Night Sweat

Big Dicks

i couldn’t sleep, it was just too warm, i had long ago kicked off the sheer sheet that covered my naked body. The window was opened, but it gave no solace to the hot sticky air, there was no wind on the smoldering summer night. i lay on my back staring up at the ceiling. In the still of the night, i can hear You breathe, as You slumber beside me. Turning on my side, i watch You sleep for a long while. Gazing at the rise and fall of Your chest as You breath comes in a regular rhythm. Turning my blue eyes up to Your face and watching Your eyes twitch beneath closed lids as You dream. Letting my eyes follow the line of Your body, under the thin fabric of the sheet, noting how it clings to Your moistened body. Feeling myself become aroused by the sight of You lying there, sleeping, helpless beside me. A slight grin crosses my lips as i ponder whether to take advantage of this situation.

Moving slowly on the bed, i push the sheet that covers You. Uncovering Your strong muscular body. Letting my fingers feather upon Your flesh softly, my eyes gaze upon Your face watching for any hint that You are Betturkey waking. Following the line of Your chest with my fingers leaving slight glistening trails in the thin layer of sweat covering You tanned skin. Continuing my way down in search of what i seek, my eyes riveted on You. Finally, finding what i search for and gently wrapping my fingers upon it. i begin a slow controlled stroke, slowly, sliding, my hand up and down, coaxing Your member up. i feel You stir in Your sleep, a soft moan parting Your lips unconsciously. The sound of pleasure only ebbing me on, my grip upon You tightens slightly as my strokes gradually picking up speed, feeling You grow and tense in my nimble fingers.

Changing my position on the bed, i lean over and bring my lips to Your length, flicking my tongue over the tip, teasing the opening, i hear a groan emanate from deep within You as i wrap my lips around Your hardening staff, letting my tongue roll over and over making it slick and wet. Letting my tongue make it’s way all along the sensitive underside of Your cock, feeling You shift Betturkey Giriş on the bed, letting me know that You have awoken. my eyes cast their light gaze upward to greet Yours, a slight grin on my lips as i suckle the spot where Your shaft meet Your balls, my hand reaching up and massaging Your balls gently. Your breath becoming harsh pants as my fingers continue to stimulate Your length, my tongue teasing and caressing Your balls. Licking my way back up Your staff and taking You deep into my mouth suckling gently, lapping up Your precum as it dribbles out. Your breath, quick and shallow, turning into loud moans as i swallow Your hard shaft deep into my throat. my fingers following the movement as they clench around You. Pulling my lips away from You, i hear Your groan of protest as i move. my eyes locking with Yours as i change my position again, i swing my leg across Your hips and straddle You. Finding Your hardness with my fingers i gently guide it to my tight, moist, hot, hole and let myself slide all the way down upon it. Both our voices rise in a low moan as Betturkey Güncel Giriş i begin to move up and down slowly upon You. Your hands reach up and cup my breasts as i thrust myself on You, feeling you deep within my hot folds. my breath quickening as i continue to thrash upon You, clenching and releasing my muscles around Your throbbing member, my fingers slipping down to tease my swollen clit as i bounce upon You gradually picking up speed. Watching Your eyes roll back, and Your tongue lap at Your lips as i continue to move.

Suddenly You tense within me and release and i feel Your warm seed pulse deep inside me as my own muscles begin to spasm, clenching and releasing without my control around Your softening cock. Letting out a cry of pleasure as i hit my climax, coaxed on by Your own. Collapsing over You, my breath hot against Your flesh, i feel Your strong arms wrap around me as i close my eyes sleepily.

As we shift on the bed and i find myself lying on my side with You at my back. Your hand gently stroking my hair as i finally begin to feel sleep claim me, i hear You whisper softly in my ear.

– lil?

– Yes Sire,

i whisper back sleepily

– you realize that you will have to be disciplined for this

– Yes Sire, i know

– But not now, sleep now lil one, we’ll deal with this in the morning.

[The end]

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