My Surprising New Neighbours


If you believed everything my mates told you you’d be convinced that I’ve shagged most of the world’s most beautiful women. Nothing could be further from the truth, but when they’ve had a few pints on a Friday night after our regular five-a-side football session, they’re even more certain that I must be lying when I deny it.

Some of their comments are pretty crude — “C’mon Dave you old fucker, tell us … does so-and-so suck your dick?” or “I bet S…’s got a nice tight cunt,” or “Do you fuck them up the arse?” — all fairly typical of their filthy minds. And they’re always asking whether I’ve got any pussy photos on my smart phone. It usually shuts them up when I ask who their wives bought that sexy lingerie for — a shot in the dark of course, but it gets them wondering.

Before you get the wrong idea about what I do for a living I should explain that I am a professional glamour photographer specialising in what is known as boudoir photography. I am forty five years old and single — well divorced actually. After college I went to work for a glossy magazine, but I decided to go freelance after I discovered my wife was having an affair with my boss. I had wondered why I was given so many overseas assignments in exotic locations, but it wasn’t until I came home a few days earlier than planned that I discovered the truth when I caught them in flagrante in our marital bed. Since the uncontested divorce on the ground of adultery I have had a few girlfriends but I have never remarried and frankly enjoy the freedom of an unattached life.

Much of my work is privately commissioned but my pictures also regularly appear in top fashion magazines. These days I generally work indoors — a bedroom or a private dressing room for example — but mainly in my studio, where I can control the lighting, depth of field etc. to produce the right artistic effect. Although I do shoot my subjects in the nude with results that might be considered erotic, they are definitely not pornographic, which means no overtly sexual poses or open crotch pictures. Over the years I have developed my own distinctive style which is much in demand and I often have to refuse commissions, otherwise I would be working all the hours in the day.

However, whatever my friends may think, I do not mix business with pleasure. If I did overstep the mark and got sexually involved with my subjects, the word would soon get around, and the commissions would quickly dry up. I make a good living out of what I do and I want that to continue. I might add that I do not find what I do remotely sexually arousing — my mind is far too busy thinking about composition, lighting, skin tone and all the other elements that make up a good photograph.

Photography is also my hobby as well as my profession, but in the field of photojournalism, which is a total contrast to what I do to earn my bread and butter. Unlike my professional work where conditions are highly controlled, it is capturing the fleeting moment that appeals to me and the challenge of creating a coherent story about the human condition by reacting to what I see through the viewfinder. I am too much of a coward to consider working in war zones but I have covered many elections and demonstrations in the U.K. and overseas, and sporting events are always a good source of human interest stories. I have sold a few pictures to newspapers and weekly journals such as Time magazine, and every couple of years I hire a gallery for a week for a show.


Until recently I had been very strict about keeping my professional and private lives separate, but events of a few months ago changed all that. A young couple in their twenties had moved into the next door apartment and out of neighbourliness I invited them round for dinner one evening. Peter was tall and very thin, but not bad looking. His wife Veronica on the other hand was stunning, with what can only be described as a voluptuous figure — some people would unkindly describe her as short and plump, but I thought she was gorgeous. Although the modern fashion is for skinny girls personally I have always preferred something more cuddly. With her large firm breasts, broad hips and ample bottom, I privately thought Veronica would make a good subject for a study of real femininity — a modern Venus if you like.

The walls of my apartment are hung with large format copies of many of my photographs — essays in photojournalism in the hall and dining room, but pictures of my favourite female subjects in the sitting room — some in lingerie, but also artistic nudes, all shot against a black background. After dinner when we were relaxing over coffee and drinks — gin and tonic for Veronica and a good single malt whisky for Peter and me — Veronica asked where I had purchased the pictures. I explained that I was a professional photographer and that they were all examples of my work, and went on to tell them a little about my work. After a pregnant pause Peter asked what my fee would be to photograph his wife, purely for their personal rize escort consumption of course. I told him what I usually charged for private commissions, and when he indicated that they were comfortable with that I suggested that we should make an appointment for a sitting.

“Why not tonight,” Peter said, and looking across at Veronica, “if that is okay with you dear,” and turning back to me, “and I would like to watch you at work if you don’t mind.”

This was rather a novel request, but I replied that as long as he sat quietly in the background I had no objections.

Veronica then chipped in, “I think it would be rather exciting to be photographed in an intimate way, but what colour lingerie would you prefer me to wear?”

“If I was working in colour I would suggest lingerie in rich colours such as dark crimson or rich blues, or alternatively pale colours if I wished to create an air of innocence. However as I normally shoot in black and white I use a dark background and suggest lingerie from a limited colour palette depending upon the effect I am after, and also the skin colour of the model. With your pale skin and long black hair you are already a very interesting subject, so I would suggest something which is basically black. I will choose lighting to make that effect even more dramatic, which will emphasise the curves of your amazing figure and make your skin glow as if it lit from within, almost like alabaster.”

Veronica thought for a moment and then said, “I have some new things I bought the other day from Victoria’s Secret which think would be ideal. If you will give me a moment or two, I will slip back home and change.”

While Veronica was gone Peter asked me more about the photographs on my walls but mainly my essays in photojournalism. I also learned that he and Veronica had met at university and had been married for about five years. They were both accountants and worked at a well known firm in the City where they both earned good salaries. I asked about whether they were planning to start a family and he said that they had thought about it but wanted to build up their portfolio first so that Veronica wouldn’t have to go back to work until any children had started school. Basically they seemed like a sensible professional couple. I was shortly to discover that they weren’t quite as ordinary as I supposed.

Veronica was gone for nearly half and hour and when she returned she was wearing a long macintosh. When she took it off I was knocked sideways by sheer erotic sensuousness of what was revealed. As I have said Veronica was a very curvaceous lady, but in my eyes wearing just her underwear she was the epitome of voluptuousness, and she had chosen lingerie that showed off her figure to its best advantage. Under a gauzy knee length robe of shimmering black chiffon she was wearing a black open cup bustier with crimson edgings, semi transparent black panties and black stockings. Her magnificent naked breasts stood out proudly with no signs of enhancement, and they were crowned by long dark nipples in dramatic contrast to her alabaster white skin. I have photographed many scantily clad and naked women but none had aroused me sexually in the way this woman did, and to be honest I began to imagine what it would be like to fuck her. Her husband just looked at her with pride in his eyes as if to say “Look what a beauty I have been fortunate enough to marry.”

I led them through to my studio where I asked them to take a seat on one of the two chaise longues which were at the time positioned along the back wall of the studio either side of the door. For the shoot I intended to move one of them to the centre of low stage took up the full width of the rear third of the room. The stage was covered with short pile black carpet and the walls were curtained with a black velvet material.

I then began to explain the equipment I would be using and my modus operandi. They both listened attentively, especially Peter who had a look of wrapt fascination on his face.

“As you can see,” I said, “in this studio I use a completely black background — I have another studio which is set out as a lady’s boudoir with cream and pale gold shot silk papered walls — and apart from the black silk drape with which I will cover the chaise longue in the centre of the stage, the material covering the walls and floor absorbs almost all the light. The effect is that the model appears to be suspended in infinite space.”

I paused for a moment in case they wished to ask questions, and then continued, “I use three 50 megapixel digital cameras, one at waist height in the centre about six feet from the front of the stage, and two others at eye level at 45 degrees to the central camera. I will be using a fast shutter speed and a large aperture which gives a short depth of field so that only the part of the subject closest to the cameras is in sharp focus. The fact that the rest of the model is slightly out of focus softens their outline which adds to the ethereal effect.”

Crossing to the control desk at the right of the studio, I went on, “The cameras are controlled by this computer, which is also linked to a light meter above each camera. I usually use a remote control to trigger the shutters, but I can set the system up to take a series of pictures at pre determined intervals. Every time the shutters fire they actually take five images, each with a slightly different amount of exposure. This is known as exposure bracketing and can be achieved by using a different shutter speed, altering the aperture or, the method I use, by adjusting the ISO speed of the cameras. The effect is to produce five images that vary from darker to lighter than the exposure indicated by the meters. The five images are then combined during post processing to produce a final image with a high dynamic range where different parts of the image are exposed by different amounts.”

I paused again to allow them to take in what was for them highly technical information. Veronica merely looked at me politely, although I guessed she was probably slightly bored, but Peter gave the impression of real interest.

“Finally,” I said, “the lighting of the subject is crucial. There are LED lights behind diffusing filters directed on the part of the subject nearest the cameras running in strips along the front of the stage, up the walls and across the ceiling — a frame of light if you like. The angle, colour and brightness of these lights is controlled by the control panel here,” and I indicated a small box on the desk, “and can be altered quite easily during a shoot. There is another set of LED spotlights in the ceiling above each of the cameras directed on the subject. These create the highlights in the image, and again their colour and brightness can be adjusted from a control box.”

“Now if you will just give me a hand with this chaise longue Peter, we will be ready to start.”

Once I was happy with its positioning and had covered it with the black silk drape, I asked Veronica to step up onto the stage. When she was seated I switched off the main studio lights and, with a few presses of buttons on the control boxes, adjusted the lights so that the only illumination was the pool of silvery light surrounding her as if she was floating in a bubble in the infinity of space. Once I had set the computer to take pictures at intervals of fifteen seconds I was ready to proceed.

For the next half an hour I directed Veronica in the various positions I wished her to assume, at first wearing her robe, and then with it removed and casually draped over the back of the chaise longue. I was about to call it a day when she took over control for what turned out to be a session of the most delicious debauchery.

She started by sitting face on to the central camera and, lifting her right breast to her mouth, began to lick and suck the rapidly hardening nipple while looking at the camera with a look of irresistible seductiveness. After that she slowly lifted each leg in turn and languidly peeled off her stockings like a practised artist. Standing up, she turned away from our entranced gaze and began to undo her bustier, lace by lace before dropping the garment with a wiggle of her exquisite bottom.

The sultry effect of this slow striptease was hypnotic and against all my best intentions a fire of irresistible desire was ignited in my body. My balls ached with long repressed lust and my cock was so hard that I was compelled to release it from the constrictive prison of my trousers and briefs. I must have looked like some ancient priapic satyr with my upwardly curved erection poking out of my open flies. If I didn’t get to fuck this goddess, and I didn’t imagine in a million years that I would be so lucky, at least I would have a series of incredibly erotic images to inflame my lonely nights of exquisite masturbation.

I wasn’t alone in my lecherous ardour. Through the fog of debauched desire I heard a low moan from behind me and turning my head for a moment, loathe though I was to tear my eyes from the divine vision of femininity on the stage, and saw that Peter was stroking a raging erection with a glazed expression on his face. Almost subconsciously it registered on my mind that his cock was as long and thin as he was.

Veronica was a natural seductress and by some strange telepathy knew that she had us completely under her spell. Perhaps it was the subtle scent of our arousal that she sensed, who knows? In retrospect all I do know is that in collusion with her husband she had planned her ravishment and eagerly wanted it to be captured for posterity, as I was about to find out. The air in the studio was thick with carnal expectancy, and if cameras had senses their lenses would surely have steamed over in the heat of unfolding passion.

Veronica turned to face us with maddeningly slowness, luxuriating in the knowledge that the cameras were capturing every nuance of the libidinous provocation of her glorious sexuality. Glancing down at my throbbing cock she smiled and, looking me straight in the eyes, she blew me a sultry kiss, a gesture of blatant invitation. With the same deliberateness that had characterised her actions since she had stolen control of the evening, she slipped one hand into her panties, through the dark forest of her abundant pubic hair and between her legs into the hidden depths of her vulva. The fires of my lust were now completely out of control and if I had so much as touched my cock I most certainly would have erupted in hot spasms of ejaculatory ecstasy.

Veronica turned her back on us once more and, leaning forward, hooked her fingers into the elastic at the waist of her panties and slid them down over the globes of her majestic buttocks, and then down her legs, kicking them to one side as they dropped to the floor around her feet. Her vulva was everything that I had hoped for, plump and glistening with the moisture of her vaginal secretions, luxuriously displayed to our view between the cheeks of glorious bottom. I desperately wanted to rush forward and fondle the ample flesh of her divine beauty, but what remained of my decorum held me back, although it was exquisite agony to do so. Parting her legs in blatant invitation she slipped the fingers of one hand between her engorged and swollen inner labia and spread them wide to reveal the deep pink within.

Then she spoke for the first time since we had entered the studio an hour earlier, “Petey,” addressing her husband by his pet name, “I’m so horny. Tell Dave he can come and feel me. I know he wants to, and I want so much to feel his thick fingers plunging into my cunt (not a word I commonly used, but it didn’t sound crude coming from her lips) and making me cum.”

“Oh Ronnie,” he replied, “you are such a naughty young slut, wanting to be ravaged by another man while I’m watching. Of course he can. In fact, I insist that he does.”

As if in a dream, through air that was thick with the tension of unbearable carnal expectation, I took the few irrevocable steps that carried me within inches of heaven. Reaching down I slid two fingers of my right hand into the fluttering entrance of her vagina and deep into the velvet heat and wetness of her sex. With a cry she started to cum almost immediately, her body writhing with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm swept through her quivering flesh.

“Ooh, Petey,” she moaned, “he’s making me cum. Tell him to fuck me. I want to feel his lovely thick cock stretching me, and his hot cum spurting against my womb. Tell him. Order him to do it. Please, oh please.”

I glanced back, unsure whether this was what he really wanted. He just nodded and mouthed, “Yes, go ahead Dave, fuck my naughty slut if a bride. Ravish her cunt with your cock.”

Without even stopping to drop my trousers I pressed the purple distended head of my cock against the entrance to her live hold and with one swift thrust plunged my entire length into her.

“Ooh yes,” she screamed, “you are so big. I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a big cock. Oh God, that’s so amazing. Fuck me hard. Harder. Harder. Oh Petey, he’s making me cum again. Oh fuck … fuck … fuck … fuuuuuck.”

I grabbed the wondrously ample flesh of her pendulous breasts as I pistoned in and out of the velvety sheath of her vagina. Her swollen labia clung to my rock hard shaft each time I pulled out before thrusting back into the pulsating wetness. By now Veronica was incoherent with lust, moaning and crying with ecstasy as another orgasm ripped through her flesh. It didn’t take long of this exquisite decadence before I felt my scrotum tightening and my cock growing even harder as I pumped stream after stream of hot sticky semen deep into her womb. Jesus, I couldn’t remember ever coming so hard and for so long, the intensity of my pleasure amplified by the utter depravity of the situation. As my hot cum splashed against her cervix, Veronica screamed and would have collapsed if I hadn’t been holding her. God, it was amazing.

As the peak of our mutual ecstasy passed, I gently lowered Veronica onto the chaise longue where she lay with her eyes closed and her breasts heaving with the effort of our mating. My legs were like jelly and I sat next to her while I gathered my strength and my senses. I looked over at Peter and in the darkness I could see that I wasn’t alone in shedding my seed. His tummy and chest were covered in streaks of glistening white cum and his now flaccid cock hung wetly between his thighs.

Some time later, when we had cleaned ourselves up with towels that I fetched from my bathroom and adjusted our dress, Peter asked me how long it would take me to process the photographs. I told him that it would take me two or three days and said I would call once I had printed the final images and mounted them in an album. Veronica was still recumbent on the chaise longue where I had left her, exhausted and satiated by her orgasms. Peter tenderly wrapped her coat around her naked body and picking up her discarded lingerie, he gently supported her as she tottered out of my front door across the lobby to their apartment.

Dave and Leroy Ch. 06


Unexpected House Guests and a Glimpse of the Past

It’s been four months, and Leroy is still having seizures. He had was warned before the surgery, that it could be a possible side effect. With the medications, the seizures are happening less frequently, but they are still playing havoc on his life. He can’t go back to work or drive, and he feels useless. Dave or one of his family members have been taking him anywhere he wants, but he hates relying on someone.


Leroy woke from a nap and heard voices coming from the family room, he knew one of them were Dave’s, but he couldn’t place the other two, one seemed familiar, but the other one didn’t. Leroy sat up, threw his legs over the edge of the bed; he looked over at his sweats and t-shirt. He grabbed them up, put them on, so he could go and see who was there.

Leroy’s hair was growing longer now and covering the scars before he would grab up a ball cap to cover his head, but now he doesn’t have to. He rounded the corner to the kitchen and look into the family room.

“Hey, Leroy, sorry if we woke you.” Dave went to get off the couch, and Leroy motioned him to stay put and walked over and sat next to him. “Leroy, you know my partner Terry, and this is Terry’s love, Shane.”

“Terry, nice seeing you again, and meeting you, Shane.” Leroy went to get up to shake Shane and Terry hand, but they stopped him.

“Don’t get up. It’s nice to meet you too, Leroy.” Shane spoke up.

Leroy looked at Shane. He was the definition of a twink; he was small, looked like five three or so. He had blonde hair which Leroy couldn’t believe it, Shane had about an inch of a very light shade of blue tips throughout his hair. Leroy was sure, Shane was hairless, Leroy even noticed Shane plucked his eyebrows. He was also white, oh my God was he white, Leroy wondered if he ever went out in the sun. Leroy could tell Shane was older than the standard twink age, Shane must want to stay youthful looking. He is so glad he doesn’t go for that look, he had to pull himself from staring and look back at Dave.

“Honey,” Dave said, and Leroy looked at him. “Not to put you on the spot, but they have come to ask us something. I told them I couldn’t agree to anything until you were up and also agreed.”

“Well if it’s a foursome, no.” Leroy laughed at his joke; they all smiled. He looked at Dave and then Terry. “What is it?”

“We were wondering if… if we could stay here for a while. We had a fire at our house, and it will take some time to repair.” Terry was looking at Leroy, and he could tell he was digesting the information and looked like he was going to refuse them. “It’s no problem, we can look for an apartment, we should have, but living out of the motel room the last few days have been a little rough.”

“How long are we thinking here?” Leroy asked.

“That is the problem. We don’t know. The insurance company is giving us the runaround, and I’m hoping it won’t take long once the repairs begin.” Terry responded.

“That’s fine.” Leroy looked over at Dave, and Dave gave a slight nod. “It might be nice having someone else around for a change instead of just the two of us.”

“Thanks, man, I hate sleeping in a motel, and I can’t fathom living in an apartment again,” Terry responded.

“No problem.” Leroy held Dave’s hand when they were sitting there talking. Terry and Shane decided they would go and grab their things from the motel and move into the room they will be using. While Terry and Shane were gone, Dave and Leroy talked.

“Is it going to be a problem, Hon?” Dave asked.

“No, it’ll be okay, really it might be nice having another couple around for a change. What does Shane do?”

“He’s a nurse at the hospital, Terry and he has been together for a year now, but they flirted for six months before Terry finally got up the nerve to ask him out.”

“He is a twink though, wow, how old is Shane, thirty?”

“Yup, I know, I was amazed Terry was into him, he always dated.” Dave laughed. “Guys that looked like me. When they started flirting, I was amazed to see Terry head over heels for him.”

“Well, I’m glad the twink type can move someone, but it never made me hot. I love what I have.” Leroy reached up and pulled Dave to him for a kiss. “Well, I would prefer them in the small bedroom, but I want to be able to paint it, so they will have to take the one across from ours.” Leroy wbyas quiet for a few minutes. “Which will suck, because I know you will try your hardest now not to make any noise, and I love to hear you moan.”

“We can tone it down for a little while, and I don’t expect them to be here that long.” Dave laughed.

“How bad was their house destroyed?” Leroy asked.

“Kitchen and living room, but the smoke and water damage is even worse.”

“So they will be here for a bit, which is okay.”

“Wow, I’m amazed you’re saying that Babe, I love you, Leroy.”

“I love you too, and this better not affect our love life,” Leroy said with a grin.


Over the following month, the pair did get liseli porno to know one another well. Leroy and Shane were getting along great. In the beginning, Terry and Dave thought, Leroy and Shane weren’t going to hit it off because they tended to butt heads a lot. Dave was continually telling Leroy when they were alone in the bedroom to be kind to Shane because he was rude. Leroy didn’t know what he was talking about and kept saying he was nice, and Dave would shake his head and laugh at him.

One evening Shane had come home from a twelve-hour shift at the hospital, and Leroy was working on getting the small bedroom painted, he finally figured out what color he wanted and had everything prepped and ready. Shane walked into the house to music blaring and all the furniture from the bedroom in the living room. Shane was thinking to himself, ‘well when he decides to do something he does it thoroughly.’ Shane stood in the doorway of the small bedroom. Terry and Dave were at work, so when he looked at Leroy in shorts and a tank, he had to smile and laugh.

“Hey.” Leroy turned around when he heard someone laugh.

“You are one hair guy, shit.” Shane smiled. “So, you finally decided on a color, then?”

“Yes, I am, and yes, I did.” Leroy smiled. “You want to help, or did you get mistreated by doctors all day so you would just rather stand there and complain?” Leroy jeered.

“Yeah, I will help, let me get some old scrubs on, then I will cut in for you if you want to roll.”

“Sounds good.”


When Dave and Terry came in, Leroy and Shane were still working on the room, and they were talking and laughing. Dave and Terry stood at the front door listening to them, Leroy would crack on Shane about being small or weak or something and then Shane would come back with a remark like not every guy can be a big dumb military type. They would both laugh and go back to talking about anything and everything.

“I’ve got on Leroy about making fun of Shane, but it seems this is how they built their relationship, they make fun of each other and are fine with it.” Both Dave and Terry laughed and walked down the hall to look into the small bedroom.


Dave woke, showered, and dressed. He came down the hallway to find Terry standing in the kitchen looking into the family room.

“They are getting along better than I thought they would,” Terry exclaimed. He was looking at Shane asleep on the loveseat and Leroy on the couch. The two had fallen asleep last night after finishing the spare room.

“Yeah I missed getting cuddled last night, I was going to come out and get Leroy, but I could still hear them talking and laughing. I didn’t think they would get along this good either.” Dave walked over to the couch and bent down and kissed Leroy on the lips and sat on the very edge to finish waking him up.

Leroy stretched and looked at Dave and smiled. “Hey, Babe.”

“Honey.” Dave leaned down and kissed him again. Leroy grabbed him and pulled him over to lay on top of him.

“Take a shower with me?” Leroy asked.

“You are a little late, I have already had one,” Dave responded.

“Okay, take another shower with me?” Leroy asked. Dave got off Leroy, pulled him up, and led him to the bathroom, and they kissed as the water was warming up and stepped in. “Okay, what is going on, you look like you want to talk?”

“Honey, Terry and I, think, you and Shane are getting a little close.”

“Mmmmm, you are getting a big ass reward, now.”

“What? Huh?” Dave responded.

“My Davey is jealous of a twink. I love you.” Leroy sank to his knees in front of Dave and started kissing Dave’s cock, Dave moaned, and Leroy looked up at him. “Honey, I only have eyes for you; you never have to worry.” Leroy sunk down on Dave’s cock and started sucking him, Dave reached down and grabbed Leroy’s hair and pulled him off.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” Dave turned off the shower and opened the shower door, they dried off and went to the bedroom, Leroy went to kiss on Dave, and Dave stopped him. “Honey, it’s just I didn’t think you two would become this good of friends.”

“Oh my God, you are jealous. Babe, I’m nice because they are staying here. I thought that’s what you wanted. Shane is a great guy once I got to know him. He did bug the shit out of me in the beginning, and I didn’t know how I was going to make it with him being here all the time. But Dave, you don’t have to worry, Shane a twink, I’m not into twinks. I have only have been into you.”


“But what Babe, I’m not into him. Shane’s what five three, maybe a hundred and ten pounds. He is fragile, and I like my man solid. I love your five eleven, almost two hundred pounds of muscle. I love your green eyes, your sandy brown hair. I love when I can do this.” Leroy leaned down and licked one of Dave nipples, and he moaned instantly. “And I get this reaction out of you. Honey, you’re mine, and you’re never going to get rid of me. You do this to me.” Leroy pulled Dave’s hand down to his mobil porno hard cock. “You do this, and no one else can. I meant to come to bed last night, but I closed my eyes for a second and was out, I’m sorry. I’ll be in our bed every night if this will prove to you, I only have eyes for you, Babe.”

“I’m sorry Hon, I guess I was getting a little jealous, and I think Terry is as well. He has been commenting that you two were getting close, a lot lately.”

“Well then maybe it’s time they stop using our house as a refuge, and they get themselves an apartment until their house is done. I like Terry and Shane, but they’re not going to mess up what we have. If you’re feeling jealous, I don’t want Shane here Babe. I love you too much, to have you feel those feelings.”

“Maybe I’m just overreacting, I’m sorry, Leroy. I love you. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what, for speaking your mind, Babe. You did nothing wrong, and maybe I’m the one who needs forgiveness. I didn’t notice maybe I’m being too friendly or something, but Hon, I’m just friendly. I can distance myself from Shane if you need it.”

“No, that’s not necessary, maybe all the fears are really on Terry. I know you love me, and you wouldn’t do anything.” Dave pushed Leroy down on the bed and cuddled up next to him.


A few nights later, Leroy was thinking back to when he was eighteen when he decided to leave Dave and go into the Marines. At the time, he had told Dave he couldn’t do it any longer. He had lied telling Dave he needed to find himself and what they were doing was wrong.

He had never thought anything they were doing was wrong; he was afraid he loved Dave too much. He was also scared; one day, Dave was going to come to the reality he was more in love with a woman than a man and leave Leroy.

Dave and Leroy had been going out to the club a lot when they had both turned eighteen, and it’s when Cindy started to show interest in Dave. So Leroy always thought it was interesting it was Cindy that got and married Dave just within six months of him leaving.

Leroy himself has never been interested in the opposite sex, and never thought they were sexy or anything. Dave has always been what Leroy has wanted. Leroy hasn’t even looked at another man. Hell, if you counted all the years from sixteen on, Dave and he have been together, it’s been seventeen years, minus the two he left, so really fifteen.

The day Dave and Leroy ran into one another, after Dave was married, was a complete accident. Dave had pulled Leroy over for speeding. Dave thought he was pulling over Aaron because it was Aaron’s car, and of course, Dave was only going to give Aaron a hard time. When he walked up to the window, and it was Leroy sitting there. Both Dave and Leroy mouths dropped open. They talked, and Dave begged Leroy to meet up with him after his shift, Leroy agreed.

Leroy met Dave at the mall parking lot. They were older than the typical teens making the mile loop and talking with one another in the middle of the night. So they pulled off to the opposite side of the mall for some privacy to speak. Another police officer did pull up and asked what they were doing, but when the officer saw it was Dave, he just left them alone.

Dave finally asked if they could go to a motel to talk without being noticed, Leroy agreed and followed him. When they arrived at the motel, Leroy went into the office while Dave parked in the lot. Leroy came out, moved his car around back to a room, and went into a room, leaving the key in the door. Dave had followed him around and parked opposite of him and waited five minutes then open the door taking the key out on his way in the room.

When Dave walked in, Leroy turned around, and they both took seats on opposite beds to talk. Dave wanted to know the real reason why Leroy left. After being silent for a long time, Leroy finally told Dave he was afraid Dave was going to leave him, and he couldn’t face it. So Leroy wanted to be the one to leave first.

Dave told Leroy that Leroy was an idiot he loved Leroy more than life itself. Leroy pointed out to Dave he got married as soon as he left, and it was just a matter of time before the opposite sex would catch Dave’s eyes.

“Leroy, I loved you. I was devastated when you left me. I was stupid and married, I’m not happy with Cindy, and she isn’t with me. I’m sorry, Leroy. Please forgive me.” Dave told him as he stood, moved to the other bed, and sat with Leroy. Dave leaned into Leroy and kissed him. “I need you, Leroy, and I want you.” Leroy wrapped his arms around Dave and kissed him back.

Before they both knew it, their clothes were scattered around the room, and Leroy was looking for something they could use as lube. Leroy grabbed the little bottle of the conditioner out of the bathroom, which he was amazed the motel even provided it. Leroy had Dave on the bed and kissed him before he started kissing down his body. When Leroy reached his cock, Leroy sunk down on it and took the whole thing in at once, Dave moaned öğrenci porno loudly. While he was sucking Dave’s cock, he opened the cap to the conditioner and poured some in his hand and rubbed it in the crack of Dave’s ass and inserted one finger, and Dave was out of his mind in pleasure. Leroy inserted two fingers, and once he was pushing them in and out with ease, he added the third and made sure he found Dave’s prostate.

When he pushed against Dave’s prostate, Dave moaned and thrashed around. “LEEEROY, PLLLEEEEASSE.” Leroy knew he was ready for him, he took the conditioner and rubbed his cock with some and picked up Dave’s ankles and put them on his shoulders and lined his cock up and slowly pushed in, inch by lovely inch. At first, he could tell Dave was in pain, but he couldn’t stop himself from sliding into him when Leroy buried himself in Dave, he held tight until Dave started grinding against him.

Once he knew Dave was ready, he started his in and out movements, and Dave was moaning and thrashing. Leroy picked up speed, and that is when Dave found his voice, “Fuck me, Leroy, fuck me hard.” Leroy obeyed him and was going to town, and fucked him as hard as he could. Then Leroy pulled entirely out and turned Dave over and pulled him up to his knees, grabbed ahold of his hip and shoulder and started slamming into him. “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Dave was screaming each time Leroy hit his prostate.

Dave started to come, and his ass clamped down on Leroy, which caused him to go over the edge and slammed one last time into Dave. “FUCK,” Leroy screamed as rope after rope of cum coated the walls of Dave’s bowels. Dave could feel the warmth when Leroy finally released, and Dave was out of his mind, he collapsed on the bed and Leroy collapsed on top of him. They stayed like that for a long time, until Leroy soften and he pulled up then he rolled off of Dave and pulled Dave into his arms.

“Leroy, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, Dave, I love you.”

“I love you too, Leroy.” They laid facing one another for hours, Leroy was holding Dave, and he was stroking Dave’s hair and face, occasionally Leroy would let his hand move along Dave’s arm to his side down to his hip. Leroy truly loved Dave. Dave reached up to run his hands through Leroy’s hair. “I miss your hair.”

Leroy laughed, “You miss my hair?”

“Yeah, I don’t have anything to grab hold of now. Will, you ever get to grow it back?”

“Not while I’m in the military, I miss it too. It did suck to go from a full head of hair and the first day of basic, get it shaved off.” Leroy did love his shoulder-length brown hair, and he knew Dave loved his curls. “At least I still have all my body hair.”

“Yeah, thank God you do, I would’ve died if this was all gone. I love how hairy you are; please never shave it.”

“I was born with this hair, and I’ll die with it. I’m not going to shave or wax, to look good. What for, you love me the way I am.” Leroy then looked at Dave with a concerned look on his face. “Dave, I love you. I’ve been depressed since I’ve left you and I didn’t know how to talk to you. When my mom told me you and Cindy were happy and were thinking about children.”

“Children? That’s news to me.” Dave responded.

“Well, you are married Dave.”

“Leroy, I told you marrying Cindy was a mistake, we haven’t gotten along as husband and wife, we are more friends than anything. She keeps thinking I’m in love with someone else, and I have told her I’m not. But I am Leroy, and it has always been you. I love your brown eyes, your hair.” Dave chuckled, “Well when you had hair, I love your cock. You don’t have to worry, and I don’t think I’m bi, I don’t think I was ever bi. I think I looked at the woman more to make my mother feel better, and I think she knows.”

“What do you mean you think she knows?”

“She pulled me aside a few months ago and told me I haven’t been happy since you left. She noticed that Cindy and I act more like roommates than a married couple. I think she was hoping I was going to open up to her, but I didn’t take the chance, I just told her I was fine, and Cindy and I were going through things. Mom let it drop, and she never brought it up again.”

Leroy sort of grunted, “Sounds like your mom will take you coming out a little better than mine.”

“We don’t have to tell her Leroy if you don’t want my mom to know, I won’t tell her. I promise, but what are we going to do.”

“Well, the question is, do we want to be together, or do you want to stay with Cindy?”

“I want to be with you, Leroy, I don’t want Cindy, I will go home today and tell her.”


Leroy was laying on the couch in the family room when Dave and Terry walked in from their shift. There was music playing softly, Dave and Terry noticed it was on repeat, once the song ended, it started again. They stood in the kitchen talking, and then it dawned on them, Leroy wasn’t aware they were even there. They could see Leroy’s had his eyes open, but nothing was registering to him.

Dave went immediately to him and sat on the edge of the couch. “Leroy!” Leroy blinked his eyes but still didn’t look at Dave. “Leroy!” Again no reaction from him. “LEROY.” He screamed and touched Leroy on the face, which got a response out of him, he blinked several times and then focused on Dave. “Leroy?” Dave whispered.