Free Use Farm–Christmas Eve


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I had only to wait a minute or two before Kelsie’s plane debarked. Lots of families struggling with strollers and car seats and kids. And then–there she was. I don’t know what I was worried about as I would have recognized her anywhere. She is so much like her mother and her aunt!

Her long hair was golden, rather than red, and it reached all the way to her ass. Her skin tone was sun-kissed, rather than porcelain. But her facial features and body took me right back to the first time I met Laura, her aunt and my sister-in-law, over ten years ago.

Kelsie spied me and smiled. My heart may have stopped, briefly. My god, beauty like that ought to come with a warning sign! She walked towards me; I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Her jeans looked painted on. The sway of her hips and swing of her breasts as she advanced towards me on her high heeled boots was absolutely mesmerizing. She was sex personified.

“Uncle Ben!” Kelsie squealed, and wrapped herself around me. I could feel her breasts compressed between us as I hugged her back.

“Little Kelsie, all grown up! How old are you now?” My god, she felt good!

“19 and a sophomore at university. So, you know…legal.” She winked at me.

Well, now, I thought, what an interesting answer. Maybe too interesting for this public of a reunion. I was responding to having this young beauty in my arms, and afraid it would soon become quite obvious! “Maybe we should head on out,” I suggested. She agreed. As we picked up her luggage and walked out to the car, I explained I needed to stop and get a few gifts. We headed out to a department store.

Once inside, Kelsie took me by the hand and pulled me towards the lingerie department. She would pick up a bra or panty and hold it in front of her and ask, “What do you think, Uncle?” After she had a small pile of her favorites, she simpered towards me. “These could be your Christmas present for me, Uncle, and my Christmas present will be wearing them for you. Would that be okay?”

Her nipples were hard and obvious under the thin sweater she was wearing. I reached out and flicked her nipples; one, then the other. She mewed. I said, “Wear them, then take them off for me, is that it?” She nodded, eyes hooded.

“Yes, Da…, Uncle.”

“Go ahead, little girl.” I whispered to her. “Call me Daddy.”

She turned her face to me, and kissed me, full on the lips. I touched my tongue to her lips and she opened for me. Our tongues tasted each other, then I heard, “Can I help you two?” in a prissy and sarcastic tone.

We stepped cloud storage away from each other. I took all the tiny bits Kelsie had piled up and pushed them towards the sour-faced clerk, and told her to ring them all up. She harrumphed. I did not care.

I quickly finished my shopping, with Kelsie’s help, then got back into my car to head back to my brother’s. I turned the car on, but sat there to give it time to heat up. I turned to Kelsie, “So, I’m guessing you know all about the whole free use thing Uncle Frank has going on?”

“Yes,” she said, giggling. “I know that my parents, Uncle Frank and Aunt Laura, and you and I will all have to be…available…to each other while we are there.”

“And you’re okay with it all?”

She looked me up and down. “Have you gotten the impression I might not be?”

I returned the visual inspection. “No. No, I have not.” I smiled.

“Good,” she said. She unzipped her jeans. I could see a tiny bit of yellow panty. “I’m so fucking horny, Daddy, I can’t wait another minute.” She wiggled out of her jeans and panties. She rubbed herself a bit. Then she used one hand to open her sex, and the other to tease her clit and her opening. I was watching very closely. “Help me, Daddy!”

I reached across her and pushed the lever so her seat went all the way back. I positioned myself in front of her as well as I could, pushed my arms under her ass and lifted, then kissed her sweet pussy. I licked her from her asshole to her mons, several times. Her moaning increased. I focused on her clit and worked a finger into her pussy while I did so. It took only another minute or so before she came, with the cutest little series of squeals.

“Let’s get you back to the farm, eh?” I said.

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I can’t wait!”

We pulled up to the drive to my brother’s place. I stopped for a moment so Kelsie could read the sign. “Warning,” it said. “This is notice that from this point, any and all adult females are to make themselves available to any and all adult males. Proceeding past this point is consent!”

“Wow,” Kelsie exclaimed. “It really says that! And right out in public!”

“Well, not that many people drive down this road, way out here, but yeah, it is public, all right.”

“Wow,” she repeated. “Uncle Frank’s got balls!”

“I don’t know,” I joked, “I haven’t looked!”

We hurried into the house, stopping at the mudroom to begin taking off boots, coats, etc. My brother, Frank and his wife, Laura, and her sister, Leslie, and Leslie’s husband, Rob, all naked, tried to squeeze into the mudroom with us. Leslie and Rob gathered their daughter, Kelsie, up in their arms, exclaiming how cloud file storage they missed her.

Frank moved back a bit, but my sister-in-law, Laura, came to me. She hugged me tight and kissed me. She pulled back, “Well, I can taste that you and Kelsie have become reacquainted!” I shrugged sheepishly. She laughed and helped me pull off the rest of my clothes. I watched as Leslie and Rob helped their daughter, Kelsie, get undressed. They did so unhurriedly, and with lots of kisses and caresses.

I whispered to Laura, “You’re family is sick and perverted!”

She replied, “Yeah, we are! Isn’t it great?”

I vehemently agreed!

We all sat around the fire, drinking and laughing at old stories. At one point, Kelsie got up and headed for the kitchen. When she got back, in a little girl voice she asked her father, “Can I sit on your lap, Daddy?” He uncrossed his legs and patted his thighs, welcoming her to sit down. The general conversation swirled about the room, but didn’t often include Kelsie or her father. When I realized that, I looked at them more closely.

Kelsie had her hands on top of her father’s hands, and one set was massaging a breast while the other was playing with her pussy. Kelsie leaned back on her father’s shoulder and turned to kiss him. I heard a series of cute little squeals, just like the ones I heard when I had made her cum in the car. I smiled.

Kelsie lifted up and her hands disappeared beneath her. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing from my angle, but it quickly became apparent. She re-settled on her father’s lap, slowly and with an “Unh!” Rob put his hands at her waist. Then I saw Kelsie begin to ride up and down on her father’s lap.

The conversation stilled as everyone else realized what was going on, too.

Leslie laughed as she watched her husband and her daughter fucking. “You’re both a couple of greedy whores, aren’t you?”

Kelsie agreed, “Yes, Mommy, I’m a greedy whore!”

Rob grunted, “And you’re not?”

Everyone laughed. Leslie stood in front of the fucking pair, then she leaned down and kissed her husband. Then she leaned down further and kissed her daughter. She put her hands up to her daughter’s breasts and fondled them. Kelsie kissed her mother back and fondled her mother’s breasts in return.

Frank got up–his cock standing out proud in front of him. He walked up behind his sister-in-law, pumped his cock a few times to spread his pre-cum, positioned himself at her opening, and pushed. Leslie asked him to wait and moved away from her daughter, towards me. She leaned much farther down, so that she could take my cock in her mouth. Frank started pumping file upload into her pussy from behind, as she was almost doubled over. Leslie groaned with satisfaction. “That’s so good!” she exclaimed around my cock.

Poor Laura! Left out; but not for long. She went around to Rob and Kelsie and sat cross-legged in front of them. She had an intimate view of her brother-in-law’s cock pumping up into her niece’s cunt.

I watched while she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. I watched as she licked at her niece’s pretty pussy and at her brother-in-law’s daughter-fucking cock. I watched as she began to play with her own sweet cunt.

Kelsie was the first to cum. Being watched while she fucked her father and was licked by her aunt–I imagined it was at least as hot to be her as it was to watch! Her father came next. I imagined the feeling of his daughter’s cunt spasming about his cock would be pretty fucking intense! Leslie came next, crying out around my cock in her mouth. My brother and I came at about the same time, after Leslie. The sights, sounds, and feelings were just too much!

Laura seemed to hold off purposefully. She was playing with her pussy only lazily. After a few minutes, the rest of us were recovered, and all eyes turned to Laura. I guessed that was what she waiting for. She sped up her hand on her clit, and fucked her hole with the other hand. When she came, her legs jerked around, and she cried out, “FUCK!!!” while she watched us watch her.

After we all came out of the sex fog, there was some awkwardness. So, of course, we spiked the egg nog very liberally. As inhibitions lowered, we got silly and flirty with each other. But at one point, Leslie dragged Rob off to the guest room. A bit later, Frank and Laura left for their bedroom.

I turned to Kelsie and said, “There’s a bed in the other room. I’ll take the couch out here.”

Kelsie got up, a bit unsteadily, and said, “Don’t be silly! You can sleep with me!”

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “I can’t imagine much sleep going on! That’s just a twin bed–we’ll have to…”

“Get cozy?” she finished for me. “Sounds lovely! C’mon!”

We walked into the dungeon room. Kelsie asked, “You know about all this stuff?” I nodded. “Well, you’ll have to demonstrate, tomorrow.” She went straight for the bed at the back of the room, threw back the covers and climbed in. She may have been asleep before her head hit the pillow! I thought I would probably do the same.

She had turned to the wall; I had to spend a moment tracing her curves with my eyes. Her ass was simply perfection! But I couldn’t keep my eyes open, even for that, and climbed in behind her. I spooned her. She wiggled herself back into me, as closely as possible. I draped an arm over her, and that’s the last thing I remember.

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