My Little One


(i’ve had many dirty thought and dreams, but never put them down as record. this is my first. i would love any comments.)

My “little one”

You hear the click of the lock as I slide the key. Goosebumps encase your soul. As I open and step thru the door to our first real encounter. Your blindfold keeps you from knowing for sure.. is it me? I take in the sight of my “little one”. I am pleased at your choice of position. You are kneeling with your ass on your heels, hands in your lap, blindfolded. Innocent a first thought, but your choice of nudity shows your naughty side.

I approach you and bend to whisper in your ear..are you ready? You reply softly…”yes, daddy”. Coming before you, I tell you to give me your hands. Raising your hands, you feel my strength as I grab your wrist. I raise your hands and you give yourself to me. Trusting me with your punishment. Your submission stirs my manhood.

When your face makes contact with my crotch, you know I am enjoying this. I allow you to rub your face on my silk boxers. The feel of my thickness thru the silk, reminds you of why you are here.

Daddy is mad and he is going to take it out on you r ass. I grab your throat and whisper in your ear.. are you ready? I barely hear you.. “No, Daddy, Please!” With that, I know you are mine. I grab the chair behind me and pull you over my lap. Your mouth says no daddy, Ill be good. However, your body follows my lead. Your naked body is now across my lap and you present me with your beautiful bubble butt. You feel the sting as my hand meets flesh for the first time. “No daddy” as you squirm in my lap, trying to get away.

“You have been a very naughty girl, teasing daddy, talking dirty, getting me hard. You have the mouth of a dirty slut”. Slap, the second is harder. “please daddy no” Tipobet But I am not wavered. I know you need this; you have begged for this with every dirty word you spoke. Slap, slap, slap. Three more and the rosy color glows from your bottom. I take this time to run my hand over your sweet ass. I feel the goosebumps and watch as you twitch with my gentle touch. You beg me again, no daddy, ill be good! Maybe you have been begging the whole time. I haven’t been listening. The feel of your hot pussy against my straining cock is too much for me. Slap, slap, slap, slap. I stop, you are whimpering. You beg again, “please, daddy, ill be a good girl!” I rub the redness that has surfaced, letting my finger slide in the crack of your ass. I feel your excitement, your wet pussy gives it away that you are enjoying every minute of your punishment.

“Get on your knees and take off your blindfold”. Removing your blindfold, your head bows as if you’re praying. As I stand, your eyes make contact with my cock. You lick your lips, hoping I don’t notice.

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

“Yes, Daddy”

I get closer. You want to devour my cock and show me that you’re sorry for being a tease. But, you know that will get you smacked. Even closer, as it slides against your cheek. I rub myself all over your face, showing you that I am in control.

“Lick my cock, worship my manhood”

You slowly lick up and down my cock as if it were you favorite lollipop. Never taking the head in your mouth, until told to do so. When given permission, you still go slowly. You want to feel all of me as I enter your hot, wet mouth. You part your lips and tease me with your patience as you descend to the bottom of my cock. You retreat just as slowly and begin a wonderful rhythm, up and down. I allow Tipobet Giriş you to worship my cock, enjoying my power.

“Stop” you stop with me buried in your throat. I pull out and let the head remain just enough to tease you back. You need me now; your pussy is aching. It is dripping, needing to squirt.

“Bow and surrender your pussy to me”. With your ass high in the air, I see your snatch is very wet and begging for a good fuck. Your shoulders are pinned to the carpet, with your face turned to the side. Slap, one more because your ass looks so beautiful. I am enjoying this way too much. I bend and kiss your reddened ass cheeks. I take in the musky odor of your excited pussy. Slap, this time directed at your wetness. Slap, again on my target. I kneel and take in the sight of that tight little hole. Its wet from my torture; I see it spasm wanting, needing my thickness. I lean in and gently lick your lips, you softly sigh. Your clit is hard begging for attention. As I move in towards it, your breathing quickens. My lips attack your clit and your loud moan stirs me on. As I eat you, your moans become louder.

“Yes, Daddy, Ill be a good girl, please eat my pussy, Daddy, let me cum, Daddy, please. Oh yes Daddy, please”

I know from your moans and the juice on my chin you are close. Knowing that, I pull away, leaving you begging again. As I stand, grabbing my cock, feeling my arousal, you take your first look into my eyes. You know this could result in a slap, but it would be worth it to see the lust in my soul. I lower myself to line up with you. My cock head is hot and swollen as it makes contact with your throbbing clit. Rubbing it up and down your slit, your moaning begins again. In one slow motion, I sink my thick manhood to the depths of your pussy. Beginning slowly, Tipobet Güncel Giriş all the way out leaving just the head at your opening. Then back in to your hot wet sweetness. Building our orgasms, as I start fucking you harder and then faster. I control your moans with the speed and strength of my thrusting. Feeling your pussy squeeze my shaft, I tell you to squirt. I withdraw my cock and watch as you drench it with a massive release of your wetness. Starting to pound into you again, I feel my seed wanting release. Harder and faster with each thrust, I know I want to feed you.

“Do you want Daddy to feed his hungry little one?”

“yes daddy, feed your little one”

As I pull from your sore pussy. You turn around, still kneeling. I tell you “its all yours”. This time it is not slow, you take it rough and work me over like a cock-starved slut. You are my little slut! As you work on my cock, you hear me moan and command you to pinch your clit. Your fingers start pinching and pulling at the hardness in your crotch. Your assault on your pussy, deepens your lust for my hot load. One hand on your pussy, your other grabs my ass; wanting me deeper and faster. I grab your hair and start fucking your face. Acting like a slut and treated as such gives way to another orgasm. Your moan deep in your throat vibrates thru my cock! This is too much for me to take and as I scream, “I’m Cuming!” I feel my seed travel every inch from my balls, finally exploding in your hungry mouth. You swallow fast but a little still trickles down to your chin. Not wanting to waste a bit of my gift, you scoop it with your finger and bring it to your tongue. Savoring my taste, you feel satisfied.

I know you think I am done. However, I have more plans for you. I reach for your hand to help you to your feet. We come face to face and our lips meet for the first time. My tongue enters your mouth as you feel the lust in my touch; I caress your face and explore your body with intensity. I grab your hand.

“Let’s go little one. Daddy needs a shower and that was just the beginning!”

to be continued….