A Long Walk Home


Left Behind – Part 1

Cruising out to Rick’s on my sled I was enjoying the cool weather and familiar surroundings this visit back home was doing for me. It had been almost a year since a promotion transported me away from the rolling, piney wood hillsides, soft green grass and beautifully, majestic magnolias of my birthplace.

A sense of dread over the long ride back to Texas came over me leaning over to turn into the dirt path driveway that led down into the holler to Rick’s old homestead. Noticing several vehicles in various states of condition were strewn around the front and on the far side of the house there was no telling who might be home this time of the afternoon.

As I goosed that oh so sweet rumble the V-Twin efficiently reciprocated from between my legs as our way of ringing a doorbell, someone opened the front door to see who had arrived. I didn’t recognize the guy but moments later as I killed the engine and threw down the kickstand, Rick came hustling out at a full trot, laughing and clapping his hands seeming to be glad to see me. Having known each other since our first gridiron confrontation way back in the fifth grade I was prepared for one of his infamous welcome hugs. Squaring around to face him we met chest to chest but instead of him getting the upper hand I surprised him and went almost limp and rolled backwards suddenly and watched as he was taken completely unaware and was vaulted right over me. Spitting and sputtering the parts of the lawn that he had just been reintroduced to; we started laughing as I recovered quickly, stood up and reached out to help him up.

“How the hell are you, boy?” Rick exclaimed as I helped swat the grass and dirt from his shirt.

Hugging each other like long, lost brothers and feeling the breath leave my lungs I could only say, “Good man! Real good! I’ll be better when you stop trying to pay me back for that rib YOU broke trying to run over me that day in practice.”

“I still get a tweak of pain from that now and again.” he said as we walked back towards the house.

Quickly stepping in front of me he swung the door open and yelled into the music filled living room, “Hey guys, we’re ready now! Ya’ll are in for treat. This here’s my best bud ever. Chuck, say hello to everybody!” Rick said with a swish of his arm.

Looking around I recognized Red Waters and Big Mike. They hadn’t changed any over the past year. In the corner sat Java waving at me to come on in. Other than those three I didn’t know any of the other dozen or so people sitting and standing around the large party room drinking beer and listening to Van Halen’s rendition of ‘Ice Cream Man’.

“Didn’t know you were having a party or I’da baked a cake.” I quipped looking around and nodding to all of the strange faces in the crowd. “What’s going on?” I asked stepping over and shaking hands with Bobby “Java Man” Valon.

The next hour or so we sat around and I met everyone by name but can hardly say I remembered anyone except for Roger and Rick’s new girlfriend, Jewell. She was a jewel too! About 5’5″, brown eyed with black shiny hair that ran halfway down her back. She was wearing a large football jersey tied in a knot at her midriff and had a pair of tight fitting jeans that showed off a terrific ass she was quite proud of showing off.

“You gonna go to the concert with us aren’t ya?” she whispered as I walked over to get a beer from her.

“I hadn’t given it much thought.” I said and looked around at Rick.

Motioning him over, she whispered in his ear and he then looked at me with a questioning face and led me down the hall towards his bedroom.

Jewell followed us and as we stepped inside she quietly closed the door behind her and said to Rick, “Honey, Vince ain’t gonna show so let’s give his ticket to Chuck and let’s get going.”

“Who’s playing?” I asked as Rick told me that they were going to the coast to see Van Halen in the coliseum. “Cool!” I said. “I’ll ride my sled and follow ya’ll down there.”

“No!” Jewell begged. “You can ride with us and leave your bike in the shed with Rick’s. We’re gonna make a whole night of it and I want you to ride with us, ok?”

Thinking about it for a minute Rick told me that my ticket was already paid for and that he had a couple of surprises for me on the trip down.

“Oh all right, what the hell.” I said.

I didn’t have to get back to Texas for a couple of days so having settled that Jewell whispered again to Rick and he nodded okay which prompted her to grab her jersey at the knot, untie it and pull it up to show me the two handfuls of firm tits she revealed.

“Here’s a little peak at one of your surprises.” she said giggling like a little girl and turning red in the face. “I like to show ‘em off to Rick’s special friends every now and then.”, and just as quickly pulled the shirt back down and retied the knot the way it was before.

“We’re gonna have a good time.” Rick said as he walked out the door. “Hey ya’ll, load up! We’re heading out so whoever’s going get ready.”

Moments later Rick and I are in the cramped backseat tecavüz porno of Roger’s little sports car. Jewell is riding shotgun in front and Roger is speed shifting through the gears down the highway. Reaching into his shirt pocket, Rick handed me what looked like a small postage stamp and said, “Here, try some of this. We ran across a little party enhancement on the way home last week and you have got to try it. It’ll knock your socks off!”

“Enhancement?” I asked. “I haven’t considered doing any of that for a long time.” I said handing it back to him.

“Ahh, come on!” Jewell said, “you’ll love it! Especially when I get my lips around your hard cock here in a few minutes.”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed and looking puzzled at Rick asked, “She’s kidding ain’t she?”.

“She’s serious about sucking dick, bud!” he proclaimed reaching up to cradle her head in his hand. Leaning up to her they kissed each other passionately for several moments. Rick’s hand reached under her jersey lifting it to expose the hardened nipple and handful of soft heaven.

“Here.” he said sitting back. “I’ll take half and you take the other half” as he tore the small piece of thin cardboard into two parts handing me one and putting the other on his tongue. “Just put it on your tongue and let it dissolve. Believe me, in a little while, you’ll thank me bud.”

Well hell, here I was with my oldest and closest friend so I went ahead and went with the flow. It took almost an hour to get to the coliseum and Rick spent most of the time rolling numbers and packing them into his cigarette pack. Meanwhile, Jewell slid her seat all the way forward telling me to sit as far back as I could. She reclined the back of her seat and it fit perfectly down even with my seat making that side of the car into a cozy little bed. Turning around to face me she pulled her jersey off and sat there bare from the waist up looking at me and licking her lips.

“Show her what you got, bud!” Rick laughed as he licked the glue and twisted up another one. “It’s all a game to her.” he winked and slid his hand over tweaking her finger sized nipple. “C’mon man, give her a little peek of that skinned opossum you got there in them Levi’s. You know I’ve seen it with all the showers we’ve taken after a hard day beating each others brains out in football. She wants to see too and I love to share her every now and then. She’s mighty picky and ain’t really liked none of my buds ‘til you came sliding up a little bit ago. Just how in the hell did you know we’d be home you sorry rascal?” he laughed punching hard on my bicep.

“I didn’t.” I said and undid the top brass on my 501 button fly’s. “I had to come home to one of momma’s things. They installed her as Queen last night at a big gathering in that fraternal thing her and daddy are deep into. She finally let me get away this morning.”

“Ya’ll can visit later!” Jewell sighed as she reached out and flicked open the remaining buttons on my jeans. Reaching in she smiled and said she liked my silk bikinis. “Do you always wear stuff like this?” she breathed and helped pull the jeans down my legs.

Turning the thin waistband down my wang flipped up and winked at her at half mast.

“Wow! Is this your gun and is it glad to see me?” she giggled and grabbed the shaft with her small hand. “Now this is a fine piece of equipment your bud has, honey. No wonder you didn’t tell me about him.”

With a practiced grip Jewell eased down and kissed the head of my swiftly growing bald headed one eyed warrior. Licking the small drop of ooze starting to gather at the tip she engulfed nearly all of me in one swallow and began bobbing up and down my shaft like a slow jack pump. For several miles we drove with Jewell sucking my cock into a hardness I hadn’t felt for some time and to my surprise and actual increased arousal, Rick had finished his rolling project, dropped his pants sporting a tool that must have been well over 8″ in length and almost as thick as my wrist with a shining and pointed head. Slowly he began stroking his dick and telling Jewell what a gorgeous little cock sucker she was as she had taken her other hand and was feverishly rubbing between her legs and moaning quietly.

All this time I’m sitting there writhing in the seat awaiting an explosion that was beginning in my chest and working it’s way out the tip of my cock which had grown to it’s full height buried deep in her throat. Grabbing onto the back of my seat I started trying to let loose with jets of jism when Jewell immediately stopped licking my head.

“Surprise!” she said winking at Rick and licking her lips. “How’s that honey? You told me to surprise him so what do ya think? Think ole Chuck here liked his little surprise?” she giggled and straightened herself back into her seat.

All I could do is sit there in a daze. Rick and I had known each other for almost all of our lives, had doubled dated in high school, shared living quarters together for a couple of years and even shared the same woman albeit not at the same time but this was something new. Not that I was üvey anne porno complaining! No, quite the contrary. As I sat there and thought about things as they were at that time, life was good but it would be a lot better when I released this load that she had pumped up in me.

Life was almost coming around full circle on a deeper level as I think about it now. Rick never knew and to this day does not know that his hot and beautiful mother and I shared several passionate times together back when she and his dad were going through their nightmare divorce but… that is another story. Here I sat in the back seat of only God knows who’s car almost getting my rocks off in my best friends lady’s throat and he’s jacking off in the seat beside me. Things were beginning to get interesting for me that night.

A couple of joints later, some good conversation and laughs, we were parked and walking our way into the coliseum. We seemed to be among the early arrivals and easily found our way down to the arena floor working our way towards the front of the stage. Roger and I hardly said two words to each other the entire time as he quietly seemed to get lost in the crowd around us. Rick, Jewell and I however stayed close together. Actually, Jewell had each of us gathered to her sides by locking her fingers around our belt loops wherever we turned.

The first band came out after some fanfare and it turned out to be some obnoxious punk rock group who desperately tried to work the crowd into a frenzy. Way off key and doing stupid antics the lead singer was basking in his 15 minutes of fame. Frankly I wasn’t impressed but tolerated it with the knowledge that Eddy and Michael would soon be out blowing the top off of the roof backing up David Lee’s incredible vocals.

With the arena lights now turned down, Jewell lit a joint turned around and was blowing each of us shotguns all the while working my crotch over with her one free hand. It felt like I was leaving this planet standing there high from the smoke and cooking off the party enhancement. Off to my right a punk was jumping up and down acting a fool and squirting the contents of whatever was in his bota bag at whoever wanted to drink it. Spatterings of it splashed in my face and eyes and began to sting like hell. After a few moments of confusion while I grabbed the little shit by the throat and told him in most stern language to ease up he seemed to settle down and quit being so rowdy. Luckily the band was finishing the only song they were to do and the lights came back on over the arena.

Looking around things were really starting to spin for me. I suppose it was the enhancements from the little stamp that was kicking in but to this day I can still see me physically standing in the middle of the arena as a member of the “Renewal” scene from the scifi classic, “Logan’s Run”.

Looking over at Rick, he and Jewell were passionately locked at the lips and dancing to whatever music they had working for them. The guy who was acting the fool with the bota bag seemed to had gotten his little band of thugs around him worked up and talking shit about my having “not been cool”, as they were saying. Rick it seemed had broken free from Jewell and had gotten intent to know what was going on and punched me in the arm again.

“What’s them little pecker headed dipshit’s problem bro?” he hollered after grabbing me by the shoulder.

“Little fucker’s got a problem from you telling that piss ant to quick squirt’n folks with that fuck’n bag? Hey!” he said stepping by me towards the first guy standing close.

There’s no telling what Rick told this guy but when he did the guy kind of went a little weak kneed turning a light shade of pale and nodded rather vigorously. Turning back to his buddies they talked amongst each other and seemed to take interest in something happening away over their right shoulder.

Looking around a few feet away this large, black, uniformed, police officer was stepping through the crowd with a determined look of intent on his glistening face and bald head. Walking right up to the young guy who had the bota bag the officer nicely asked the crowd around to step back a bit and give him a little room.

“What you been spraying from that bag, sir?” he efficiently asked with a loud enough voice to bring attention to whoever was close around.

Rick stepped over and put his hand on the other little punk who I had choked and beckoned to the officer saying, “It was this dude that was doing it sir. Whatever it is it burns! My bud here got squirted in the eyes just before they turned on the lights a minute ago.”

“Yeah!” the punk said, “and he tried to choke me, officer!” he seemed proud to say stepping forward.

“Come with me, sir! And you can come too sir. WITH the bag.” the bristling, black man said as he grabbed the punk who had stepped forward. “Feel fortunate this guy didn’t finish from what these other people are telling me ya’ll are doing! Just which one of you genius’ came up with the dumb idea of mixing some damn paint thinner in a rum punch?” he barked üvey erkek kardeş porno and roughly tugged the guy along with him past us towards the other side of the arena floor.

Stopping in front of me the officer looked down and said, “Sir. Sorry you had to put up with this ignorance but thanks for letting go of his neck. I’da hated to have to try and collar yore thick ass! Ya’ll have a safe time tonight.”

“That’ll teach them!” Rick said and slapped me on the back. “Here! Take this and wipe that shit out of you eyes.” and handed me the scarf that Jewell had around her waste as a belt. “Them little fuckers have just fucked up!” he laughed as we stepped back to let several of the other guys that were gathered around get through and follow their buddies’ the cop had in tow.

“The little cock sucker pissed me off something fierce!” I said wiping my face and dabbing at my eyes. “I hate violence but damn! Did he say they put paint thinner in that shit? Some of them idiots were drinking that shit I think!”

I couldn’t help but inhale the delicate fragrance the scarf had having been around her waist and this quickly turned my anger motor off.

Jewell came over and hugged me and made a big deal about she needed her belt back but she whispered in my ear, “I’m the only little cock sucker around here tonight.” and grabbed her scarf back.

She looked awesome standing there in the middle of this crowd that was beginning to settle back down after the last few moments of law and order. As I looked around the flash from “Logan’s Run” came back into my mind’s eye and I told Rick to look around.

“Don’t this look just like that scene from that movie we saw a while back?” I asked Rick.

“You mean, ‘Logan’s Run’?” he retorted without blinking.

“Yeah man!” I said right back astonished that he and I had the same thought at that very same time. “I feel like I’m floating around in here, man.” I said to him.

Laughing back at me he reached over and hugged me saying, “Damn it’s good to see you again you son of a bitch. How’s that new job you left all of us for. Jewell’s been wanting to meet you since just after we met. Ain’t she something?” he playfully quipped grabbing her around the waist and spinning her around.

I just stood in awe looking at her spinning within all the differently changing colors in all of the cloths the people standing around us were wearing. Folks were standing in front of the seats up the side grandstands hollering at people and there must have been at least a dozen beach balls bouncing around the crowd. Feeling quite dizzy I told Rick I was going to get out of this crowd for a minute and get some fresh air.

“We’ll be right here, man.” he said as they stopped spinning around.

“Don’t go!” Jewell said. I’ll go get something to drink and I gotta pee bad. Stay right here and we’ll be right back. Come on honey, go and get me a coke!” she hollered grabbing Rick and scrambling away through the crowd.

Roger came over where I was standing now alone and said he was going for a beer and asked me did I want one. “Not right now, man.” I said, “but thanks. I’ll go get something in a little while. I’m gonna go step outside and get some fresh air.”

Whether Roger heard that last bit of our short conversation or not I’ll never know. To be a matter of fact, after that night no one really knows anything about him. It seems that when he left me standing there in the middle of that bustling throng of concert goers no one saw him again. Ever!

As I now stood all alone amongst all these wildly outfitted people getting excited awaiting “Van Halen’s” appearance on stage the room really began to start spinning again. There were very many women walking around with next to nothing on in wisps of transparent fabrics and bikinis of all different shades. A couple of girls were made up as lingerie models prancing around throwing glittering confetti in the air. One of them walked over towards me and blew a handful of it over my head. Specks of it were sparkling in front of my face while some where lighting on my shoulders and arms. Walking right up to me the shorter of the two, a cute brunette with crystal blue eyes told me that this was magic dust and I was under her spell for the night.

“All I smell is pretty fur pie.” I told her leaning towards her in the faint hope of maybe we could kiss.

Slowly reaching out with her hand she caressed my face then ran her fingers through the back of my hair. Gently she urged me down to her height beckoning me to come closer and shyly kissed my cheek.

“If you want a taste of my pie meet me under the flag poles out front after the show big boy.” and gracefully backed away bowing and grasping for her girlfriend to come and see. “He’s just too cute!” she cooed to her taller yet thinner and redheaded friend.

As the two of them seemed to float away into the crowd, things could not have gotten any more blurry. For a few more minutes I stood there and tried to get my wits about me. Seeing how many folks were standing around with a lit cigarette I lit one of mine and puffed on it with a relish and enjoyment like it was the next best thing that had happened to me that night. Rick and Jewell soon arrived a few moments later announcing that the line was too damn long to get something to drink and that if I wanted to get some fresh air that I would probably have to stand in line for it.