Mistress , Pet: After School


The bell rang, signalling the end of the day’s last lesson. I watched the students file out of the room, and, as the door closed behind the last I leant back in my chair and breathed out a long sigh. I looked at the pile of test sheets on the desk in front of me, gathering up the energy to start marking them. I had sprung a surprise spot test on my last class of the day, based on the work they should have done at home. The test was fairly easy, provided they had done the research and read the chapter I had set, and now I would find those who had and those who had not done the work.

I pulled the piles of answer sheets to me and made a start on them. I knew I had plenty of time, so made no effort to rush, reading each answer carefully and giving marks accordingly. Time passed quickly and I paid little heed to the odd interruptions. A student looking for a colleague, who had already left, the cleaners sweeping and polishing the floors and emptying the bins, they barely registered as I stuck to my task. I was halfway through the pile when I glanced at the clock and realised the time was approaching 5-30. I sighed again and smiled as I realised that she would be here shortly.

I stood up from my chair and walked over to the cupboard beneath the window. I looked out and down at the playing fields, watching the students there still working on their sports training in the evening sunshine. Opening the cupboard I removed the blanket and cushions inside and returned to my chair. I spread the blanket out on the floor under the desk and the cushions on top of the blanket. Then I returned to marking the test papers.

Less than ten minutes later, the door opened and she stepped inside, smiling as she saw me. I smiled back at her and slid my chair back away from the desk. My heart started beating a little quicker, the way it always does when I see her. She looked around the room as she closed the door behind her, and, seeing that we were alone, I heard the lock fasten the door shut as she turned the bolt.

I watched her as she stood back to the door for a moment. She is really a stunning beauty and she always takes my breath away. Brownish-blonde hair framing her face, a slim, firm body with large breasts and long legs that I sometimes think never end. I smile again as she moves towards me in that graceful, feline way she has. As she reaches the desk, she slides down and kneels at my feet, her face reddening slightly because she knows I was looking closely at her and have not yet spoken. I watch her breasts Tipobet rise and fall beneath her blouse, then reach out and caress her cheek with my hand.

“Hello pet,” I whisper to her “Have you done all your work?” I know that since the end of the last class she will have been in the library, preparing for tomorrows classes and watching the clock until it was time to join me.

“Yes Mistress,” she replies, smiling happily and pressing her cheek against my palm “All done.”

“Good,” I say and smile at her. “Now pet, I still have some work to finish, but I have prepared your place ready for you to wait for me.” I lean forward and kiss her lips softly, the tip of my tongue tracing their outline. A quiet moan escapes from her as we kiss.

My hands move to her blouse and start to unfasten the buttons. She stays in her kneeling position, her eyes watching my hands as they move down, button by button, until they are all undone. I slide my hands inside the blouse and along the sides of her body up to her breasts, straining at her bra to be free. I cup my hands under them and squeeze softly, causing her to gasp a little, then slide my hands up to her shoulders and push her blouse off and down her arms. My hands reach round her and unfasten the hooks of her bra. I take the shoulder straps in my fingers and pull the bra down her arms, releasing her tits to swing free, her nipples already hard.

The temptation is too much for me and I bend and suck her left nipple into my lips. Sucking on it, I lick across the tip with the point of my tongue, flicking from side to side. She arches her back for me, pushing her breast to my lips, and I hear her breathing quicken as she starts to pant.

Leaning back, I lick my lips and look into her eyes, her eyes that are now filled with lust from my touch. “Stand up, pet,” I order. I watch as she stands and moves slightly closer to me. Reaching out, I find the zipper at the side of her skirt and move it down, allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. My pet stands before me wearing only her stockings and garter belt. I do not allow her to wear panties anymore, one of my rules that my pet seems to enjoy most of all. I let my hand wander up her left thigh and across to her mound. At the touch of my hand my pet leans back against my desk and spreads her legs a little, giving my hand access to her cunt. She has a beautiful cunt, and I rub my hand against her softly, feeling the smoothness of her freshly shaven mound. Then I let my fingers stroke the soft, swollen Tipobet Giriş folds of skin between her thighs, feeling the dampness there. I smile up at her, knowing that she was wet when she walked into the room, and is wetter still now.

“I have to finish these papers before we leave pet, so be patient.”

“Yes Mistress,” she replies and bends to move under my desk and curl up on the blanket and cushions I placed there ready for her. Pulling my chair back close to the desk, I start to mark test papers again.

Pet is really very good as I mark the papers. She knows that they have to be done, and though I feel her stir occasionally, nuzzling my feet and legs, she does not interrupt my marking. At last I finish the marking and reach down to my bag beside the desk. Pet stirs as she watches me, raising her head questioningly.

“Are you finished Mistress?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply “I just have to record the grades in my files, pet.”

I take my class files from my bag and start to enter the grades of each student against their names. I am really quite pleased with the outcome of the test, most of the students having done well, with one or two exceptions who had clearly not done the work I had set. As I write, I feel pet’s lips on my legs, kissing and licking my knees and thighs.

“MMMmmm….pet, let me finish properly.”

“I thought you had finished, Mistress.” She answers, still kissing and licking my legs.

The touch of her lips and tongue make me tingle. She knows she must not disturb my work and is used to lying under my desk, waiting for me to finish. But she is also keen and eager to please me with her body and can be a little impatient at times.

“Well I haven’t quite finished pet. Almost.”

She carries on kissing and licking me, and now I feel her thighs either side of my leg, the heat from her cunt burning my shin. Sometimes I am sure she has a furnace inside her. I can also feel the sticky juices from her smearing my leg as she rubs her cunt up and down. Then her hands start to push under my skirt and rub up and down my hips and thighs.

“Pet!” I say sharply “Stop that!”

I find I am parting my legs for her and she takes this as a signal, not to stop, but to carry on. Her wicked mouth and tongue start to lick and kiss and suck my inner thighs, her rubbing against my legs becoming more urgent. I push back my chair and look down at my pet, watching her heaving body as she humps my leg, her hands pushing at my skirt, Tipobet Güncel Giriş raising it up my thighs. I close my eyes briefly, the pleasure from her lips and tongue making me shiver with delight. Then I reach down and lift her face up from my legs, and kiss her deeply and passionately. She knows that what she is doing is distracting me from my work, but I can see from her eyes and from the juice pouring over my leg from her cunt that she is past caring now.

I start to press my leg back against her as she rubs and grinds her cunt against it. As she rides my leg, her tits jiggle and bounce deliciously. Her breathing is fast and shallow now, panting gasps more than breaths. I can see in her eyes that she is close to cumming, her cunt rubbing faster against my leg, grinding her clit hard on me.

She looks up at me, eyes pleading as she manages to gasp the words out.

“Please Mistress,” she pants “May……I……cumm?”

I smile back at her and watch as she continues to buck and grind against my leg like a bitch in heat. She looks back at me, imploring me with her eyes.

“PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!” she almost shouts.

I lean forward and kiss her cheek, then her ear. Then I whisper to her, “Yes pet, cumm for me.”

I feel her body shake and tremble, and I can feel the convulsions in her cunt as she cumms hard for her Mistress. The juice pours from her cunt and down my leg as her spasms rip through her. I hug her tight as she continues to ride my leg, stroking her hair as her body starts to calm.

“Thank you Mistress,” she whispers “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She kisses my face as she thanks me, but I pull back and hold her by the shoulders and look at her.

“Pet, you stopped me working. You know you should never do that.” Her head drops and she starts to flush.

“I am sorry, Mistress,” she mutters “But I thought you were finished.”

“I did tell you to stop, pet, but you ignored me. Just carried on, paying me no attention except to use my leg as a toy for your cunt.”

“I am so sorry, Mistress. It will never happen again.”

“But it has happened, pet. Now get back under that desk and wait for me to finish. Then I will take you home and punish you for being such a disobedient pet.”

She glanced up at me, a guilty look on her face as she slid off my leg and back under the desk. I pulled my mark book to me and started to put the final few grades into their proper place, wanting to finish quickly. I knew that the feelings that my pet had stirred would not wait to long, and the moistness of my pussy told me how much I was looking forward to getting my pet home for her punishment.

The smile I had seen on her face as she went back under the desk told me that my pet looked forward to it as much as me.