The Massage Away Ch. 01 Pt. 01-02


Fair Warning 1 – I am a first time writer

Fair Warning 2 – this story involves Femdom, a wife, cross dressing, sissy husband, interracial, group sex and obviously may not be everyone’s cup of tea (but I hope it is appealing to some comfortable fetishists!) The first chapter is tame.

Fair Warning
– stupid ignorant comments will be ignored. If you don’t like a sick depraved story, don’t read it. I would love real critiques.

Fair Warning – there are already other chapters to follow. This Chapter merely sets the situation. I just need the readers’ support to give me the guts to add them.

I hope you enjoy.


Part 1

Once the Christmas push is done, the tree down, the kids have returned to their own lives, the opportunity for us returns. Love the holidays. Love the kids. This year, however, I could not wait for New Years. Having extended the season through a few additional days booked off, the holiday season was extended to a full two weeks over New Years.

Let the games begin.

Our plan was to get away from the home and enjoy time in a romantic get-away rented for a five-day splurge. Five days on Lake Ontario. Five days in luxury cottage on the shore. Heaven.

We got on the road early. Travelling at this time of the year often involves snow and ice-covered roads make the trip uncertain, so a weekend journey just does not cover it. Five days makes it worth the trip. This year, the trip was cold, clear, and almost painful in the brightness of the snow reflection. Within four hours we pulled into the lovely A-frame looking out onto Lake Ontario.

The interior of the home was everything we had desired. The pictures on the rental site did not do it justice. The home was shaped almost like a T, with two wings extending off to each side with an enormous great room in the middle extending down towards the lake. Walking in the smell of the fire place, the smoke, the burned wood, was the first thing to be noticed. The owner had said he would have the fire started to warm the home and would crank up the furnace. Entering the main room, the large stone fireplace in the centre of the living space stood about two feet off the ground, surrounded by a hearth on all sides. A copper cone, tarnished and rustic, rose above leading to the chimney reaching 25 feet where is disappeared through the exposed post and beam ceiling.

The floors and walls were all beautiful wood, simple and beautiful. The chalet was rustic, yet luxurious, open, and warm in its stone, copper, and wood.

The design of the cottage, with its great room layout ensured, the enjoyment of the beauty and warmth of the fireplace from all vantage points. A seating area to the left formed the living room, with a large floral couch and over stuffed arm chairs. An open kitchen was to the right with a wooden shaker-style dining table in front of a counter separating the kitchen area. The large stove sat in the middle of the counter, a wide rack of copper cookware above. I knew I would enjoy cooking in this kitchen. The space brought the connection between cooking and entertaining to the forefront.

Directly ahead, on the other side of the fireplace at the back of the great room, was a stunning wall of glass facing the lake. Extending to the pointed ceiling, from wall to wall, this feature was breath taking. Half way up the wall was an open floor, a loft, accessible by a curved staircase. A bed was visible, its headboard against the glass wall, in the centre of the window. The wooden furniture matched the bed on each outer wall. Underneath the loft, another seating area faced out onto the waterfront. A reading area, or a study, separate from the main flow of the house.

The size of Lake Ontario means it will never freeze over, yet the water was grey and cold. Very cold. Large waves crashed onto the shoreline, the rocks covered in ice as the mist settled and froze. A path through the 3-foot deep snow led to the water from the pack porch. The porch wrapped around, across the back of the home and up the side. Glass sliding doors to the side of the reading room led to the outside. In front of the door, a BBQ and a hot tub sat at the side of the home on the porch in the sheltered nook.

To the left, just past the living room were doors leading to the left extension.

The Master bedroom, a private retreat waited discovery. The king size bed stood against the back wall, with a door on the left to a large walk in closet. Sliding doors to the right of the bed offered access to the deck. The ensuite was beautiful. The large bathroom was divided into the throne room, also accessible from the great room, but it was the main bathroom that took your breath away. Beautifully tiled floor and walls, a large walk-in shower stood across the back of the room, glass blocks bringing in light from the wrap around deck. A tall, curved two-person soaking tub stood to the right, a clear glass wall behind it also looking out onto the deck and the lake front.

On yalova escort the right, behind the kitchen was another pair of smaller bedrooms, undoubtedly for guests and the children. The bathroom between these rooms was simple yet functional and could be accessed from the great room.

Yeah, I think this is just what we had in mind for a getaway. The house was our sanctuary for the next five days. It was perfect for the services I would provide to my Queen, as planned.

Once we had completed our excited exploration, my focus quickly shifted to my Queen. For this getaway, I was honoured, and thrilled, to serve my Queen. Ensuring the fire was built up again and blazing was my priority. My Queen could then relax in front of the fire while I headed out to the car. Providing a drink from the small cooler I brought in, her reader in hand, I could take my leave. I left the warm embrace of the fire and headed back out into the biting cold to unload our car to bring in our bags, food, large coolers, and massage table.

I have been looking forward to this getaway for a long time. My wife is my friend, my partner, my support, and my Queen. Married for 10 years, together for over 20, our relationship is not what one might call vanilla.

My Queen, or Kalie, is late 40s, a self-employed consultant with a successful practice, and a yoga instructor. Five-foot-tall, about 120 pounds, Kalie is an incredibly sexy red-head, muscular and tight with a stunning figure. She was happy when her breast size dropped from a 38 DD to a 32 D through her focus on fitness. We both work out 5-6 days a week, but Kalie is more driven, and her physique shows it.

I am 8 years older, 6 foot, 185 pounds and fit. I am a Director in a humanitarian agency with a full staff and I love my work. I have a sense of humour, a wild imagination, a vivid fantasy sexual world, but a professional presentation on the outside. As a cyclist I pride myself on my appearance and fitness. I am quite happy with my 7.5″ cock, although there are times I would prefer it was larger.

Oh, and I enjoy serving my Queen.

For each of us, this is our second marriage. To say that practice makes perfect is an understatement. Kalie is my soul-mate. More, after she assisted me in learning about who I am, she is also my Queen, and when permitted, I serve her. Whenever possible, I serve her en femme, something I adore.

Kalie introduced me to strap-ons. Through this I discovered my ability to have strong internal orgasms. The first time it shocked me, and I had no idea what had happened. My Queen introduced me to chastity when she purchased a Holy Trainer. Through this I learned that my true desire is to please her, and that I enjoy the reminder of my place. We have never involved a third person, although my fantasies have extended to that area. The aspects of introducing a black cock into our mix has been there, within my head and literary preferences for years, but is an element that my wife has never entertained, even in fantasy. Watching interracial porn has been interesting in the past, but even that has waned over the years. Female Domination is now a strong part of our relationship, something that makes perfect sense to me. Kalie still feels she is being selfish and that it is wrong, but she has come to accept it, almost understanding my desires in the area.

As I unloaded the last of the bags, my hands were nearly frozen, and I just wanted to get to the fireplace to warm them. Standing in front of the fire, the pleasure of the warmth of the blaze and the knowledge of the days to come made me feel wonderful.

“I think you need to get everything away, now” Kalie stated. “It is getting a little late and you will need to do a little shopping in town before it gets dark. There appears to be a lot to do. Oh, and some wine before you leave would be nice”

I might have protested under another circumstances, but when serving, you serve.

“Of course, love” I responded.

“My Queen” came the correction.

“Of course, my Queen” I replied, moving away to first pour some wine in the kitchen, then focus on preparing our oasis. It was only 2 in the afternoon, but I wanted to get my shopping done and return as early as possible.

Shopping in a quaint community like this is akin to living in a postcard. The stores on main street all have their own unique feeling. Wooden floors, shop keepers who are eager to help. It is like stepping back in time to a Charles Dicken’s novel when compared to the big city. The snow on the sidewalks squeaked under your boots as you walk, and the Christmas decorations and mood permeated everyone’s banter and welcoming attitudes. I had just left the bakery and had but one stop to make at the liquor store when my cell phone rang.

Queen’s “Find Me Somebody to Love” rang out and I knew who was calling.

“Hello M’Lady” I answered with a smile on my face and in my voice.

“I have someone at the door” my Queen responded without edirne escort the usual niceties. “A

handsome gentleman who claimed you had asked him to come by. You hired him?”

“Ah, yes, I did.” I gulped. I had not expected him to be there without my being there with explanation. “Did he give you a name?”

“Marcus. He claims to be a professional masseuse. He gave me a card” came the flat response, annoyance appearing in the tone.

“Um, yes my Queen. That was supposed to be a surprise. I apologize for not being there. I had not expected him before 4. Would you like to send him away? He has been paid…”

“No. I will let him in. No point in him freezing. I assume you will be returning immediately then?” came the statement in the form of a question.

“Yes, M’Lady. I have only the wine to purchase and should be back in…”

“See you shortly” and the phone went silent.

Shit I thought. This is more than a bit awkward. I had hired Marcus as a surprise. I know he is a good looking, well spoken, intelligent black guy, perhaps 45 or 50. He came well regarded with high references both as a massage therapist, but also for his ability to please on so many fronts, or in this case, backs. I had not expected to be out when he arrived, and now I was nervous. I had spoken with him on the phone but had never met him in person. I had never discussed what he could or could not say if I was not there.

I finished my shopping as quick as possible and jumped in the car. I was perhaps 15 minutes away when Find Me Somebody to Love rang out.

Pushing the button to answer “Hello M’Lady” I responded.

“I trust you are on your way?”

“Yes M’Lady”

“Good. I think we have something to talk about?”

“Yes M’Lady. I do understand. I ordered a masseuse without your consent and…”

“Stop.” She interjected abruptly. “The massage is only one part of it. I am sitting with Marcus and he has informed me that he offers other, uh, services, for which Marcus claims you may have possibly engaged him for? A stud fee? I have known your interest in introducing a black man into our play as I have ready your stories, but I did not realize this was your real intent. Is what he told me true?” she demanded.

I paused. I wanted to respond, but the words needed careful choices. “I only hired him for the massage, my love. The rest was a possibility, maybe, or it could be but only if you were interested, my love” I responded quickly, trying to jam in all of the comfort words I could.

“My Queen” came the correction, flat, direct, and harsh. I stopped talking. I know enough to just listen when that tone is used. “When you arrive, you should offer our guest a drink as well refill my own. You should pour yourself one as well. You may need it. Then we will talk. And by the way, Marcus is a very attractive, sexy, intelligent man. You chose well.” And the line went dead. I could hear the smile in the last comment. I wished I was back already.


Part 2

Entering the cottage, again the warmth enveloped me. The fire roared in the fireplace, its crackling filling the room. Removing my boots and hanging my coat on the hooks in the front hall, I kicked a small valise. Must be Marcus’s bag, never giving it much of a second thought. My focus was elsewhere. How was she? Where was she? Was I in trouble?

Yeah, but how much I thought.

Walking into the great room, the warmth increased. I saw Kalie on the couch. The first thing I noticed was her eyes. Her eyes were always the indicator of what I faced. Anger, anxiety, humour, fear. Those came across like beacons, informing the recipient of what was to come. These eyes were none of the above. Piercing, questioning, mischievous, playful. I was not in trouble. Wait. Was I?

When I left, Kalie was wearing her yoga leggings, tight fitting and sexy. Now she was

wearing her silver dress. Actually, more lingerie than dress. The one she wore on our honey moon when she turned every head walking into the restaurant. The one with a short hem line and a plunging neckline that almost reached it. The one that she wore for me on special occasions. The one that meant…oh fuck!

“hey man. Nice to meet you finally” came the voice, waking me from my visual feast.

Marcus strode into the room, a wide grin on his face.

Funny how one’s imagination tells you what to expect. Even having seen his photos on his marketing site, even after hearing his voice on the phone, the real-life persona was not what was expected.

Marcus was tall, perhaps 6’2″, a solid 200 lbs. His head was newly shaved and glistened. His skin was dark, not really black, but certainly the depth of smooth chocolate. His eyes reached out, shining, pulling you in. His brows relaxed in friendly greeting, a broad smile across his square jaw. He approached me with purpose, his shoulders carried him across the room with a confident, yet welcoming gait, his erzurum escort large hand outstretch in warmth.

“Marcus” he offered. “My pleasure. And I met your lovely wife! An even greater pleasure!” His smile seemed to widen, honest but perhaps a little too familiar.

Reaching my own hand forward, “Sawyer” escaped from my lips, a broken, raspy excuse of an introduction. My pathetic response stung my ego. Reaching for the depth of my mind, I struggled to gain my composure and place. My hand was enveloped in his.

“So, did you have any problem finding the place?” Oh shit I thought. Did I really say that? Well that was impressive. What the fuck. You think he is an insurance salesman?

“Nope. No problem at all.” Marcus responded. His warmth helped me relax just a bit. “I am glad I got here before the snow though. Should be quite a storm I hear. Glad to find the security and warmth,” his wink put me back at unease.

I listened, but that was not fully where my attention was. I was watching Kalie watch Marcus. There was an interest, a fascination. I had wanted someone who would garner Kalie’s interest. Without it, there was no chance of success. I felt success. I felt a lot of success. So, if I felt so successful, why did I also feel jealousy?

Turning to me, breaking my concentration, Kalie addressed me abruptly.

“I am going to interrupt here. The questions here will be for you to answer, Sawyer, not to ask. Am I clear?” her head cocked and jerked to the side, eyebrows arched, demanding a response.

“Uh yeah.” I responded meekly.

“Pardon?” came the rebuke.

She wanted me to call her ‘My Queen’? We have only done this between ourselves, in private, I thought This is not for public consumption. My mind raced. I looked to Marcus who just stood, hands behind his back, with a smile on his face, his eyes watching my response, my discomfort.

The sound of my Queen clearing her throat brought me back.

My eyes lowered. “Yes, my Queen. I understand fully.”

“So, you hired Marcus to give your wife a massage?” Kalie began.

“Yes, my Queen. I thought you might enjoy that to relax your muscles after such a long week. I would have booked Saturday, but to hold Marcus I needed to guarantee Friday night of a long weekend.”

“Excellent. Did you also intend on Marcus seducing me?” Kalie asked, eye brows raised, fingers intertwining in front of her mouth.

Marcus was enjoying this exchange. He watched me squirm. He adjusted his posture, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. His hand moved across his front. I was sure he adjusted his own discomfort.

My eyes darted back and forth between them. I hoped to get some insight, some indicator from either of them of what they knew. Nothing. “I only paid Marcus for his massage, and nothing else was finalized, so…” I countered, then added quickly, “We had not really agreed and of course I would never…”

“ask another man to fuck your wife in front of you?” came the direct interjection.

My mouth went dry. Everything I had planned, or fantasized about, was right here. I had done this. It was in front of me. I could not move. I could not speak. I just looked at Kalie, my Queen, my love.

“Did you want to watch this man fuck me?” came the next question, blunt and direct, her face emotionless.

I could feel my inhale. Then slowly release. Nerves calming. Another inhale, I was ready to speak. Then a slow release. An inhale…

“Yes.” I managed.

“I thought you were here to serve me, your Queen this weekend?”

OK, I thought, now she is putting this on a bit heavier. The situation, I thought… Cuckold, a hired bull, now my wife is my Queen… This is not good. Moving too fast.

“I thought you wanted to dress like my sissy and take care of my every need?” Kalie almost purred, the little feminine lilt in her voice meant to humiliate me, and it worked.

“um, I think we might have a drink, and…” I jumped forward. Laughing nervously.

“Maybe I’d lock up you cock and take your ass with my strap-on?” Kalie continued. “or are you hoping that perhaps Marcus would take your ass?”

OK. This entire open disclosure was far more out into the open than I had ever planned. Kalie was enjoying my discomfort. She was playing on a field that was far too open. I could feel myself starting to sweat. Holy shit, I could also feel myself getting hard.

“No, uh. No. I guess I did not think this all through. I am not sure what I wanted. Bad idea!” I fumbled. I needed to explain “A fantasy, not something that should have been a reality! I really did not know what I wanted…I certainly never decided…”

“Unfortunately for you, I have.” came the response, Kalie again firm and resolute in her voice. “With the weather coming in, this is no time for Marcus to drive all the ways back to the city. Besides, there is a massage paid for and not provided. What ever understanding may have been, uh, inferred, is not my concern. I am only concerned for our guest.”

Looking both Marcus and then myself in the eyes, Kalie continued “and whatever happens is solely my choice am I clear?”

“Absolutely, my Queen” Marcus laughed.

His response surprised me. I had to join in with a laugh “Absolutely, my Queen!” thinking I had skipped the discomfort.