A Juicy Story


She looked at herself in the mirror.

“Hmm, not bad,” she thought.

She was a size sixteen but the basque she was wearing made her look at least a dress size smaller and with the hour glass shape that men so desired. She had dressed exactly as he had told her. Black stockings, the basque he had supplied, black thong panties and black stiletto heeled shoes. The four inch heels made her calves tight and shapely. She took one last look. It was ten fifteen and he would arrive a ten thirty. She had butterflies in her stomach from her nervousness. Why was she actually doing this? Here she was, a respectable married woman with a wonderful husband, waiting for a man she’d only met online. She was wearing exactly what he had told her. God knows how he knew the correct size for the basque, but it was a perfect fit.

The curtains were closed as she walked around the house in what she thought of as her whore’s outfit. While she waited for the doorbell to ring she peeped out through the curtains into her garden. The young man who tends the garden was out there working on the borders. The sun was already warm and the young man had his shirt off. She could see his chest glistening with sweat. Her pussy started to throb and she pushed her hand into her panties to massage it. She felt the slippery feeling of her own juices mixed with the lube he had told her to apply. This had been a new experience for her. She never would have believed that she could derive so much pleasure from massaging her little anus with a slippery lubricated finger, but then to slip that finger inside and wipe the lubricant over the walls almost gave her an orgasm immediately. Then to add the second finger stretching her anus was a painful ecstasy. The pain soon gave way to pleasure as she moved her slippery fingers around. If she had known it would be this good she would have let her husband do it to her. She watched as the young man moved on to a different flower bed.

Suddenly he was there. She hadn’t heard the bell or gone to open the door, but as she turned from the window she found a figure dressed all in black wearing a Darth Vader helmet. The figure looked menacing and for the first time she began to doubt the wisdom of what she had done. She knew nothing about this man. All she had was a hotmail address for him. She had never met him before and now he stood there before her and the only description she could give would be a tall, well built man in a Darth Vader helmet. The voice of James Earl Jones came loudly from the helmet.

“Have you followed my instruction?”

She could hear his mechanical breathing as she answered. “Yes.”

“Yes? Yes what?” he bellowed.

“Yes, I have followed your instruction.”

“I am your lord and master. When you talk to me it is ‘Yes, My Lord.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

She tekirdağ escort started to tremble as, for the first time, she felt real fear.

“Come here,” the voice called out and obediently she went to him.

He produced a length of silk from his pocket.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he demanded.

“Yes, My Lord,” and she obediently put her hands behind her.

Using the silk, he tied them together. He placed a sleeping mask over her eyes. Now she could see nothing at all. Leading her by one arm he took her to the dining room table. In the heels she was wearing her arse was just above the top of the table. He tapped her feet with his so that she opened her legs then he knelt and tie each ankle to a table leg. She was now sitting on the edge of the table, her heart was racing. Yes, she craved excitement and satisfaction, but was this what she really wanted?

“My Lord, what are you going to do to me?”

“Silence,” the voice came back. “You will speak only when spoken to, is that clear?”

“Yes, My Lord”

He untied her hands and pushed her back down onto the table. She could hear his breathing as he walked around the table. He used more silk strips to tie her wrists to the legs on the other side of the table. Her head was hanging over the edge of the table. She was totally powerless. He left her with her thoughts for some minutes, and what thoughts they were. By the time he returned she was on the verge of panic. As the breathing got closer she started to struggle.

“Relax, little one,” the James Earl Jones voice boomed out. “No one is going to hurt you unless you want them to.”

She felt strangely reassured by this and stopped struggling. She sensed him walking around the table. He stood with a leg either side of her head. That is when she smelled it – the unmistakeable smell of sex. He leaned forward to start unclipping the basque. As he reached for the bottom-most clip her pubic mound came up to meet him and his hard cock stroked her throat. She lifted her head and her lips made contact with his scrotum. Opening her mouth she took one of his testicles into it, sucking gently and probing it with her tongue. He stopped for a moment.

“Slave, did I ask you to do that?”

“No, My Lord. Sorry, My Lord.”

“Still, shows initiative and I like it. You may continue.”

“Thank you, My Lord.”

He continued unclipping the front of the Basque and soon her breasts were free. Again he walked away from her. When he came back he started to pay attention to her pussy, then her anus. He ran his finger round her anus. Her hips immediately lifted and she let out a strong moan.

“I see you have followed instructions.”

“I have, My Lord.”

That was when she felt it. It wasn’t a finger and it certainly wasn’t his cock. He pushed it slowly trabzon escort at first, then suddenly, boom, it was all in. She had just become accustomed to the feeling of her ass being full when it started to expand. Whatever it was felt amazing. She had never been so full, and still it got bigger. She cried out again. She thought that she couldn’t be any more stimulated when it started to vibrate. Her anus became alive. Her hips started to bounce up and down and every time she came down the object would hit the table and the feelings got even stronger. He left her thrusting her hips up and down and returned to her head. He lifted it slightly and looked down at her.

“And now, my pretty little slave, open wide.”

As soon as her lips parted he pushed his cock in, slowly at first, sawing in and out. He reached out and laid his hands on her breasts. He squeezed from the bottom of the mounds, forcing the flesh upwards and stretching the nipples tight. She tried to moan but her mouth was full of his cock. The stimulation of her anus was unrelenting. Her hips continued to rise and fall, the stimulation of her breasts and the continued fucking of her face only increased the power of her reactions. He raised his thumbs to rub her nipples. Her body started to spasm. She wanted to grab him but her hands were tied. She forced her head forward taking his cock further in to her mouth. Her spasms got stronger and he pulled out just in time for her to release a loud scream as her juices flooded from her pussy. The whole of her body was shaking, yet still the stimulation of her anus continued. She heard him moving, now he was standing between her legs stroking the lips of her pussy with his cock.

He studied the rise and fall of her hips then, timing it to perfection, thrust his cock deep into her body. The vibration of the device in her arse was being transferred to the walls of her pussy, making the effect of his penetration far greater. He leaned forward, his hands once again falling on her breasts. As he squeezed and pinched her nipples his cock started to enter her cervix with every thrust. Once more she went into spasm. She struggled, trying to wrap her legs around him. However, both her arms and legs were still held firm. The muscles in her stomach clenched again and again. With every thrust the mouth of her cervix closed over the head of his cock sucking on it as he withdrew. Her whole body began to shake as once more her juices gushed into her pussy leaking out around his cock as he forced it forward. Her cries got more intense and less intelligible. Then suddenly she was silent. Her cries ceased, though her body continued to shake. He looked down at her and could see no sign of consciousness. He pulled his cock out of her. He switched off the device in her arse and pulled it. It came out with a loud pop. Slowly she started sivas escort to regain her senses now that the stimulation of her anus had stopped.

He slammed his cock hard into her stretched anus. As he started to fuck her arse he brought his hand up to her pussy and used his thumb to rub on her clitoris. His other hand went back to her breasts.

“No, no, oh please, no more, NO MORE. Yes, more! Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck meee!”

The muscles in her stomach started to clench again. She thrashed around, trying to use her arms and legs to control herself but all four limbs were still held firm.

“Oh god, oh god, oh g-o-o-o-o-o-d,” she screamed, and once more the juices flowed from her pussy.

At that point his cock started to release thread after thread of hot sperm in to her rectal cavity. As his cock started to shrink he gradually withdrew it from her arse. She was now wet with sweat. Her fluids were dripping from the table on to the carpet below. He left her for a while. When he returned he knelt and untied her right hand.

“Thank you, My Lord. Have you finished with me now?”

“For the moment, yes.”

“Will you come again, My Lord?”

“Should I decide to, I will let you know,” was all he said.

With that he was gone.

She lifted the sleep mask and screwed up her eyes against the light. As she recovered from her exhaustion she turned and reached down to untie the other wrist. She eased herself up into the sitting position, then bent over to release her ankles. She felt sore and had difficulty walking. She picked up the basque and went up to shower. The guilt did not set in until after she had cleaned up. With towels and cloths she cleaned up the table and the carpet. Eventually all that was left was a damp patch. Then it hit her. She had allowed a strange man into their house, had allowed this stranger to fuck her to within an inch of her life, and never once given a thought to her husband. The man who had provided all she saw around her. A good man, a kind man, and even a good lover. Yet she had still betrayed him and planned to do so again if her lord deemed that it be so. She was deeply ashamed and looked for a means of repaying her husband for her betrayal.

When her husband arrived home that night he did so with a smile on his face. He knew he was returning to a beautiful wife who always looked her best for him. She did well to keep the house perfectly, and she was a good lover who denied him only one thing – her arse. He had a feeling that tonight even that might change. She greeted him at the door. She looked good, slimmer. Her breasts seemed more pronounced. She had prepared his favourite dinner, then sat with him that evening before suggesting an early night. As she made her way to the bedroom he moved toward the door.

“Where are you going? I thought we were having an early night.”

“And so we are, my love. I just need to sort out something in the car first.”

On reaching the car he opened the back door and looked inside. Picking up the Darth Vader helmet, he shut it in the boot where it belonged.