How We Were Meant To Be


I was lying out by the pool, trying to get a tan on my day off, as you came up behind me, you ran your fingers through my hair and sat down next to me with your glass of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I looked up from my book, to watch you. You spread out your towel over the reclining chair and started to put on your suntan lotion. As you rubbed the lotion on your calves, up to your muscle defined thighs, you looked over and smiled. I went back to my book, careful to keep just one eye on you as you continued to work the lotion into your skin.

You finally laid down on your stomach, undoing the top of your suit, so you wouldn’t get tan lines. As you got comfortable I could already feel the tension growing between my legs. I kept my cool, knowing that was exactly your intention. I went back to reading, hardly able to focus, but I would not give in. After about ten minutes, you flipped over, not even bothering to put your top back on. Your small petite breasts were so perky. Your nipples were a light brown, but stood out against your milky white skin.

You were getting restless and wanted me to make the first move, but I continued to “read” my book, knowing full well my bathing suit bottoms were soaked. You began to moan, gasps of breath escaped your mouth. You couldn’t stand it anymore. I watched as your hand dove into the bottom of your suit, as you opened your legs wide. Immediately, I set my book down and came over to you. I straddled you, removing your hand, taking it into my mouth to taste you. You were salty, warm, and sticky. It was just how I liked you. I laid on top of you, bringing your hands above your head, locking them there with my arms, kissing you with such passion. I used only my lips, no tongue, as I kissed you deeper with more intensity every time.

I slowly dragged my arm down the length of yours releasing just one of your arms, as I moved toward your left breast. I massaged it, careful to avoid your nipple, which was now erect. My other hand joined the first making your right breast feel just as wanted. As I sat on your pelvis, my hands worked your breasts as if they were my own. I could see the aching in your eyes, to touch your nipples. Your breasts got you soaked and you wanted it badly. I gave in, tweaking your nipples, making them so hard. Squeezing, pinching, nibbling, each nipple so it could stand completely straight. I knew they couldn’t get any harder, so I reached over, grabbing an ice cube from your drink.

It immediately began to melt cold and sticky from the lemonade. I sucked the juices off, and let the clean ice cube rest on your chest. I rubbed the ice cube along the outside rim of your breast, encircling your nipple, but not actually touching it. I moved to the left nipple and did the same, blowing hot breath over your nipple making you squirm beneath me. I let the ice cube go, falling down your stomach, where it disintegrated.

“I’m so fucking wet,” you whisper, because if your voice was any louder, you feel as if the vibrations will make you cum.

“I know,” I say with a devilish grin upon my face, as I pull off my top.

You begin to reach for my huge globes, but I stop you.

“Oh no you don’t. This is Bonnie’s time… I haven’t even been able to touch you where I know you’re craving it most.”

You look me in the eyes, your full brown eyes, begging me to work my way down south. I silently obey, grabbing your hips, thrusting against you, and shimmying downward, leaving a trail of kisses behind. I leave your bottoms on, which are soaked, as I stroke you through the silky Hawaiian fabric. I bring my mouth to your pussy, kissing your bottoms, able to taste how wet you are. The smell is overwhelming, making me instantly want to fuck your brains out. I pull my head up toward your lips, kissing you harder than I ever thought possible with my desire for you. As I do so, my finger slips under your suit, between your folds, feeling your drenched pussy. You can barely focus on kissing me, it feels that good, you want me to fuck you. You moan so loud, sending mobil porno a vibration to my own soaked mound. I move back down, pulling your bottoms off as I go. I spread your legs, where your cleanly shaven pussy is swollen. I don’t bother to tease your button, going straight to your hole. I shove two fingers into you, making you moan with pleasure. I can feel your muscles contracting around my fingers. I work my finger in and out, making you moan louder and louder, on the brink of screaming. You bite your lip, as you shove my head down into your folds.

I happily start licking, sucking, and nibbling your button, in anyway possible. I pick up the pace with my fingers, pumping them in and out.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder, harder,” you start to scream.

I slow down, knowing it will tease you even more, as I reach up tweaking your breasts with my forefinger and thumb. You start to gasp for air, and I know you are ready to cum. I enter a third finger into your hole, starting slow, and getting faster and faster. I can hear your breath quicken, as I suck on your juices that are flowing like a fountain. I squeeze and tease your breasts nibble your button, and work my fingers, sending you over the edge. I pull my fingers out slowly, twisting them, to give you one last sensation. You push my head down more into your soaking pussy, as I lap up the juices. Your cum is salty, so warm, and thick. I could taste you forever.

You let go of my head, as your entire body shakes to relaxation. I stay between your legs, making sure I get to taste every last drop of you. I nibble your button, one last time, as you shake and I come up to see your satisfied face. Your face and chest are flushed and your heavy breathing inflated my ego. You pull me up into your arms. You smell like sweat and coconut, from the lotion. You hold me, kissing me. You caress my breasts, brushing over my nipples lightly, making them stand. You know I’m horny as fuck, and are about to repay me for my moves.

You stand up, pushing me off, and throwing me down onto the reclining chair. You rip my bottoms off, not messing around. You take my large breasts in your hands, squeezing them with delight. You breathe heavily as you work them harder and harder. I am in heaven, as you kiss them gingerly, getting my nipples so hard. You take each one, giving every inch a run down, taking time on my nipples, to really make them hard. I love when you nibble them and you do just that, careful, to make your way up to the top of the nipple last. Your hot breath adds to the sensation making me moan.

“Oh Bonnie, babe, please, do me. Do me fucking good,” I tell you, almost whining in hopes you will touch me right where I want it most.

“Sweetheart, I’m always good,” you say with a mix of confidence and sass, as you move one hand to my mound. You continue to kiss my right breast and massage my left. Your left hand works open my folds, letting the cool breeze drag across my bud. Keeping the rhythm with my breasts you start to move your head downward. Kissing my stomach along the way. Reluctantly, you reach my pussy, and I’m dying to be felt.

“Oh do me… now! Fucking do me,” I say loud, and forceful.

You stop completely, look up at me, and tell me that if I have one more out burst, I’ll be punished. I nod in compliance, biting my lip so hard. You move your head back down, now using your tongue to lick me. I lay my head back, getting ready for you to enter me and you do. You enter your fingers one at a time into my tight hole. I hold onto the armrests tight, gasping for air. You smile to yourself as you feast on my swollen pussy, avoiding my bud. You work finger two into my hole and I know I’m going to cum the moment you touch my bud. You work fast and hard, keeping a changing rhythm that flows as you pinch my nipples. I’m struggling to keep my voice down, as I hear the neighbors doing yard work next door. When the lawn mower starts, I let out a scream.

“Oh Bonnie!”

Your fingers keep pumping faster and then slower alman porno and then faster again, keeping me guessing. You lick and nibble all over my pussy. Finally you slow your fingers, as you can feel me ready to orgasm. My knuckles are white holding onto the side of the chair. You encircle my bud with your tongue, slowly. You tease me, more and more, making me squirm. My body begins to shake. I’m ready to explode. You move your fingers faster in and out of my hole, pushing farther each time. I can hear a slapping noise. The sound of my juices against your hand. I climax as your tongue moves out of the way and you suck my bud.

“FUCK BONNIE! Oh my god, right there. Ohhh! Ahhh,” I scream as loud as I possibly can. I know the neighbors can hear us. I don’t care I continue to scream, knowing full well I’ll be punished for it later. You stay between my legs going down on me. My hands let go of the chair as they stroke your hair as you continue to lick me clean. I love you the way it feels. You know this and take time to do so carefully. Although my climax is only few seconds, the feeling stays with me as I shake. My entire pussy is pulsing with satisfaction. I have a smile on my face and play with my breasts, as you finish up between my legs. You come up and greet me with my juices still on your lips. I greet your tongue with mine, hoping to taste more of myself. I hold you in my arms kissing you deeply.

“You know what I told you about another outburst,” you say stern, sitting up against my limp body.

“Yeah I know,” I say smirking at you.

You stand up, pulling me up with you. You take my hand and pull me into the house. We cross the dining room, through the kitchen and up the stairs to the bedroom. You smack my ass as I jump onto the bed. You take charge, making me excited. You push me down and reach over to the bedside table. The drawer is filled with toys. You grab two sets of handcuffs, chaining me to the bed. Next you grab a silk blindfold, tying it around my eyes, so the only thing I see is black. I’m already wet again, as you spread my legs.

“There will be no talking, screaming or moaning,” you command as you reach over for something else from the drawer. You spread my legs even farther apart, breathing hot air on the outside of my pussy. You open the top lips of my pussy. Seeing them glisten with my juice, you blow cool air from your lips. The instant change gets me even more aroused. Since I can’t see my other senses become more perceptive, sensitive. My pussy aches for your touch, but I hold my tongue, remembering what you said and decide to arch my back and life my hips invitingly.

You enter what I know to be your favorite dildo into my hole. It’s the pink one, thick, and long, with ridges on the side for maximum pleasure. You don’t need any lubricant, because I’m so wet. You start in slow. I bite my lip, as my eyes roll back in pleasure. You know this is torture for me. You pump the fake penis in and out, in and out. Hard, fast, and then slowing it down, just hoping to get me to scream. I’m trying not to scream, it’s taking all of my concentration not to. You continue to pump my hole, as you reach over for something else. I get excited as you surprise me with a kiss, and move down to my breasts. I expect nipple clamps, but get nibbling instead. There’s no objection from me, as I smile, letting you know how much I’m enjoying you. I feel another toy running down my stomach to my pussy, where it stops. I wonder what it is, until I hear you turn it on. I know it’s my blue vibrator, small, petite, but lots of power. You turn it on all the way, circling my bud with it.

I gasp, knowing I’ll be punished, instantly you turn the vibrator down. Keeping up with the dildo in my hole, the vibrator on my bud, you come up to my ear.

“Now I didn’t hear anyone disobeying me up here, did I?”

I shake my head no, concentrating on keeping my screams in.

“That’s what I thought,” you say as you move back down south. You turn up the speed on the alexis texas porno vibrator, making me squirm under you. I can’t last much longer, and you know this. You pump the dildo hard, twisting the ridges and pushing hard, as the vibrator doesn’t break contact with my bud. You keep them going and going and going, until finally I can’t take it any longer, screaming out loud.

“FUCK! OH MY GOD BONNIE! FUCK! You are so good. Ohhhhh.” I lay my head back again smiling in ecstasy as you finish with my pussy.

“I knew you would be pleased, but we’re not done.”

“Are you kidding me,” I ask, excited for round three.

You lean over, kiss me, and whisper, I want you to scream so loud this time. I want you to make me want to fuck you over and over again.

I nod, as you un-handcuff me. The blindfold is left on, and you move over to the drawer for a fourth time. You move off the bed, and pull me down towards the bottom, so my legs dangle off the bed and my feet just barely touch the floor. You spread my legs, in the same fashion as the other times, but this time there is no teasing, you immediately mount me, and I know you have the strap-on around your hips. You thrust into me. I’m soaked from before, as you left my cum all over my pussy. You go in hard, pulling out, far enough that just the tip of the strap-on is at the opening of my pussy. I ache for you. My legs are wrapped around your waist and you shove in and out of me.

“Bonnie! You’re so good! Make me cum! Make me cum so hard,” I scream.

You thrust harder. I moan, gasps of breath escaping my lips, as you pound me hard. You start to play with my bud. I’m grabbing the bed, trying to maintain myself, as my breasts are bouncing, hitting each other. They jiggle and shake and I know you’re watching them and my facial expressions as pure pleasure comes over my face. You stop, pull out and flip me over, doggy style. I love being fucked from behind and I scream in delight. You want to squeeze my round ass. You grab it hard, mounting me again.

You watch my ass, thrusting slower now; I begin to shove my pussy backward to meet you, making you go farther into me. I love the way you ride me, making me so wet. You bring your hand around you play with my bud once more. I hear the slapping of the strap-on against my wet lips, and my breasts swinging hitting my skin and we form a rhythm. I can’t last as long as before, knowing I’m going to cum. I’m screaming so loud, I fear as if everyone can hear us.


I can’t hold it any longer. You thrust one last time so deep into me that I scream so loud. You shake my swollen bud, as I meet you behind me. I scream with pleasure louder than I should. You dismount me, letting me clasp with pleasure. You pull off the strap on, move quickly on top of me, 69 style. You start to go down on me, my favorite part after sex. You spread your legs around my head. I smell your scent as your wet lips met my hungry tongue, blindfold still on. I work my tongue in and out of your wet hole and around your bud. You taste so good. I want more and more, making my way farther into you, hoping to get you off. You lap up my juices down on the other end. I am in heaven. I get you going and my pussy muffles your screams.

“Annabelle! Oh don’t stop,” is what I assume you’re shouting.

I continue getting you off, till the point where you climax, after I entered your hole with my fingers and teased you. You lift your head from my pussy lips, screaming my name. I love to hear you screaming my name.

“Annabelle! Oh Fuck! Oh Annabelle… Annabelle. Fuck!”

I smile as I finish between your legs, getting every last drop of cum. I slide you off of me, and join you at the bottom of the bed taking the blindfold off. We kiss passionately and hard. Long kisses, mixing the taste of our pussies together. You hold me and I hold you, as we rest after a good long sexathon. I’m in bliss as I fall asleep in your arms. You kiss my forehead, and fall asleep with your head against mine. As the afternoon wears on, we sleep holding onto each other knowing that was some of the best sex of our lives. We wake up in the late evening, ready to go again.