Bi Pi Ch. 02

Adult S

After they were dressed, the eight pledges left the frat house and headed over to the campus coffee shop. They got a table and talked about what they were going to do. Annie and Debbie wanted to quit. Annie was simply humiliated and Debbie was tired of her big boobs being the focus of everyone’s attention.

After a while, however, the others convinced them to stay in. They told Annie that her humiliation would be for nothing if she quit. As for Debbie, since they weren’t going to have to remove their tops tomorrow, obviously her tits wouldn’t be the main attraction. So, while all of them were scared of what was to come, whatever it was it was worth becoming a Bi Pi.

The next morning, Chip told Suzi what the following night’s trial would be. After she stopped laughing, Suzi asked Chip if she and the other officers could come watch. After all, it was their official duty to oversee all pledge functions. Chip told Suzi that they were more than welcome. He certainly would not wish to be accused of interfering with the Bi Pi officers’ official duties.

That evening the entire Beta Fraternity, as well as the Pi officers, were gathered in the Beta house basement waiting for the pledges to arrive. Right at 7:00 sharp, the eight young ladies arrived together. Chip and Hacker escorted them to the basement. There was no equipment this time, the women were simply told to walk to the far wall of the basement. When they were at the wall, Chip told them to spread out, so that there was a good amount of space between them.

When they were positioned, Chip explained the evening’s festivities. The girls were going to play show and tell. Since there were eight girls, the game would have eight rounds. Each round would require all the girls to either tell something or show something. None of the ladies liked the sound of that, and they liked it even less when Chip told them that to start the game they each needed to remove everything they were wearing below their waists.

Several of the girls started to protest, but Chip just told them that if that was more than they could do they might as well leave now. They certainly would never make it through the challenge and become Bi Pis. There was another moment of hesitation, and then the girls began removing their pants. Within a few minutes, the Beta brothers applauded as eight pretty little pussies came into view.

The two redheads, Mary and Ann, had natural red bushes. Also, like most redheads they were not very thick. Victoria, Trixie, and Jamie were completely shaved. In the case of the two blondes, the guys figured they just didn’t want anyone to know if it was real. The last three girls; Debbie, Cheryl, and Toni, were completely unshaven, with dark thick bushes. The eight pledges just stood there as all the guys applauded their exposed pubic areas.

When all the ladies were ready, Chip told them to turn around and face the wall. As the eight girls turned, eight attractive round bottoms faced the admiring crowd. After that, Chip clapped his hands and called for “The Enforcers”.

Answering his call, eight men came down the stairs into the basement. They each wore a black robe with a black executioner’s hood. Each “Enforcer” took up a position next to one of the bottomless women. When they were all next to a pledge, each one pulled a disciplinary paddle out from within his robes.

As the ladies saw the paddles, they all began to beg Suzi to stop this. Suzi just told them to hang in there. If they played the game correctly, their poor bottoms would hardly even be warmed.

Chip now explained the rest of the game. Each woman would bend over and grab her ankles. When the ladies were in position, the first round would begin. A round consisted of the eight ladies being told to show or tell the same thing, one after the other. Any woman could refuse to do so, but if she did, all eight ladies would get paddled. After each round, the women would be given five minutes to rest. The only other rule was that any pledge who took longer than 30 seconds to get back into position after a paddling, would get a second whack.

After the explanation, Chip told the ladies that if there weren’t any questions, it was time to get into position. The eight pledges looked at each other for a moment, and then rather apprehensively bent over. When there were eight potential Pi’s posteriors pointing at the audience, the “Enforcers” took up positions next to each bottom and drew back their paddles. Chip told the ladies that before the game began, they needed to experience the paddle so they would know the consequences of a refusal. Before the ladies could even object, Chip signaled the eight “Enforcers” and the paddles swung. A resounding “SMACK!!” echoed through the basement, as eight paddles connected with eight behinds almost simultaneously.

A moment later, the basement was filled with female shrieks mardin escort and eight bottomless young ladies were hopping up and down. Chip quietly began counting seconds as the distressed women hopped around and rubbed their poor rumps. When the commotion died down a bit, Chip told the women to get back into position. Slowly, the young ladies bent back over and waited for the game to begin. The crowd applauded again, as eight now somewhat pink behinds, were once again pointing in their direction. As they waited for the game to officially begin, all eight ladies were sure that they would obey all requests. None of them wanted to feel that paddle again.

When the bottoms were ready, Chip told the ladies that he would read the first request. Then each woman’s name would be called. If the called young lady had not obeyed the request within three seconds the paddles would swing.

Request 1: “Tell the crowd if you had regular sex first or performed oral sex first. Also, tell us where you were, who the boy was, and why you did it.”

Jamie: “I was dating Scott Williams, the quarterback of the football team. We were parked in his car and we were making out. We had never gone ‘all the way’, but Scott told me that if we didn’t do it, he would dump me. Well, if I was going to be captain of the cheerleaders, I couldn’t be dumped by our quarterback. So I asked if it would be okay if I just used my mouth. He agreed, so I blew him.”

Toni: “I was with Jimmy Monroe. He was the president of the our class. I knew he was the type of boy I should be dating, so on our third date we went back to my house. My parents weren’t home, so we did it. I knew that if we had sex, he would stay with me.”

Anne: “I was entered in the state dance contest. One of the judges was Mr. Quincey. While we were practicing, he came to see me. He told me that he wanted to see what I could do. If I really impressed him, he would be sure to remember me during the contest. I knew what he wanted, of course. I had never done anything like it before, but I went into his office with him and sucked him off. I must have done it well, because I won the contest.”

Victoria: “I was out with Covington Stewert III. We were walking through the mall when I saw the most exquisite bracelet. I asked Covington to get it for me. He asked me why I should and I simply told him I would definitely make it worth his while. Well the dear boy bought me the bracelet, and when we got to his car I used my mouth on him. I would have had sex with him, but I decided to save that for another time.”

Trixie: Trixie had no objection to telling about her first time, but she couldn’t remember for sure exactly where it happened. She was trying to think of the right place when the three seconds were up. SPLAT!!!! Eight paddles connected with eight behinds. A moment later, eight screaming young ladies were hopping up and down. As he watched the poor girls rub their bottoms, Chip began to count. He reached 20 before any of the girls noticed. Quickly Anne, Jamie, and Mary bent back over. A couple of seconds later, Debbie and Trixie noticed what was going on and quickly got their butts into position. Finally, well after Chip reached 30; Victoria, Toni, and Cheryl had their bottoms ready. When all the girls were bent over properly, Chip signaled the guys behind the three late girls. The three paddles SMACKED!! and the three tardy young ladies were back in the air, shrieking. Finally, when the three hopping women had settled down, Chip placed them back in line and they bent back over. Each girl was determined to remember the 30 second limit after that.

Now the crowd was looking at eight nicely reddened behinds as the game continued.

Cheryl: “I wanted to go to the prom with Billy Andrews. He was the team captain and I knew that if I went with him I was sure to be Prom Queen. He told me he would take me if I would put out afterwards. I agreed, so we went. Sure enough I was named Prom Queen. Later that night, I gave Billy what he wanted. It didn’t take long.”

Mary: Mary was laughing at the end of Cheryl’s story and didn’t hear her name called. Three seconds later another loud SMACK!! filled the room. A moment after that, the eight pledges were back hopping around. As they shrieked and hopped and rubbed, Chip began counting. The girls knew what happened if their butts weren’t back in position on time. The tried to cool their bottoms as quickly as possible and bent back over. By the time Chip hit 25, seven very red bottoms were sticking out.

The problem was Victoria. The fire in her bottom had made her forget everything else. When she finally remembered what was going on, it was way too late. Victoria was sobbing as Chip told her to bend back over. She begged him not to have her paddled again, as she bent back over. As soon as she was back in position, van escort the paddle smacked her butt again. Victoria screamed and flew back into the air. The entire audience was laughing as poor Victoria jumped around and rubbed her burning behind. The other girls just stayed bent over the whole time, they didn’t dare move. Finally, the eighth behind was bent over and pointing back at the crowd. It was significantly redder than the rest.

Debbie: “I was at a party at my neighbor’s house. There were 5 of us, but I was the only girl. It was Terry Bateman’s house, and the other three guys were friends of his. I liked to hang out with them because they were older. Terry had beer and wine, so we drank all night. Then, around 3 A.M, one of the guys suggested strip poker. I don’t really even remember the game, but somehow I was down to only my panties. All the guys were staring at my boobs when I lost the next hand. I started to cry. I didn’t want to show my pussy to all those guys, but Terry said that I had to since I had lost fair and square. I begged him not to make me do it. At first he said no, but then he told me if I would let each of the guys feel my tits, I could keep my pussy covered. But after they left, I would have to show it to him and then suck him off. I had never done anything like that, but I wasn’t showing all those guys my vagina. So I agreed. The guys all played with my tits. After they left, I took off my panties and let Terry see my pussy. He made me spread my legs and show him everything. Then he put his head in there and began to lick me. I’d never felt anything like it. After he finished, I had no problem sucking him. I figured it was the least I could do.”

Chip thanked the girls for the entertaining stories and then informed them that it was time for round 2.

Request 2: Spread your legs apart so we can get a better look at your pussies.

This was a non-eventful round. If any of the girls had thoughts of objecting, the paddles waiting behind them convinced them otherwise. Each girl’s name was called and she very quickly put her legs wide apart. By the end of the round, the audience could see eight very red bottoms and eight very prominently displayed pussies under them.

Request 3: Tell us about your first Lesbian experience. If you haven’t had one, you will show us your first one by kissing one of the pussies next to you.

Jamie: “I was sleeping over at Betty Greene’s house. She and I were wondering what it was like to have a boy kiss you and feel you up. Well, after we talked awhile, we decided to see if we could find out. So we kissed each other, and then we started feeling each other’s boobs. That was as far as it went, and we never did it again.”

Toni: “The basketball team was playing an away game and we were staying overnight. My roommate and I were horny, so we started to help each other. In fact, most of the team does it in their rooms.

Anne: “I-I-I’ve never done anything with another girl.” Chip told her she had three seconds then to kiss her first pussy. Anne hesitated only a moment before the sting in her bottom convinced her. She pulled back and kissed Victoria’s pussylips. Then, shuddering, she bent back over.

Victoria: “Well I’ve certainly never done anything like that. Women of my breeding don’t do that sort of thing.” Chip told her that she was about to and Victoria hissed that she certainly wasn’t. All the other girls shrieked and Victoria realized what was coming a moment before the paddles impacted. The shrieks before the paddles hit were nothing compared to those after contact. The girls were all back in the air rubbing and screaming. Anne and Trixie, while they rubbed their poor bottoms, were specifically screaming at Victoria to do as she was told. Victoria just moaned and rubbed. She had been a spoiled little girl and wasn’t used to being smacked. Also, she’d already taken more licks than any of the others. This time, however, she made sure to have her bottom in position before Chip hit 30. Unfortunately, Anne and Trixie were so intent on yelling at Vickie, that they didn’t realize they were a few seconds late. When all the girls were bent over nicely, SMACK!!! Anne and Trixie were back in the air rubbing very tender behinds. After another minute or so, the audience again had eight sore behinds pointing at them.

Neither Trixie or Cheryl had every had a Lesbian experience, but as sore as their butts were now they didn’t hesitate at all. Each one kissed the other’s pussy when her name was called.

Mary: “I hope this counts. We were at Cindy Young’s house, she was another cheerleader. There were about six of us, and we were playing “Truth or Dare”. Well it was my turn, and I chose Dare. I was the only redhead in the group, so I was dared to prove that I was a real redhead. I had to take off my panties and show everyone ankara escort my red bush. Nobody touched me, but I had to spread and let them all get a good look.” Chip said that counted.

Debbie: “Mine was also a Truth or Dare game. We were at a party of four couples. I chose Dare and of course someone told me to let everyone play with my boobs. I was kind of expecting it. But when I took my top off, the girls seemed at least as fascinated with them as the guys did.”

After Debbie, Chip thanked the girls again for such great stories and told them to rest five minutes before the next round. While the girls rubbed eight very red, sore behinds. Several of them were still yelling at poor Victoria. They told her to do anything she was told. None of them wanted to be paddled any more.

After the five minutes, Chip told the girls to get ready again. The eight pledges grabbed their ankles again and pointed their bottoms back at the crowd. Chip remind them to spread their legs back, so the eight girls made sure that their pussies were nicely visible.

Request 4: We want to get an even better look at your little pussies. So when your name is called, reach back, grab your lips and spread everything nice and wide for us. If three seconds after your name is called your pussy isn’t wide open, everyone gets a paddling. Also, when you hear the next girl’s name called, you may close your pussy.

Jamie started to object, but her burning rear end quickly changed her mind. She reached back and found her lips. When she had a good grip, she pulled them as far apart as they would go. Everyone clapped as Jamie’s pretty pussy was displayed for their viewing pleasure. Jamie held herself open until she heard Toni’s name called.

Toni was the least shy of the girls. When her name was called she grabbed her lips and spread as far as she could. Toni held her pussy nice and wide until Anne’s name was called.

Anne was terrified. She had never displayed herself and wasn’t even sure what she was supposed to do. She didn’t want to be spanked again, so she tried to do as requested. She reached back towards her vagina. But her hands were shaking so bad, she couldn’t seem to grip anything. It had taken way too long, but Chip didn’t want her hands hit. When Anne pulled her hands away to steady herself, Chip gave the signal. SPLAT!!!! None of the girls had been able to see Anne’s problem, so they didn’t know it was coming. But they sure knew when it got there. Every girl was shrieking, hopping, and rubbing for all she was worth. Chip just quietly counted as he watched the pledges try to cool their poor behinds. This time every girl managed to get her butt back in position before Chip hit 30.

Victoria: Poor Victoria had considered not doing this. She couldn’t imagine displaying herself like that. But that last paddling changed her mind. Her poor behind was on fire and she would do anything to avoid another Smack! Quickly, she reached back, found her lips, and spread herself as wide as she possibly could. Chip knew how much this humiliated Victoria, so he let her hold her little pussy open an extra long time. Besides, after that last shot, he was enjoying how red those round behinds were getting. Finally, Vickie heard Trixie’s name called and let go of her lips. She actually felt her vagina close back up as she regripped her ankles.

Trixie, Cheryl, and Mary had all been convinced by that last paddling. They would show the crowd anything they wanted to see, if it would avoid another Smack! When their names were called, each girl found her pussy and spread it as wide as she could. If the crowd wanted to look at that thing, they were more than welcome to. Just as long as their poor behinds got a chance to cool a little.

Debbie was sobbing before her name was called. She just couldn’t show her vagina to a bunch of strangers. She knew she’d be paddled again, but she was just going to bear it. The poor girl just gritted her teeth and waited. It was a couple of seconds before the other girls realized Debbie wasn’t moving. Victoria managed to scream “SPREAD!!” just before the paddles hit. The crowd laughed as the eight girls went into their little hop step dance again. Victoria was sobbing almost uncontrollably. Her bottom was absolutely on fire. She wanted to quit, but she refused to be the first one to walk away. Girls of her breeding simply did not quit. So she rubbed and hopped and tried to cool her poor red behind. Finally, she managed to get it under control enough to get back into position. It was too bad that she hadn’t noticed that all the other girls were already bent over and that she was a good 5 seconds too late.

Victoria bent back over and stuck her red glowing bottom out and SPLAT!!! That paddle hit her again. Vickie screamed and jumped 3 feet in the air. She hopped and rubbed and rubbed and hopped. Everything was forgotten. The only thing Victoria was remotely aware of at that moment was her behind. It was a good two minutes before poor Vickie managed to stop jumping. Even the other girls were laughing by the time she settled down. When Vickie finally came to rest, Chip announced the end of round 4 and told the girls to take a break.