Dark Dreams Ch. 03


“I would love to fuck you with you in your chainmail and my chainmail whip around your neck pulling you back on my cock.” Your words make me shiver.

“Your will be done, Sir.” I immediately shed my clothes as fast as possible. I can’t think where my chainmail headdress is. You look at me expectantly, whip in your hand. I can tell from your demeanor you aren’t in the mood to be waiting.

I dig in my purse, not there. I run and grab my overnight bag. It’s not there either. I feel you come up behind me. I don’t want to turn and face you. It was the only thing you said to make sure I brought with me. You loop the chainmail whip over my head and pull me into your chest.

“Did you ignore my request?” Your question lays heavy on my heart.

“I am sorry Sir, I had it when I left the house.” My plea is just a whisper.

“Kneel.” Your voice is strong.

I drop to my knees and drop my head in submission. I have let you down and I feel miserable. I try to never disappoint you. I kneel and wait. You let go of the whip leaving it around my neck and walk away. I don’t move.

You tell me to look up. You walk in front of me and pull the head piece out of your pocket. I try not to laugh, because I know you took it from my bag. You set me up, but I stay silent. You look at me and begin to chuckle, which of course causes me to laugh. I have yet to play with you and not dissolve into giggles at some point.

You place the chainmail head piece on my head. I’m not sure what game you are playing, but I am still smiling. You grab your whip, and pull me to my feet. You shove me over the bed and thrust deeply into my aching pussy. You pull back on the whip and pull me deeply back into you.

“FUCK!” I scream into the bed.

There is no foreplay, but I am still ready for you. My pussy begins to drip hearing Kurtköy Esmer Escort your voice. I spread my legs more so that you can have better access. You smack my ass playfully for my insolence. This spurs you to thrust harder and deeper. I claw at the bed, moaning and gasping for air. I am so close.

I expect you to stop and leave me hanging. You love to deny my orgasm. Tonight is different. You keep going pushing me into an amazing rush of energy. I scream your name. I scream nonsense. You don’t slow your assault on my pussy. You keep pounding away, with no sign of stopping.

More, I want more. I thrust back against you. The second orgasm always takes a little more effort. I only feel pure unadulterated pleasure. So close I can taste it, but not quite there. I feel your hand at the top of my back. I howl as you scratch your nails down my back. This gives me the extra push over the edge, and you rock me into another delicious orgasm. It’s so intense the room spins.

I try to wiggle away from you, it’s too intense. I need a break, I can’t handle any more. You pull me back by my neck. I can’t move or the whip will cut off my air completely. The sensations are pain mixed with pleasure. You use you free hand to reach under me to pull and twist my nipple. I shriek in response.

The next orgasm blindsides me. I did not see it coming. Tears run freely down my face, as I scream your name over and over. You pause just a few moments because my knees go out from under me and you have to keep me from sliding off the bed onto the floor.

As soon as I can stand on my own again, you begin to thrust deep into my pussy. My cum runs freely down my legs. I beg you to stop for a few minutes, just to give me a break. I beg you to cum. My pleas are answered as I feel your thrusts get jerky. Your guttural Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort noises are music to me as you pump deep into me. The whip loosens as you collapse on top of me.

You have used me for your own pleasure. You have made me your plaything, while pleasuring me more than I ever thought possible. Your hands reach for my throat checking, feeling for any damage. I know you are making sure you didn’t hurt me in your overzealousness.

“Are you ok?” You whisper gently in my ear.

I nod. I have never felt as safe as I do in your arms. You pull me up onto the bed with you. You examine and feel every inch of my body. Any mark you have made is already leaving my pale skin. Even still you run your hands over every inch of me including my throat several times. Your touch heals them. My eyes are closed as you heal me.

I hear the flick of your knife, and jump involuntarily. You chuckle. You run the very sharp blade down my chin, my throat, my sternum. You trace all the way down to my pubic bone. It sends shivers through my body. I know you would rather die than hurt me. The sensations are delicious. I love when you draw with the knife over my entire body.

“Feeling better?” You ask with a chuckle.

“Sort of.” My bratty side comes out before I am aware I speak.

“Really?” You challenge me. “Roll over.”

I immediately roll over, wondering if I pushed you too far. You hop off of the bed quickly, and leave the room. I’m seriously wondering what I was thinking. I hear you come into the room and stand next to the bed. I don’t dare look over, but the anticipation is killing me.

“THWACK!” The sound echo’s in the room.

My indignant cursing goes into the pillow. I know better than to complain about Sir’s choice of toy. The next few thwacks are easier. Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort The initial one was for dramatic effect. This toy is not for punishment. The steady rhythmic strokes of your flogger are actually beating the stress out of my back. It’s like a hot waxing and good back massage all rolled up in one. Every 10 strokes or so, you give me one that stings a bit. Not too terribly bad, you are just letting me know who is in charge.

I am also counting strokes in my head, just in case. It’s a favorite game when I play with my subs. Somewhere around 100 I get very tired and lose count. It feels like you are using the flogger to push energy into me. It’s so hard to describe unless you have experienced it at his hands.

My skin tingles. You have stopped and I was so deep in my own thoughts that I didn’t realize it. You are looking at me expectantly. I am afraid you have asked me something that I missed. After a few moments I come to the conclusion I did miss something. I take a deep breath and ask you what I missed. I know the punishment for lying is worse than that for not paying attention.

“Cornbread.” You whisper as you lean over to my ear.

My world spins. The trigger word has an amusing story for another day, but its effects are quite powerful. Whether you call it woo or erotic hypnotism, I am your slut. The trigger word turns me inside out. I can’t quite describe an actual orgasm but more of an energy orgasm. I highly recommend it. I also don’t recommend operating heavy machinery either. When I am finally able to see clearly again, I await your next desire.

“Mine?” You ask.

“Always and completely.” I answer.

You lay next to me. I curl up on your chest and around you. I run my hand and nails across your chest lazily. This is my safe place. I could snuggle with you for days. You have other lovers and partners in your life, but when you are with me I am your focus.

“Story?” My inner child speaks up.

“Of course.” You chuckle.

So you tell me a story about a Prince, his Prince, his three Princesses and cornbread, as I fall off to sleep.

To be continued…