachel had never heard him use.

She knew Adam was confident, but the firmness and surety of his command was so precise and fatal that Rachel found herself further drawn to Adam. She had thought she wanted him completely before but hearing him order her husband like that made her look at him with new eyes of desire.

Little did she know what Adam had in mind.

As escort bayan Nate sat on a chair opposite them, Adam spoke.

‘Nate and I have been talking. We’ve had a nice long talk. And Nate’s realized how sorry he is for the way he’s treated you.’

Nate still remained silent. Still avoided either siblings gaze.

‘Nate’s realized that he can’t treat women, and that too my beautiful sister in the way he’s been treating women all his life. Nate’s further realized that actions have consequences.’

Rachel had to look at Adam twice to see whether it was really her brother next to her. His eyes had a dark new look about them that mirrored his firm tone. As he spoke to Nate, his whole body assumed this commanding nature as if he was the lion playing with his prey.

He leaned across to her and came in close to whisper something. Just having him this close and feeling his breath on her ear gave Rachel goose bumps.

‘Do you trust me Rachel?’ he softly whispered, asking her that same question again.

‘Yes. Completely.’

With that he moved away again, as if he had heard all he wanted to from her.

He looked at Nate again, and for a while stayed silent. Rachel could see he was deciding whether he should do what he wanted to do.

‘So Nate, you think you can screw around with women. You think you can hit them. You think you can beat them up because you’re a big man. I’m going to teach you what happens to big men like you…Look at me when I talk you,’ snarled Adam.

Nate finally looked up. In all her 4 years with him, Rachel had never once seen this look on Nate’s face before. A look of pure fear.

‘Luckily for you Nate, Rachel has asked me not to hit you. So for now, I’m not going to beat the living day lights out of you. But since you’re such a proud man, I’m going to show you what it means to have a beautiful woman like Rachel. How you’re supposed to treat a woman like her. How you treat her like the goddess she is.’

Rachel tried to decipher what her brother might mean. But all she got from him in the way of a clue was a devilish smile at her. Just seeing that smile melted away any fear and she sat back to see what he had in store.

Adam got up and reached inside the bag he had placed on the table. He withdrew something that his sister couldn’t see.

‘Get up asshole,’ ordered Adam. ‘That’s it, get your ass over there and sit on the floor.’

Nate with his shoulders drooping with resignation did as he was told. Before he had a chance to make himself comfortable, Adam reached behind him and handcuffed him to the radiator.

Only when she heard the clink of the handcuffs closing did it begin to slowly dawn on Rachel what Adam might have meant.

‘I’m going to show you how a beautiful goddess should be treated. Let’s see how your pride can deal with that, you little shit.’

With that Adam turned away from Nate. The dark look he had had in his eyes when he looked at Nate receded and was replaced by love as he looked at Rachel.

Rachel found herself breathing faster. She had never done anything like this before, if that is what Adam was talking about. She still couldn’t believe that this is what he had in mind.

She had to hand it to him though.

Nothing would have hurt Nate’s pride more than this. Nate, the prude. The holier than though arrogant asshole. Nate who had an ego the size of a horse. Nate who had thought he owned her. Nothing would humiliate him more than this.

Rachel looked at her brother now with a look of delight that surprised even herself. How had she gone from being the docile wife controlled with fear by a conceited prick to being free to understand her desire, she wondered.

Her answer stood before her. With Adam, she could do anything and for him she would do anything.

He came up to her and with Nate’s eyes on the siblings, Adam took his sisters face in his hands and kissed her. From the corner of her eye, Rachel could see the utter shock of Nate’s face and just as he was about to say something, she heard Adam roar.

‘Have you got anything to say you little prick?’ That was enough to make Nate to think again about opening his mouth.

As her husband watched on, Rachel let her brother undress her.

She stood there naked in her own living room as she watched him undress in turn. This was a sight she knew she could never ever get bored of. To see him undress was just as pleasurable as seeing him naked.

Normally she would have been so ashamed of herself for being fully naked in front of anybody. She had never had that confidence in her body that other girls did. But in that moment seeing the way Adam was looking at her, gave her the confidence she needed.

So much so, that she surprised herself by daring to look across at Nate. Seeing the shock and horror on his face delighted her. It ignited a dark side within her that she didn’t even know she possessed.

It was this dark side then that saw her kneeling down on the floor and stroking her brother’s cock. Right there in her living room, she was on her knees taking her brother’s cock in her mouth. Licking his balls. Licking his shaft. Grabbing his legs and moving her hands across to his backside whilst trying to take more and more of his cock in her mouth.