Bless Me Father


He knew he shouldn’t, but it was 10 o’clock, the pastor had gone to his suite of rooms for the evening, and he lay in bed, like his time in Seminary. Those days seemed so long ago – full of ideas to help people and bring them closer to God were soon dashed to the floor as he thought of the corruption and disrespect of the church as an institution.

While he was in the Seminary, James would often take solace in the arms of Jack or Jim at the local Gentleman’s Club, “If I am going to enjoy a drink, I might as well enjoy the view too,” he would say to himself. After the first couple of drinks James’ inhibitions would leave him and he would enjoy time getting private dances and even, when his cash flow was good he would enjoy time in the Champagne Room. The caresses, embraces, and movement of the strippers’ hips would entrance and excite him so much more than the study of Scripture.

But the life he had chosen – the life that was expected of him didn’t allow for those kinds of outlets. Rather, his time was supposed to be spent in prayer and study, and anything dealing with a woman’s body was to be scorned, but how could he do so, when God Himself made them so beautiful and perfect? But like his priestly advisors told him, “You just offer it up.” Getting berated and scorned in meeting after meeting almost made him go out most nights. Some nights it was to the local bars or wing places for some beer and wings and to take in some eye candy, other nights it took him to the “Inn,” the place he would come to call his second home. Most men studying for the priesthood would have taken this sign and love of going to the Inn as a sign to let this profession pass by, but when this is all one knows and the internal push from ones family, then nights at the Inn were needed.

Even when James was ordained a deacon and would have to travel back home for his weekend assignment of preaching and baptizing James found a remote “Inn” while he was away from his known one. This weekend home-away-from-home palled in comparison to the original, but would do in a pinch. Here he could be anyone he wanted rather than Deacon James. He could be an architect, an engineer, a weary hedge fund manager, a teacher – anyone. And he was. He loved sitting mysteriously in the corner booth watching the half-naked flesh saunter by wondering who he was, what he had in his wallet, and what he had in his pants. He wouldn’t seek the strippers out, he let them come to him out of curiosity, and they did – usually after the third drink (which allowed his inhibitions to pass away and his obsession with always checking to make sure he didn’t recognize anyone inside) – then he could finally enjoy himself.

One evening Sugar (as if that was her real name), kept eyeing James from the bar, then during her time on stage, James always caught her looking over, probably wondering why the cheapskate wasn’t tipping, but he had a plan.

James was not unattractive, and was very unassuming. He was funny, polite, and educated, something these women rarely saw on a day-to-day basis. He always dressed comfortably, his bald head always clean shaven, his slacks and shirts ironed and his goatee neatly trimmed. He wore glasses only to drive, but when he was here, he always wore them, in hopes that it would throw off anyone who may know him, as well as, to help him see them, before they saw him.

As Sugar finished her set she made some small talk with the big tippers, went to the bar for a drink then bee-lined it to James. Clearly she wanted to know who this guy was. As she approached James he noticed her curly blonde hair, naturally curly, but had some product in it to make it shiny, her dark green eyes were piercing. She was wearing a blue gown that had diamond cut outs on the side, showing off her mid-section and her lower back, but it also accentuated her wonderful curves, which James was drinking in. Her breasts bounced naturally against the dress, and her hips allowed the gown to simply sway with her walk.

Deacon James was sure he was about to get to play 20 questions or be shamed for not going to the stage to tip her. He didn’t care either way, if it was 20 questions and she could hold a conversation then she would get her pay off in the Champagne Room or if she was going to shame him, then she wasn’t the one.

Sugar walked up to the table with her Long Island Iced Tea in hand, she knew how to work the dress she had on. Sugar asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Of course not, please sit, its always nice talking to a beautiful woman,” was James’ response.

“Thank you,” she said, she leaned forward as she was sitting down, giving him a wonderful view of her ample bust (a 36D by James’ guess). “If I am so beautiful why didn’t you come to the stage to watch me dance?”

There it was, she was simply money hungry, James couldn’t blame her, after all this was her livelihood. It is a shame though that she was tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime! “I look to see all of the talent, before I choose who to invest more time in.”

“Am Gaziantep Konak Escort I worthy of your time?” She asked, taking a long sip of her drink with a smile on the corners of her mouth. James looked her up and down, she did look good sitting there, and responded, “That depends – I am definitely willing to invest some money and time with you in the Champagne Room, what return on investment will I get?”

“I didn’t think you were that kind of a guy, but I like it! For a 20 dollar tip that would get you a nice gentle rub; for 50 I would give you the best blowjob you ever had, and for 100 dollars you would get to have what all of these perverts are just sitting back and staring at.” She then grabbed my hand put it by her pussy. James could feel the warmth coming off of it and started to become aroused. Sugar could clearly see his arousal, she leaned in and whispered, and “I can tell you it is amazing.” Leaning back in her seat and taking another long sip of her drink.

James sat back and thought about the proposal, then asked, “How long would we have together in the back room, and would we be interrupted?” Sugar looked coyly at Deacon James and said, “We would have an hour, and the bouncer never bothers the Champagne Room patrons.” Leaning back further in the booth and spreading her legs so James could see her panties, a little wetness was starting to seep through them, clearly she was excited as he was, “What do you say?” was all she could muster.

All James could respond with was, “I’m in.” She grabbed him by the hand and led him through the club, the other patrons wondering whom this man was and why this beautiful woman was showing him so much affection and attention. Deacon James kept his head on a swivel as they walked past the other strip club goers, making sure he didn’t recognize any of them and they didn’t recognize him. As they got to the entrance to the private rooms, James paid the 300 dollars, 2 for the room and 1 for the tip. Sugar led him past a bunch of open booths where other dances were shimmying and shaking their breasts in front of other patrons – no touching of course. Deacon James knew his would be so much better. He then looked at his prize, her ass swaying from left to right, the loose gown flowing in sync with her hips, she was far too pretty to be in a place like this, but who was he to judge now?

They finally reached the last room after a series of turns. James figured this was designed for these kinds of interactions; it was a solidly built room with a trundle bed in the middle and washbasin in the corner. The room smelled clean, which James appreciated.

Sugar turned on some muted lights and the music from the club came in over the speakers, not loudly like in the club, but more muted – James felt extremely comfortable back here – no one would ever see him here, he could be himself, rather than the judging, condemning, preaching, proper young man his profession asked of him. Sugar came over to him, threw her arms around him and whispered in his ear, “We are going to have some fun – no time frame and no interruptions.” He leaned back and looked quizzically at her then asked, “I thought you said we only have an hour, plus don’t you want to go back out there and make some more money?” She kind of laughed at him and replied, “Honey I don’t do this for the money, I am at the end of my shift, I told Bobby, to not watch the clock, plus its not often someone my age comes in who is not a total ass – I am really excited about this!” She grabbed James’ right hand and placed in over her panty covered slit, the heat was amazing, as he rubbed his hands up and down over her slit, he could feel the moisture, and he heard her soft moans as she grew more wet with each pass and with the anticipation.

She finally pulled his hand from her slit and put them on her gown-covered breast. They were firm, and the nipples grew more and more erect with each pass over them, they were tight and firm – James liked that. Back in his stomping ground – at the Inn – James had a favorite girl there, Kelly, she was older, firmer than the other girls, but her breasts were starting to soften he noticed. Not Sugar’s, hers were very firm, as were her erect nipples.

James noticed himself getting hard, his cock pulsing against the slacks he was wearing. Apparently Sugar felt it as well, considering how close they were standing, she stepped back and looked down and said, “Someone is excited.” James looked down, slightly embarrassed and said, “He kind of has a mind of his own.” She laughed and said, “Do you know how rare it is for me to approach a guy here? Usually I can’t have a minute to myself when I am done with my set, guys are usually booking me for lap dances like a hotel, but I kept watching you watch me on the stage, you didn’t move a muscle, you didn’t even think about coming down to watch – that intrigued me.” James kind of laughed and said, “Then my plan worked- to stay pleasantly aloof, and see who would be intrigued enough to see who I was. I’m glad it was you and not some of these others.”

Sugar blushed a little and led him over to the chair in the room, James set down as a new song came in over the speakers, Sugar started swaying to the music – free spirited with those beautiful almond shaped eyes – Sugar was the picture of perfection in this moment. Those almond shaped green eyes never lost their lock from James as she danced to the music, she wasn’t twerking or grinding, this was as much of her way of letting loose as it was for James to take her all in, and he was.

As the next song came in, she slowly started to wiggle herself out of the gown she was wearing; it was loose enough that she let it fall from her shoulders. She stood there, in a leopard print thong and matching bra, still swaying and dancing to the music.

She let her hands explore her body this time, lingering over her slit more and more with each pass, now there was a noticeable wet spot where her juices started to leak through the fabric of her panties. As she gently swayed with the music she would keep eye contact with James, except for those times her fingers were brushing passed her engorged lips. James could only imagine the beauty that awaited once she was fully stripped down, he could only imagine how wet she must be and how swollen her slit had to be, aching to be touched, licked, and serviced by him.

As the third song came over the speakers, she looked more intently at James, being the perfect gentleman, he never made a move for her, he wanted her so badly, but allowed her to work into it the way she wanted to. She had a devilish grin come over her face as she slowly started to undue her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her perky firm breasts hung there nicely, not too big, no large veins running through them, the nipples pointed slightly north, her areolas a slight tone darker then her tanned body, her hands rubbed and massaged her breasts, she took her nipples in between her thumb and forefinger and started to squeeze, eliciting a slight moan from her. She looked at James, who struggled to sit there without touching himself, without starting to take his clothes off, and fighting the urge to rush over and take her then – the perfect gentleman. She slid her fingers in between her body and the thong and slide them all the way down without bending her knees – James noticed and liked that a lot.

Completely nude she continued to gently dance to the music, allowing her hands to move rhythmically with the music over her now naked body. James looked her up and down many times, devouring her with his eyes, he lingered on the very neatly trimmed pussy, it was an arrow pointing to the opening of her slit, he liked the directional aid. What he liked more was the visibly wetness of her pussy, the small hairs were glistening with her juices, in a matter of about 10 minutes she was moist and dripping already. He could hardly contain himself, and his cock ached for release, or at the very least release from his pants.

As the song ended, Sugar walked over to him, still in her heels, her hips swaying with each step, she sat on his lap and leaned in to her ear, “What did you think of that?” Even as fond as he was of Kelly, Kelly couldn’t hold a candle to Sugar, “He whispered back, that was perfection – you are perfection.” At that moment they kissed, James resisted pawing at her like others may have done. She was a non-smoker, which he appreciated and she tasted like a Long Island Iced Tea. Their tongues intertwined for a little then she started to unbutton his shirt, he adjusted to make it easier on her. As his shirt came off they continued to kiss, he sat there, fairly sure that she felt how hard he was, as his cock started to hurt from being pent up so long. She broke the kiss, helped Deacon to his feet and led him to the bed.

While still standing facing each other, Deacon could feel the bed on the back of his knees. Sugar leaned in for more kissing, which he didn’t mind at all. She worked his belt free, then the button and finally the zipper, James could feel the smile creep across her face, he couldn’t tell if she was happy at her accomplishment of undoing all of that, or finally getting one step closer, to that which she was now aching for. She slid his pants to the floor, James stood there in his boxer briefs, now embracing Sugar and his right hand on her lower back, his left hand circling her breasts and occasionally moving around her mound and slit, which always elicited a slight moan from Sugar.

Still kissing deeply she finally put her fingers in between his briefs and his body and dispensed with them. Finally Deacons cock leapt forth. James was not overly endowed, about 6 inches in length when erect, but he was very thick, slightly less than a Coke bottle. He had never had any complaints from anyone. As his boxers fell to the floor Sugar broke the kiss again, apparently curiosity was getting to her as well. She looked down and saw the thickest cock she had ever seen on a man, it certainly wasn’t the longest, but the long ones hurt anyways and were a bit of a waste, at times even painful…give her her five inch dildo that was three inches around and she was set, but this thing in front of her was something different. It glistened at the purple head, wet with precum. She looked for a little bit and James broke the silence between them, “I know it isn’t huge, but I have yet to have a complaint.” Looking from it to him, she leaned in to his ear, and said, “Don’t worry, it is perfect, and I can’t wait to cum on it.” That statement alone made him rock hard.

Sugar slowly slunk to her knees, she had been staring at the bulge in is pants for almost an hour now, and here it was, finally free from its shackles, she needed to taste it, wrap her lips around it, she needed it to fill her. As she was moving to her knees, James stopped her and looked down at her, his cock almost even with her bust and asked, “I thought the tip I gave was for sex.” She looked up at him and responded coyly, “I think we are past all of that.” As she finished she reached her knees and was face-to-face with James’ cock, she grasped his balls in her left hand and slowly started massaging them, as she grabbed the base of his cock with her right, she guided him into her mouth, the fit was perfect, her nose was in the tip of his trimmed pubic hair, while she felt his tip in the back of her throat, but his girth made it difficult to go any further, or to open her mouth any wider, she loved this complete feeling of being filled. She got wet just thinking about his cock going inside of her.

Deacons head leaned back and moaned and she engulfed his cock in her mouth, he looked down at those beautiful green eyes staring up at him, she looked amazing with those soft pouty lips enveloping his cock. She slowly slid it out of her mouth and then hungrily devoured it again. She did this many more times, while massaging James’ balls in her hand, then she started to really suck it, moving her head back and forth on his cock, leaving the tip of it in her mouth. James was starting to rock back forth slightly, while his eyes were closed and moaning, “Ohh God, fuck that feels good, you feel so good,” it was the most honest prayer he had said in awhile. She could feel his balls tighten and his cock start to throb, Sugar knew he was close to releasing. She stopped and looked up at him, her mouth hurt for having to open it so wide, but she loved the feeling. She stood up in front of him, giving his cock time to calm down; she leaned in and started to kiss him feverishly again. He enjoyed tasting himself, most guys would have scoffed at the idea, but she put the time in and this is what she wanted so he was fine with it.

After some time of making out, she pushed gently on James’ chest and he fell onto the bed, she climbed on top of him, but given his height advantage she straddled him at his lower stomach…she leaned and they kissed like high schoolers again, the music changing from the speakers to some rock. At this change Deacon lifted her up and put her on her back, he kissed her neck gently, which made her moan slightly. They he moved to her left breast and circled her nipple with his tongue, flicking the tip of it, taking the tip in his mouth and nibbling gently on it. This caused Sugar to moan more loudly and start gently bucking her hips more like she was fucking an imaginary cock, James could tell she was excited, he moved to the next nipple, doing the same thing which elicited the same response from Sugar.

After giving her beautiful breasts the attention they deserved, he moved in between her legs, and kissed her stomach and upper thighs as he moved closer and closer to the promised land – he could smell her excitement and feel her warmth. She was gyrating with the music over the speakers now. He began his favorite task by making a long run of his tongue from her bum to the top of her slit – a tongue that was to be reserved for preaching God’s word and receiving holy communion, enjoyed and believed in what he tasted more than any of those things right now. She arched her back and put her legs up on James’ shoulders, allowing him to explore her more deeply.

He began to move his tongue in and out of her moistness still working from the bottom to the top, he got more forceful with his tongue on the strokes in till he felt her clitoris engorge, then he knew what was needed. Using the underside of his tongue, he teased and flicked her clitoris until she was rubbing and grabbing for his baldhead. He moved his hands up and began massaging her breasts, which heaved with every breath and moan. He began to rub Sugars’ nipples between his thumb and forefinger, which made her start to breath more rapidly. She started saying her own prayer, “Ohh God, fuck that feels so good, work it, work it!” Her body began to shutter and Sugar arched on her back, Deacon knew the flow that was about to come rushing out, he kept licking and lapping at her clit as he felt a tiny squirt of her warm juices hit his chin and enter his mouth. Sugar collapsed, thinking James was done, but he kept going! This caused Sugar to climax two more times in rapid succession. James thought she tasted better than anything else he had had.