Heidi and Her Faux Uncle


Heidi Wagner hurried back to her bedroom, swinging the door almost closed behind herself and did her best to get herself together as she sat back at her desk, the book she had been reading still open. Ironically the text was from her “Morals and Society” class, one of the meandering steps the teen had taken towards her Philosophy degree, and the way Heidi’s life was going she thought that by the time she graduated, she might be able to teach the course, such was the education she had been getting at home of late.

Heidi was looking at the pages of the text but her mind was wandering, partly because of what she had just seen when she peeked into her parents bedroom as well as her fears that she might have gotten caught. Those squeaking floorboards in the hall had given away a lot over the years, but up until a couple minutes ago Heidi had thought she knew the safe spots to step.

Heidi knew that she was not home alone but when after she woke up and heard the shower on, she figured that her Mom was the one that didn’t go to work since she had a flexible schedule. When she looked in the bedroom and saw that it was her “Uncle Graham” she was a bit shocked. Heidi was startled to see him because while he often stayed over he had never been left alone with Heidi before. Whether it was just happenstance or by design, Heidi had noticed it, but was unsure that if it had been because of a lack of trust by her parents, and if it was, then who was it they didn’t trust? Such was life in the Wagner household these days.

Whatever level of concentration Heidi had dissolved when Heidi heard the squeak of the floorboards along the long hallway coming towards her room, and she was holding her breath when the sounds stopped outside of her door. Eyes down she heard the light tapping on the door and sensed the door swinging open, and while she tried hard not to look up she failed, seeing her “Uncle” Graham standing in the doorway wearing her father’s bathrobe.

“There’s my favorite Great Dane,” Graham declared, referring to Heidi’s school mascot. “Thought I heard you up and about.”


“Enjoying your last days of being a teenager?” he asked in reference to her being close to turning 20, but Heidi merely shrugged in response..

“Hey, how about that Lacrosse team?” Graham continued, only getting a shrug in response from the teen. “Kicking butt again.”

“I guess,” Heidi replied, glancing up at the man who she once thought looked a lot like Harrison Ford, although wearing a soggy bathrobe wasn’t all that flattering. “Does Dad know you wear his bathrobe, Graham?”

“Hey, what happened to calling me Uncle Graham?” he chided.

“That ship sailed I’m afraid Graham,” Heidi answered. “I know they just had me call you that all this time. I suppose they thought it saved a lot of explanations.”

“I guess. The bathrobe? I know your father won’t mind,” Graham said as he brushed a strand of his salt and pepper hair from his face. “We’re like family because we share.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Heidi said. “You notice a lot of things around here if you keep your eyes open.”

“Is that so? What, pray tell, have your noticed?” Graham asked with a grin, moving slowly into the teen’s room towards her study desk.

“Well, for one thing when I thought I saw you sneaking out of my parents bedroom I figured you were having an affair with Mom, but then when I saw that Dad was still in there?” Heidi responded with a raised eyebrow. “Who knows?”

“You’re very inquisitive. You should have majored in Criminal Justice.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“It’s fun to observe – try and figure out how the pieces of the puzzle fit in,” Graham opined. “I do that as well – as a matter of fact I’ve been observing you for years.”

“That so? I’m sorry I don’t lead a more interesting life,”

“Quite the contrary. I find you incredibly fascinating. It’s been like watching a caterpillar evolve into a beautiful butterfly.”

“Beautiful?” Heidi snorted, well aware that while she was moderately attractive the term beautiful had never and probably would never fit her.

“To me you are,” Graham said, and if he noticed the knot in the robe beginning to give way he neither noticed nor made an effort to secure it. “I notice that recently you’ve evolved from an A cup to a B. You realize that 34 B is the most common bra size in this country?”

“You’re going through my drawers now?” Heidi snapped.

“No, not at all, but I do admit to peeking in the clothes hamper,” Graham confessed. “I knew it wasn’t your mother’s so I assumed it was yours.”

“Amusing. How many other ways have you been spying on me?” Gaziantep Saatlik Escort Heidi asked, unsure whether she was mad or not.

“Let’s see, I haven’t seen your friend lately, the one that used to stay over – what was her name? Leslie?” Graham asked, and after Heidi nodded he continued. “She was very interesting. For a time I couldn’t tell whether she was a boy or a girl.”

“If that was another attempt at humor…”

“No, not at all. I find androgynous people very erotic,” Graham noted. “Although I confess that when I found out she was a she, I thought the possibilities of what went on in your room much more interesting.”

“Guys,” Heidi sniffed. “Is that all you all think about? Ever hear of people studying and just enjoying each others company?”

“Sure, it’s very possible,” Graham conceded. “Did you give us the same consideration when you thought you saw me emerging from your parents room?”

“Touche,” Heidi said as she looked down at her book.

“Am I disturbing your studies? Since you make Dean’s List without breaking a sweat I doubt it.”

“No, it’s just that the knot in Dad’s robe is becoming undone.”

“We’re pretty casual here. After all, you’re still in your pajamas.”

“I’m in my room.”

“So we are. I love your pajamas. With those little shoulder caps they’re as close as you come to wearing anything sleeveless these days,” Graham explained. “I see that you still don’t shave under your arms.”

“You don’t miss much, do you Graham? Are you going to nag me like Mom?”

“She doesn’t approve?”

“Says I’ll never find a boy like I am.”

“Maybe you aren’t looking for a boy. I’ve always wondered whether your not shaving was an act of defiance – the rebel in you. Then again, maybe it’s a signal that you’re a lesbian or a feminist, either of which is fine by me.”

“Those are your deductions, Sherlock?” Heidi asked with a smirk, drawing a shrug in response. “Sad to say, you bombed out with that.”

“How so?”

“When I was growing up, I shaved like Mom wanted, but I used to break out something wicked,” Heidi explained, even lifting her arm to expose the spray of light brown hair that grew in a long streak in her armpit, and as she ran her fingers through the swirl Heidi added, “Used to get all red, bumpy and blistery right after I would shave. Hurt like hell and looked worse.”

“Do that again.”

“What, you mean this?” Heidi asked, and after she fluffed up the fur again by raking her fingers through the long hairs she saw “Uncle” Graham’s reaction and lowered her arm muttering, “oh brother.”

“Hey, I’m a fan. You don’t see that much anymore. Maybe that’s what turns me on about it,” Graham confessed. “I like the square pegs that don’t fit in the round holes. I notice the hair under your arms is a couple shades darker than your blonde locks.”

“I guess that’s one of the many mysteries of Heidi,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m hooked. I don’t suppose that you do anything down below in terms of – how should I put this? Grooming? Nothing like Brittany Spears to look at if I see you getting out of a car with no panties I pray.”

“I think that not only are you crossing the line here, you’ve started to rub the line out.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Graham asked while inching towards his faux niece whose face was showing the hint of a blush. “To be fair, while I plead guilty to leading the conversation in an adult tone, it wasn’t as if you resisted joining in. Not to mention that you came down the hall to take a peek at me.”

“I – I didn’t know it was you that was still here.”

“Perhaps, but when you saw it was me it isn’t as if you ran back down the hall. You stayed and you looked.”

“I didn’t. I mean, you had your back to me most of the time,” Heidi offered.

“You should have stayed. While I’m showing my age a bit, I don’t think I’m in such bad shape for a guy in his fifties,” Graham suggested as he reached out and ran his fingers through Heidi’s shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. “Remember when your Mom used to put your hair in those braided pigtails?”

“Please,” Heidi whispered, although it was unclear whether she was saying that about the old memory or his caressing of her hair.

“If I knew you were there sooner, I would have turned around quicker, honey. Nothing wrong with being curious – wanting to look,” the older man suggested as he inched a bit closer. “Do you want me to leave, or do you want to look?”

Heidi said nothing but did look up and over at her faux uncle, and whether it was by design or sheer coincidence she happened to be watching as the bathrobe knot came loose and with that tether gone, the brown cotton robe opened up. Heidi flinched but otherwise remained still, her eyes taking in the sight of the private parts belonging to the man she had known forever as Uncle Graham.

Heidi did let out an almost inaudible gasp when the robe opened, and another when Graham shrugged the robe of his shoulders and onto the floor, leaving him naked and unashamed in front of the girl who was barely more than a third his age. While Heidi’s eyes did notice the tiny swell of belly and the hairy upper torso of the man, her eyes went right to the dark beige uncut penis which sprouted out of the surrounding bush, and while it was not erect it was clearly on the way there as she watched the dusky organ begin to rise from the downward direction on its way to pointing right at her.

“You like?” Graham asked as he stood there reveling in the way his aged manhood was responding to the girl’s stare by swelling and lengthening without being touched, his hand still stroking her hair while resisting the urge to pull her face to him. “I can tell that you’re not unfamiliar with a man’s equipment. Do you like them big?”

Heidi said nothing as she sat almost as if hypnotized by the penis rising inches from her face, but if she had thought that words were in order and she was able to speak, she would have admitted that while she had been with a few boys before, none of them had a cock nearly as thick or long as Graham’s and it was still getting bigger every second with the crimson crown beginning to emerge from the veined brown foreskin on its own.

“It’s okay Heidi,” the teen heard him say but her face was already moving towards the organ, and when her lips kissed the plump glans it was Graham’s turn to gasp while looking down at Heidi who was looking up at him. “Ooh.”

Heidi’s tongue slipped out from between her lips and grazed against the opening of his sex, and the older man squirmed when Heidi’s tongue went up and down the sensitive slit, causing his cock to jerk upward reflexively in response.

“Yes, I like,” Heidi finally said in response to the question posed earlier, and as her tongue danced up and down the tender tip she asked, “You like?”

“Omigod yes,” Graham moaned as he watched the thin rope of cum stretch out from his dick with her tongue. “So good.”

Heidi slurped up the seed and then moved forward, pressing her lips on the exposed part of the glans before moving closer, retracting the foreskin with her mouth until the bulbous knob was exposed, and it was that which the girl sucked on noisily while her parent’s friend shifted his weight from foot to foot. The student’s lips began moving up and down, taking a little more of the prodigious organ with each dip of her head.

“Oh Heidi, suck that cock,” Graham muttered as his hands slid down her curls and onto her upper arms. “Feel it throb?”

Heidi kept sucking, although it was clear she couldn’t take in more than half of the meaty tool without gagging, but that seemed fine by Graham who let his hands slip under the girl’s arms so his fingers could stroke the fine sprays of hair, resulting in Heidi shivering in response to the affection given the slightly moist hollows of her armpits. Graham looked down at the obscenely bulging veins in the shaft of his cock that the girl’s saliva made glisten and knew he couldn’t take much more so he lifted Heidi to her feet.

He was a head taller than the teen so he had to reach down to take the pajama top in hand and raise it, and Heidi cooperated by raising her arms. She was naked underneath, her modest teardrop breasts capped with equally modest sized dusty rose nipples, and he bent down and took turns sucking on the buds, going back and forth before moving both of them over to the girl’s unmade bed.

Heidi let Graham ease her down to the bedding, and after she scrunched backwards he took the elastic band of the pajama bottoms and eased them down Heidi’s legs, exposing a lush triangle of hair the same slightly darker hue as the fur under her arms. The older man smiled when he saw a faint trail of hair that grew up from the bush timberline almost to the recess of her navel.

After tossing the pajamas aside Graham knelt down and parted the teen’s slightly thick thighs before leaning down and burying his face in the surprisingly dense jungle, but despite the abundance of hair his tongue had no problem finding the moist opening. His expert tongue danced inside Heidi’s wet sex and she responded by writhing in the sheets while her legs kicked out over Graham’s shoulders.

Graham devoured the sweet pussy and the pungent scent of the girl that he had only admired from a distance, but now that the untouchable was in his grasp he made the most of it, bringing Heidi to the brink of orgasm a couple of times before backing off. The last such teasing brought the usually soft spoken girl to curse like a dockworker, and it was when she yanked on the older man’s scalp that he finally raised his head from the delta and pulled himself up on the edge of the bed and onto his knees.

Looking down at the red-faced student who looked frazzled and flustered, he took his throbbing member in his hand, the fully engorged weapon looking angrier than he ever recalled seeing it, and without further adieu brought the knob of the tool between the girl’s labia and eased forward. As his cock entered the dripping tight vise he watched the veins in Heidi’s neck bulge while she arched her upper torso up off the bed, her mouth forming a silent scream as the organ went deep into her.

“Uncle Graham,” Heidi mumbled as the older man began thrusting in and out, the force of his thrusts making her aged single bed creak and groan in between bumping against the wall behind the head board, but her whimper ended with a plea that went along with her trying to wrap her legs around his ass, “Fuck me harder.”

Graham did as he was told, and by the time he came, moments after making Heidi scream like a banshee as she orgasmed, the mattress was hanging half off the bed and ready to deposit the couple on the bed onto the floor and they clung to each other. Graham was hoping that Heidi was still on the pill – something he remembered from her having wicked periods when she was younger – but by then it was too late because he had already filled her womb with what felt like a copious load of semen.

Graham got up from the bed carefully and pushed it back in place before rejoining the teen onto the bed resting on his hip facing Heidi while she reclined on her back and looked at the ceiling.

“That was scary good,” Heidi admitted when Graham offered her a penny for her thoughts, and he made the girl giggle when after she put her hand behind her neck he took the opportunity to nibble her exposed armpit and toy with the soggy hairs.

“Mom, when she finally got the hint that no matter how much she nagged me I wasn’t going to shave and suffer, came up with this stupid idea that I should use scissors and cut the hair short so it wouldn’t be noticed as much,” Heidi chuckled. “Funny thing is that although sometimes people make comments, nobody I’ve ever been with as ever made the slightest complaint.”

” I have to admit that nobody has ever seemed to enjoy my furriness as much as you though,” Heidi added.

“I’m a child of the 60’s. Well, a baby of the 60’s,” Graham explained. “I adore natural women.”

“Now you? You’re a hairy guy,” Heidi opined as she reached over and raked her fingers through the salt and pepper mat on his chest. “Whenever we would all go swimming I always wanted to do this.”

“I wanted to do things to you too,” Graham offered.

“What would you have done if we got interrupted just now?” Heidi asked. “Dad not so much but Mom’s work hours are what she makes them. What would you have done if she ended up standing in the doorway as we came?”

“Good question.”

“Or there’s always the chance that they were setting me up,” Heidi wondered aloud.

“How so?”

“Maybe they wanted to find out whether I was gay or not,” Heidi suggested. “Maybe they wanted to let you have your way with me because they’re sex fiends.”

“I think your paranoia is taking over.”

“Maybe, although the way this household is going – oh, just curious. Am I better than Mom?” she blurted out and then quickly apologized. “Sorry. None of my business. I better watch my mouth or else you won’t do me the next time you come over.”

“Next time?”

“Well, if you wanted to again I mean.”

“No Heidi, what I was asking was if we were done for today?” Graham clarified, and when she reached down and felt a cock that was on his way to becoming re-energized she laughed out loud as she rolled her faux uncle onto his back.

“I thought when most guys got older – oh well. You aren’t most guys, are you Uncle Graham? You aren’t all talk.”

“Guilty, but if you want me to shut up for a while you can swing around and straddle my face,” Graham proposed, and after Heidi brought her pussy over his face, causing his semen to drool onto him, he gave it a long lick before easing up towards the headboard to get a good look at the tiny prize revealed when he parted her cheeks.

“Omigod!” Heidi yelped when he orally caressed her fur-ringed balloon knot, making the girl push her butt into his face in response. “What a nasty uncle you are!”


Thank you for reading.