Green Man Pt. 06


With their husbands away, Libby and Holly become closer, their initial intention to get better acquainted. They wind up sharing themselves with one another intimately.


It was a lovely day at the market. The scene at Green’s stall excited both women. They felt they had been included in a secret. They thought Green liked them and trusted them, the way he held that couple on the edge of their orgasms and only let them climax when Holly and Libby assented.

The women did not spend long at the market after that. Holly had errands to run and dropped Libby off at her house. They did, however, agree to get together that evening. A glass of wine, a chance to get to know one another better. With their husbands away in the forest, it would give them uninterrupted time together.

Holly had been gaining in her attraction to Libby. The day at the cafe when they fondled the carved gnome figurine, that was actually a cunning dildo, just fired her imagination for Libby. Holly could never let Libby know, could she? She was afraid of Libby’s rejection, and of ruining their friendship.

Holly masturbated that afternoon with Mr Green’s wooden spoon. She could not help herself. Libby would be coming over that evening. And so, in hopeful anticipation, she practiced the sexual stimulation she wanted to indulge in later.

As she moved the spoon back and forth inside her, she thought of Libby. The way her thick hair fell across one eye when she laughed, the shape of her lips, the curve of her hips. She imagined those hips with her hands roaming freely on them, crossing to the globes of her smooth ass. When her imagined fingers reached the cleft in Libby’s buttocks, Holly climaxed. She let the sparks resolve in her body, resting only a little before realizing Libby would soon be there in person, to perhaps explore in the flesh, as she had in her passion.

Holly showered and dressed, choosing her outfit carefully. With the change in her attitude toward being always immaculately put together, Holly was getting more casual in dress.

Tonight, though, she chose as carefully as ever before. This felt like a special evening. She donned her sexiest lacy see-through black panties, pulled on a silky black skirt that hugged her thighs, and buttoned up a forest-green blouse that reminded her somehow of the Green Man.

Holly chose not to wear a bra. Her petite breasts hung beautifully free in a shallow arc from her shoulders and ribs. She liked how they looked under the cloth and how they responded, as sensitive as they were to being touched. She wanted the blouse to glide against the skin of her bosom and feel the arousal as it grazed her nipples.

Before stepping out of the bedroom, Holly checked her reflection in the little mirror, she could feel him there now, watching her through the mirror as in one of those crime films where people are interrogated and secrets are drawn out before unseen spectators. Her nipples poked gently under the blouse. Holly liked the feeling of Green seeing her become aroused, liked when he watched her masturbate with the wonderful spoon. She wanted to please him, wanted to see him stroke himself as he watched her, wanted to feel his warm flood as they brought themselves off at the same time.

A knock at the door indicated Libby’s arrival. Holly carried the mirror with her as she bounded down the steps. She was momentarily breathless when she opened the door to see the object of her masturbatory fantasy standing there looking better than her mind’s eye had conjured hours ago. Their sweet hug and two-cheek kisses at the door turned into a longer embrace. Holly was surprised. She felt a surge of arousal – surely did not Holly as well? Holly patted Libby’s back and let her hands glide downward to the flare of her hips. Libby hung on.

Both women recognized they were engaged in breast play as they hugged. Women know how to communicate affection by pressing their breasts firmly against the person they are embracing. Want to send a signal? Press your breasts against the person, let them feel how the soft edges are set against the other’s chest. Feeling stand-offish? A side hug is the perfect way to be friendly but not too friendly. It is the perfect way to tease sexually yet never be blamed for overtly sending signals.

Men are too aroused to complain. And a gentleman will always assume the lady did not intend anything by the momentary intimacy. Instead, they will feel a slight hardening in their pants and smile a pleasant good-bye at their parting.

“I’m so glad to see you again. What a day at the market, right?”

Libby nodded recalling the sight of the man and woman who came under Green’s power this morning. “I wonder how many times Mr. Green has mesmerized customers like that? It has to be more than just us and that new couple.” Looking down, she spied the mirror Holly still held in her hand. “Oh is that the one? The one Mr. Green gave you? May I see?”

Libby quickly noticed the obvious phallic handle and ran doeda her fingers over the bulbous end. She looked up mischievously, letting her fingers stroke the handle in a very clear masturbatory way.

“Beautifully carved, so… realistic.”

Then turning it over, she admired herself in the glass. She held the mirror away from her body and pulled Holly closely in as if they were taking a selfie. Both women smiled up at the mirror and saw themselves smiling back. Holly noticed, but Libby did not. In the mirror as well was the Green Man’s image. He was looking at them all the while they were clowning before the mirror. He saw all. Holly was happy he was there. Her own familiar.

Holly took Libby by the hand and led her to the living room. There she had the coffee table decked out. Flowers in the vase, a tray with the wine breathing and the cheese warming. She lay the mirror against the tray so it faced them as they sat on the couch.

It did not take long for them to find the easy rhythm of conversation that close friends have. The two sat on the couch drinking wine and chatting.

As Libby spoke, a constant smile parted her deep red lips, her white teeth flashed. She seemed to lean closer in toward the middle of the couch. Holly studied her – the softness of her lips, the curve of her neck. She wore a sleeveless cream-colored blouse that accentuated her rounded breasts perfectly and was almost see-through. At least the texture of her areolae and nipples was evident under the thin material. Libby too wore a skirt – a brown, earthy-colored skirt.

Both women had selected tones influenced by the Green Man – earth tones. Holly liked smelling the perfume, seeing the curves and soft angles of the attractive woman sitting so near. She could almost taste the Quickpassion Crimson lipstick Libby had applied. A certain dampness between Holly’s thighs was making itself known. Libby’s own knees had parted and her skirt began to ride up along her smooth thigh. Holly noticed that, too.

“Are you listening to me?”

Holly heard Libby’s voice break through her thoughts. “Oh, sorry,” said Holly. “What did you say?”

Libby repeated.”I said, ‘Wasn’t that couple at the market rather special? It was just like when we were there, how Green pulled them in. I think he liked including us in his little game.”

“Yeah. Right. I don’t know.” the question broke Holly’s reverie. “The woman was certainly leaning on you for support!”

“And the man didn’t seem concerned that he had cum in his pants with you watching the whole thing!” Libby smirked.

Tentatively, Holly ventured, “Did it bother you that she kissed you like that?”

“I was startled at first, but it was also very hot. It made me all gooey inside.” Libby confessed.

There. It was out in the open. Libby was not repulsed by either the very public display of passion the woman had engaged her in. Nor was Libby embarrassed by either the question or telling Holly how it felt.

The tension was mounting between them. Holly’s throat flushed and her stomach squirmed. She broke contact with her rising feelings.

“I almost forgot, I made something for us to enjoy this evening.” Pushing herself up from the couch, she leaned in such that she would afford Libby a downblouse view of her own breasts, her nipples firm with the sexual thoughts going through her mind. As she did, she came closer to Libby, their faces only inches from touching.

Libby noticed and when caught looking, smiled and said, “Mmm. So pretty. I like the way that blouse compliments your body.” It was getting evident that Libby would not reject Holly, were she to make even the slightest move toward her.

Holly went to the refrigerator and brought out the bowl, the one given to her by the Green Man, now filled with succulent, chocolate-covered strawberries. Carrying the bowl, Holly felt the energy it contained in the wood . It was the same energy she had connected with whenever she happened to stir something in it. She walked around the coffee table past Libby, showing off. Her hips swayed a bit more. Her shoulders shook slightly, letting her breasts move in time with her steps. Holly set the bowl on the coffee table.

“Please, enjoy,” she encouraged Libby.

Libby reached into the bowl and picked up a strawberry. She bit into it with a little moan of pleasure, the hard chocolate coating, the softness and juiciness of the berry beneath. “Mmm, these are amazing,” she sighed. Where did you get these strawberries?”

“Just the grocery,” Holly smiled, enjoying watching her friend’s mouth on the strawberry.

Holly reached into the bowl herself, and was surprised to find that the interior felt soft, moist, the way she imagined Libby’s pussy might feel. What was it about the wooden bowl sitting all full with chocolate-covered fruit would make her feel that way?

It was the power of the strange man who created it. This was no ordinary wooden bowl. It had been imbued with sexual energy such that whatever eş değiştirmeli porno it contained became an aphrodisiac. Holly pinched the rim of the bowl slightly, then moving her hand around the outside, stroked the bowl, then as her heart quickened, she stared at Libby as her friend finished her strawberry. Holly watched Libby’s throat moving as the cool chocolate and strawberry slipped down.

Libby reached back into the bowl for another strawberry and brushed against Holly’s hand. “Oh sorry,” Holly pulled her hand back quickly as if she had been bit by an electric spark.

As Libby brought the second strawberry to her lips, she saw Holly watching her. She touched the strawberry to her lips and rubbed it around the outside of her mouth before biting into it slowly, delicately, intentionally. Her Quickpassion Crimson gloss covering the chocolate, mimicking the juicy red strawberry beneath the coating.

After finishing the first bite, she brought her mouth again to the strawberry, but instead of biting it, she licked the raw, exposed interior. Then she began to suck on it, sucking the juices of the strawberry, and staring directly into Holly’s eyes as she did so.

Holly could feel herself no longer damp, but getting quite wet. She could tell Libby was doing this on purpose, but was she serious, or just teasing?

After sucking the strawberry, Libby was about to bite into it again. But paused. She held the strawberry out to Holly. Holly leaned forward with her mouth open, but Libby did not place it in her waiting mouth. Instead, she rubbed the strawberry around Holly’s lips, smearing them with wet, sweet juices. Pursing her lips, Holly sucked on the strawberry, looking intently into Libby’s eyes, and then took a bite.

Setting down the stem of the strawberry, Libby noticed that Holly had both chocolate and lipstick smeared on her lips. Reaching up to touch her friend’s lips, Libby gently wiped the chocolate off with her finger tips. Holly took hold of Libby’s wrist. Gently. Oh so hesitantly, Holly took one of Libby’s fingers into her mouth, sucking on the juice-covered tip, watching Libby to make sure this was okay.

Libby’s eyes rolled back and she moaned softly. It was the reaction Holly had craved, the scene she had imagined as she masturbated that very afternoon, rubbing herself to orgasm thinking about Libby, imagining her, feeling and tasting her, holding her in her mouth.

Feeling bolder and more daring, Holly took two of Libby’s fingers all the way into her mouth, sucking them, moving them in and out of her mouth, licking them quickly and softly with her tongue. Of course it was a sexual gesture, of course the licking and sucking of fingers was analogous to the licking and sucking of a penis. Libby did not have a penis but she had fingers and other things.

Holly touched her lips to Libby’s hand, the inside of her wrist. She finally brought her eyes up to look at Libby’s face, and Holly could see her own feelings reflected in the way Libby responded. Then, without any further hesitation, she leaned in. Holly brought her lips to meet Libby’s, tasting the sweetness of the strawberry they had shared.

Holly’s lips wandered down Libby’s neck, nuzzling the collar or her blouse aside to reveal delicate collar bones. Libby’s chest was heaving as Holly unbuttoned her blouse, one creamy silky button at a time, kissing where each of the buttons opened.

Holly explored the flawless skin, felt the curve of her collarbone. Pulling Libby’s blouse open, she kissed the round of her shoulder and dipped her nose down to follow the bra strap where it met the delicate cup holding her breast.

Holly pulled back slightly and marveled, looking at the tenderness of Libby’s breasts. Perfect, round, and filling the inside of her lacy bra. Holly kissed the top of Libby’s breasts while she unfastened Libby’s bra and removed it. As her mouth moved down the curve of one breast, her hand stroked the other. So soft. Holly took Libby’s nipple into her mouth gently, and enjoyed hearing Libby’s little intake of breath. Holly licked and sucked Libby’s nipple, stroking and touching the other breast, as Libby moaned softly.

Holly pulled away momentarily and reached for another strawberry. Holding it by the stem, She glided the pointed end of the berry over Libby’s own berries. The cool chocolate icing caused Libby’s nipples—both of them—to harden and stand. Her lovely red targets pulled in tightly, as her nipples yearned to meet the teasing strawberry. As the chocolate began to melt, Libby’s breast was colored with darkness that just called to be licked. Holly leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth, gently sucking, licking the chocolate cleanly as she nursed her friend’s willing teat.

Holly looked up and saw Libby smiling down at her kindly, lovingly, sweetly. She turned her shoulders slightly and offered Holly her other breast. Holly cupped the roundness in her upturned palm, before painting that nipple with genç porno the chocolate-strawberry brush.

She could not resist, Holly just had to lick that nipple and suck the sweet chocolate off it as well. That only induced her to open her mouth and take Libby’s breast as deeply in as she could.

As Holly rolled her tongue over the warm nipple, Libby took the hand that held the strawberry and brought it to her mouth. Taking the berry in as well as the fingers that held it, she began to squeeze her tongue to the roof of her mouth mashing the fruit against Holly’s trapped fingers. The juice and pulp from the berry ran over and around the fingers in Libby’s mouth as she kneaded the luscious fruits of her passion.

Holly sat more erect and looked at Libby, then withdrawing her fingers from the red- head’s mouth, pulled her face in so she could kiss her deeply. Wet fingers entwined, heads turned at angles that invited lips to seal. Kissing and tasting opened in both of them a well of desire they only knew the surface of. Not rushing, yet, they continued to explore mouths, kiss eyes and cheeks, to rub noses, feel hair across their faces as they twisted and turned.

Whereas Holly only timidly explored her feelings for other women, the growing closeness with Libby gave her opportunity now. And the half naked, passionate woman before her gave her permission to explore. It was as if a storm was unleashed in her. No more afraid of rejection, Holly actually led the dance between them. Libby for her part was as eager to explore and she yielded to every advance.

Holly held Libby’s face in her hands and beheld her beauty. “I want you. I have wanted this for a long time,” and repeated, “I want you.”

Libby smiled, nodded, and raised her shoulders which lifted her breasts higher, inviting Holly to play with them. Then she shook her shoulders and let her blouse slide down her arms, the thin straps of her bra following. Her nipples swirled in time with the shaking of her shoulders, describing arcs in the warm air between them.

Holly kept her eyes on Libby as she helped her remove the blouse completely. Then she quickly unfastened the smooth blouse she wore and in one movement pulled it back away from her body. No bra was there to impede the view of her naked chest. Her breasts curving delicately from her shoulders in a smooth arc, ended with small nipples set in larger pale pink circles.

Holly liked how her nipples did not protrude unless she were very cold or very excited. Always the professional, she did not want others to know too much about her. Except when she did! And tonight she was very happy to feel her hard nipples arching outward in Libby’s direction. No words, just two gauges of her passion that any woman would instantly understand the measure.

They came together again, breast to breast, sliding, mashing, squirming, hands furiously feeling as much skin as possible in a frenzy of touching. Libby ran her fingers through Holly’s hair and scratched her nails in her scalp then down her neck, shoulders, and spine leaving light red traces Holly reached between them to hold Libby’s warm globes in her hands, cupping them, letting her fingers play over her nipples keeping them aroused and firm.

And still they kissed and tasted. They were in no hurry to move beyond this petting and kissing and took moments to sip their wine and indulge in strawberries again. Each time they dipped into the magic bowl the intensity of their experience rose. Could a person have an orgasm simply kissing another person? It seemed to both of them that they were having more intense sexual feelings than were normal.

The eroticism of the single strawberry between them. Libby had lifted one from the bowl, the plumpest one in its robe of dark chocolate and had placed it between their lips. Fat, as big as a plum and so reminiscent of the bulb of a manly penis as if the smooth terminal knob had been placed between their two sets of lips, one to each side, pressing in upon the plum. Mr Green’s, Joss’, Sam’s, another man’s – it did not matter.

A woman can absorb a man’s bulb wholly into her mouth, can run her tongue over its smoothness, can suck and, yes, draw the juice out. With the strawberry, each had a semi-sphere of hard, smooth chocolate. Their lips fastened tight upon each other’s and both sucked hard causing the chocolate to crack and their mouths to be flooded with juice. Both shook in arousal. Sexual signals clanging loudly in their heads

It was the bowl, of course. And the mirror sitting on the coffee table propped up allowed the Green Man to observe all that happened. The Green Man’s influence had seeped into their lives in ways they could feel and in ways they did not know. Green watched the two women make love slowly and deliberately. Though it was an intimate dance between them, he called the tune.

The sweet strawberries sitting against the walls of the bowl absorbed the essence of the Green Man’s energy, the imprint of his erotic aims. The mirror glass saw all that was in the room, every angle. Just behind the glass stood the leaf-haired sprite, naked and strong, his phallus firm and outstretched a symbol of life and power. The Green Man, from eternity had made the trees grow, had coaxed life from barren soil, infused fertility, growth, and harmony.