Cream and Lace Ch. 01


I’m fairly sure even those who are not religious know what the Holy Books have to say about nailing your sister. Don’t, seems to be the common answer. Unfortunately for the singed ears of the priest on the other side of the wall in the confession booth, I apparently never took that to heart.


It all started on a humid, foggy night in August when both our parents had to go on a business trip for two weeks. My recently turned 19 year old twin sister and only sibling, Lace, came bopping down the stairs in a sheer white t-shirt and grey and purple striped cotton booty shorts. After raiding the fridge for an aluminum can of soda, she sat beside me and frowned when she saw what I was watching.

“Don’t you ever watching ANYTHING other than damn sports?” She whined. But this was an argument we’d had before, and she snorted before I even had the chance to reply.

“No, and don’t think I don’t know you love watching them run around in basketball shorts, Sis, ‘cuz I know you imagine their “sausages” bouncing around,” I teased.

When she blushed and sputtered out, “How the HELL do you know that?” I pulled her light pink, fur covered diary out from where I’d been sitting on it.

Her face instantly went red. Honestly, porno it was an endearing expression. She didn’t think so, I’d heard her tell her boyfriend as much, but I thought it was. And, of course, her anger encouraged her to try to snag the small journal from me. It was futile, of course, but she still tried.

“Give it to me, Jessie! I swear you better give it to me!” She wailed. And with one last reach . . .

She fell into my lap, and we both tumbled down onto the floor. I was on top of her, her breathing was heavy, and I could feel her breasts against my chest. A quick flash of a thought flitted through my mind. It was a complete WTF thought, but for a moment I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to hold those sweet swells of flesh in my hands, to kiss them . . . I felt my dick get hard at just the simple thought.

That was the first time I’d ever thought of my sister as a woman, and not the annoying pest who was born three minutes after me.

Her shining long blond hair, the same color as my own, was disarrayed around her head, and her eyes, a jade green that was also the same color as mine, met my gaze. I smirked then, with the realization that –

“Still want me to ‘give it to you?'”

– I wanted my sister. Bad. I ground my hips into anime porno her, and because I’d wound up between her legs, I knew she felt my erection right at her “area,” as she called it.

And damn, I realize with a start. She was wet. Not just a little, because “a little wet” didn’t cause a girl’s entire panty area to be considerably darker with the fluids of her lust. No, she wanted this just as much as I did. Maybe more.

Blowing the long strand of hair that had fallen onto her face out of her eyes, she met my gaze with her own smoldering one, and whispered, “What do you think, Jessie?”

“I think,” I managed, “that you’re going to ‘get it’ whether you want it or not.”

I pressed a kiss to the corner of her jaw, and continued down her neck, to her collar bone, pulled off her shirt and unsnapped the modest pink bra that really wasn’t doing me any favors with its presence, and then I stopped.

They were perfect. A little on the large side, but perfectly balanced, perky and practically begging for attention, Lace’s breasts stopped me in my tracks. Slowly, I circled one pebbled pink tip, and watched a shiver race up her spine. Meeting her eyes fleetingly, I returned my attention to her breasts.

I rasped my tongue against one, arap porno pinching and tugging and rolling the other between my thumb and index finger. Then I alternated suckling one nipple and fondling the other, until she’d thrown her head back and was all but shoving my head between her legs. I chuckled, but complied. Spreading her knees, I rested her calves on my back and, seated on my knees, slowly began pulling first her shorts, then her lacy pink thong, down her long and toned legs, until she was completely naked. Casting a glance up at her, I saw her, back arched, eyes closed, eager for me.

The first touch made her jump. She bit her bottom lip as I gave her another long stroke of my tongue. I flicked my tongue against her clit, again and again, and slowly, slid one finger up inside her. She made a sound akin to a purr, and I felt her hands thread into my hair. Well. Slowly withdrawing my finger, I quickly jabbed two in this time, and after a few more “thrusts,” I knew she was close.

With one last move – a quick thrust of my hand while I finally leveled my lips at her clit and sucked – I sent her over the edge. Her inner muscles spasm around my fingers, and I groaned, felt my rock hard rod twitch as she called out my name, kept finger-banging her as her juices poured out.

I met her stare with my own as I crawled up the length of her body, and, holding myself above her with one arm, my lips at her ear, I whispered, “Your turn.”