Alexa’s Dad Ch. 02


Chapter 2

The College Years: Alexa’s Point of View

“Author’s disclaimer;

In the following story there are scenes of incest, and if you are against such acts, or do not approve of such, please stop reading now. Also, all persons involved in sexual acts are above the age of 18, and this story is completely fictional. Please enjoy this story!”

This story and chapter one are both dedicated to the only Alexa I knew. She was lost too soon in a car accident 2006! Rest In Peace beautiful girl! Dedicated to A.W. 1987-2006


School started off without a hitch. I enrolled in all of my classes, and before I knew it, I was making straight A’s. I made the deans list; what should I say, I liked cooking and Johnson and Whales was the school to do it in!

I was still in love with Daddy, but he seemed to start getting distant with our relationship. He would come home from work, and I would have dinner cooked and ready for him, and we would cuddle on the couch until I fell asleep in his lap.

I also noticed that he would kiss me on the cheek instead of my mouth and our sexual escapades were becoming less and less. I don’t know why, but every time I tried to show him my love, I got turned away over and over again, and I was starting to think something was up. I knew something was up but I couldn’t figure out what; especially because I give the best blow job this side of the Mason Dixon Line, and I was even turned away the last time I tried to unzip him and cheer him up after a long day at work.

“Daddy, Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Alex, what’s up baby?”

“I was wondering what was up with us? You seem as if you’re turned off towards my advances anymore. Don’t you love me anymore?” I asked as I lay in his lap looking up into his big brown eyes.

“Why wouldn’t you think I loved you anymore?” Daddy asked

“Well, you don’t let me touch you anymore, other than when we’re cuddling, we don’t have sex anymore, you don’t kiss me anymore; Daddy I’m starting to feel like you don’t love me anymore.”

The look in his eye, lead me to believe that there was something more, but the more I questioned him, the less I got out of him. I couldn’t get anything out of him.

“No Alex, I love you. I just don’t feel its right, us having sex anymore. I’m still your dad; I brought you into this world with the help of your mother, and raised you to this day! I’d love to be your lover, but unfortunately, it can’t work that way,” he stated.

I felt the tears start to flow down my face and there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. It felt like he ripped my heart out, and stepped on it. I felt like my lover of 19years just left me. Is this what it feels like to receive divorce papers from your husband (or wife in my poor daddy’s case) of a life time? Fuck!

I couldn’t stay with him for any longer! I wanted to go back and live with my favorite red head in the world. At least she loved me for who I was! She didn’t love my dad anymore, we all knew that. I mean the divorce was a quiet one, but it was still the talk of the town I used to live in. Everyone knew everyone, and my parents were the ‘Hot Couple.’ But that’s not what I’m here to talk about… I was talking about getting my lover back… I mean my Daddy back; into my pants that is!

I didn’t really want to leave, but at that moment in time, I could have told him that I hated him and that he could have ran out into a busy freeway! I was so upset with him. I wanted to tell him all that I had to say, but the relationship that we’ve had all of my life wouldn’t warrant that behavior. Kevin was not only my dad, he was my best friend!


The entire next week, I didn’t speak to Dad. I went to school and came home. I ate out every day of the week, for every meal, and didn’t see him but in passing. I stayed in my room and never was happier about the fact that he had his own bathroom off of the master bedroom! So I didn’t even have to share a bathroom with him!

I spent my nights at my friend Leanne’s house getting drunk and high as hell, and then walking home completely plastered and falling asleep, either on the couch or I would crawl to my bed and fall asleep fully clothed on top of the covers.

One morning Dad found me in the living room with my skirt flopped up on my stomach, my panties exposed, and my hand stuffed down into the waist band as I had been masturbating thinking of him in my drunken state, and fell asleep.

He didn’t say anything, just covered me with a throw blanket after he removed my wrinkled fingers from my wet pussy, and he kissed me on the forehead. He was fully dressed for work, and was headed out of the door, briefcase in hand. I wasn’t fully asleep, I felt the blanket, his touch, and most importantly; his kiss, but I didn’t open my eyes or stir until he was headed out of the house. So he of course didn’t know I heard him when he said, “My beautiful Alexa, if you only knew how much I do love you!”

The smile that crept onto my face stayed there as I drifted back to sleep…


The next week was much bursa escort bayanlar the same as the last week. I didn’t spend as much time with Leanne, but I did go over there a couple nights that week, and we smoked our faces off and played her Wii™ until we couldn’t stand straight anymore.

After I deemed myself too tired to continue, I sat down on her couch next to her and laid my head on her shoulder as she stripped, freaked and repacked a Black and Mild™ Wine cigar mixed with tobacco and weed.

She lit it and took the green hit and then passed it to me. As I took a drag, I could feel my nipples getting hard beneath my bra.

“Leigh, My nipples just tightened. They could probably cut glass right now! This is some good shit!”

“I know what you mean Aly, mine just did too! I’m starting to feel so horny right now!” she said looking at me with the glassiest crystal blue eyes I’d ever seen.

“Well, what do you suppose we do?” I asked.

I didn’t need to ask anymore questions, because Leanne got up off of her bed, and walked over to the chair I was sitting in and leaned in over me. I leaned back, almost as if I were scared of what she was about to do next, but my pussy instantly got wet, almost like it kind of wanted what she was about to do. She leaned onto me, and sat down on my legs that were slowly starting to shake.

Her hands started creeping up my sides, finger tips slowly walking up the front of my stomach, as the breath left my lungs and chest. My nipples that were already tight; now threatened to rip holes through my bra and shirt.

I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy through her pants as she leaned over me and brought her lips just over mine, but didn’t kiss me. Her breath, in short shallow rasps, was so warm as it tickled my lip. And it smelled unlike anything I’d ever smelled before… it didn’t stink, but I can’t quite describe it.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Lex.”

The kiss that she planted on my lips told me everything I needed to know. Electricity shot through my body and all of the way into my toes. I had never before that moment had lesbian tendencies, but at that particular time, I wanted to see that the tongue that was snaking around my mouth was capable of. …But I couldn’t.

“I can’t Leigh!” I whispered as I broke the kiss.

The truth was, I could… and I REALLY wanted to! I wanted to finger fuck her while she panted underneath me until I made her cum over and over again. I wanted her to suck on my clit until my eyes rolled back into my scull for days! But in all actuality, I just wasn’t ready for it, I couldn’t do it! I wanted someone else.

“A rain check; I beg of you, Please?” I said as I hung my head in shame.

Leigh giggled, “Any time you want. There’s no rush!” She pulled my head up by my chin with two fingers, and kissed me again with her soft cotton like lips.


The walk from Leanne’s house was exceptionally long that night. I wasn’t sure why it would be, but believe me when I say, it was probably the longest walk and the night ahead would prove to be twice as long as the walk was.

I walked into the house and it was quiet. Dad’s car was in the drive way right behind my Volkswagen Bug that he had bought me, so I knew he was there. The TV was off, which was odd, because even if he wasn’t watching it, the eleven o’clock news was watching him, or he was listening to it as he did the dishes.

All of the dishes were done, and the food was put away, which was also strange, because when I wasn’t there to cook, he would leave the food out for me, and I would put it away for the night. There was also one other thing that I felt was out of place, the basement door was closed. This was strange because my main chore around the house that we really didn’t share was the laundry. I left the door to the basement open because there was a basket at the base of the stairs that we would throw our clothes into as we were headed out of the door in the morning. NOW my heart was pounding out of my chest and my stomach was doing summersaults; someone else was in the house… other than my dad!

I crept up the stairs, and into the main hallway, and as I reached to knock on my dad’s door, I heard something come from his room. A moan… no it couldn’t have been.

“Unhh,” another one came from the room and now, not only was my heart racing, but my pupil’s dilated, and little beads of sweat started forming around my temples and forehead, and my palms started getting cold and clammy. When I pushed the door open, I feared for the worst, and I never guessed I’d be met with the worst sight I’d ever saw.

Dad was on top of a little brunette and he was fucking her for all it was worth. His big heavy sack was swinging in the air, and slapping against her asshole with every thrust he entered into her. Her C-cup tits were bouncing up and down and meeting each and every thrust that Daddy pushed into her tight body. Her eyes were closed, and her head was hanging upside down off of the side of the bed. Daddy was peppering her neck and face with bayan sarisin escort bursa kisses and sucking on her neck, and all I could do was stand there in awe with my mouth gaping wide open.

Every single time my dad’s chocolate cock would enter into this woman’s pussy began to become etched into my mind’s eye, and the whole episode seemed to be taking place in slow motion. My feet seemed to burn holes into the carpeting as the soles became glue and I became permanently stuck to the floor. I wanted to scream, but the air escaped my lungs, and I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t move! Even the tears had dried up into the tear ducts of my eyes; why couldn’t I do anything? And just then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, Daddy looked up from the piece of ass that he was threading his needle into, and right into my eyes!

My shoes broke free from the floor, and everything snapped back into real time as I was able to run, and cry, and pant, and even scream all simultaneously! What’s worse, he didn’t stop what he was doing, and he didn’t come chasing after me, and he didn’t even call out my name to stop me!


As if my wordless absence with Dad wasn’t bad enough the first time, the three weeks that I didn’t speak to him this time had to have been sheer hell!

I did everything in my power to stay away from the house. I went from work to school to Leanne’s house and made my every waking moment a personal challenge to stay away from my father. I was so upset that he would get a girlfriend and just kick me to the curb like we never fucked, and like he didn’t love me! Was it jealousy? Hell yeah it was! Was I way overreacting? In hindsight, I think I was, but at the time, I was a nineteen year old that spent every waking moment of her childhood by the side of this man! He took my virginity and loved me better than any boyfriend that I ever had in my young years. So what if I had only been with lame guys who were afraid to have sex, the point remains… I was IN LOVE!

One day after school, I stayed home and was watching TV in the den, when Dad and the new girlfriend came home. He took her into the kitchen and from the sounds of things, he got started with dinner. I wanted to leave, but the glue that had melted my shoes to the floor just a mere two weeks and some days earlier, began to take form under my little chocolate ass at that particular moment again, which became the perfect opportunity for me to get blindsided by Daddy.

“So Ms Caldwell, can I ask what your problem has been for the past three weeks?” he asked as the leather of the couch strained under his weight when he sat beside me.

“Lisa is my new girlfriend, and I would like to introduce her to you, and try to bring her into our family. I think it’s been long enough for me to be out of love. My divorce to your mother has been final for over six months, and I believe it’s time for me to start trying to piece together the puzzle pieces of my life that have been in disarray for the last year.”

I felt them coming, but if I didn’t look at him, I could fight them off.

“Alexa Rose, Look at me.”

If it were only that easy… Come on, I really don’t want to cry!

I couldn’t say a word and what was worse, the moment our eyes met, I melted like milk chocolate candy in hot sun light. I completely broke down.

“You know why I can’t look at you!” My body was shaking, and my breath was shallow. It almost hurt to speak. “I don’t want you to be with her.”

“Alex, how dare you? You don’t even know her! Lisa is a wonderful person, and I think if you gave her the time of day, and got over your feelings, you would see that.”

“I can’t stay here anymore!” I whispered.

Lisa appeared in the doorway of the living room as I looked up at Daddy, “Kev, I think I’m gonna go.”

“It’s not necessary,” he said beginning to stand, but I reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Let her go!” I growled.

“I’ll call you sometime in the next few days. It was nice meeting you finally.” Lisa said to dad, and then looking to me. I nodded in her general direction, and she left.

When I was satisfied that she was far enough off of our property, I took the sleeve of my polyester shirt and wiped the tears from my face and looked up at dad.

“You don’t get it do you? Don’t you remember the first couple of weeks we lived together; and the weeks leading up to me moving in with you? We were inseparable! You would hold me, kiss me, and I felt like the greatest thing in the world.

I’ve idolized you for nineteen years, and when you entered me, I became Superwoman! Nothing could stop me! I felt like someone gave me super-human powers! I already knew you loved me, and then things were magnified!”

“I’ve always loved you and always will; I just can’t be in love with you! And if you feel as if you can’t stay here, and you need to drop out of school, and give up your dream because you want to move back home to your mom, so be it! I won’t stand in your way! But Lisa is the woman in my life now and that’s how things are going to be!”

**** bayan esmer escort bursa

I stayed in my room for the rest of the night. I didn’t come out to eat, and as a matter of fact, the only time I left my room was to go to the bathroom. I sent two text messages to Leigh, and when she didn’t reply back in the time that I thought she would, I even told her about her self;

Way to be a friend when I really needed you! It’s ok though, I’m moving back home to be with my mother! It was nice knowing you! (Alley Cat)

…And with that, I turned off my phone.

I stayed home from class that Friday, and I stayed in my room until dad left the house. Once he was gone, I went to fix something to eat, and then promptly returned to my room. I watched TV, did my homework, and emailed it to my teachers, and turned on my phone to check my text messages. There were a few from friends at school asking about my Friday night plans, and one from Leanne;

You know I’m always here for you. I know what you’re going through, and my advice is to give your dad a chance, get over it, and get to know Lisa. Be mad at me for saying this if you want… but I love you and you know it. Call me sometime this weekend. (Lee-Lee)

I answered back;

We’ll see, but you know how I feel about the whole thing. I’ll call you tomorrow. I hEaRt you too. (Alley Cat)

But right as I was about to turn my phone off, another message came through;

Tried calling you, won’t be in til late 2nite, there’s food in the fridge. Call me if you need anything. Love you, Dad

I rolled my eyes and lay down on my bed, turned my phone off, and turned my music on.

I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew, I looked up and my clock read 8:00pm. I got up and went downstairs to find something to eat. I saw a couple slices of a ham that we had a few days prior, and I threw that on a couple slices of bread, and squirted a little mustard onto it, and called it dinner. I grabbed a Miller Lite out of the refrigerator, and went into the living room to watch a little TV before Dad decided to show his face.

About forty-five minutes later, the phone rang, and although I normally don’t because I have my own phone, I picked it up, and soon wished I hadn’t.


“Hello, Is Kevin there?” Lisa asked.

“No, he’s working late, can I take a message?”

“Oh, Hi Alexa, this is Lisa. Can you just tell him I called?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

“Wonderful, Thank you. Bye Alexa.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

I wanted to hang up on her once I found out who it was, but I just kept things short, and kind of slammed the phone when I hung it up. I cracked my third beer and turned on Iron Chef America™ on Food Network™ and kicked my feet up to try to finish my evening in peace.

At about 11:30pm, I decided to hunker down to bed, and turned off the TV and headed upstairs to my room to retire. I don’t normally, but I was rather warm that evening, so I stripped out of my clothing, and in just my sports bra and boy shorts, I jumped into bed, and pulled a single sheet over myself and was out cold listening to jazz music within mere moments.


I’m normally a light sleeper, and can be woken up fairly easily, but I didn’t feel the sheet being lifted off of me. I also didn’t feel the body beside me until I actually woke up the next morning and I felt kisses being placed strategically all over my cheeks, lips, eye lids and neck. I opened my eyes and looked directly into the eyes of someone staring back at me!

Startled, I jumped and let my eyes focus on the light around me, and recognized my father in the bed beside me. “What are you doing?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me, but what he did do was run his fingers through my curly brown hair, and he moved closer and kissed my nose. I could feel the warmth of his body against me, but until that moment, I didn’t realize that he didn’t have any pants on. He was shirtless, but he had a pair of boxers on, and he was laying on his side as we lay looking into each others eyes.

He moved a little closer to me, and kissed me on the lips and with the hand he wasn’t laying on, slowly drew his fingertips down my arm and then down onto my side, bringing goose pimples to the surface of my flesh, and sending a chill down my spine. I was still trying to be cold hearted towards him, but his touch was melting me, and making me warm all over and wet down under! And I felt his body respond to mine as his dick rose to full mass and brushed the front of my panties and my belly.

“Daddy, again, what are you doing?” I pleaded.

“Showing you how much I still love you. Now stop talking please.” He whispered.

I had been lying on my side, as he was also, looking into my eyes, and he pushed me over onto my back. He got onto his knees, straddled my body, hovered over me, and bent over and kissed me with more passion than any other guy ever did in my short life.

As he did this, I let my eyes roll back into my head, and I felt his hands slowly ride up my sides, and under my sports bra, as he began to remove it. My arms lifted as my mind went blank and my subconscious took over as Daddy fully removed my bra, and bent back over to take one of my nipples into his mouth. I could feel his thick dick hanging from between his leg, and my pussy was aching to feel it inside of her.