Daddy’s Girl: From A Distance


He hadn’t noticed how she’d grown up, at least not until today. Of course he had the excuse that his last job had kept him working from dawn ‘til dusk. But it had gotten them the things they always dreamed of, like this new house. However, his new position allowed him the free time he had always dreamed of. But instead of allowing him to tan on the deck, it had just freed him to do more renovations on the house. He had been up the stepladder fixing the balcony when she came home from school.

“Hi Daddy” she smiled as she stared up at him. As he smiled down at her and asked her how her day had been he found himself staring down the front of her dress. She’d certainly filled out. He found himself distracted; disturbed that his eyes had wandered and he quickly looked away. She said she needed a ride to the mall and asked if he would he take her. He mumbled yes, but that they had to do it quick as he had plans soon. She said something about going for a quick shower and ducked inside.

He finished the job and went inside to check the “job jar” for his next assignment. Since he was waiting for her he may as well keep busy. “Fix the window in the attic” the slip of paper read. Collecting his tools he climbed the stairs to the attic. He had just set down his tools and was assessing the task when he noticed light coming up at him through a hole merter escort in the gyprock ceiling below. Great, another thing for his wife to make him fix. Well, he’d better fix it now, or it meant another trip up there. Kneeling down to check how much work it would be he realized the hole opened into the bathroom. He could hear a noise, so he leaned lower.

It was then he saw her. She was standing in front of the mirror, combing out her long blonde hair. He sighed as he watched her, wishing he had been around more as she grew up. It was then she slid her dressing gown down until it pooled around her feet. He was shocked and embarrassed to be looking at her nude, but couldn’t turn away. His eyes darted from the floor to her body, tentatively exploring her flesh. As he watched her continue to brush her hair out, he was shocked to feel his cock grow in his pants. It was his daughter, damn it! He wasn’t supposed to feel this way!

She strolled across the bathroom, blissfully unaware of his gaze, and bent over to start the shower. He felt his mouth go dry as he caught a glimpse of her pussy peaking out from between her cheeks. She climbed in to the shower and closed the curtain. But it didn’t matter, because from his angle it didn’t block anything. He watched as she turned on the showerhead, squeaking as the water sprayed down istanbul escort on her. She let the water play across her supple flesh, pirouetting to wet herself all over. As the water played across her shoulders she reached over and grabbed the bottle of shampoo of the shelf. He felt his mouth go dry as he watched her squeeze the bottle, allowing the thick white liquid to drip onto her wet hair. She put the bottle down and massaged the foamy mess into her long thick locks. When she was done she grabbed the soap and began lathering her hands up. As she began to soap her body, her hands almost caressing her body as she stroked every part.

Embarrassed by his erection he reached down to adjust himself, but he still watched. The sight of her soaping herself was so engrossing that he wasn’t even immediately aware that he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly. When he realized he started to put it away, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Instead he slowly pushed his pants lower and shifted to allow his hand to move freer on his now throbbing cock.

She started at her shoulders, and then worked down her arms, stroking them. She then soaped her breasts, caressing them softly, tracing circles around them with the soap. He watched as her nipples hardened involuntarily from the combination of warm water and light touch. bayrampaşa escort She closed her eyes briefly and her lip quivered involuntarily. From there her hands slid down her flat stomach, slipping apart to rest briefly on her hips before soaping up her fine ass. She then reached over and soaped up her legs, and then with deft strokes shaved them and her underarms smooth. After she washed the razor the soap was again in the action, and when her hands were well lathered she leant against the wall, spread her legs slightly and began to wash her pussy. She lingered there as she soaped herself, and he watched shocked as she began slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy… she was masturbating!

That was all it took. His hips spasmed as he unloaded his cum across the insulation. His lips let out a gasp he pumped stream after stream out. He watched her continue to bathe, still unaware of his indiscretion. When his heart had slowed enough that he thought she wouldn’t hear it he got up slowly. Pulling up his pants he straightened his shirt and, after a few minutes, when down stairs.

She came out of the bathroom as he was passing the door. Her cotton dressing gown was sticking to parts of her still damp skin. “I’ll be ready in a moment daddy,” she smiled “Thanks again!” She leant up and kissed him softly on the cheek; he may have imagined it, but he could have sworn he felt her tongue touch his cheek as she kissed him. She giggled again and ran in to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. He felt nauseous, but also still aroused. He whispered softly as she disappeared “No, thank you, dear.”