Her name was Penelope and she hated it. “Call me Penny,” she told everyone.

So I called her Penelope when I fucked her. Only then did she allow me to use her proper name. She said that fucking her and calling her that made her feel slutty and dirty. I don’t know why and she never really explained it. All I know is; when I whispered it while on top of her, called it out to her while she rode me, or pulled her up onto her knees to pant it into her ear from behind; it never failed to make her crazy in bed and I loved it.

So how did all this start? Or should I say — how did I finally get her to bed? Well, honestly, she took me to bed and not the other way around. Let me explain. The whole thing between us started out as a simple friendship. I ran the local comic book/magazine store and her and her boyfriend always came in to buy something to read and would hang around and shoot the shit for hours at a time when things were slow.

Then one day — she came in by herself. She had dumped him or he had dumped her or something like that. She always kept parts of herself private and hidden away from me. That didn’t bother me because I tended to take her at face value. All that really mattered was he was not coming around anymore and she was. Every few weeks she would show up, buy a book or magazine and then sit in a chair and talk about practically anything.

Now being a manager of a book store/ comic book store doesn’t mean you get a lot of women around, if you know what I mean. So when this beauty came in and plopped down on the chair and jabbered on about whatever — I let her jabber. She would talk and talk and I would listen. It was the highlight of my day every time she showed.

Let me describe her to you. She’s about 5 foot 4 or so with alabaster white skin, petite with a thin waist, nicely round in the hips and ass, with about small C cup breasts. She has a sharp angular face nearly perfectly shaped, with piercing green eyes, and framed in dyed blond hair that always seemed to be months behind in its return to the beauty parlor. She had slightly bony shoulders, was small and slim to an extreme but made up for her small size by her presence. She was quirky, a little flirty, as well as flighty, and spoke with a raspy and loud smart ass tone of voice that would only leave her as she neared orgasm. She was loud, boisterous, and laughed constantly in and out of bed. She was outspoken (especially when wrong), loved to hug and kiss, and could be more than a little weird at times. In short, she was a beauty to me and the closest thing to perfection I would ever have the chance to bed.

One night she came in just before closing and began, what I thought, was the usual Friday evening activity. It had been a quiet Friday night so far, I can’t remember why now, I just remember hardly anyone had come into the shop and it was pretty boring. I was checking out what would be my last real customer for the night when she blew by me dressed in black jeans and a button up flannel blouse (her usual dress), smiled and did a half wave as she passed; heading back to the new comic book shelf. Her perfume filled the air with her passing and put a smile on the customer’s face as well as my own. The night had definitely started to look up.

By the time I had finished with the other customer’s purchases and was wishing him good night; she was not sitting in the chair as usual but standing very close to me. She was so close in fact that I could feel her body heat radiating off her while she fiddled with the stuff on the counter and made small talk about nothing in general. I sat down on the nearby cashier stool and turned myself toward her to settle down for another long gab session. She turned and leaned back on the counter with her elbows, legs and hips thrust out slightly, and didn’t pause much in her conversation. After a few moments, she stopped talking and moved to look out the large bay window behind the counter that gave a good view onto the street. “Looks like things are pretty quiet,” she said.

“Yeah, even for a Friday night it’s pretty quiet.”

“You gonna close early?”

I had been thinking about doing just that but would lose the hour or so pay that I would get if I stayed open and I was not making much then and every little bit helped.

“Probably not,” I responded. She seemed a little disappointed in that and moved closer to the window to look out at the lack of traffic and then turned back to me.

“Pretty quiet…,” she looked at me as her voice trailed off.

Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to women and I was completely missing her pickup cues. I just sat there on that stool and looked back at her. We must have just looked at each other for about 30 seconds before I saw something in her eyes and finally realized something was up — but again, I hadn’t quite realized exactly what that was.

“Is everything alright?” I started to say to her as she blurted out.

“Can I kiss you?”

My mind was suddenly a blur. Did I porno izle hear her right? Did she just ask to kiss me? What do I say? Do I just kiss her? Are you kidding me? Say something you fool!

“Sure.” I said stupidly. Again, not the sharpest tool…

She moved up to me, parted my legs with her thighs and leaned into me. Her arms were long and gentle as they moved around my neck to encompass me. I was drunk instantly from the scent of her and the feeling of her body so close to me. She leaned into me to put as much of the front of her body against mine as she could. Luckily I had been sitting on the edge of the stool and so a lot of her did get pressed up against me. But I only felt her body for a second or two before closing my eyes and getting lost in her kiss.

Her lips were warm and gentle as they settle against my own. She moved them slightly and sucked on my lips almost tentatively for a moment or two when we first connected. My nose was filled with her perfume as I breathed in deeply and my head swam with the thought of this gorgeous beauty between my legs kissing me. It took me more than a moment to fully understand what was going on – my mind wasn’t quite up to the task; but, luckily for me, my body was.

It had been almost a year since the last time I had been with a woman (for reasons I shall not go into here) and I had grown more than a little tired of the one handed offing each night before bed that had become routine. My body reacted to her instinctively. My penis hardened instantly in my pants and my arms went to her small waist pulling her even more tightly against me. I was awash in the the heat I felt off her as she pushed against me forcefully, molding herself to me with all pretense of meekness or gentleness gone. One arm moved up her thin back to rest between her shoulder blades as the other snaked around her waist to the small of her back.

It was then that my arousal charged and I pulled her against me roughly. My legs squeezed against hers as my tongue, almost out of control, pushed between her lips and entered her. She stiffened slightly and then relaxed into my ever tightening embrace as her tongue began to play with mine. I don’t know how long we were there; moving our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. My hands had moved down to cup her ass cheeks and were pulling her slightly up and against me. I was trying so hard to push her flat stomach against my now raging hard on — but my position on the stool wouldn’t allow it. My pulling her toward me had lifted her up onto her toes and she was now kissing down to me with my head tipped slightly up. Her hips swayed back and forth against me like she too was trying to move herself closer to feel my erection.

Finally, she pushed her lips against mine hard one more time, her tongue darted deeply into my mouth, pulled away, and she dropped off her toes. I opened my eyes to find her staring at me with nearly unblinking eyes. Her lips were red and full with desire and the open collar of her shirt moved quickly with her increased breathing showing me her pink, flushed skin beneath.

“Wow.” She said almost in a whisper as she stepped back.

“Yeah,” I responded dumbly. Not much intelligent thinking going on in my head at that time.

We were just there for a second or so, not saying or doing anything. My cock was thrust up against my jeans painfully as I sat on that stool while she stood there a few steps away from me. My head was spinning with thoughts of how she felt, tasted, and smelled. It was like time stood still for a moment or so as we both seemed to wait for something to happen. Suddenly her hand moved down and along the front of my jeans, feeling for my hard on I am sure, paused as if she were changing her mind, then picked up the book she had just bought. She blew me a kiss while moving along the counter and flew out the door in a trail of perfume.

She was gone.

The rest of the time at the store, the drop off of the till, and the trip home was a blur of questions, comments, incriminations, suggestions, and fantasies. Everything and anything that could have been thought by me was done so. How could I have been so stupid to let her go? How could I be so lucky to get to kiss her like that? What did she see in me? What did I see in her? Where would this go? Was there even something there to go?

All those questions and more just kept circling in my head that night continuously until I finally found myself in my cramped, little, apartment watching a VHS tape that I had watched too many times before. I had just come to the conclusion that I had probably screwed up my only chance to bed that beautiful woman in my usual geeky, thick headed way when there was a knock on my door. I got up, shut off the movie, and opened the door.

It was Penny. She was standing there with an odd smirk on her face. It was like she had been laughing at me or something and had just finished before I opened the door. Her perfume had wafted into the room when I opened the porno door and I felt my cock begin to grow like it had few hours before when we had been kissing. I stood there and just stared at her.

“Hi.” I said. I wanted to ask her how she knew where I lived. But then, I really didn’t care. She was here and that was all that mattered. “Come in.” I moved out of the way for her to come in. She stepped into the room with her perfume following behind. I got hard again just smelling her.

“I’ve decided,” she said turning to face me as I closed the door, “that you can have me.”

I stood there a little dumbfounded. Had I heard her right? Did she just say I could have sex with her? Is that what she meant?

I might have stood there too long before I answered, “You have?”


“Have you?”

“Yes.” She smiled. “You know… have me.” She mouthed the words slowly as she stepped toward me.

“Have me…,” step.

“…here… now…,” step.

“Take off …,” step.

“…all my clothes…,” step.

“…and all your clothes…,” step.

Now she was in front of me and I was shaking with so much desire for her and fear that I was going to mess this up somehow. She was looking up directly into my eyes and ran her hands lightly up and down my arms. She stopped and gripped both my hands in hers.

“…and… fuck… me.”

“Ok.” I said. That was it. That was all I could croak out. My heart was racing, my body was suddenly so cold, my cock was practically exploding and all I could say was that one little word.

She giggled. “It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”

I could only nod yes.

“That’s okay. It will be quick the first time. I don’t need a long time for our first time. It’s been awhile for me, too. Right now I just want you inside me…” She started running her fingers along my arms and chest again. “…and I plan on being here ’till morning so you’ll have all night to make it up to me. Ok?”

I must be dreaming, I thought. This couldn’t be happening. Am I dead? Is she just teasing me? Oh my God! Oh My God! OH MY GOD!!

“You do have a couple good fucks in you tonight don’t you?” She said as she kicked off her shoes, grabbed one of my hands, and began to walk further into my apartment looking for the bedroom. She pulled me along behind her and I blindly followed paying attention to nothing other than feeling of her warm hand holding mine. In my head, though, I was screaming out in excitement about what I was about to do with her. She quickly moved us through the living room to the kitchen and into the bedroom.

She turned to me, and still holding my hand, pulled my face down to her and kissed me deeply.

“Come on,” she said, released me, and jumped onto my bed energetically. She quickly planted herself in the middle and grabbing a few pillows to prop up under her head.

“Nice big big bed you have here.” She said as she sprawled herself over the bed. I could only look at her and imagine what she looked like under those clothes. And soon, my heart was pounding in excitement, I would soon know!

I tried desperately to not look foolish as I crawled into bed beside her. I moved up close to her and looked into her eyes. She was so beautiful at that moment, so perfect. I kissed her and what kisses I gave her. I was gentle and she responded in kind. I moved my lips along hers and all my energy and concentration went to her lips. I tasted and felt them as completely as I could. I tried to feel every nuance of her lips and kisses and what I could do with my lips to increase those feelings.

It was like we were testing each other, exploring each other, feeling out our wants and desires through our lips. We were expressing without words how willing we were to go farther and how we both longed for what was to come. It was so erotic.

I don’t know how long it was before I felt her tongue gently probing at my lips. I had decided that the only way I could keep this up and not make a fool of myself was to let her lead and go anywhere she wanted. If she wanted to kiss like this — I would do it all night. But finally I opened my mouth to her and her mischievous tongue entered me to play.

I had, before then, really been on one elbow, barely touching her while kissing her. But with the offering of her tongue, I moved and lowered myself down on top of her. She moved her legs, opening them, offering me a space between to lie.and pressed as much of me against her as I could. I began to grind my jeaned crotch against her and sucked on her tongue as it moved in my mouth. I pulled at it with my lips as she offered it to me. I made love to her tongue and mouth like I so desperately hoped I would be making love to the rest of her later. And I moved my hips to give her a taste of what I could, hopefully, do later as well.

After a few moments of this, I pulled back a little. My confidence had started to return since I felt like I had successfully gotten to a point where she would stay almost rokettube no matter what. If I had been paying attention — I would have realized she was going to stay no matter what already. I hadn’t asked her to my apartment — she had come all on her own!

I moved my kisses from her mouth around her face and down onto her neck. This she enjoyed and let out a little moan. I moved my kisses down her neck toward her chest; but the pillow propped under head made it difficult to get to — so away went the pillow. She laughed a wonderfully throaty laugh. I began again — first her lips, then her chin, down her neck, and toward her chest. She tasted wonderful and had begun undulating beneath me. My fingers clumsily began opening her shirt as I tried to kiss along what I revealed as it opened. Quickly her shirt was opened to her pants and pulled aside allowing me access to her breasts. My mouth moved along the tops of each breast being held in by her bra. Ocassionally I would playfully bite through the bra material for a nipple. I was desperately trying to tease her and she was enjoying it. Her moans became throatier and she moved like a snake beneath me. Suddenly she pulled away from me a little and began to push me off of her.

“Hold on.” She said.

Damn, I thought as we sat up. But to my happiness, she nonchalantly removed her blouse and pulled off her bra and threw them off the bed. What lay before my eyes were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen in my entire life (this is still so BTW). Her milk white breasts were full, even a bit pendulous, maybe small C cups, that were nicely sitting in the middle of her chest. When she moved, even just a little, they swayed gently with a movement that told me they were heavy, full breasts. They were firm, perfectly round and begged for me to touch them. Her puffy nipples pointed slightly upward on the tops of each white breast and had dark brown areola tinged red or pink topped by an aroused nipple that begged for my attention.

I reached out and gingerly ran my fingers along the bottom of her right breast, careful not to touch her nipple or even to apply too much pressure to her breast. I moved over to her left breast and did the same. She closed her eyes and let her breath out in a soft whisper of air.

“That’s nice.” She whispered to me as she leaned back. I cupped both in my hands; they were heavy and so warm to hold. I gently pushed her back down onto the bed.

“I’m going to suck on you for awhile,” I said to her and moved my head down to gently take one nipple into my mouth and give it a gentle lick. I then spent a tremendous amount of time on her breasts, sucking, licking, nibbling, doing anything I could think of to give her pleasure. She was soon enraptured, squirming almost non-stop beneath me and moaning loudly. Her hands roamed my body from the middle of my back and arms to cradling my head against her as I sucked.

It was somewhere in the middle of all this that I came up with a plan. I wanted to see if I could get her pants undone without her knowing it. So, when I was really working her nipples over and she was arcing her back to bring her breasts even closer to my face; I gently pulled on her zipper or tugged on her snap until her jean pants were open and I could see her panties peeking out from inside.

And she hadn’t noticed.

I stopped sucking on her nipples and moved up to stare at her face. She was flushed all over from her breasts up and had this look of exquisite bliss all over her face as she lay there.

“Let’s remove these pants.” I said to her as I moved to push them down over her hips. She raised her hips to allow me to get her pants down and soon they were on the floor next to the rest of her clothes. Hidden beneath those pants were two of the finest legs I had ever seen; pure white, thin but with a flare at the top that formed those wonderfully curved hips and ass.

And those panties! Animal printed orange and black bikinis. I couldn’t wait to remove them and see what was hidden beneath!

I ran my hands along her legs from mid calf, over the knee, and to mid thigh. She opened her legs to allow me that access. I didn’t take it any further yet.

“How did you get my jeans off so quickly?” She asked me.

“I undid the buttons earlier.”


“You were too busy to notice.” I smiled.

“I was almost busy enough to cum! Another few moments and I would have; you have a very talented mouth with nipples.”

“Thanks. I try. You should see me with other parts of a woman’s body.”

We both laughed.

I stopped talking and just looked down on her. I was still sitting up from taking off her pants and she was sprawled out on the bed next to me. Her arms were over her thrown back head, breasts slightly tipped to one side on her chest — nipples almost straight up and swollen from my licking and sucking – and her legs opened just enough to reveal just a portion of her panty covered vulva. I could tell right then that she was either completely shaved or definitely trimmed very closely thru the panties that were now more than a little damp. I just sat there for a moment drinking in this beauty. I didn’t know where to start — I wanted to do everything to her all at the same time.