Confessions of a Sex Slave Pt. 06


September 30

Dear Master,

I went back to Gabriele’s place tonight.

It’s day 8 of my period with no signs of stopping. I’m hoping that I stop before tomorrow. I’m supposed to fuck people all weekend!

Due to the annoying period, I sucked Gabriele off, twice. I really wanted to fuck him; because I’m horny, because he’s a good start to a whorish weekend; because his dick was hard and when there is a hard dick I just want it in my pussy…
October 2

I asked Rachel, the cute British girl, on a date for tonight. I told her I wanted to be super queer – dinner in the gay district, hold hands, then fuck her brains out. I even tried to dress a little on the butch side, but you know how that goes… failure. Haha.

I discovered over the course of the day that I wasn’t only the first girl she’d fucked without her boyfriend, I was her first girl period! That, of course, activated my urge to take her by the hand and introduce her to finer points of lesbian loving.

We went back to my room after enjoying a nice evening with one another. I showed her that the camera was going and took off most of my clothes. She nervously told me that she was feeling awkward but still very excited and I reassured her that being the sexual aggressor is new for me too. I did a good job at taking control though, she even told me so.

We kissed for a little while, as girls do, rubbing all of our warm, soft skin against each other. It’s delightful to watch a girl revel in that for the first time. Our skin doesn’t feel that soft to ourselves and boys aren’t as soft; it’s quite entrancing.

Soon we were completely naked, first I was on top, then Rachel. I took my time and let her take hers. I knew she was ready when she shakily pulled my lace panties off. I then took control again, flipping her over and pulling hers off as well.

I went to town on her pretty pussy. She started to apologize that hers was not as soft and smooth as mine; I cut her short with a finger over her mouth; two more sinking deep in her wet cunt stole the words from her lips. “Your pussy is beautiful.” I punctuated each word with a thrust of my hand. Her eyes grew wider and wider until, overwhelmed, she suddenly squeezed them shut, shuddering and tossing her strawberry-blonde hair from side to side. Adorable freckles stood out on her alabaster skin.

I meant it — I’ve not yet seen an ugly pussy, and that night was no different. I lavished her slit with attention, rejoicing when I heard her gasp that she was going to cum. I crawled up and kissed her, my face coated in her pussy juice. She went down on me for a wee bit before I encouraged her to sixty-nine with me. I cum so much faster when something is in my mouth… Rachel continued to ride my face until she came a second time. I delighted in her moans, which pushed me over the edge. It just makes me feel so accomplished to make a girl gush all over the place. Mmmm.

I get so much out of fulfilling fantasies and eating pussy that I found the entire experience to be very satisfying, even if I took the lead. We bid adieu with kisses and promises of talking in the future. I told her I would ask you if I could fuck her and Tony after my visit home the next weekend. I’ve never had a couple before…
October 3

After my night with Rachel, I was primed for Vanessa, my first French girl. And a lesbian to boot. She seemed attractive enough in her photos, if a bit on the hippy side for me.

It was a bit of a last-minute hook-up plan and I rushed to meet her at the assigned time and place. She definitely has a soft butch look about her, which reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. We had drinks while chatting. We talked and joked easily, which was nice. We talked about a lot of things that had nothing to do with sex.

Then we went back to my hotel.

It was nice fucking a lesbian again. They have a confidence and a passion for it that is captivating. This isn’t foreplay; it’s the main show.

You had wanted her to top me, but that fell a little flat. Upon meeting, it Kadıköy Olgun Escort seemed that I intimidated her and I never shook that feeling of being more secure than her, which in turn made it difficult to submit. I’m not sure if it was because of a language dynamic or because I’ve had more experience with casual internet sex than she has.

She didn’t allow me to touch her for brief periods, causing the tension to build. Then would command me to do so, pulling me roughly against her. That was really exciting and if I’d been feeling more submissive, I might have gotten even more out of it.

She is a fantastic kisser and her eyes are positively mesmerizing.

She told me that I was good at eating her pussy, which of course made me preen. She came, covering her face with a pillow to muffle her screams. She went down on me until I came. We lay after, half-cuddling, still touching, kissing, exploring with our fingertips. After a brief cool-down, she told me she wanted me to fuck her, and I ate her out again until she was writhing and screaming into the pillow for a second time.

I had to rush her out then, because there was a cock across town with my name on it. You saw Frances’s dick on the site and said, “You have to fuck this guy; that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” I was excited as I thought about how it would stretch me wide open. It also excited me to think of fucking this guy just because you liked the idea of something that big punishing my pussy.

When I got to his place we chatted and played xbox for a short while. I was waiting for him to make the first move, with no success. Finally, I just kissed him. Can you believe it??? ME! I made the first move with a BOY. Hot damn!

He is a really fantastic kisser. Nice firm lips and you can tell he loves doing it. There aren’t many guys that enjoy kissing that much. I ate it up. I pulled off his pants and started sucking on his soft cock, which grew hard in my mouth. I love that sensation. The way the flesh feels different against my tongue, the way it pushes harder and harder against back of my throat, the groans he makes as blood rushes into his dick and it starts to feel oh so good.

It was as though sex with Vanessa had been the appetizer and here in front of me was the main fucking course. I worry that I’m becoming less queer. I haven’t had a lesbian experience in ages that hasn’t left me aching for a dick in my pussy. Do you think this is a phase? The fact that my primary partner is a man?

It makes me a little sad.

He went down on me for a few minutes and I asked him to get on top of me so I could suck on his cock. You know I love that. I couldn’t cum though, since I already had with Vanessa. So I pushed him off of me after just a little while and asked him about condoms. My poor little cunt hadn’t had a dick since… that last time you fucked me in the shower. DAYS. And the fact that it was so big and he’d been kissing me for a while… I was dripping and ready to be pounded like a whore.

We wrapped up his cock and he climbed between my legs, which were opened wide, befitting a true slut. The head nudged at my sopping cunt and he pushed with his hips. The walls of my pussy seemed to groan with both pleasure and a little discomfort as it stretched to accommodate his girth after a week of emptiness. Moans slipped from my throat as I humped my hips softly, urging him with my movements that I needed it harder.

He frustrated me with shallow, quick thrusts. I wanted him to pull further out to get the power I crave. I need hard fucking. My whore pussy likes being punished by cocks, not romanced. Soon he was rocking faster. My body relaxed back into the pillows and I rode him from underneath. The sounds of his dick stroking back and forth in my wetness echoed in his small apartment.

I turned over, wiggling my ass back at him, urging him to take me from behind. This is always a trick for me – a way to get a man fucking me from behind so that I can transition to my stomach. It feels SO GOOD that way. He still wasn’t fucking hard enough and I humped back at him, egging Kadıköy Sarışın Escort him on. Then I slid my legs between his and my elbows gave out, leaving me face down on the mattress, squeezing his dick between my pussy lips and quivering thighs.

Then, by accident, he started rubbing my g-spot. Not hitting it, the way I really like, but rubbing it consistently. I felt the pressure start to build and knew I was going to cum. I could feel that I was so close but couldn’t quite get there. I started twisting my hips, hoping for more friction; nothing. I thought of one of my go-to dirty fantasies; nothing. Then I thought of you and how you had ordered me to fuck this man and how I would tell you about him grunting and sweating against my back, how you would love to hear about me climaxing on another cock. Yes, ANOTHER cock.

There is no way to get around it at all anymore. I am a total whore. You tell me to open my legs and I say, “How wide?” You tell me to fuck a line of men and I gush, imagining myself covered in cum. And you, always you, there to watch, even if only in that two-way mirror in my mind.

I came, jerking, moaning into the pillow, pussy clenching on his huge dick. After I stopped cumming, I realized that the condom was getting dry and that I didn’t have any lube. To avoid a broken condom or a sore vagina, I pushed him on his back and pulled the condom off, my mouth going immediately to his tip. I slobbered my way up and down, looking up into his eyes as I tongued the head, sucked my way down the shaft. Thinking of you had made me feel more empowered in the sexual situation. I was there because you sent me, not because of him, and so there was no one to impress there but you. And I know how you like me to be a wanton slut.

His moans, rough and frantic, told me that he was about to blow his load in my mouth. I used my hands to pull his orgasm out of him; the two of them working in tandem, spit dribbling from my lips to keep it wet. And then the white liquid on his dick wasn’t just my saliva, but milky cum shooting up over my hands. I continued to stroke until no more came out, my hands covered. I resisted the urge to rub it all over my chest.

I left shortly thereafter. He put me in a cab and I rode back to the hotel where I had fucked Vanessa earlier in the day. My pussy ached, for two reasons… because it had been fucked nice and hard and because I always do when your cum isn’t in it. Soon, right?

October 4

I met Tony and Rachel for drinks in the gay district. I must admit that the way he suddenly booked a ticket and FLEW to Paris from the UK to have a threesome with me made my head swell a wee bit. We drank yummy strawberry mojitos and made our way to the apartment they had rented for the night. Tony is a cool guy – funny and personable.

After opening a bottle of champagne our talk turned to sex and what they were hoping to do that night. I stated outright that I never knew how to start these things and it always feels awkward for me. Addressing the awkwardness openly helped to ease those feelings. Then at a certain point I leaned over and kissed Rachel, who was seated on the couch with me. And then Tony.

As we started to get heated up one of them pointed out that we weren’t in front of the camera. It almost made me laugh; you can really tell the people who like the camera and the people who only tolerate it because it’s what it takes to fuck me. They were even using a hand-held cam occasionally to get some good up-close angles. I hope you like all of that.

We moved to the bed and were soon having quite a time. I must admit that I was surprised at Tony’s stamina. For someone who was as excited as he was, he lasted an admirably long time. We did all sorts of positions that I’d like to try with you. For example he came after tit-fucking me, with Rachel licking the head of his dick. Hot, right? I really enjoy being tit-fucked, but I’m always a little frustrated that the angle doesn’t allow for really fantastic tonguing of the head. We figured out a solution to that problem!

Despite Kadıköy Şişman Escort having a good time and enjoying the sex, I felt a bit empty after. They were a couple; I knew that the experience was about them and their connection to one another. Fulfilling a fantasy that they’d had together. I was part of it, but I was also apart from it. It made me feel less whoreish, somehow, to be a part of that with them. Perhaps because it did mean so much to them. All of this isn’t to say that I didn’t have fun or enjoy it, because I did. A lot. It was just… different than the shenanigans I’ve been getting into lately. And frankly, it made me miss you and doing those sorts of fun things with you and other pretty girls.

October 5

I have been looking forward to today for quite some time. Ever since I had to cancel on Cash because of my never-ending period, I’ve been eager to have his cock in me. Well, actually, I was eager to have him humiliate and degrade me for you. He’s really good at that. I knew I would enjoy it and I knew that you would jerk off to the videos of what a cocky bastard he can be.

I prepared myself for our encounter by wearing a butt plug around for half an hour before his estimated arrival. Then I lay naked, with a blindfold, until he called to say he was outside. I propped the door open. Imagine if someone had investigated the open door? The hotel is quite large and full of people. I became a little agitated, and excited, thinking about it.

Then I heard the door open; my breath caught in my throat. He said, “There’s my little treat… Get on your knees, doggy-style.” Thus began the hottest fuck I’ve had in Paris. It lasted only twenty minutes and I didn’t cum, but he treated me like a total whore and I loved it.

He shoved his fingers in me first, abusing my pussy and making me moan loudly. Then he ordered me on my knees in front of the camera so that he could shove his cock at the back of my throat. I choked on it, tried so hard to get it all down. He fingered me some more and I begged him to fuck me. He pushed me face down on the table, my ass pointed at the camera, and said, “You see that? I think she wants to get FUCKED,” while spreading my cheeks and spanking my pussy. I almost died. My pussy positively quaked. The combination of intense humiliation and having it directed towards you created electricity in my veins.

After warming up with my pussy, he slid his cock into my well-lubed ass and fucked it nice and deep, but slow. I moaned and humped back at him, showing that I could take it as hard as he could give it. He pushed me face-down on the bed and moved the camera so that it was directed at his dick sliding in and out of my ass. Then he spread his legs wide and fucked to his heart’s content.

I found myself wondering if any of his other conquests had let him fuck their ass in such a rough and controlling way. Does it make me a bad person that I smugly thought that no one had and no one probably would again? That he would always remember that American whore who could take it like no one else? My master trained me to take cock; I’ve always been a good student.

I almost came after he ordered me to put in my butt plug and then started fucking my pussy. If he had fucked me only a little while longer I would have… so hard! You can hear it on the video. The way my moans go crazy. I think he was about to explode though, because he pulled out and jerked me over in front of the camera. Shoving his cock in my throat, he demanded if that’s all I could take.

He pulled off the condom and continued to choke me on his dick, slapping my face. I so love to get slapped in the face. When he realized it, he continued to do it, seeming surprised at the novelty of a girl who likes to choke on cock and get slapped while being called a whore, moaning all the while like a bitch in heat. Soon he jerked out of my mouth and beat his dick, saying dirty things to me, urging me to beg for his cum. I did. I begged and whimpered and licked my lips in anticipation. Then it was spurting out all over my face. I could feel it, warm and wet, sliding over my cheeks.

Then he pushed my face towards the camera and asked, “What am I supposed to do with her now?” After commanding me to lay on the bed and touch myself, he got dressed and left. Just like that. I couldn’t believe how hot that had been. Just… unbelievable.