Birthday Party 03


After a long breath and no lube, Zana screamed through Vince’s cock gag when her cunt was stretched beyond all the possible limits yet. She let out a cry mixed with inexplicable pleasure and pain. The boys being oblivious to her suffering continued pounding her, filling her cunt with two dicks and her ass with one. She couldn’t stop but feel being used like a slut, which she secretly always wished for. Sammy had gotten her the best gift she could’ve imagined, and managing to get it done so discreetly called for a round of applause she thought.

And the fact that it included Pax made it even more of a special gift. The feeling that she was being used against her will made her release twice consecutively. She had never had orgasms continuously and this made the pain in her nipples shoot directly to her cunt. She had orgasms after orgasms and when the boys were content, they let out their cum all over her body, covering her face in white liquid.

She was left on the couch with her arms still bound at her back. Vince had been in love with Zana forever but she kept waiting for Pax. Vince caressed her hair, sitting on the couch beside her, looking at her longingly even after he had taken her just a while back. He truly mersin escort loved her but she had really strong feelings for Pax. Suddenly, Zana remembered about Annie and the gift and she called out Pax.

When Pax came to her, he kissed her full on the mouth that made her flush and forget about the question she wanted to ask, she instead let him play with her nipples and when he started sucking on them, Zana moaned and let out a shriek. Pax had bitten hard on her right puffy nipple and smiled at her saying “you can’t just call me without a reason” she then remembered and asked him “how did you know my gift to you was a belt?” He said “oh my love, your surprises aren’t over yet and you seem to have a lot of fantasies” they left the room after cutting her loose and tying her right leg to the couch, leaving her in the dark.

Zana was confused and her mind raced, thinking of all the possible fantasies she had mentioned to Sammy. And about how Annie was involved in all of this, it made no sense to her, Annie couldn’t have known about her fantasies. She didn’t know how she would handle it. Annie was always honest with her and she hadn’t told her the biggest secret of her life. kocaeli escort She wondered how Annie would react, what would she do to make everything alright. She loved Annie more than any other person in her life, they were like soul sisters.

Right when Zana was going to scream out for Pax, another door opened. It wasn’t the door through which she had entered, she thought it was the door to the bathroom but it seemed to be a lot more spacious from what she could get a glance of. It had a red couch and a large television screen; she decided it was a gaming room. It was pitch dark and she couldn’t make out who had come into the room, they were quiet and she could hear someone breath somewhere near her. It sounded like a girl and that’s when she realized it was her lesbian fantasy that was next.

Annie and Zana had always spoken about trying ‘stuff’ with women and had promised that they’d be each other’s first lez kiss. She wanted to stop this fantasy as much as she wanted it to happen. She was always confused about what she really wanted and she asked the person in the room to back off saying “I don’t want this right now, please let me go” when she heard a chuckle she samsun escort realized it was Annie standing right in front of her. The lights came on and there stood Annie stark naked, smiling mischievously.

That’s when Annie sat down and told her about how she and Sammy had planned it all to surprise her and how she had discovered about her fantasies. Annie wasn’t mad at Zana for hiding it from her because she had hidden her secret for all these years too. She confessed that she liked to watch people being held against their will and be dominated. She was a dominant and had never shared this with Zana.

Both of them looked at each other and for the first time, had nothing to say. They sat together dumbfounded and staring. The two best friends were dominant and submissive and potentially bisexual. After a while, Zana tried to open the binds off of her ankle, Annie pinched both of Zana’s nipples and pulled her up. Zana gasped and looked at Annie. Annie slapped Zana in the face and said “who asked you to free yourself? Turn around and sit straight, arms above your head and kneel”

Zana was shocked, she loved being bossed around in the bed but it had always been men but she complied and did what she was asked to. Further what happened was a blur in her memory but she remembered eating pussy for the first time, suckling on nipples and being dominated by her best friend. Lying in each other’s arms for the rest of the night, well, whatever was left of it, drifting off to sleep thinking “best birthday party, best birthday presents, ever!”