Lights, Camera, Lesbian

Amanda Cerny

The old house was completely empty, aside from a vixen and her video camera. Waiting in the room that her best friend Gypsy shared with her boyfriend Dave, 21 year old Mandy looked like the porn star she had in her. Raven locks were tossed and teased. Make-up was thick and heavy. A black, see-through bra left nothing to the imagination. She sported a garter belt, with a matching thong. Thigh high fish nets led to knee high stiletto boots.

The sheets on the bed had been changed for regular cotton, to deep red satin. Handcuffs were attached to each bedpost and edible oil sat on the nightstand.

She stands behind the camera that she had positioned at the exactly right angle, checking it once more, before taking a seat on the bed and waiting quite patiently.

Playing up to her image as the “innocent”, Gypsy pulled wore an old school uniform, from the Mary Jane’s shoes to the knee high white stockings to the short skirt, shirt and blazer to the blonde wavy locks in pig tails. Her make up was soft but playful, eyeliner and glitter and shiny red lips. Underneath hid white Lacey French knickers and the same styled push up bra.

She walked in, skipping almost, biting down on one of her fingernails and twilling her hair with the other

Mandy, at that moment, was not Gypsy’s best friend, but rather a sexual predator that had just laid her eyes upon her prey. With a slight turn of the head, she looking into the camera and smirks, ensuring the boys that would be watching that it was going to be good.

Standing up, her perfectly pencilled in eyebrows perks, and she runs a tongue over her teeth.

“You’re wearing far too much clothing,” She says in a very disappointed tone of voice.

“I’m sorry” She says softly, deciding that she was too in a role, and slowly removed the blazer.

She moves behind her, placing her hands on her thighs and running them upward, bringing the skirt up with them.

“The shirt too.”

She bites her lips, slowly unbuttoning the shirt before wiggling it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. She stood there half-naked and vulnerable.

Hands travel up, and onto her stomach, nails dragging against skin. She moves around to the front, looking her over with icy blue eyes. Lips part as she leans in and kisses her roughly, hard enough to hurt if one wasn’t ready for it.

She gasps and travels backwards a little with the force, eyes wide before pushing back a little and closing her eyes in the return kiss.

The back of Gypsy’s bra was quickly undone while Mandy kissed her forcefully – nipping at her tongue and lips.

A quick turn of the table, and Mandy forces Gypsy onto the bed, on her back.

“Move up,” She gesture to the head of the bed, not asking, but telling.

She does, but with slight hesitation. She watches Mandy, glances at Escort the camera briefly, then moves closer to the bed head.

She steps onto the bed, putting a leg on either side of Gypsy before sinking down and straddling her on her knees.

She grabs one hand, and brings it upward, clasping it on the cuff. Silently, she does the same to the other.

Leaning over, she licks from her chin to her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue, while one hand slipped under her skirt and fingers rubbed between her legs – against her panties.

“You want it, don’t you?” She smirks.

She moans softly, her body trembles, eyes shut and lips part. Her chest heaves with each sucked in breath. She didn’t really need to say anything, her body said it for her.

Her back arched slightly, forcing herself to push against Mandy’s fingers.

Reaching over to the nightstand, she grabs a bottle of oil. Opening it, she holds it above Gypsy’s body and lets the slippery liquid splash against her stomach, and breasts. Capping it up, she sets it aside and then leans over and licks it off, starting at her stomach and working her way up to her breasts. She spends a good amount of time as each one. Sucking in her nipples and then biting down and tugging slightly.

The hand that was under her skirt teased. Her fingers lightly running over sensitive skin.

She strained against her restraints a little, not because she wanted out but because she wanted to touch too. She tips her head back, squirming slightly, whimpering and moaning.

Mandy wasn’t going to let her touch. It wasn’t the game she was playing. She wanted to be the one in charge ..the only one that was free to do whatever she pleased.

Sitting up, she removes her hand form her skirt, but only so she could get Gypsy out of the rest of the clothing that remained – which she did, and quickly.

Moving off the bed, she walks over to the nightstand, pulling the drawer open and taking out a small, white vibrator, which she turns on as she walks over to the end of the bed. Crawling onto the bed, she straddles her again, but this time at her legs.

“Have you ever used a vibrator …Gypsy?” She asks coolly, as she runs the vibrating sex toy along her outer thigh.

She opens her eyes and watches Mandy, her body still twitching slightly. She shakes her head, big doe eyes un-blinking. She catches her bottom lip in her teeth.

A smirk spreads across and stays on Mandy’s face as she moves the tip of the vibrator to her inner thigh, teasing.

She watched for Gypsy’s reaction as she gently brushes it across her most sensitive skin.

She jumps a little.

Head thrown back she breaths, “please…please…just…”

Being the ultimate tease, she shuts the vibrator off and sets it aside.

“How bad do you want it? HM?”

Leaning down she kisses her most inner thigh.

She scrunches up her face in frustration.

“I want it…I want you…badly.” She again pulls against her restraints, but then falls back.

“Mmm …good,” She ways sinisterly and kisses her thigh again as she slips two fingers inside of her, her thumb resting on her clit, rubbing it roughly.

She gasps loudly.

“Oh god,” She groans, shuddering and hips moving against her fingers.

She moves into almost auto pilot, body taking over. She was looking for a release. She stomach sucking in, hips moving and bucking slightly – grinding. She groans and gasps, and a little ‘oh oh oh oh oh’ happened in unison with thumb grinding against the exact right spot.

Mandy removes her fingers, wiping the juices on Gypsy’s thighs. Moving down a little more, she spreads her legs open wider and brings her mouth to the sacred spot. She takes her clit in her mouth, sucking hard, her tongue flicking over it as she does.

Hands travel up her body and latch onto her breasts, squeezing – finger tugging at her nipples.

Gypsy mouth parts, then closes, and then parts again as her entire body tenses up. She cries out loudly as she reaches orgasm. Her finger turn around the chains of the cuffs and grip tightly then a long slow sigh escapes her lips as she comes down from the high. She wasn’t spent, but she was now completely and utterly relaxed.

Mandy took her time taking in as much of her as she could. Licking her thighs, which were wet from cum and oil. Once satisfied, she travels back up her body, kissing and nipping at her stomach and breasts as she does.

Sitting up, she undoes one hand, and then the other. Still straddling her lower waist, she reaches around and unclasps her bra, letting it slide off her shoulders – exposing large, firm breasts that were accented with silver rings through her nipples.

Gypsy smiles softly, running her hands from Mandy’s thighs up her stomach to her breasts. Fingers thread into the nipple rings and she tugs slightly twisting them as she does. She sits up – deciding if Mandy could do it her way she could do it her way too. She meets Mandy’s lips hard, but tenderly, tongue running over her teeth. Her hands kneaded Mandy’s breasts before running down her stomach around her back and then up to her shoulders.

Mandy returns the kiss forcefully, she wasn’t going to give up the dominant position. A hand rests on the back of Gypsy’s head, tugging at her hair slightly. Eyes stayed open slightly – watching.

Gyps moves her hands back down Mandy’s body, resting on her heart-shaped ass, before moving down lower and around, fingertips gently play against inner thigh.

Mandy breaks the kiss and stands up on the bed. Swiftly, she gets herself out of just her thong – leaving the garter belt, fish-nets and boots on, like all good Porn Stars do.

Slowly, she returns to her knees and places another hard kiss upon Gypsy.

Wanting to surprise, wanting to show everyone she wasn’t just a nice innocent little girl, Gypsy forcefully pushes Mandy back. She smirks just a little before leaning over her and kissing her as hard and rough as Mandy did she.

One had grips the bed post, while the other digs nails into Gypsy’s lower back. She returns the kiss hungrily.

One leg curls around Gypsy’s body, a stiletto heel running along the skin of her upper thigh, and down to calf.

Gypsy moves one hand down, running it along Mandy’s hip. Then carefully and teasingly runs over her stomach before going down. She toys with the outer lips before moving in. She keeps with the kiss for only a moment longer before tailing her tongue down Mandy’s neck.

Mandy arches her back slightly, leaning up into the kiss with even more force. She was very vocal, not as vocal as usual, but still more than the average person was.

Gypsy inserts another finger while shifting and straddling just one of Mandy’s thighs, she leaned back down and moves her body, grinding against her thigh while pleasuring Mandy with her fingers.

“Harder,” Mandy informs her, needing it to be more aggressive for anything to happen.

She does, inserting another finger, stretching her out a little and moving her hand in short hard thrusts, fingernails dragging along sensitive walls as she does. She moves down and takes one of Mandy’s nipple rings in her mouth and pulls them up, tonguing the ring and biting on the nipple.

Mandy runs a hand into Gypsy’s hair, tangling her fingers in it. She brings her hips up slightly pressing hard against Gypsy’s hand.

She grinds a knuckle into Mandy’s clit, keeping the same movements. Still biting and sucking and pulling at her nipples.

It was now that she started to really feel it. She became more and more vocal – louder. In her mind, she couldn’t help but think about the one person – the only person that could make her weak in her knees, as it helped push her closer and closer to a climax.

Gypsy sits back a little, flicking her hair back over her shoulders as she does. Concentrating on sending Mandy over the edge.

It took a good while longer before she started to cum. Her back arches, head tips back, and lips part as she lets out long, hard moans. Hands run up into her own hair, and her whole body remains tense until the orgasm dwindles down to nothing and she relaxes.

She smiles softly before bringing her hand up to her mouth, she first sucks off the cum from her fingernails before running her tongue down to her palm. She then closes her mouth over each finger until they’re all sucked dry.

Mandy, quick to regain herself, sits up and then slides off the bed. She heads for the camera and once in front of it, blows a kiss before cutting it off and ended the taping.